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Season 29: Episode 10 - This Is Where We Build Trust
Posted on Nov 27, 2014 12:00am

It’s night 24 and the Huyopa tribe arrives back at camp after just voting out Jeremy at Tribal Council. Keith is surprised, since he thought Reed was going home instead of Jeremy. Reed meets with his alliance of Alec, Keith and Wes. They are happy to still be in the game, but they know that they still need at least one more person to join their alliance to have any power in the game. Reed admits, “I’m trying to decide how I can go deeper into this game right now.” He could either join Jon’s alliance and pick off Alec, Wes and Keith or stick with his current alliance and go after Jon. Meanwhile, on the other side of camp, Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor are meeting with Natalie. She feels like they blind-sided her, by voting out her closest ally Jeremy. Jon assures Natalie that she is still part of their alliance and tries to prove it to her by revealing to her that he has a hidden immunity idol. Natalie realizes that Jon was the mastermind behind the vote to get out Jeremy. She comments, “I want to give Jon a little bit of taste of his own medicine. I want to do it for Jeremy.” Natalie will wait for the right time to get vote out Jon. Later that night, after the rest of the tribe has gone to sleep, Natalie gets up and decides to search for a hidden immunity idol. She says, “Baylor showed me the immunity idol clue, when we were at Exile.” Natalie remembers that it is somewhere near the flag, so she starts digging there.

The Huyopa tribe is now at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams. A member from each team will dive into the water and swim to a platform. They will then climb up the platform and jump off it, while grabbing a key. Once they are back in the water, they will collect puzzle pieces and swim them back to their team’s platform. Then the next person goes. Once each team has collected all their keys and puzzle pieces, they will use them to build a puzzle statue. The first team to get it right wins a baseball reward. On the reward, the winning team will act as ambassadors of good will and deliver baseball equipment and uniforms to children. They will get to watch the children play a game and enjoy baseball food like hot dogs and hamburgers. The teams are determined by a schoolyard pick. The resulting yellow team is made up of Reed, Alec, Jaclyn and Jon. The blue team is made up of Missy, Baylor, Natalie and Wes. Keith does not get picked for a team, so he sits out and has no chance of going on the baseball reward. The challenge begins. Jon dives in the water first for the yellow team. Wes is the first one in the water for the blue team. Wes gets the key and the puzzle pieces back for the blue team before Jon. So the blue team has a slight lead after the first round. Missy is next in the water for the blue team. Jaclyn goes out for the yellow team. Now their teammates can help them get the puzzle pieces back, by tossing them a buoy and pulling them back to the platform. Missy maintains the blue team’s lead. She is helped when Wes throws her the buoy and gets her back to the platform quickly. Likewise, Jon helps Jaclyn with the yellow team’s buoy. The next two people out are Baylor for the blue team and Reed for the yellow team. Reed makes up time and puts the yellow team right up with the blue team. Alec for the yellow team and Natalie for the blue team are the last ones in the water. Alec is a fast swimmer and puts the yellow team in the lead. So, the yellow team gets all their puzzle pieces first and is able to start figuring out which key will unlock the puzzle platform. Meanwhile Natalie is still bringing the last puzzle pieces back for the blue team. The yellow team quickly figures out which of the four keys unlocks the puzzle platform and starts building their puzzle statue. Meanwhile, the blue team is struggling to find the right key to unlock their platform. The yellow team has half of their statue built before the blue team even starts on their statue. In the end, the yellow team maintains their lead and finishes their puzzle statue first. So, Jon, Jaclyn, Alec and Reed win the baseball reward. Baylor starts crying, because she so wanted her team to win the reward. That way her mom could finally go on her first reward. Reed offers to give up the reward and let Missy go in his place. Missy is so grateful and accepts his offer. Next, Jon, Jaclyn, Alec and Missy decide to send Wes to Exile Island. Reed reveals, “With them being gone, it’ll give me a chance to get the ball rolling in taking out Jon.”

Alec, Jon, Jaclyn and Missy arrive with baseball equipment at the baseball field. The children cheer and swarm around them as they hand out bats, balls, uniforms, hats and helmets to them. Missy loves being around the kids and making them happy with the baseball equipment. She comments, “I needed that recharge. I feel like the Energizer bunny.” The kids then play a game with their new equipment and uniforms. Alec, Jon, Jaclyn and Missy sit in the stands and watch the game with the player’s families. As promised, Alec, Jon, Jaclyn and Missy enjoy popcorn, soda, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream, while they are watching the game. Jon loves being around the kids and even shares his ice cream with a little boy sitting next to him in the stands. He reveals, “As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to actually have a kid, but unfortunately Jaclyn’s not able to have children.” Jon explains that Jaclyn was born with MRKH syndrome, which affects 1 in 4000 women, so they plan on adopting kids. Jon comments, “I’m not going to leave a woman that I think is one of the most incredible people I’ve met, just because she’s not able to birth a kid into the world.” Jon takes a turn at bat. He makes the kids laugh and even gets a hit. Jaclyn admits, “Jon and I have a lot of love to give and it doesn’t matter if it’s an adopted child.”

