Season 30: Episode 1 - It's Survivor Warfare
Posted on Feb 26, 2015 12:00am

Jeff Probst, the host reveals that SURVIVOR is once again breaking the mold after 15 years and 29 seasons on television. Eighteen Americans have been divided into three tribes based on their occupation and approach to life. Three trucks are traveling along a dirt road bringing the three tribes to the start of the game. The White-Collar tribe is made up of a Shirin Oskool, a 31-year old Yahoo executive from San Francisco, CA and Max Dawson, a 37-year-old media consultant and former professor from Topanga, CA. In addition, the White Collar Tribe includes: So Kim, a 31-year-old retail buyer from New York, NY; Tyler Fredrickson, a 33-year-old ex-talent agent assistant from Los Angeles, CA; Joaquin Souberbielle, a 27-year-old marketing director from Valley Stream, NY; and Carolyn Rivera, a 52-year-old corporate executive from Tampa, FL. They are all used to calling the shots. So admits, “I’ve made pretty much every person that’s ever worked for me cry at one point.” Max says, “As a college professor I taught a class on SURVIVOR.” He is used to getting what he wants, even if he has to step on other people along the way. The Blue Collar Tribe is made up of Kelly Remington, a 44-year-old state trooper from Grand Island, NY, Sierra Dawn Thomas, a 27-year-old barrel racer from Roy, UT, Rodney Lavoie Jr, a 24-year old contractor from Boston, MA and Lindsey Cascaddan, a 24-year-old hairdresser and single mom from College Park, FL. They are used to hard work and physical labor. Mike Holloway, a 38-year-old Oil Driller from North Richland Hills, TX reveals, “If you’re not getting your hands dirty, you ain’t going to win and my hands are going to be filthy.” Dan Foley, a 47-year-old Postal Worker from Gorham, ME admits “I am here to live my dream.” The No Collar Tribe includes Joe Anglim, a 25-year-old jewelry designer from Scottsdale, AZ, Will Sims II, a 41-year old YouTube sensation from Sherman Oaks, CA, Hali Ford, a 25-year-old law student from San Francisco, CA and Nina Poersch, a 51-year-old hearing advocate from Palmdale, CA. They use their free spirit mentality to further themselves in life. Jenn Brown, a 22-year-old sailing instructor from Long Beach, CA admits, “I do what I want to do, when I want to do it.” Vince Sly, a 32-year-old coconut vendor from Santa Monica, CA reveals, “I’m guided by my own decisions. There’s just no rules for me.” This season we will find out which way of life will prove to be most valuable to succeed in the game of SURVIVOR. The three trucks carrying the three tribes arrive at the beach where Jeff Probst welcomes them all to SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART. He explains that they have been divided into three groups based on their profession and approach to life. Dan from the Blue Collar Tribe feels that blue collar people are hard working and proud. Vince from the No Collar Tribe is happy to be on his tribe surrounded by happy and free living people. Carolyn from the White Collar tribe comments, “We work just as hard and we have just as much free spirit as anyone else here.” Jeff points out that it is not a good idea to judge a book simply by its cover. He then asks each tribe to pick one person to represent their tribe. The White Collar tribe picks Joaquin. The Blue Collar tribe picks Dan. The No Collar tribe picks Will, because he promises to make them all sandwiches. Everyone is confused as to how he can make good on his promise, but Will feels he can make it happen. Jeff then asks Joaquin, Dan and Will to pick someone else from their tribe to help them make a big decision for their tribe. Joaquin picks his tribe mate So. Dan picks Mike and Will picks Jenn. Jeff gives each tribe a map to their beach and tells them their tribe names. The White Collar tribe’s name is Masaya. The Blue Collar tribe’s name is Escameca. The No Collar tribe’s name is Nagarote. The tribes head to their camps. When settled, the chosen pairs will separate and make a decision for their tribe. Carolyn feels the tension from the other two tribes towards her White Collar tribe. She comments, “To me class has nothing to do with it. It’s SURVIVOR warfare.”

The No Collar tribe arrives at their beach and everyone makes their introductions. Nina explains to her tribe that she is completely deaf and uses cochlear implants to hear. She admits, “I know that I’m going to be at a disadvantage, but the most I can do is go into it 110% and give it everything I got.” Nina’s tribe mates assure her that they are on her side. Will and Jenn now need to go off to make a decision for their tribe. Jenn recommends they all talk it over and make recommendations based on what it might be. The No Collar tribe then prioritizes what items they might like such as a tarp, food, shelter or an advantage in the game. Will and Jenn then head off to see what decision they will have to make. They approach some crates, which have two options labeled Honest and Deceive. If they choose the Deceive option they will receive a small bag of beans to take back to their tribe and they will be given a clue to a hidden immunity idol that is only for the two of them. The Honest option gives them a bigger bag of beans for their tribe, which ideally gains them more food and trust with their tribe. Jenn and Will agree to the Honest option. Jenn explains, “We’re not in the individual game. We’re doing the best for us as a crew.”

