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Season 29: Episode 9 - Getting to Crunch Time
Posted on Nov 20, 2014 12:00am

It’s night 21 and the Huyopa tribe arrives back at camp after just voting out Josh at Tribal Council. Reed vents, “I’m furious that Josh is gone. Our game together has now officially come to an end.” He is not sure what his next move is, now that he knows he is in the minority on his tribe. Jon is worried about how Reed, Wes, Keith and Alec are feeling, since he betrayed them by voting out Josh. Jon switched alliances because he didn’t feel good about the way those guys treated his girlfriend Jaclyn when he was on Exile Island. He comments, “If there’s anything that I’ve learned from watching past Survivors, it’s trust your instincts.” Keith gives Jon a hard time for switching alliances. Keith knows that he and his son Wes are not in a good spot now and hopes that he can use his idol to turn things around. He reveals, “It’s getting to crunch time now.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams. They will face off one on one on a wobbly beam over a pit of mud. The goal is to knock the other person off the beam into the mud, which scores a point for their team. The first team to five points wins reward. The reward is an afternoon on a luxury yacht cruising down the beautiful coast while enjoying sandwiches, drinks and dessert. The blue team is made up of Wes, Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Keith. The yellow team is made up of Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy and Natalie. Just as the challenge begins, it starts to rain, which makes the challenge even more muddy and slippery. The first match up is between Wes and Reed. They both step on the wobbly beam and try to shake the other person off. Wes dives for Reed and ends up in the mud first. So Reed scores the first point for his yellow team. Next, Natalie goes against Jaclyn. Jaclyn uses her long arms to push Natalie, but it backfires on Jaclyn when she ends up in the mud first. So Natalie scores the second point for her yellow team. Jon takes on Jeremy next and wins the point for his blue team. So, the score is yellow 2, blue 1. Baylor then challenges her mom Missy and is victorious. So now the yellow team earns another point and leads by 2. Keith and Alec compete next. Alec makes a lot of moves, but Keith wins the round. So it is now yellow 3, blue 2. The next round is a re-match between Wes and Reed. This time Wes scores the point and ties up the game. Jaclyn goes against Natalie again in the next round. Once again Natalie wins the point and puts her yellow team back in the lead 4-3. Jeremy goes against Jon. Jon wins the round and ties it up again. So, whoever wins the next round, wins the reward. Baylor and Missy battle it out. Baylor wins the round and wins her yellow team the reward. So, Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy and Natalie are the winning team. Natalie decides to give Jon her reward. Jeremy gives up his reward for Jaclyn. Jon and Jaclyn are both surprised and pleased. Natalie explains that she is thanking Jon for voting with her alliance at last night’s Tribal Council. Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jon and Jaclyn then choose Jeremy to go to Exile Island. Baylor explains why they chose Jeremy to go to Exile. She says, “I’m positive that there is an idol on Exile and it would be better for our alliance to find it.”

Wes, Natalie, Missy and Keith return to the Huyopa camp and wash the mud off their bodies in the ocean. Natalie knows that Jon appreciates the reward that she gave up for him and hopes that he and Jaclyn will be loyal to her. She comments, “This is going to be leverage for me down the road.” Keith and Wes have no doubt that they are in the minority now. Wes asks Natalie and Missy to just let them know if either he or his dad is going to be voted out. Keith explains, “That way we get a little bit of heads up on playing the idol or passing the idol between us two.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy arrives at Exile Island. He comments, “Jon and Jaclyn joined our alliance, and I appreciate that. So giving up a reward for them is the least that I could do.” Jeremy opens the urn on reads the clue to the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island. He hopes to find the idol to protect himself and make his alliance more comfortable. Jeremy reveals, “So, when I make a move, they don’t expect it.” As he is in the water washing off the mud from the challenge, Jeremy sees the yacht.

Reed points out dolphins jumping off the side of the yacht to Jon, Jaclyn, Baylor and Alec, as they are enjoying sandwiches and drinks. Jon appreciates being able to enjoy the reward with his girlfriend Jaclyn because of Natalie and Jeremy’s generosity. He admits, “This is a social game and that was a very big play on their part.” Reed knows exactly why Natalie gave up her reward to Jon. He comments, “Natalie’s just trying to ingratiate herself to everyone.” Reed is determined to stay in the game and is willing to stir things up. He admits, “It may end up being the last nail in my coffin, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take at this point.”

It’s night 23 and it’s raining on Exile Island. Jeremy is not having fun trying to sleep on rocks without a shelter. He does not get a lot of sleep and feels very tired the next morning. Jeremy admits, “This time I wanted to find the hidden immunity idol and I didn’t find it.” He climbs the big rock on the peninsula one more time to search for the idol. Jeremy comments, “The only thing I’m thinking is if Jon already found it.” He wishes Jon would have told him if he had found it, so he could have saved the trip to Exile.

