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Season 29: Episode 13 - This is My Time
Posted on Dec 18, 2014 12:00am

It is night 35 and the remaining five Huyopa tribe members return to camp, after just voting out Jon at Tribal Council. Jaclyn is upset that her alliance voted out her boyfriend Jon. She admits, “We really trusted Missy, Natalie and Baylor and we got screwed.” Missy, Baylor and Natalie try to explain to Jaclyn why they voted Jon out, but things just get heated. Natalie feels Jon was not loyal in the game. Jaclyn yells at Natalie for judging Jon without really knowing him like she does. Natalie hopes that Missy and Baylor will trust Jaclyn less now that they have seen her blow up at camp. She hopes that Missy and Baylor will stay loyal to her and take her to the end, even is she doesn’t win immunity. Natalie admits, “You’ve got to put in work, if you want to win this.”

The next morning Baylor talks to her mom Missy about how cool it is that they made it to the final five and could possibly make it to the final three together. Missy reminds Baylor that the goal is for one of them to win. Baylor reveals, “Right now, we’re thinking Natalie, my mom and I for final three.” Missy assures Baylor that she would love to go to the end with her, so they would have two shots at the million-dollar prize. She is just worried about herself not being able to participate in challenges because of her injured foot. Missy hopes that Baylor and Natalie will be able to win the remaining Immunity challenges. She admits, “The last thing we want is for Keith or Jaclyn to win from here on out.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will be attached to a rope. The first thing they will do is race to unspool the rope. When they think they have enough rope, they will head out to assemble a bridge by putting wooden poles in various slots along the bridge. Once their bridge is complete, they will then use sandbags to knock down a series of blocks. The first person to finish wins reward. The reward is an advantage to the next Immunity challenge. Missy sits out of the challenge, because she would not be able to maneuver through the course with her injured foot. The challenge begins and Natalie, Baylor, Keith and Jaclyn race to unspool their ropes from a wooden structure. They try to gather up the rope as quickly as possible, since it will be attached to them for the entire challenge. Jeff reminds them that they have to carefully manage the rope and not let it get knotted up. Keith starts to work on his bridge first. Natalie is right behind him. Baylor is the next one to start on her bridge, while Jaclyn is struggling with her knotted up rope. Natalie and Keith are side by side as they build their bridges. They each gather as many poles as they can carry and then use them to build their bridge. Next, they head back to the start to gather more poles. Baylor is in third place but struggling to control her rope. Jaclyn is now building her bridge, but she takes a big fall as she is trying to place her poles on the bridge. Keith is the next one to fall on his bridge, but he is still in the lead. Natalie falls as she is going back for her last three pieces. Keith completes his bridge first and moves on to throwing the sandbags to knock down his blocks. By the time Natalie completes her bridge and starts throwing sandbags, Keith has knocked down half of his. Meanwhile, Baylor and Jaclyn are only half done with their bridges. In the end, Keith wins the challenge and the reward. Jeff gives Keith an envelope that he is to read in private back as his camp. Keith chooses to send Jaclyn to Exile Island. Natalie comments, “Getting beat by a 55 year old man is not easy.” She hopes to beat Keith in the next Immunity challenge, even though he won the advantage.

Jaclyn arrives on Exile Island and immediately checks the urn for a new clue to the hidden immunity idol. She is disappointed when she sees that it is the same clue that Jon and Natalie got when they were last on Exile. Jaclyn admits, “At this point in the game, the next Tribal is basically me or Keith.” She starts crying when she can’t start a fire with the flint. Jaclyn knows that she can survive on Exile, since she has dealt with more difficult things in her life like her diagnosis with MRKH. She reveals, “I feel like I’m fighting for me and Jon now for money to have kids in the future.”