Dan and Mike debate on whether to take the Honest or Deceive option for the Blue Collar tribe. Dan says, “My heart says I want to be a good guy, but villains win this game.” Mike and Dan talk it over and finally agree that it is too early to be deceitful. So they choose to be honest and take the large bag of beans for the tribe. Dan and Mike go back to camp and proudly explain to the rest of their tribe what they did. Lindsey thanks them for bringing their tribe more food. Sierra has her doubts though, since she expects them to have a bigger bag of beans. She comments, “I don’t believe that’s a full bag of beans. I think they chose the other one.” Later, Sierra shares her doubts about Dan and Mike with Lindsey. Dan and Mike hope their tribe believes that they did the right thing.

Over at the White Collar tribe, everyone introduces themselves in a very business-like manner giving their name and occupation. Carolyn comments, “They all knew what to do. It was like clockwork.” Next, So and Joaquin head out to see what decision they will have to make for their tribe. Joaquin immediately chooses the Deceive option. He explains, “Are you here to make friends or are you here to win a million dollars?” So goes along with Joaquin and points out that this means they are now in an alliance together. Joaquin agrees and they read the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which tell them that the idol in hidden in a nook near where they quench their thirst. So likes having an advantage in the game, but she hopes that she can truly trust Joaquin. She reveals, “I feel like I am making a deal with the devil.” On the way back to camp, So and Joaquin hide the clue and figure out what they are going to tell their tribe. The White Collar tribe quickly gathers around as So and Joaquin enter camp. So tells them that they had three options labeled Honest, Neutral and Deceive. She claims that they chose the Neutral option, since it did not include any caveats like the other two did. The tribe is happy to get some beans, but not everyone feels that So and Joaquin are telling them the whole story. Carolyn admits, “I’m thinking they have the clue to the hidden immunity idol, but I would do the same thing.” Later, Max and Shirin collect coconuts. Neither one of them believe Joaquin and So’s story. Shirin decides that it is time to create her alliance. She starts by talking to Carolyn and they agree to be allies. Next, she talks to Max about her uneasiness with Joaquin and So being close. Max agrees with her. Shirin comments, “That’s three of us in a tribe of six.”

Over at the Blue Collar tribe, Sierra and Lindsey are catching crabs. Meanwhile, Mike, Rodney, Kelly and Dan are collecting wood for the shelter and fire. A short while later, Mike, Rodney and Sierra are able to start a fire without flint. Dan comments, “We got a fire built within the first two hours. In one sentence … Blue Collar kicked ass.” Rodney has a lot of tattoos on his body, so he asks Lindsey about her tattoos. She explains the significance of them to him. Rodney shows Lindsey a tattoo on his arm dedicated to his sister, whom he found passed away at her home. Lindsey is moved by his story and tells Rodney that the tribe will be his family on SURVIVOR. Rodney reveals, “My strategy from day one is get the girls. Girls they want to sit back and let the man take the leader role.” He plans on making an alliance with the girls and taking them to the end with him. Mike sees a scorpion in camp and kills it. He removes it’s poisonous tail and eats it for protein. Not long afterwards, he vomits and feels miserable. Mike admits, “Maybe not the best decision to eat a scorpion on the first day of SURVIVOR, but I’m the type of person if I see an opportunity in front of me, I’m going to go grab it.”

The No Collar tribe gathers together to enjoy their first coconut. They all raise their hands and chant over it. Jenn is so happy that everyone is getting along. Vince comments, “There’s something about Jenn that just seems real and that makes me comfortable.” Vince and Jenn leave camp together to get water. As they talk, they realize how much they have in common. Vince suggests that they form an alliance. Jenn feels a connection with Vince, but is worried that he is a little too intense. She comments, “Right now it’s worth it to have allies, to have people on your side. So smile and nod is my approach with Vince right now.” Later, the whole tribe works hard to gather materials and put together a shelter. Vince takes the lead in designing the structure and tells his plan to Joe. Joe agrees to follow Vince’s design, until he sees that it is will require more work then needed. Joe has construction experience, so he takes control and changes the shelter plan. He explains, “I’m not a big fan of someone telling me to do something that I know is wrong.” Vince is not happy that Joe has usurped his authority. Vince comments, “We are the No Collar tribe, we need to have collaboration. If we don’t have that, it’s going to be a problem.”

