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Season 29: Episode 12 - Let's Make A Move
Posted on Dec 11, 2014 12:00am

It’s night 32 and the Huyopa tribe arrives back at camp after just voting out Alec at Tribal Council. Immediately Missy and Jaclyn wonder how Alec got voted out instead of Keith. Natalie asks Jaclyn if she and Jon voted for Alec like she did. Jaclyn tells her that the three of them were supposed to vote for Keith and not Alec. Natalie reveals, “Just the way Tribal went, I knew I had to pretend to mess up and accidentally vote out Alec instead of Keith.” Natalie explains her mistake by telling Jaclyn that she was the only one that she talked to before Tribal Council and she heard the wrong information in their brief conversation. Natalie admits, “It was a risk I was willing to take, because I didn’t what Jon to have more power and control in this game than he really needs.” She’s wanted to get Jon out ever since he voted her ally Jeremy out of the game. Jon joins the group and hears Natalie’s story about why she voted for Alec instead of Keith. He understands how it could have happened and tells her not to worry. Baylor is amused that the others are not detecting Natalie’s lie. She comments, “If they were smart they would know that Natalie knew exactly what she was doing.” Jon regrets that Keith was not voted out tonight, since he is good at immunity challenges. He comments, “That potentially could screw up a lot of plans.”

The next morning, Natalie talks to Keith while they are checking the fish net. She tells Keith that she saved him last night by voting for Alec instead of him. Natalie recommends that he join her alliance with Missy and Baylor. Keith is pleased that someone finally wants to work with him to control the game. Natalie hopes that she can trust Keith. She admits, “He will be a perfect person to use in a plan against Jon.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams. The players from each team will be attached to each other with ropes attached to belts around their waists. They will begin by racing through a tunnel of hay. They will then make their way over and under a series of hitching posts. The next step is to grab a bucket, fill it with water and make their way over a giant teeter-totter. They will then pour the water from their bucket into a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is full, it will lower a gate. The team will then race through the gate to solve a plank puzzle. The first team to get it right will win a Survivor Spa reward complete with shower, massage and food. The Huyopa tribe draws for teams. The resulting blue team consists of Keith, Missy and Jon. The resulting yellow team consists of Jaclyn, Baylor and Natalie. The challenge begins and both teams race to get through the first obstacle, which is the tunnel of hay. Natalie, Baylor and Jaclyn on the yellow team get though it first. The next obstacle is the series of hitching posts that they have to go over and under. The yellow team maintains their lead through this obstacle and gets to their bucket first. They fill their bucket with water and take it on the teeter-totter. Jaclyn takes a hard fall on the teeter-totter, but quickly gets up and heads to the larger bucket with her teammates Baylor and Natalie. Meanwhile, Jon, Keith and Missy are rushing to catch up. As they head over the teeter-totter, Missy twists her ankle. She is in a lot of pain, so Keith and Jon help her to get to the larger bucket, so they can dump their water. Missy goes back through the obstacles as quickly as she can while tolerating her hurt ankle as best as she could, so they can fill up their bucket again. The yellow team retrieves their second bucket of water. Jaclyn takes another fall on the teeter-totter, but recovers nicely. Natalie pours the second bucket into the larger bucket and is happy that it is enough water to open the gate. So, the yellow team of Natalie, Baylor and Jaclyn start working on their puzzle. Missy is slowing the blue team down, but she is not giving up. It takes them three buckets of water to open their gate, so they get a late start on their puzzle. Natalie, Baylor and Jaclyn had a head start on their puzzle, but they are having difficulty figuring out how to solve it. This helps the blue team of Missy, Jon and Keith catch up, since they work together well on puzzles. In the end, Missy, Keith and Jon solve their puzzle first and win the Survivor Spa reward. Missy immediately sits down on the puzzle table to take the pressure off her ankle. She assures Jeff that she is okay. Jaclyn is annoyed that Jon is so happy about winning. Jon responds by giving his spa reward to Baylor, so she can enjoy it with her mom Missy. Keith, Missy and Baylor choose Natalie to go to Exile Island, since she volunteers to go. Missy, Baylor and Keith head out to their reward. As they do, Missy jumps on Baylor’s back, so she does not have to walk on her hurt ankle. Jon and Jaclyn go back to camp to enjoy some alone time. Jon hopes that Baylor appreciates him giving up his reward for her. He admits, “It just opened up a window for me to do a good deed for one of my alliance members just to solidify our alliance a little bit more.” Jon also hopes that he may have scored some points with those that end up on the jury.

