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Season 29: Episode 8 - Wrinkle In The Plan
Posted on Nov 13, 2014 12:00am


It’s day 19 at Huyopa and Missy is mad that Julie quit the game just as they were about to go to Tribal Council and vote out Josh. Missy admits, “It really threw a wrinkle in the plan.” Jon and Jaclyn take a walk on the beach and talk strategy. Jon is feeling bad about being deceitful and telling the two alliances that they are with them both. Jon reveals, “We’ve decided on taking out Jeremy.” He knows that it is a big move to vote out Jeremy, since he is the head of an alliance. Jon and Jaclyn are just glad that they are the swing votes versus the targets. Jon admits, “Ultimately, I do need to consider what my best path is and my best path right now does not include Jeremy.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams. Each team will first race to load heavy puzzle pieces onto a cart. They will then push that cart to the base of a tower, where they will use those pieces to build a temple. Once the temple is built, one person will race to the top of the temple to unlock a statue. The team will then work together to hoist the statue to the top, which will raise the team flag. The first team to raise their flag wins a trip to a Survivor taco bar with tacos, beer, iced tea and margaritas. The teams are chosen via schoolyard pick. The yellow team is comprised of Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy and Wes. The blue team has Jon, Alec, Baylor, Josh and Jaclyn. Missy is not chosen, so she sits out of the challenge with no chance to go on the reward. The challenge begins. The yellow team quickly puts five pieces on their cart and starts pushing it towards the end. The blue team is behind them as they lift five pieces onto the cart and start pushing. Both teams are very motivated to win and get the taco reward. The yellow team proves to be faster though and maintains the lead when they get their remaining pieces loaded on the cart and down the path. This gives the yellow team a head start in building their temple. The blue team starts to make up time when they work well together to make their temple. The yellow team is the first to complete their temple though and Natalie races to the top to unlock the statue. As the yellow team is pulling the rope to hoist their statue to the top, the blue team is still scrambling to complete their temple. In the end, the yellow team with Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy and Wes win the reward challenge. Before they head off to the taco reward, they choose Jon to go to Exile Island.

When Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy and Wes get to the Survivor taco bar they immediately grab a margarita and toast to their success. Reed comments, “What is so strange is that we had a really eclectic mix of people from two different alliances together that don’t really have anything to talk about.” Keith tries to break the ice by revealing that he was planning on voting Julie out, if they had gone to Tribal Council last night. Jeremy is amused when he hears this, because he knows that Keith’s alliance was voting for him instead. He comments, “It tells me that Keith is at least trying to play the game, but I don’t think he’s very good at it.” Wes keeps ordering more tacos. Keith tries to warn him to slow down, but he doesn’t listen. Wes admits, “It was all fun and games until I felt like crap.”

Back at the Huyopa camp, the losing team and Missy and sitting around the fire eating rice. Josh wishes he was eating tacos instead, but he takes this time to try and talk Baylor into joining his alliance one more time. Josh takes a walk with Baylor and lets her know that she owes him for saving her at the beginning of the game. He asks her not to vote for him or Reed if their names come up. Baylor comments, “I almost feel like I’m being blackmailed a little bit.” No matter what Josh says, she does not feel that she owes him anything. Josh admits, “Missy is kind of controlling Baylor right now and I don’t think they are going to vote with the couples.” Next, Josh talks to Jaclyn. She assures him that she and Jon are still voting with him. Josh hopes that Jon and Jaclyn are telling him the truth.

Jon arrives on Exile Island and sees how harsh it is. He immediately misses his girlfriend Jaclyn, but realizes that it may be good for her to be back at camp without him. Jon explains, “She’s obviously been helping me make all the decisions, but with me away it gives Jaclyn a chance to build those relationships up, so that she’s not just seen as the tagalong.” Jon opens the urn and gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol. He is delighted to find out that the idol is now on Exile Island. The clue states that lack of water is a double-edged sword, so Jon feels that he must look for it when the tide is low. Since the peninsula sticking out from the beach looks like a sword, he starts his search there. Jon spends a lot of time search through all the rocks with no success. As the tide starts rising, he moves his search to a big rock, which is sticking up in the middle of the peninsula. He quickly sees a rock that looks out of place and find the hidden immunity idol behind it. As he puts it around his neck, he admits, “It’s exciting to have that kind of power in the game, because now whatever I want to happen really is going to happen.”

It’s the morning of day 21 and Wes is still suffering from over eating at the taco reward. Alec and Wes talk about burping and farting. Baylor is not amused. Jeremy comments, “Wes and Alec and Keith, they’re just rude.” Missy tells Jeremy that he and Jon are the only gentleman at camp. Jeremy knows how guys can act around each other back at the firehouse, but they are always respectful around women. Alec finishes his meal and gives his bowl to Baylor to clean out. Baylor comments, “Alec treats me like his baby sister that he wants to bug.” She is losing her patience with him. Missy recommends to Baylor to just ignore Alec and not let him bother her. Next, Keith orders Baylor to go with him to get some wood, since she has been lying around all day. Missy reveals, “It’s the most chauvinistic group of men I’ve ever met.” Before Alec and Wes go to the shelter to take a nap, Alec tells the girls to watch the fire. Jaclyn is disgusted with how they are treating her and the other women. She comments, “After Jon left, oh my gosh I saw such a difference in the way they treated me.” Jaclyn is rethinking her and Jon’s plan to vote with them. Later, Keith and Alec confirm that they are going to vote for Jeremy next, so they don’t want him to win at the next immunity challenge. Keith is worried about Jaclyn spending so much time talking to Baylor. Alec assures him that she will vote with Jon and that Jon is on their side.

