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Season 29: Episode 11 - Kind of Like Cream Cheese & Still Holdin' On
Posted on Dec 4, 2014 12:00am

The Huyopa tribe arrives back at camp after just voting out Wes at Tribal Council on night 26. Keith admits, “Tribal Council was crazy. It didn’t go quite as we anticipated and Wesley went home.” Reed and Alec tell Keith that he should not have told them to stick with the plan during Tribal Council, since that made Jon nervous and he played his hidden immunity idol. Alec comments, “My alliance means nothing. We don’t have the numbers and I don’t trust Reed at all.” Jon is thankful that he saved himself by playing his idol. Jaclyn thanks Natalie for suggesting to Jon that he play his idol during Tribal Council. Jon assures them both that he was going to play it, even if they had not encouraged him to do so. Natalie admits, “Jon is so concerned with looking like he’s the mastermind of everything he does, but he’s really not at all.” Later when Jon and Jaclyn are alone, Jon tells Jaclyn not to give someone else credit for his plans in the future. He wants the jury to see that he is the one playing the game so well. Jaclyn gets upset with Jon for calling her out on thanking Natalie and for assuming that he is the one that will make it to the final Tribal Council and not her. She is sure that she and Natalie helped save him tonight. Jaclyn vents, “Screw you, I’m going to the top three then.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. Today’s challenge will test how well they know their tribe mates. Jeff will ask them a series of questions about the people in this game. It they get a question right; they get to chop another person’s rope. Once a person’s rope has been chopped three times, they are out of the game. The last person left standing wins a horseback riding reward and an overnight stay at a beautiful resort with a barbeque meal included. Jeff tells them that the questions will pertain to people in the game after the merge. The challenge begins and Jeff asks the first question: “Natalie and Nadiya are twins. Who else has a twin sibling?” Everyone writes down their answer on a tablet. They all wrote down Jeremy, except Keith who wrote down Jaclyn. Jeremy is the correct answer, so everybody got it right except Keith. Natalie is the first one to chop a rope, but before she does she confirms with Jon that they are targeting Reed. Jon agrees, so Natalie chops Reed’s rope. Jon then takes his turn and also chops Reed’s rope, leaving Reed only one more chop until he is out of the challenge. Alec is up next and chops Natalie’s rope. Missy puts Reed out of his misery and chops his rope a third time. A rock then falls on a skull with Reed’s name on it and red liquid oozes out from below his now crushed skull. Jaclyn takes her turn next and chops Alec’s rope. Baylor then gives Alec a second chop. Reed takes his turn, because he got the question right and decides to chop Missy’s rope as payback for being the one to crush his skull. Reed is the first person out of the challenge and sits on the bench. The second question is, “Who owns their own tanning business?” Julie is the correct answer and they all get it right. In this round, Alec is knocked out, but not before he gives a chop to Jon. Keith is also chopped out of this round by Missy, Jaclyn and Baylor, but not before he gives a second hit to Missy. Now that Reed, Alec and Keith are out of the challenge, Natalie tries to decide whom to chop. She consults with the rest of her alliance. They talks about how many rewards each of them have been on and who is going to go to Exile Island. Jeff sees that they are deliberately planning on who will win and who will go to Exile. He then stops the game and asks whom they are going to let win. They tell him Missy, so Jeff declares Missy the winner. Jeff says, “First time ever a five-some is just going to give it to somebody.” Missy chooses Jon to go to Exile Island, since he volunteers to go. She then picks Baylor and Natalie to go on the reward with her. Jaclyn is upset that she was not chosen to go on the reward. She admits, “I saw it coming. Those three are really tight.” Reed assures Jaclyn that he, Keith and Alec like her even though her alliance left her behind. Baylor responds, “You like everybody Reed.” Reed fires back, “You’re a brat.” Missy takes offense at Reed calling her daughter a brat. Reed doesn’t back down though, so Missy just gives up and stops talking to him. Missy, Baylor and Natalie leave for their reward. Reed, Alec, Keith and Jaclyn head back to camp. Jaclyn comments, “It makes me think, when it comes down to our five, it would be Baylor, Missy and Natalie. It makes me second guess everything.”