Keith, Missy, Baylor and Natalie arrive back at the Huyopa camp after the Reward challenge. Baylor is disappointed that Keith won the Reward challenge. She comments, “It’s frustrating because he is the biggest challenge threat.” Keith heads out of camp to read his advantage in private. Meanwhile, Missy, Baylor and Natalie agree to vote Keith out next, if he does not win the next Immunity challenge. Keith reads his advantage note and learns that a challenge table is near his camp that he can use to practice for as long as he wants until he stops. He finds the challenge table and sees that it includes directions on how to practice. It tells him that he will use a series of metals spoons to transfer balls through a series of obstacles. Keith immediately starts using the table and practicing for the next Immunity challenge. He reveals, “I’m going to stay here and practice, because I need that necklace tomorrow.” Keith finds the challenge very difficult and keeps dropping the balls. He is so glad that he won this advantage today.

The next morning, Baylor tells Natalie that both her and her mom want to go to the final three with her. Natalie has a hidden immunity idol, so she knows that she is safe tonight, even if she doesn’t win the Immunity challenge. She knows that Missy and Baylor expect to be with her in the final three, but Natalie knows that she could also choose to go with Keith and Jaclyn instead. Natalie admits, “I know that I’m safe to the next round. So it is a big decision on who goes home tonight.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jaclyn returns from Exile Island. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will use two very small paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. If at any point, the ball drops, they will have to go back to the start. The first person to transfer three balls wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final four. They are then one step away from final Tribal Council. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council and will become the seventh member of the jury. Missy decides to participate in this challenge. The challenge begins and everyone starts dropping their balls as they try and get the feel of the paddles, including Keith. Eventually the practice that Keith had with his advantage pays off. He is the first one to get a ball to the other side. Missy and Baylor start to get the feel of it and get their first ball to the halfway point before it falls. Jaclyn has trouble just getting the ball past the first obstacle. Meanwhile, Keith gets his second ball to the end. Natalie, Baylor, Missy and Jaclyn start rushing to try and catch Keith, but this only makes them lose control of their balls even more. In the end, Keith gets his third ball to the end and wins the Immunity challenge, before anyone else even lands their first ball. Keith is guaranteed a spot in the final four as he wins his third Immunity challenge.

The Huyopa tribe returns to camp and congratulate Keith for his win. Keith admits, “Tonight probably won’t be too hard. I mean Jaclyn knows she’s going right up there to the jury.” Later, Natalie and Jaclyn take a walk to the water. Jaclyn tells Natalie that she will vote for Missy or Baylor, so she can stay one more day in the game. She also promises not to vote out Natalie at the next Tribal Council. Jaclyn comments, “I know that I’m going home and it sucks, but I’m like, ‘No, I’m not going to lay down.’” Jaclyn recommends that they vote out Missy. Natalie tells Jaclyn that she does trust Missy and Baylor, but she is worried about the fact that they are blood relations. Natalie then takes a walk with Baylor. Baylor assures her that she and Missy are not voting for her tonight. She then recommends that Natalie play her idol for her mom Missy tonight instead of herself. Baylor feels that Natalie is safe tonight, so the idol would protect her mom if Jaclyn votes for her. Natalie feels that making big moves helps to win the game. She wonders whether it is better for her to play it safe and vote out Jaclyn or take a risk and make a big move by voting out Missy or Baylor. Natalie comments, “People always are scared of people who make big moves. So, if I did something big tonight, then tomorrow I could be the one going home.”

Jaclyn feels there are pros and cons to having Jon out of the game. She doesn’t have to worry about him in the game anymore, but now she has no one that she can trust in the game. Keith admits that things were volatile back at camp after the last Tribal Council. He was just happy that he never heard his name when the ladies were having their “cat fight.” Jeff points out that this is the last Tribal Council where someone can play a hidden immunity idol. Missy is not worried about any surprises tonight, since she knows who has the idol. Jaclyn and Keith both say they don’t know who has an idol. Jaclyn thinks it must be Missy, Baylor or Natalie. Missy knows that it is a little dangerous being the only loved one couple still in the game, but she feels confident in her strong alliance. Natalie realizes that everyone expects her to vote with Missy and Baylor tonight, but other options came up when Jaclyn talked to her and Keith won immunity. Jaclyn confirms that she talked to Natalie, since she is sure that she is the next one to get voted out. Missy once again states that she is confident in her alliance. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if there is an immunity idol to be played. Natalie plays her idol for Jaclyn after confirming that Jaclyn voted as she requested. Jeff reveals all five votes. Jaclyn gets three votes that do not count. Baylor gets two votes. So, Baylor Wilson, the 20 year-old college student from Nashville, TN is the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the seventh member of the jury.