Back at the Huyopa camp, Jon is worried about what Jeremy will think when he gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol and realizes that it is on Exile Island. Jon knows that Jeremy will suspect that he found the idol, since he was the last one on Exile Island. Also, Jon is worried that his tribe mates will think either he found the idol or that Jeremy is not good at finding idols. Jon comments, “My entire cover would be blown and then I could be in very big trouble.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. They welcome a tired Jeremy back from Exile Island. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will begin by unspooling a rope, which will drop blocks into a basket. The first person to get their blocks stacked and their flag in the middle wins, but there is a twist. For the first time ever in Survivor, they will use the entire challenge only using their feet. They will use their feet to untie their rope and put their puzzle together. The first person to place their flag wins immunity and is safe from the vote and guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council and become the second member of the jury. The challenge begins and they all do a pretty quick job of unspooling their rope and dropping their 21 blocks into the basket. The only time they are able to use their hands is when blocks fall out of the basket or onto the ground. Reed, Keith and Jeremy get the hang of using their feet to stack their blocks the fastest. Each person needs to put 7 pieces on the bottom, 7 in the middle and 7 on the top. Then they need to carefully place their flag in the middle of all these blocks. Natalie, Baylor and Wes start to catch up with Reed, Keith and Jeremy, as they get better at controlling their blocks with their feet. Reed is the first one to complete his second row of blocks and starts working on the third and final layer. Keith is right behind Reed. Natalie and Baylor are just behind them, while the rest are slowing down. Just as Keith is about to place his last piece on the final row, he knocks about a third of his stack over and has to rebuild it. Reed is also having a hard time placing his last piece without knocking others over. Meanwhile, Baylor and Natalie are getting closer to completing their last rows. In the end, Baylor completes her three rows and places her flag first to win individual immunity. Jeremy wishes that he would have won immunity, but he was too tired after being at Exile for two days. He reveals, “As long as one of our alliance members won, I’m happy how it turned out.”

The Huyopa tribe congratulates Baylor on her win as they return to camp. Reed is disappointed that he didn’t win the challenge. He admits, “I may be going home tonight, so I will light this camp on fire on my way out.” While Keith is away from camp, Reed looks through his bag and find a piece of paper with the directions on what to do with the hidden immunity idol. Reed comments, “Keith left a paper trail. It’s a big rookie mistake, don’t leave stuff in your bag that you don’t want people to find.” Reed immediately tells Missy, Baylor and Jaclyn that Keith must have a hidden immunity idol, since he had the instructions in his bag. He then shows them the piece of paper, so they know he is telling the truth. Missy realizes that Reed is scrambling to try and stay in the game, but she is surprised to find out that Keith has an idol. She admits, “If Keith really has an idol, it’s not good at all.” Baylor is both shocked and impressed that Keith found an idol and has been able to keep it quiet for this long. Meanwhile, Keith comes back to camp and realizes that someone has taken his hidden immunity idol instructions. He is upset that someone has gone through his belongings. Keith then tells his son Wes about the missing idol instructions. He comments, “Word might be out that Keith’s got the idol and it might come in play sooner than later.” Later, Jaclyn takes a walk with Jon and tells him that Keith has an idol. Jon admits, “He’s got a very good play in his pocket. It definitely complicates things.” Jeremy takes a walk with Natalie and tells her that he is sure that Jon found a hidden immunity idol on Exile Island. He assures Natalie that she is the only one that he trusts. Jeremy reveals, “I want to catch him in a lie, because Jon’s like the worst liar.” So Jeremy and Natalie approach Jon. Jeremy shows him the clue he got on Exile Island and asks Jon if he found it. Jon insists that he did not find the idol. Jeremy comments, “He’s got to be lying, but I got to trust him a little bit.” Jeremy needs to work with Jon to get at least to the final six. Jon realizes that Jeremy thinks he has the idol. He reveals, “I have to do something and change the course of the game.” Jon goes to Missy and admits that he found the hidden immunity idol on Exile. He then tells Missy that he would like to vote Jeremy out of the game, since Jeremy will likely tell everyone that he has the idol. Missy is pleased that Jon is confiding in her, but she is not sure that she wants to vote out her long time ally Jeremy. For this Tribal Council, she would prefer to split the votes between Reed and Keith and flush out Keith’s idol. Missy admits, “If we rock the boat too hard, one of us is going to fall out.”

Jeremy feels that trust is huge right now. He hopes that the trust that his alliance has been developing will last to the end. Jeremy points out that he and Natalie rewarded Jon and Jaclyn’s trust by giving them their yacht reward. Jaclyn admits that she and Jon really appreciated the reward and feel they made the right decision in joining Jeremy’s alliance. Reed points out that Jeremy giving up his reward and then going to Exile Island is nice, but it also helps him in the game, by strengthening his relationship with Jon and Jaclyn. Jeremy admits that Exile Island really took a toll on him. Jeff asks Missy why no idols have been played yet in the game. Missy feels people are too comfortable in the game and should realize that things could change quickly. Natalie is worried that Wes, Keith, Reed or Alec has an idol and could mess things up tonight. She is also worried that people in her alliance are hiding them from her. Jaclyn accuses Wes or Keith of having an idol, since they aren’t scrambling and talking to her or Jon like Reed and Alec are. Wes counters with the fact that Jaclyn hasn’t talked strategy with him either. Jaclyn doesn’t appreciate the way that Wes and Keith have treated her around camp, since they ignore her and only talk with Jon. Reed is happy that the conversation is not about him. Jeremy reminds Jon that he took care of Jaclyn when Jon was on Exile Island. He appreciates when someone takes care of his wife and he hopes that Jon feels the same way. Natalie reminds her alliance to stick to their long term plan and don’t let desperate people sway them. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are offered. Jeff reveals all ten votes. Reed gets three votes. Keith gets two votes. Jeremy gets five votes. So, Jeremy Collins, a 36-year old Cambridge firefighter from Foxboro, MA, is the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the second member of the jury.