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. Jon is welcomed back from Exile Island. Jeff Probst tells everyone that they are going to see what impact 21 days in the game has had on their minds. He is going to show all of them a series of symbols. They will use their cube with symbols to repeat them back to him. If they get it right, they stay alive. If they get it wrong, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council. The challenge begins and Jeff shows them the following symbols: statue, sun, skull, and axe. When asked to repeat the symbols back, everyone gets the first symbol of statue correct. Jon is the only one that does not display sun for the next symbol. He displays skull instead, so he is out of the challenge. Reed is out at the next symbol when he displays temple instead of skull. Wes and Alec are out when they display mask instead of axe. So, Missy, Baylor, Jeremy, Josh, Jaclyn, Keith and Natalie are left after the first round. In the next round, Jeff shows them seven symbols. Natalie is out when she gets the first symbol wrong. Baylor is out at the second symbol. Jaclyn gets the third symbol wrong, so there are only four people left. Keith and Missy get the next symbol wrong, so only Josh and Jeremy are left. Jeremy wins immunity when he matches the next symbol but Josh doesn’t.

The Huyopa tribe congratulates Jeremy on his win when they return to camp. Jaclyn hugs Jon and welcomes him back from Exile Island. He immediately tells her that he found the hidden immunity idol. Jeremy is happy to have won immunity, since he knows that Josh’s alliance was probably going to vote for him tonight. Jeremy plans on voting out Josh tonight. He reveals, “Now it’s all about Jon and Jaclyn and I’m hoping they’re on my side.” Josh meets with his alliance of Reed, Alec and Wes and tells them to vote out Baylor tonight. Wes is sure that his father, Keith with gladly vote for Baylor. Josh explains, “I tried to get Baylor on my side, but she didn’t go for it. So, she’s got to go.” He also hopes that Jaclyn and Jon are voting with his alliance, otherwise he is worried that he will be the one voted out. Jon and Jaclyn take a walk. Jaclyn tells Jon that she was not treated well by the guys and doesn’t want to be in their alliance anymore. She also points out that Alec, Wes, Josh, Reed and Keith are going to be hard to beat in immunity challenges. Jon admits, “This is the love of my life talking, however this is a game and you can’t be just acting on emotions.” Jon points out to Jaclyn that Jeremy is going to be hard to beat in the final three, since he is a firefighter with two kids. Reed comes up to Jon and Jaclyn and tells them that plan is to vote Baylor out tonight. Meanwhile, Keith goes with Missy, Jeremy and Natalie to the water well and tells them that his alliance is planning on voting out Baylor because she is lazy. Missy admits, “It doesn’t feel good to have your child picked on, but I’m going to back her. She knows I love her and that’s all that matters.” Missy goes back to camp and tells Baylor that Keith’s alliance is putting her name down tonight. Baylor hopes that Jon and Jaclyn are voting with them. She comments, “I kind of just have to be prepared and hope that my alliance pulls through.” Missy checks in with Jon and tells him to vote for Josh. Later, Alec reminds Jon to vote Baylor, so they can take control of the game. Jon and Jaclyn are still not sure which way to vote. Jaclyn admits, “No matter what happens, somebody’s not going to be happy.”

Jeremy admits that if he didn’t win the immunity challenge today, then people were going to be writing his name down tonight. Josh also wanted to win immunity, since he feels vulnerable tonight. Wes points out that the alliances are known around camp. He is aligned with his dad, Josh, Reed and Alec. Jeremy is aligned with Natalie, Missy, Baylor and hopefully Jaclyn and Jon. Jaclyn and Jon admit that they are once again in the middle of the two alliances. Natalie feels close to Jon, since they were together on the original Hunahpu tribe. She assures Jon that he can trust her. Natalie also points out that Josh’s alliance does not take Jaclyn seriously when Jon is not around. Jaclyn admits that it is very frustrating to her, that no one from Josh’s alliance talked strategy with her when Jon was gone. She lets everyone know that she and Jon make decisions together. Missy chimes in and says that Wes and Alec act like they are at a fraternity by the way they belch, fart and spit at camp. Keith replies, “We’re not at the Hilton, Missy.” He admits that they all have gas from time to time. Reed feels that he has been respectful to the women. He also warns Jon and Jaclyn that if they side with a bunch of singles, then they are likely to be the first ones voted out. Jon doesn’t mind being in the middle, because it allows him to control his own fate. He admits that the decision of which way to go tonight is a game changer. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals all eleven votes. Baylor gets five votes. Josh gets six votes. So, Josh Canfield, a 32-year old, Broadway performer from New York, NY, is the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the first member of the jury.