Keith, Missy and Baylor arrive at the Survivor Spa Reward and are greeted by three ladies who hand them refreshing fruity drinks. They immediately sit down on a big couch and enjoy their drinks. Baylor is so happy that Jon gave up his reward for her. Missy asks Keith to take a look at her ankle. Keith is concerned at how much she can’t bend her foot. He feels the injury is serious. Missy admits, “I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to crawl if I have to, but I’m going to finish.” Next, Missy, Baylor and Keith dig into the delicious food in front of them. Keith wanted to go on the reward more for the food than the spa. After eating his fill, Keith jumps in the shower and then has his first massage. He makes a lot of comments as the masseuse works on his body. Baylor admits, “Keith at a spa was pretty dang funny and I hadn’t seen that side of Keith before.” Even though Keith doesn’t want the guys back at the fire station to know that he got a massage, he reveals, “I’ve been rejuvenated and I’ve got four, five, six days left. I can take this on no problem now.”

Meanwhile, back at the Huyopa camp, Jon and Jaclyn are enjoying having the camp all to themselves. Jaclyn tells Jon that he made a smart decision when he gave up his reward to Baylor. Jon admits, “It’s nice to just be the two of us.” Jaclyn assures Jon that she told Natalie yesterday to vote for Keith and not Alec. Jon is disappointed that Natalie voted for the wrong person at Tribal Council, which resulted in Keith staying in the game. He comments, “You can’t have that happen, especially when you’re playing for a million dollars.” Jaclyn wonders if Natalie voted for Alec on purpose. Jon assures her that Natalie would not betray them. Jaclyn hopes that Keith does not win another immunity challenge. She explains, “Then we’ll have to break up the five sooner than we thought.”

It’s now the next evening and Natalie is lying by the fire trying to sleep on Exile Island. She feels very alone. The next morning, Natalie prepares her breakfast of snails and is really missing her sister Nadiya. She has never been separated from her this long without being able to talk to her. Natalie cries and comments, “I’ve been kind of doing this without her, but I’m just trying to make it into something where I can use it as motivation, instead of just bringing me down.” She vows to make these last four days in the game worth it.

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Missy is supported by Keith and Baylor and is using a makeshift crutch to help her walk and stand. The tribe welcomes Natalie back from Exile Island. Baylor gives Natalie a bowl of rice to eat before the challenge begins. Natalie starts to cry. She tells everyone that Exile was very hard. Natalie explains, “I cried probably fifty percent of the day and it was just exhausting.” Jeff asks Missy about her ankle. She cries and says, “Unfortunately it’s getting worse, but I’m not going to quit.” Jeff calls the medical team in to look at Missy’s ankle before the challenge begins, since he is not sure she should participate in the challenge. A doctor comes in and examines Missy’s foot. He suspects that it is a bad sprain or a fracture, but the only way to know for sure is to pull Missy from the game and to give her an x-ray. Missy and Baylor both start crying with this news. Dr. Ben recommends that they immobilize the limb, by putting it in a splint to avoid further damage to the ankle. Since it is not a life threatening injury, the doctor does not feel it is necessary to take Missy out of the game. Missy is relieved and confirms that she wants to stay in the game and will deal with the pain to avoid quitting. She decides to sit out of the challenge and allow Dr. Ben to immobilize her ankle. Baylor says, “We’re going to keep fighting and I’ll carry her to the finish line if I have to.” Jeff then explains the Immunity Challenge. They will each hold onto two handles with their hands, while their feet are balancing on a teeter-totter. Attached to the teeter-totter is a vase. The longer the challenge goes, the more difficult it will be to balance the vase. When their vase drops, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning Survivor. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and be the sixth person to join the jury. The challenge begins and they all work hard to keep their vase steady by using their hands and feet to balance it. Jaclyn is the first person out as her vase wobbles too much and falls to the ground. Baylor is the second one out of the challenge. A big gust of wind then comes up and Keith, Natalie and Jon do a great job of keeping their vases from falling. A little while later, another gust of wind appears and proves to be too much for Keith. His vase falls and Keith joins Missy, Jaclyn and Baylor on the bench. So now only Natalie and Jon remain in the challenge. The next gust of wind takes out Jon. So Natalie wins immunity. She runs over and gives Jeff a hug and proudly receives the immunity necklace. Jon reveals, “The plan is what we tried to do last Tribal and get Keith out.”