It’s now day 2 and the Blue Collar tribe is working on their shelter. Lindsey proposes that they use three posts to secure the shelter. Dan says, “That is the dumbest thing that you could do.” He feels that won’t be enough to support everyone’s weight, especially his own. Lindsey comments, “Dan definitely gets under my skin because he says things that are just over the top and dramatic. He’s the one person that doesn’t belong.” Sierra and Lindsey just want to build a shelter and not have Dan yell at them. Kelly can see that Dan is having trouble relating to his younger tribe mates. Dan can feel the tension mounting, so he decides to just stay quiet. This frustrates Sierra, Lindsey and Kelly because they need help to get things done. Dan feels he can win, so he decides to leave and go get firewood. He admits, “I am really in a bad position fast with this tribe.” After Dan exits the camp, Rodney jokes, “We need to get our Harry Potter grandfather out of here.” Later, Dan talks to Mike down at the beach. He expresses his concern at not being liked by the tribe. Mike assures Dan that he is his friend and reminds him how lucky they are to be playing SURVIVOR. Dan spirits are lifted and he says, “That man is a walking ray of sunshine. He is absolutely the glue holding us together right now.”

Over at the No Collar tribe, Joe works hard to try and start fire. Jenn is impressed with Joe’s effort and brings him coconut husks to help out. She reveals, “I like Joe a lot. I think his personality is great.” In the end, Joe is successful and receives a round of applause from his tribe. He reveals, “This game means the world to me and I have been such a huge fan my whole life.” Joe hopes making fire will score him some points with his No Collar tribe. Vince notices how much Jenn and Joe seem to be clicking and this bothers him, since he doesn’t trust Joe and he thought he had an alliance with Jenn. So, Vince takes a walk with Jenn and asks her if she is attracted to Joe. Jenn assures Vince that she is not. She comments, “I think Vince is jealous.” Jenn assures Vince that she is still working with him. Vince is not so sure. He gives Jenn a big long hug and tries to sense if he can really trust her. Jenn is bothered by Vince’s paranoia.

Meanwhile, the White Collar tribe discusses how to make their shelter more comfortable. Tyler knows that he and his White Collar tribe mates are used to running the show. He admits, “We’ve got to grab our lunch boxes and grind things out with a blue collar like work ethic.” While the rest of the tribe works on the shelter, Tyler and Joaquin try and start fire with bamboo. Joaquin gets discouraged and walks away. He reveals, “I’m going to start to look for that immunity idol.” Carolyn keeps an eye on So and Joaquin, because she suspects that they got a clue to a hidden immunity idol. She notices that So is looking around a tree near the water well. Carolyn knows from prior seasons that idols are often hidden in unique looking trees. When the others are gone, Carolyn starts searching in trees. Much to her delight, she finds a hidden immunity idol. Carolyn comments, “The magical part of this is everyone thinks that So and Joaquin have the clue and they’re all still looking. It is hilarious.”

Jeff Probst greets the contestants and introduces the first challenge. They will each need to race down a ramp and go through an obstacle where they will make their way to a large wooden crate, which contains a ladder. They will then choose to open the crate by using keys to unlock locks or they can untie knots. Both methods will release the ladder. Once they have the ladder free, they will use it to go up, across and down a tall platform and through another series of obstacles. They will then use the ladder to make their biggest decision in this challenge of which puzzle to solve. There are three choices. The first puzzle has only five pieces, but it requires a person to see the big picture. The second puzzle has ten pieces in it and requires a person to see things more visually. The third puzzle has the most pieces at fifty, but it is also the most straight forward. All of these puzzles average the same amount of time to finish. If the right person is put on the right puzzle, they will finish must faster than average. The first two tribes to finish their puzzle win immunity. Jeff uncovers the two immunity idols. He explains that if they win an immunity idol, then they are safe from the vote and will avoid going to Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the first person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART. In addition, they are playing for reward. The first tribe to finish wins a massive fire making kit. The second tribe to finish wins flint. All three tribes are close together as they get down the ramp and through the first obstacle. Lindsey, Joaquin and Vince all decide to try and open the crate using the keys. There are 20 keys to try and open just three locks. After having no success with the keys, So switches out with Joaquin for the White Collar tribe and starts untying the knots. Mike then switches out with Lindsey for the Blue Collar tribe and he too abandons the keys and starts untying the knots to open their crate. The No Collar tribe follows suit as Joe replaces Vince and starts working on their knots. So gets through the knots quickly, which puts the White Collar tribe in the lead, as they get to their ladder first and move onto the next obstacle. Joe gets through his knots next, so the No Collar tribe is in second. Mike struggles with the Blue Collar knots and puts his tribe in last place. White Collar maintains their lead as they get up, across and down the tall platform first. The No Collar tribe is still second, even though Nina falls a lot in the challenge. The Blue Collar tribe falls further behind as Mike is still working on the knots to free their ladder. The No Collar tribe takes the lead away from White Collar, as they get through the second obstacle first. They make the decision for Jenn to work on the ten piece puzzle. The White Collar tribe decides that Shirin should work on the fifty piece puzzle. The Blue Collar tribe has finally gotten their ladder out of the crate and is starting on the second obstacle. Jenn struggles with the puzzle and so Joe takes over for the No Collar tribe. He quickly starts placing the pieces. Shirin is working on the fifty piece puzzle for the White Collar tribe. She thinks she knows what the puzzle is, but the large number of pieces is slowing her down. The Blue Collar tribe has finally gotten through the obstacle course and chooses the ten piece puzzle with Sierra as the solver. Joe finishes the ten piece puzzle, so the No Collar tribe is the first to finish and win the challenge. Sierra starts placing pieces for the Blue Collar tribe. Shirin starts to panic, so Max replaces her as the puzzle solver for the White Collar tribe. Mike takes Sierra’s place as the puzzle solver for the Blue Collar tribe. Max starts making good progress for the White Collar tribe. In the end, Mike solves his puzzle before Max, so the Blue Collar tribe wins second place. The White Collar tribe loses the challenge and will go to Tribal Council tonight, where somebody will be voted out. The No Collar and Blue Collar tribes collect their fire making rewards. So is upset by the White Collar loss. She comments, “It was definitely Shirin and Carolyn, they were the weakest links on our team.”

The White Collar tribe returns to camp very tired and upset about losing the first challenge. Carolyn admits, “It’s going to be a girl tonight. We all know that because everyone is going to see the girls as weaker than the guys.” Max and So discuss the vote after the rest of the tribe heads to the water. Max recommends that they vote for Shirin based on her poor performance on the puzzle. So feels they should vote for Carolyn, since she didn’t volunteer to do anything in the challenge. So explains, “As a business person, I expect people to deliver and if you don’t deliver then it’s a problem.” Next, So talks to Joaquin and he agrees to vote for Carolyn tonight. Tyler sees why Carolyn is playing it safe in the game could allow her to fly under the radar and get to the end. Carolyn notices how So is talking to everyone except her. She suspects that So is plotting to get her out, since she is the oldest person on the tribe. Carolyn decides to ask So and Joaquin who they are voting for. Both assure her that they are not voting for her tonight. Carolyn is used to reading people and she doesn’t believe what So is telling her. Later, Tyler warns Carolyn that people are talking about voting her out tonight. Carolyn reveals to Tyler that she has the hidden immunity idol and she is planning on bringing it tonight to protect herself. Carolyn admits, “I want to go there feeling comfortable that it’s not me. So, I need to get So out.” Next, Carolyn meets with Shirin and Max and encourages them to vote for So. Max decides to talk things over with Tyler. They feel that So is stronger than Carolyn, but don’t like the fact that So probably lied to them about the beans and idol clue. In addition, Tyler knows that Carolyn has the idol, which is a dangerous thing. Tyler admits, “Tonight’s vote can go either way, but I absolutely believe that somebody is going to be shocked.”

Jeff Probst instructs White Collar tribe members to light their torch. The fire represents their life. When their torch is snuffed, so are they. Shirin feels that So and Joaquin lied about choosing a “neutral box” on day one and suspects they got a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Max points out that he would have probably made the same decision as So and Joaquin, but would have done a better job lying about it. So lets slip that four people in the tribe are tight. Carolyn is surprised to hear this and asks who are the four. Joaquin tells her that Tyler, Max, So and himself are aligned. Carolyn feels that she is vulnerable tonight. So confirms that they are voting Carolyn out tonight because she is the weakest. Carolyn reminds So that she lied when she told her that Shirin was going home tonight. So points out the Shirin and Carolyn contributed the least to the challenge today. Tyler credits So for initially putting their tribe in the lead at the challenge today. So admits that she and Joaquin lied about picking a neutral box in the beginning, but her effort at the challenge proves that she is a team player. So feels that Carolyn did not take any risks in today’s challenge. Carolyn disagrees and reminds everyone how much she has worked around camp and how athletic she is. Tyler realizes how important it is to vote out the right person tonight, so they have a better chance of winning the next immunity challenge. Jeff calls for the vote. Tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Carolyn receives 2 votes. So gets 4 votes. Therefore, So Kim, a 31-year-old retail buyer from New York, NY is the first person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART. Jeff gives the remaining tribe members fire in the form of a flint to take back to camp.