Natalie, Missy, Keith and Jaclyn arrive back at camp on night 37 after Tribal Council. Natalie comments, “Trusting two family members in a situation where I could be the outsider, just seemed like a really dangerous thing. So, Baylor went home.” She now plans on getting to the final three without relying on Missy and Baylor to stay loyal to her. Natalie reveals, “Missy’s case in final three is so much stronger sitting next to Baylor than sitting without Baylor.” Natalie immediately checks in with Missy. Missy tells Natalie that she is not mad at her for voting out Baylor and understands why she did it. Missy comments, “It’s a game and I’m okay with it, because I don’t have to write my child’s name down on a voting ballot.” She actually feels like it is a relief to be in the game without Baylor. Natalie assures Missy that voting out Baylor was the only thing that she have ever kept from her. Missy worries, “I guess the fate of my game is in these other people’s hands, because I can’t compete.” Jaclyn thanks Natalie for keeping her around. Natalie stresses that one of them has to win immunity tomorrow, so Keith does not win. Natalie reveals to Jaclyn that she wants to go to the final three with her and Missy and not Keith. Jaclyn comments, “Keith is the number one threat right now. So, the goal is to not let Keith win, so we can vote him out next.”

The Huyopa tribe arrives at the final Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will race down a down tower via a fireman’s pole and slide. They will them maneuver through a series of obstacles collecting bags of puzzle pieces along the way. Once they have their first three bags of puzzle pieces, they will race up the tower via a stairway and drop off their bags at the top. Then they will race back down to get the remaining two bags. They will then head back to the top of the tower and use all their puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle, but there’s a twist. When their puzzle is complete, three pieces will be missing. The shapes of those missing pieces will reveal the three numbers needed to solve a combination lock. The first person to get it right and raise their flag will win immunity and guarantee themselves a spot in the final three and the chance to plead their case for being the sole survivor at the final Tribal Council. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the eighth and final member of the jury. Missy chooses to sit out this challenge. The challenge begins and Natalie, Keith and Jaclyn make their way down the tower via a fireman’s pole, rope and a slide. The three of them choose different stations to retrieve their first bag of puzzle pieces. Natalie is the first one to retrieve the first bag of puzzle pieces. Keith and Jaclyn are close behind her. Keith then takes the lead and gets his second bag first. Jaclyn is now falling behind. Keith gets his third bag and heads up the 57 steps to the top of the tower where he will drop off his three bags of puzzle pieces. Natalie gets her third bag and passes Keith on the stairs. Meanwhile, Jaclyn is still working on getting her third bag. Natalie and Keith are now side by side as they go back down for their final two bags. Jaclyn now has her third bag and is on the way up the tower. As Jaclyn heads back down, she falls off the fireman’s pole, but gets right back up. Natalie is the first one to collect her final two bags and she sprints up the stairs to start her puzzle. Keith is the next one to the top. Jaclyn finally gets her two bags and makes it to the top. She is exhausted and has a hard time just opening her bags. The puzzle they need to solve is the logo for this season of Survivor. Natalie had a head start in the puzzle, but both Keith and Jaclyn are now catching up to her. Jaclyn proves to be very good at solving this puzzle and is the first one to finish. The three missing pieces are in the shape of a diamond, a star and a square standing on its point. Jaclyn starts down the fire pole to retrieve her combination numbers and once again takes a big fall. She takes a while to get up, so Jeff confirms with her that she is okay. Jaclyn continues down the tower to retrieve the numbers. Natalie finishes her puzzle and heads down the tower to get her numbers. Jaclyn is the first one back up the tower. She puts in her three numbers in the combination lock and successfully raises her flag. So Jaclyn wins her first immunity challenge and ensures herself a spot at the final Tribal Council. Keith comments, “Natalie saved Jaclyn at the last Tribal, so I see no reason why Jaclyn should get rid of Natalie. That means trouble for me.”