Jon arrives on Exile Island and immediately opens the urn to get the latest clue to the hidden immunity idol. He admits, “There were two idols played last night and there’s going to be a new clue for a new idol. So finding this idol is definitely going to help me.” The clue tells Jon that a sideways tree marks the idol and that he should take a stroll along the coast. Jon is determined to find the idol, since he feels that his tribe mates consider him a threat and may be looking to vote him out soon. He starts walking along the coast and comes to cliffs where the trees are growing out sideways. Jon then gets to a part of the cliff with lots of cracks and crevices, so he starts searching for the idol. He is so happy when he finally finds the idol in one of the cracks in the cliff. Jon comments, “Finding this idol is something that’s definitely going to help me and refocus me even more on Jaclyn and my future.”

Natalie, Missy and Baylor are all horseback riding through the beautiful Nicaraguan countryside. After the horseback ride, they arrive at a spacious resort and run to a table full of food. They immediately fill their plates with food and go out by the pool to sit down and enjoy their feast. Missy is so happy to be sharing this experience with her daughter Baylor and friend Natalie. She admits, “I couldn’t have gone on that reward with anybody else and had that same experience.” All three of them are worried about Jaclyn being left alone with Alec, Reed and Keith. They hope that the guys don’t talk Jaclyn into flipping to their alliance. Natalie and Baylor decide this is the perfect time to tell Missy that they found the hidden immunity idol. Missy is both surprised and thrilled to hear the news. She comments, “I’m proud of my daughter.” Missy is glad that Baylor is really playing this game and she plans on supporting her until the end. Natalie then proposes that the three of them go to the end together. Missy and Baylor agree with the idea. Natalie is delighted they agreed and comments, “I would be a sure win in my head.” LOSERS GO BACK TO HUYOPA Jaclyn arrives back at the Huyopa camp with Alec, Reed and Keith. Reed regrets calling Baylor a brat and letting Missy get to him. Jaclyn is surprised that Missy picked Natalie for the reward over her, especially when Jon volunteered to go to Exile. She vents, “That was dumb!” Reed, Alec and Keith decide to cater to Jaclyn today and encourage her to join their alliance. They start by cooking her an extra big bowl of rice. Reed comments, “Missy, Natalie and Baylor will go to the top three and they will take out Jon and Jaclyn in the process.” Jaclyn knows what they are doing, but she decides to listen to their plan. Reed warns Jaclyn that Missy is more ruthless than Jon and will act first to get him out. He proposes that they work together to get out Missy first. Jaclyn comments, “We’re in the middle again and I don’t understand why this keeps happening.”

The next morning Natalie, Baylor and Missy return from the reward. Missy is worried that Reed and Alec put pressure on Jaclyn yesterday, so she gives Jaclyn a hug right away. Later, Natalie stays at camp while Missy and Baylor take a walk. She notices that Alec and Jaclyn are spending a lot of time together and flirting with each other. Alec reveals, “It was a smart move in making her feel as comfortable as she can and that doesn’t mean she’s going to vote with us, but it’s not going to hurt anybody.” Natalie is surprised that Jaclyn is flirting with Alec. She comments, “If I had a boyfriend here, I wouldn’t be acting like that with Alec.” Later, the tribe is all resting in the shelter. Jaclyn and Alec are talking about getting together with Jon and Drew in Florida, where Drew and Alec live. Baylor doesn’t like how friendly Jaclyn and Alec have gotten. She worries that if Jaclyn is planning on switching alliances, then she knows Jon will automatically follow. Baylor admits, “Jaclyn and Alec flirting and talking about the game is just not okay.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. They welcome Jon back from Exile Island. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will balance an oversized paddle on a stand. They will each roll a ball down the paddle and attempt to land it in a hole. The first person to get one ball in each of the six holes wins immunity and is safe from the vote and guaranteed a one in seven shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council and become the fourth member of the jury. The challenge begins and the balls start rolling. Jon is the first one to land a ball in one of the holes on his paddle. Reed is the next one to land a ball, but he quickly drops it and is back to zero. Jon is off to an early lead when he lands his second ball. Natalie then lands one ball on her paddle followed by Missy, Keith and Alec. Jon extends his lead when he lands his third ball. Meanwhile Alec drops his one ball and is back to zero. Natalie, Keith and Missy get their second balls in the holes. Keith gets his third ball and now is tied with Jon for the lead. Everyone else is falling behind. Keith gets his fourth ball in the hole, while Jon is still working on his fourth ball. Keith gets his fifth ball landed and Jon hurries to catch up. Jon finally gets his fourth ball. Keith is struggling to get his sixth and final ball to stick. In the end, Keith lands his last ball and wins individual immunity. Reed admits, “After not winning immunity today, it might be dead man walking at this point.” He hopes that Jon and Jaclyn will save him and his alliance, by voting with them tonight.

They Huyopa tribe congratulates Keith on his win as they return to camp after the Immunity challenge. Jaclyn and Jon have to decide whether to go with Reed’s alliance and vote out Missy or stick with their old alliance and vote out Reed. Jon and Jaclyn take a walk, so they can catch each other up on what’s happened since Jon went to Exile Island. Jaclyn starts off by telling Jon that Missy picked Natalie instead of her to go on reward. She feels like Missy, Natalie and Baylor will go to the top three together. Jon reveals, “All I wanted to do is spend time with her. I’ve missed her so much.” So Jon gets impatient when Jaclyn immediately starts talking strategy and possibly switching over to Reed’s alliance. In the middle of Jaclyn telling him what happened, Jon says, “I already knew all this.” Jaclyn gets hurt that he does not seem to care what she has to say and storms off. Jon quickly apologizes to her and tries to explain that he is beat after being on Exile for two days. Jaclyn is still hurt and doesn’t want to talk anymore. She vents, “If he’s got that attitude, screw him.” Reed joins Jon and Jaclyn on the beach and tries to plead his case to vote Missy off tonight. Natalie then arrives and Jon tells Reed that he doesn’t trust him, since he just tried to vote him out at the last Tribal Council. Jon winks at Reed before he leaves. Reed admits, “If he’s willing to go out on a limb and do kind of a wink thing between us, then maybe he’s considering it a little more than he wants to let on.” As much as Reed has hope that Jon might vote with him, he is nervous that Jaclyn is mad at Jon. Reed tells Alec and Keith that Jon and Jaclyn may actually work with them tonight. Meanwhile, Jon talks to Missy and tells her that he found the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island. Missy is so happy to hear this. Jaclyn is back at camp with the rest of the tribe watching Jon talk to Missy down the beach. She admits, “It made me mad that he talked to her for half an hour and didn’t come talk to me at all.” Jaclyn tells Baylor and Natalie how mad she is at Jon. This worries Natalie, because she wants them both to work together and vote Reed out tonight. She reveals, “I can’t do any more surprises at Tribal.” Later, Jon tries to talk to Jaclyn and she walks away from him. Jon explains, “My big problem is that we have a Tribal Council tonight and my girlfriend is not on the same page as I am and she refuses to talk to me.” Just before Huyopa leaves for Tribal Council, Jaclyn finally talks to Jon and now he doesn’t want to talk to her. Reed can’t believe that the two key people he needs in order to stay in the game aren’t talking. He admits, “This maybe a fatal fight for my game.”

Jon admits that he and Jaclyn had a fight when they tried to share information after the Immunity Challenge today. Jaclyn feels that Jon did not value the information she was trying to tell him about what happened at camp while he was gone at Exile. Reed points out that everybody at camp knew they were fighting and it made it difficult to strategize for tonight’s Tribal Council. Jon admits that Reed did try to talk to he and Jaclyn today. Jeff is amazed that Jon and Jaclyn are in the middle of the alliances again. Reed encourages Jon and Jaclyn to join he, Alec and Keith and get away from Missy, Baylor and Natalie who are so tight and will eventually vote them out. Missy counters with warning Jon that Reed, Alec and Keith tried to vote him out at the last Tribal Council. She also points out that Alec is trying to win Jaclyn’s vote, by flirting with her while Jon is away. Jaclyn admits that Alec is being nicer to her now than he has been before. Jon says that he sometimes does feel uncomfortable with the closeness that Jaclyn and Alec have shown. Jaclyn says that she was hurt by Missy not choosing for her for the reward and was influenced by the guys warning her about Missy, Natalie and Baylor. Missy is worried that choosing Natalie over Jaclyn could cost her in this game. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are played. Jeff reveals six votes. Missy gets one vote. Reed gets five votes. So, Reed Kelly, a 31-year old NY Broadway performer is the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the fourth member of the jury.

The Huyopa tribe arrives back at camp after just voting out Reed at Tribal Council on night 29. Jon immediately apologizes to Jaclyn for his behavior before Tribal Council. Jaclyn comments, “Jon and I, we kind have resolved everything at Tribal Council. We’re fine.” Alec did not like being called a flirt. He admits, “Seeing all these other loved ones together is tough.” Alec feels very alone and without an ally in the game, but he is still going to fight to stay in the game.

The next morning Alec asks Jon if he is going to be the next one voted out. Jon reveals, “I definitely feel for Alec, but I honestly do not believe that Keith or Alec have any play left in the game.” Jon tells Alec that he trusts his alliance of Jaclyn, Missy, Baylor and Natalie and has no plans of betraying them. Jon comments, “Unless, I’m reading everything wrong, which I haven’t yet, I’m still controlling and steering the direction of the game.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will each stand on a small block while stabilizing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If at any point they lose their concentration or their balance, the ball will drop and they are then out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins a reward of comfort and food delivered to camp. They will enjoy a king sized canopy bed and a meal consisting of spaghetti, chicken parmesan, garlic bread, wine and dessert. As always the winner will decide who goes to Exile Island. The challenge begins. Almost immediately, Alec drops his ball and is out of the challenge. After 20 minutes, the remaining six are still in the challenge, but now their muscles are hurting. Jon’s ball is slowing moving to the side, but he is keeping it from falling. Missy loses control of her ball and is the second one out of the challenge. Shortly after, Keith takes his eyes off the ball and loses control, so he is out of the challenge too. Baylor is the next one to drop out. So only Natalie, Jaclyn and Jon remain in the challenge. Jon’s ball is moving the most, but he is doing everything he can to make sure it doesn’t drop. His ball ends up moving too much though and he can’t avoid it from fallings, so he too is out of the challenge. Now it is a battle between Natalie and Jaclyn. In the end, Jaclyn drops out and Natalie wins reward. She sends Alec to Exile Island. Natalie chooses Jaclyn and Jon to share the bed and food reward with her. This time Missy is upset at being left out. Keith is used to not getting chosen for reward. Natalie admits, “I’ve been wanting to get Jon out ever since he voted out Jeremy. So, taking Jaclyn and Jon for the reward just shows them that I am such a loyal person and they will trust me even more. So then when I take my revenge he will never see it coming.”

Natalie, Jon and Jaclyn are amazed at how big the canopy bed is when they get back to camp. Jon looks forward to enjoying the comfortable bed, but he feels guilty when he realizes Keith, Missy and Baylor are going to be staring at them from the uncomfortable shelter. Keith, Missy and Baylor decide to leave camp together and go get water. This makes Natalie, Jaclyn and Jon feel suspicious of what the three of them are talking about. They hope that Missy will not think of making plans against them with Keith. Jaclyn comments, “Jon has had a really strong bond with Missy from the beginning. So I mean hopefully we can keep going with that and nothing crazy will happen.” Jon worries that Missy is really upset about being left out of the reward. Natalie assures him that he is just being paranoid. Jon admits, “The more I get to know Natalie, the more reassured I am of the strength of our alliance.” Later, Jon, Natalie and Jaclyn sit in the big king size bed and enjoy their spaghetti, chicken parmesan and wine. The three of them make a toast to celebrate getting to day 30 and being able to enjoy a reward. Natalie is glad that Jon and Jaclyn are feeling comfortable with her. She reveals, “All I want is to move forward with a new plan without Jon in it.” Jon swirls the wine in his glass and enjoys drinking it. He comments, “Call me a wine snob, but I like wine because it’s a memory of my dad.” Jon’s dad was the one who taught him to really appreciate wine. Jon tells Natalie that he wants to even go to Italy for their wine. Natalie pretends that she is interested in Jon’s knowledge of wine, but she wishes he would stop talking about it. Jon tells Natalie that he is very comfortable with their alliance. He proves it to her by revealing to her that he found another hidden immunity idol on Exile Island. Natalie comments, “Getting Jon out now is really important.”

The next morning, Jon and Jaclyn are still enjoying the king sized bed, while Natalie talks to Baylor by the fire. She tells Baylor that Jon and Jaclyn are fake and all about money and how they are going to spend it. Natalie comments, “Even though he’s obnoxious, Jon’s played a really good game.” She knows that she needs to get Jon out as soon as possible, so that he has no chance of winning. Natalie recommends to Baylor that they vote out Jon next. She tells Baylor not to tell Missy though, since Jon and Missy have a mother son type bond. Baylor agrees, but she does feel uncomfortable doing this behind her mom’s back. She admits, “I don’t want him to screw her over, so it doesn’t make me feel bad voting him out.” Baylor feels that too many men have hurt her mom in the past. Natalie plans on having Baylor, Keith, Alec and herself vote for Jon tonight. She just hopes that Jon does not win immunity at the next challenge. Later, Keith complains about Jon and Jaclyn sleeping so much and not helping around camp. He doesn’t understand why Missy, Natalie and Baylor are keeping them around. Keith knows he is in the minority. He admits, “I keep thinking somebody’s going to bolt here before long and hopefully they’ll bolt my way.” Keith throws down a huge log, which wakes Jon and Jaclyn up. Jon looks around and sees how much work his tribe has done, while he has been sleeping. He admits, “Today I got a very weird vibe from camp and it worried me, because we are so close to the end and a weird vibe can mean very bad things.” Jaclyn feels the same way and confirms with Jon that he trust Natalie, Missy and Baylor. He assures her that he has been out there a long time with them. Jaclyn comments, “It just makes me so nervous that Jon thinks he’s got it in the bag.” She worries that Keith is trying to talk Missy, Baylor and Natalie into going against Jon.

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the immunity challenge. They welcome Alec back from Exile Island. Baylor tells Jeff Probst that the tribe is feeling really tired these days. Missy starts to cry and says, “I’m so depleted. It’s not even food for me, it’s sleep.” Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each pull on a rope, which balances their wobbly table. While trying to keep their table balanced, they will race out to collect a series of wooden blocks. They will bring the blocks back one at a time and place them upright on the table. If their table wobbles and the blocks fall, then they will have to reset them before heading back out. The first person to place all ten of their blocks wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out of the game at Tribal Council and become the fifth member of the jury. The challenge begins and they all place their first blocks and head out for another block. They get the feel of holding the rope to stabilize their table, while trying to move quickly to get their next block. Alec goes a little too fast and causes his first block to fall over, so he has to go back to his table to reset it. Keith is the first one to retrieve and place his second block. Natalie, Jon, Missy, Alec and Baylor all are now one block behind Keith. This continues until Alec, Baylor and Keith all drop the blocks on their tables. Jon, Jaclyn, Natalie and Missy now are in the lead. Keith quickly uprights his blocks and catches up to Jon and Jaclyn. The three of them each have seven blocks with only three more to go. Missy, Alec and Baylor are slowing down and getting behind. Alec and Jaclyn then dump their blocks again. So now, Jon, Keith and Natalie are in the lead with eight blocks each. Keith dumps his blocks, which puts Jon in the lead and Natalie close behind him. Keith restacks and places his ninth block, while Jon is heading back with his tenth and final block. Keith will have to hurry to have any chance of catching Jon. In the end, Jon wins immunity and is safe from the vote tonight. Natalie admits, “I literally thought we could get out Jon tonight and he won immunity. So, we have to come up with a Plan B and fast, because we have no Plan B right now.”

Jon is so relieved to have won the Immunity challenge and have no worries going into Tribal Council tonight. Jon recommends to his alliance of Missy, Natalie, Jaclyn and Baylor that they split the votes between Keith and Alec in case one of them has an immunity idol. He suggests that three of them vote Keith and two vote Alec. Therefore, if neither one of them has an idol, then Keith will be voted out. Jon explains, “The plan is to get Keith out. He’s an incredible threat on all immunity challenges.” Missy agrees with Jon’s plan for tonight. She comments, “Our fab five is strong and we’re sending Keith home.” Natalie is upset that she cannot vote Jon out tonight. Baylor feels the same way and worries that they don’t have much time left in the game to get rid of him. Later in the shelter, Alec tells Baylor he’s frustrated because all the people that he has trusted besides her are now gone. He knows that it could very well be him voted out tonight. Alec reveals, “So, whatever I have to do, whoever I have to lie to, flirt with whatever, I’m willing to do it at this point.” Alec admits to Baylor that this game is getting to him. Baylor is surprised that Alec is actually sharing his feeling with her. She admits, “Part of me is glad that he’s not going home tonight.” Meanwhile, Keith is asking Natalie what the plan is tonight. She tells Keith that he deserves to be in the game more than Alec, but that he is scaring them with how well he does at the immunity challenges. Keith reminds Natalie how lazy Jon and Jaclyn are and how unfair it is that they will likely go to the end. Natalie comments, “I could totally flip the entire game.” She realizes that if she votes for Alec instead of Keith tonight, then Alec will go home instead. Natalie knows if she does that, then Keith will be loyal to her and help her to blindside Jon in the future. She reveals, “If I do this plan and betray Jon, it will be my biggest move yet.” Natalie knows that she will have to deal with the Jon’s anger when she gets back to camp after Tribal Council tonight. Natalie finds Baylor and tells her the plan. She asks her not to tell anyone else. Baylor comments, “It’s a huge risk and Jon could turn on us in a heartbeat.” Baylor also would prefer that Alec stayed a little longer. Natalie knows that she is taking a big risk. She admits, “Ultimately, it’s just deciding if I have the balls or not.”

Missy admits that the vote tonight is between Alec and Keith. Her alliance is choosing between them based on who is the best at challenges and who will be harder to beat in the end. Keith points out that although he has won two immunity challenges, he is not good at every type of challenge. Natalie feels the vote is more complicated than it sounds. A rat runs across the floor at Tribal Council, which makes Natalie scream. Alec wants to catch it and eat it. Jon admits, “Being out here just reminds you what’s important.” He tells everyone how special it was to drink out of a wine glass at the latest reward, because it reminded him of his father, who is dying of brain cancer. Jon was especially happy to win immunity today, so he could make his father proud. He then tears up when he tells everyone that he regrets not being closer to his dad in the past. Keith hopes the jury is sharp enough to not let Jon’s relationship with his dad determine whom they vote for in the end. He then encourages his tribe mates to use the vote tonight to make big moves. Natalie admits in the end they all want to win the million dollars. She tries to calm any concerns by saying that her alliance is working together and should not expect any surprises tonight. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are played. Jeff reveals all seven votes. Keith gets three votes. Alec gets four votes. So, Alec Christy, a 22-year old student from Winter Park, FL, is the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the fifth member of the jury. Jon, Jaclyn and Missy are confused as to what just happened, since they expected Keith to be voted out instead.