Reed, Keith, Baylor and Natalie return to camp after the Reward Challenge. Reed goes with Keith to check the fish net and talks to him about the game. Meanwhile, Natalie and Baylor say they will get water, but instead they decide to stay at camp and look for the hidden immunity idol. While checking the net, Reed warns Keith that Jon, Jaclyn, Missy, Baylor and Natalie think that he or Wes has an idol. So they are going to split the vote between him and Wes and try to flush it out. Reed tells Keith that he and Alec will not join that other alliance, but instead vote with him and Wes. Reed explains, “If we stay four strong, we will be able to take out Jon in one fell swoop.” Keith agrees to vote with Reed and Alec to get out Jon. He likes the plan, because he won’t have to play his idol. Meanwhile, back at camp Natalie and Baylor are going over the clue that they got at Exile Island together. Natalie counts ten steps from the flag and starts digging under a log that is right in the middle of camp. Baylor digs right next to her. After a little while, Natalie is thrilled to find a hidden immunity idol. Both Natalie and Baylor start running around in excitement. They pick up the pots and run to the water well to take a look at the idol. Natalie would like to get rid of both Reed and Jon. She reveals, “We have to get rid of one more boy before Jon, because that allows us to take out Jon and still have a majority girls.” Both Natalie and Baylor agree to target Reed next. Natalie feels like Baylor is her number one ally in the game right now.

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. They welcome Wes back from Exile Island. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will balance their feet on a very narrow perch while holding a handle above their head. If at any point, they let go of the handle or a foot comes off the perch, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote and guaranteed a one in eight shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council and become the third member of the jury. The challenge begins and Jeff explains that every person’s station has been measured for his or her height, so it is equal and fair for everyone. After seven minutes has elapsed, Jeff brings out a plate of candy to try and tempt someone to step down from the challenge. Jon decides to forfeit the challenge and eat the candy, so he steps down. After 30 minutes, Missy steps down, when she can no longer endure the pain. Jeff then brings out a plate of cookies and two glasses of milk. Baylor and Jaclyn immediately step down and share the cookies and milk. After 45 minutes, Jeff brings out a plate of chicken wings and two cold beers. Wes quickly jumps off the perch for the chicken wings and beer. So only Natalie, Keith, Alec and Reed are left in the challenge. After 1 hour and 20 minutes, Keith can no longer handle the pain and he steps down. Shortly after, Alec drops out of the challenge. So, only Natalie and Reed remain in the challenge. After 3 hours has gone by, Natalie asks Jeff if there is any more food coming to tempt them. Natalie says that she will step down if she can have pizza, chicken wings, cookie and a cold drink. Jeff brings it out and Natalie steps down. So, Reed wins immunity and Natalie enjoys her food and drink. Natalie explains, “When I started closing my eyes and seeing stars and I felt like I was going to throw up, I knew I was going to go out. So, I figured I might as well get some sustenance in my body if I’m going to lose.” Reed is so happy to be safe tonight and hopes he can get the others to vote out Jon.

As soon as the Huyopa tribe gets back to camp, Reed starts laying the groundwork for his plan to vote out Jon. He confirms with Keith that he will vote for Jon tonight. Reed explains, “I’m going to try to make the majority alliance have four people vote for Keith and then to have three more people vote for Wes. That’s what everyone thinks will happen.” Reed is then going to have Alec, Keith, Wes and himself vote for Jon. He hopes that everyone will stick to the plan. Reed talks to Alec and reminds him to vote for Jon and not Keith as the majority alliance expects him to. Alec promises to do so. Reed then talks to Missy and encourages her to vote for Keith with Alec, Baylor and Natalie. He tells her that he will vote for Wes with Jon and Jaclyn. By splitting the votes, they will hopefully flush the idol and get Keith or Wes out tonight. Missy goes and tells Jon the Reed’s plan. Jon does not trust Reed. Alec joins Missy and Jon and assures them that he will split the vote with them tonight. Jon comments, “Tonight’s Tribal is the first Tribal that I am not really calling the shots. So it is the first time that I am at the mercy of my alliance.” He hopes that he can trust Alec and the rest of them tonight, since he does not want to use his idol yet in the game.

Jaclyn thinks that she is in the “five strong” alliance right now, but she is not sure, since both Josh and Jeremy were blindsided in the past. Baylor knows that trust is important, but cannot be counted on in this game. Keith feels that whoever has a hidden immunity idol must feel comfortable, since none have been played yet at Tribal Council. Natalie admits that if she had an idol it would be both a blessing and a curse, since it’s difficult to know when is the right time to use it. Reed suspects that Wes may have an idol, since he stepped down from the Immunity Challenge without being part of the majority alliance. Keith recommends that they just stick to the plan. Jon is surprised to hear that Keith has a plan and is worried. Natalie, Jaclyn and Jon all start looking around and wondering what to do. Reed encourages everyone to stick to his plan. Missy and Baylor are both concerned by everyone talking and trying to figure out whom to vote for during Tribal Council. Baylor admits, “We may have not been as close or organized as we thought.” Jeff then calls for the vote. Natalie encourages Jon to play his idol tonight. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. Both Jon and Keith play their idols. Keith gives Wes the option to play the idol for himself instead, but Wes declines. Jeff reveals all nine votes. Jon gets four votes. Keith gets three votes. Wes gets two votes. Since, the votes for Jon and Keith do not count, Wes Nale, a 23-year old, firefighter from Shreveport, LA, is the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and is the third member of the jury.