Jaclyn is so proud to have won the final immunity challenge and can’t wait for Jon to see her with the immunity necklace tonight at Tribal Council. She comments, “Tonight I have a huge decision, who to take to the final three.” Jaclyn wants to think out all her options before making this decision, just like she did when Jon was still in the game. Keith approaches her first. He feels that she would have a better chance winning, if she took him and Natalie to the final Tribal Council. Keith reminds her that Missy could get the sympathy vote for her foot and will certainly get Baylor’s vote. He admits, “I’m far from a million right now. I’ve got to get in the final three.” Next Jaclyn assures Natalie that she is going to the end. Natalie comments, “I want Keith gone and I hope she doesn’t let this power trip go to her head.” She tries to make Jaclyn feel like it’s all her decision, but she does mention that Keith is more dangerous to take to the end. Jaclyn then talks to Missy. She asks Missy if she would vote for Natalie. Jaclyn feels that Natalie has the strongest game play of the four remaining players, especially since she got out their loved ones - Jon and Baylor. Missy is not against voting for Natalie and recommends to Jaclyn that she listen to her gut. Jaclyn feels like Jon would have taken out Natalie tonight, if he were still in the game.

Jaclyn feels good about having immunity tonight, but she finds it tough deciding who should be the one voted out. She admits that she talked to everyone in the tribe about different scenarios. Natalie hopes that Jaclyn remembers the fact that she saved her at the last Tribal Council by playing her hidden immunity idol for Jaclyn. Jaclyn is worried that Natalie might beat her in the end and she is not happy that Natalie voted out her boyfriend Jon. Keith is pretty sure that it is either he or Missy getting voted out tonight. Jeff asks Missy why Natalie is not being talked about as a possible vote out. Missy is not so sure that Natalie is safe tonight. Natalie reminds everyone that Keith is dangerous because he is a fireman and well liked. Keith appreciates the compliment, but points out that Natalie has played the game well and is popular with the jury, so she is likely to get a lot of votes in the end. Natalie is proud of her game and does feel like she has a chance at winning. She admits that she played the game so hard for her and her sister Nadiya. Jeff then calls for the vote. Jeff reveals all four votes. Missy gets one vote. Keith gets three votes. So, Keith Nale, the 53 year-old fire captain from Shreveport, LA is the fourteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR and the eighth and final member of the jury. Jeff congratulates Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie for making it to the final three.

Natalie, Missy and Jaclyn wake up on day 39, so happy to still be in the game on the very last day. Missy comments, “When we started, there was 10 men and 8 women. For now 3 women to be sitting in the final is pretty cool.” The men on the jury do not intimidate her, since 3 marriages have made her comfortable speaking with men. Missy plans on making a strong presentation to the jury tonight on why she should win the million dollars. She admits, “No matter how it ends, you have the power to be positive about it or dive your head in the sand and become a failure and that is not who I am.” Jaclyn and Natalie are thrilled to find a basket of food at tree mail, which includes eggs, bread, cheese and champagne. Natalie feels she has learned a lot about herself in this game. She is proud of having gotten so far without the support of her twin sister Nadiya. The three ladies open the champagne and start enjoying their breakfast. Natalie plans on thinking carefully what she wants to say to the jury tonight. She comments, “I’ve got to do the jury’s job for them. I’ve got to make them see why they need to pick me and why I deserve to be the sole Survivor.” Jaclyn looks forward to seeing Jon again and reminding him that she made it to day 39 and he didn’t. She feels she was underestimated in the game. It is so important to Jaclyn to have a family with Jon and she needs the money to do so, since she cannot conceive children with MRKH. She reveals, “The title of sole Survivor means more to me than the money, because the title would even further inspire all the girls with MRKH.” Survivor has helped Jaclyn realize how strong she really is. Natalie, Missy and Jaclyn pick up their torches and head out for the final Tribal Council.