Jon is frustrated that he did not win the Immunity challenge. He comments, “God’s got a plan and I’ve got to accept it. However things fall, it’s going to be best for me.” Natalie asks Jon if they should keep an eye on Keith in case he tries to retaliate; when he figures out he is the one being voted out tonight. Jon assures Natalie that Keith already knows he on the chopping block and will be fine. Natalie knows that Jon and Jaclyn are expecting to vote out Keith tonight and she wants to make them think that she will too. She reveals, “My ultimate plan is to split the votes and blindside Jon tonight.” Natalie will split the votes between Jon and Jaclyn, just in case Jon plays his hidden immunity idol. She tells Keith her plan and encourages him to act as if he is getting voted out tonight, so Jon and Jaclyn will feel safe. Keith comments, “I think I can trust this bunch. You know, if I can’t, I’m a goner.” Jon and Jaclyn take a walk and discuss the vote. Jaclyn is worried that her tribe might blindside Jon tonight. Jon reassures her that Keith is the one going home tonight. Jaclyn admits, “Jon is super big on visually the win and it’s always worked out for him. So hopefully it does this time too.” Natalie talks to Baylor next. Baylor agrees to split the vote three ways between Jon, Jaclyn and Keith. Jon and Jaclyn will be the two voting for Keith. Keith, Natalie, Missy and Baylor will split their votes between Jon and Jaclyn. Baylor hopes that her mom will agree to the plan. Next, Baylor tells Missy that she and Natalie want to vote Jon out tonight. Missy refuses to do so, since she promised Jon that she would never vote for him. Baylor comments, “My mom’s like three marriages, three divorces. She is putting the men first before herself. That’s her downside, I think.” Natalie joins their conversation and explains to Missy that Jon cannot be trusted. Missy again refuses to vote for Jon, even though she realizes that he is a threat. Missy explains, “It’s important for me to feel like I’ve played this game truthfully.”

Keith begins Tribal Council by admitting that Jon, Jaclyn, Missy, Baylor and Natalie appear to be an indestructible alliance, but he reminds them that he is a vote they can use to make a big vote. Jon assures Keith that he is trustworthy, but he doesn’t want to let his alliance down after they have come this far together. Jaclyn agrees with Jon and feels confident that they are not going anywhere tonight. Natalie is happy to have the immunity necklace on tonight, since she is the only one without a loved one in their alliance of five. Jon admits that he thinks about what he would say at the final Tribal Council a lot. He is proud of the alliance that he helped build and how much they trust each other. Missy states that she is loyal to a fault. In addition, she doesn’t feel very comfortable going against her alliance, since she has an injured foot. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. None are played. Jeff reveals all six votes. Keith, Jon and Jaclyn all get two votes. This three-way tie forces a re-vote where neither Keith, Jon nor Jaclyn can vote. Baylor, Missy and Natalie can then only vote for one of those three. Jeff reveals the first two resulting votes. Jon gets two votes, which is enough to get him out of the game. So, Jon Misch, the 26-old financial assistant from Waterford, MI is the twelfth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the sixth member of the jury.