At the final Tribal Council, Natalie, Missy and Jaclyn give their opening statements to the jury. Missy admits that winning the million-dollar prize would change her life. She stresses that loyalty was important to her all throughout the game. Therefore if someone didn’t trust her, then she had to vote them out. Missy reveals that voting Jon out was the biggest and hardest decision she had to make in the game. Her toughest day in the game was day 33, when she broke her foot during a challenge. She points out that even though she was injured, she still finished and won that challenge with her team. Missy is proud that she stayed in the game with her foot injury. She finishes by saying, “I played this game consistently with integrity, dignity and mainly loyalty and I think that’s why I deserve to be this season’s sole Survivor. Jaclyn feels she deserves to be the sole Survivor because she made it through many difficulties in this game, just like in her real life. She started out in the game on the chopping block in her tribe and was able to survive to the tribe swap. After the tribe swap Jaclyn points out that she aligned with good people including her loved one. She reminds everyone that she was often the swing vote. One big move she made was to switch from the Josh and Reed alliance to the Missy and Baylor alliance, which Jaclyn feels made it possible for Missy and Natalie to make it to the final three. She continued in the game even after Jon was voted out. Jaclyn compares her life to Survivor. In her life, she struggled with her MRKH diagnosis at age 15. Jaclyn says, “I was down and alone feeling really terrible about who I was and then I just gained this strength throughout my life to turn a negative into a positive and just triumph from it. I feel like I did that in this game too.” Natalie explains how she feels she outwitted, outplayed and outlasted better than Missy and Jaclyn. She outwitted by making smart, risky and scary moves all by herself. Natalie feels she outplayed everyone by doing well in challenges, working hard around camp and volunteering to go to Exile Island twice. She is proud to have outlasted the others and made it to day 39, especially since her sister Nadiya was voted out on day 3. Natalie says, “I feel honestly that last night the right decision and the right person to go home should have been me, not Keith, if they made the right decision.” The jury then addresses Natalie, Missy and Jaclyn, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Jon is up first. He asks his girlfriend Jaclyn to identify a big decision that she made by herself in the game that influenced the final three. Jaclyn feels voting out Josh was a big move, since we would likely not have made it to the final three, if she didn’t get Josh out first after the merge. Keith is upset with all the lying that people did in the game. Natalie admits that she lied to him the night he got voted out, but it was either going to be him or her. She played the game and got him out because he was a threat. Alec asks Natalie what her biggest move in the game was. She tells him that it was when she voted him out, because he would have blocked her next moves of voting out Jon and Baylor. Alec then asks Missy how her game play could be described as motherly. She responds that she got close to people, by acting like their mother and then could influence them to vote out the people she could not trust. Baylor congratulates the final three and is happy that they are all women. She then reminds her mom about all the tough things they have gone through together. Baylor starts crying as she tells Missy how proud she is of her for making it to the end even with her foot injury. Josh asks Jaclyn if she made it to the final three by her own merit or by following stronger players than herself. Jaclyn tells everyone how the moves that she and Jon made were a result of both of them giving their input. She then admits again to Josh that voting him out was solely her idea. Wes asks all of them what it was like to play with their loved one. Missy responds, “It was like a dream come true.” She enjoyed working with Wes’ dad Keith as well. Jaclyn feels playing with Jon was a great experience and they learned more about communicating. Natalie admits that this has been the longest that she has been away from her sister Nadiya and she is happy that she did so well on her own. She reveals, “I’ve done this whole thing not thinking about the prize, but mostly thinking about making Nadiya proud.” Jeremy has no questions for the final 3. He feels that Natalie played the best game and encourages everyone to give her the prize. Reed addresses Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie next. He compliments Natalie on her awesome game play. Reed admits that he really enjoyed getting to know Jaclyn and hopes that he and Josh will hang out with she and Jon in the future. Reed then compares Missy to a wicked stepmother because she mistreated the people outside of her alliance. He also points out that she gave preferential treatment to Baylor and took rewards and privileges that she did not earn. Reed is just glad that the outcasts are the ones who determine the winner in Survivor. The eight jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with five out of the eight votes cast for her, Natalie wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR.