Season 30: Episode 2 - It Will Be My Revenge
Posted on Mar 5, 2015 12:00am

It’s the morning of day 4 and the Blue Collar tribe is enjoying a breakfast of crabs. Mike yells for Dan to join them before the food is gone. Dan returns to camp using his shirt as a make shift pair of shorts. He tells everyone that he lost his underwear when a big wave hit him while he was in the ocean “doing his business.” Lindsey points at Dan’s new underwear and can’t stop laughing. She comments, “Socially I think Dan’s game is downright dumb.” Lindsey suspects Dan may have purposely lost his underwear, so he could entertain the tribe. She can wait to vote Dan out.

Over at the White Collar camp, the tribe is celebrating because they finally made a fire. As the rest of the tribe enjoys the fire, Max heads out to take a swim. On his way out of camp, he takes off his shorts and walks to the ocean naked. Max comments, “As a fan, student and teacher of this game, I feel it’s only right to tip my cap to some of the greats who have come before me.” His tribe mates are shocked that Max is walking around naked. Tyler calls him “Hatch 2.0” for following in the footsteps of the Richard Hatch, who was the winner on the first season of SURVIVOR. Tyler comments, “He brings a little bit of levity, but I don’t know how much of it is a show and how much of it is trying to distract us from how smart and how well he knows this game.” Max floats by himself in the ocean. He realizes that being naked gives him a chance to be alone and think, since his tribe mates are uncomfortable being around him when he is in his birthday suit. Shirin appreciates how much Max loves SURVIVOR, since she does too. She admits, “He’s kind of a trendsetter. It’s actually super convenient to be naked a lot of the time.” Later, the guys in the White Collar tribe are surprised to see Shirin with only her bra on as she washes dishes by the shore. Tyler has a hard time looking at Shirin when she is naked. Joaquin explains, “Poor Tyler, you know Tyler’s married and he’s like, ‘Oh no, I can’t even look that way.’”

Meanwhile at the No Collar camp, the tribe is trying to get used to communicating with Nina who is hearing impaired. Hali likes and admires Nina, so she really makes an effort to get to know her. Hali admits, “Unfortunately, because she’s deaf, it’s really hard having a conversation with her.” She sometimes has to say things to Nina a couple times until she can’t hear them with all the background noise around. Jenn especially gets impatient with having to repeat things to Nina. Vince sees that Nina is really trying to have conversations with everyone. He comments, “A No Collar person is a kind, heart centered, compassionate human being, but there’s a lot of snarky remarks coming from the girls.” Later, Jenn and Hali head out to the ocean to go skinny dipping. Nina feels bad that she is not invited to go with them. She reveals, “Ever since I have lost my hearing, people have been pushing me aside.” Nina was hoping that things would be different with her tribe. When Jenn and Hali return from their swim, Nina lets them know that she was hurt because they excluded her. Jenn and Hali try to assure her that she could have joined them, but Nina just cries and heads out of camp by herself. Jenn is frustrated that Nina is upset. She admits, “So, I guess Nina’s someone we’re going to kind of have to baby a little bit, until we don’t have to anymore.” Will sits with Nina and tries to cheer her up. He admits, “At this point, I’m pretty sure that she’s already put a target on her back.”

The next morning, the Blue Collar tribe is just waking up. Mike immediately lets everyone know that they all need to get to work. Everyone is surprised that Mike is ordering them to work, just as they are opening their eyes. Rodney remarks, “Mike keeps on busting my balls in camp, because he’s the type of guy that needs to be doing something. He can’t relax.” Later, while Mike is gathering wood, tending to the fire and stirring the food, the rest of his tribe is playing basketball with coconuts and a wooden crate. This frustrates Mike. He vents, “There is stuff to be done out here where we have to survive.” As Mike returns to camp with a load of firewood, he yells at his tribe to go get more wood. Rodney sees that Mike is irritating the rest of his tribe. He comments, “You just start one fight with somebody, you have a 100 percent target on your back.”

Over at the No Collar tribe, Joe brings a bag full of crabs into camp, which makes everyone happy. Vince leaves camp to try and catch some more crabs. Nina helps Vince puts the crabs into a bag. Vince tells Nina that he is frustrated that Joe is getting the credit for all the work being done around camp, even though Vince is doing a lot of work too. He vents, “Joe’s kind of that center of attention kind of guy and it’s pissing me off.” When he returns to camp, Vince talks to Joe about not being given respect for his ideas and work. Will comments, “Ever since we got here, Joe and Vince are just fighting for power.” Joe tries to assure Vince that he appreciates his work and explains why he did not use his plans for building the shelter. Joe reveals, “He’s a loose cannon and I don’t like it.” Later Vince talks to Nina and admits that he does not trust Joe, Hali or Jenn. Nina agrees and commits to an alliance with Vince and Will. Meanwhile, down at the beach, Joe, Hali and Jenn agree that they do not understand or trust Vince. 

The Blue Collar and No Collar tribes are surprised to see that So was voted out of the White Collar tribe when they arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the challenge. One at a time, they will dive into the water and swim to a platform where they will find buoys attached to a rope. They will maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles and swim to the next platform, then the next person in the tribe goes. Once a tribe has collected all five buoys, they will attempt to toss them into a basket. The first two tribes to get all five buoys in their basket win immunity and reward. The first tribe to finish wins a massive fishing reward with everything they need to catch fish. The second tribe to finish wins a smaller fishing reward with line, lures and a spear. The Blue Collar and No Collar tribes each have one extra person, so they sit out Kelly and Nina. Tyler, Vince and Dan are the first ones out for their tribes. Vince gets his buoy through the two obstacles first, but struggles at the second platform to get it up and out of the water. So Dan is the first one to get his buoy to the second platform. This puts the Blue Collar tribe in the lead. Vince comes in second and Tyler a close third. Sierra, Hali and Carolyn are the next three out. Hali makes up time for the No Collar tribe and puts them in the lead. Sierra and Carolyn are a close second and third. Jenn flies through the course and extends the lead for the No Collar tribe. Mike keeps Blue Collar in second place and Max keeps White Collar in a close third place. Will is out next for the No Collar tribe. He really struggles through the obstacles and loses the lead for his tribe. This gives Shirin and Lindsey a chance to put their tribes in first and second place. Joaquin is out next for the White Collar tribe and he powers through the obstacles and put his tribe in the lead. Will finally arrives at the second platform for No Collar. Joe then heads out to get the last buoy and try to make up some lost time for No Collar. Rodney makes it back with the last buoy for the Blue Collar tribe, which is now in second place. After untying the buoys, Joaquin begins throwing the buoys towards the basket for the White Collar tribe and quickly lands a buoy in the basket. Sierra starts trying to make baskets for the Blue Collar tribe, while Joe is quickly trying to get back with the last buoy for the No Collar tribe. Blue Collar scores a point. Joe is now back and he is the shooter for the No Collar tribe. Joaquin scores two more baskets for the White Collar tribe and now needs only one more to win. Sierra then scores two baskets for Blue Collar. So, now they only need two more to win. Meanwhile, Joe and Vince are now both trying to make baskets for No Collar. In the end, the White Collar tribe comes in first and Blue Collar comes in second. The No Collar tribe never scores a basket. So, White Collar wins the massive fishing reward. Blue Collar wins the smaller fishing reward. The No Collar tribe will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote one of its members out of the game.

The No Collar tribe returns to camp very disappointed at losing the challenge and having to go to Tribal Council. Vince talks to Nina and expresses his concern over Will being exhausted and in bad shape. Vince admits, “This is an opportunity to blind side a power player, which is Joe.” He admits to Nina that he is worried that they would not be able to win challenges though, if they keep Will and get rid of Joe. Nina warns him that they will be voted out by Joe’s alliance, if they get rid of their ally Will. She reveals, “After my blow up, I know they want me out. So I’m very nervous.” Nina assures Vince that she will talk to Will and see how he is feeling. Meanwhile, Joe, Jenn, Hali and Will are discussing the vote. Jenn suggests that they vote out Vince. Joe would like to get rid of Vince, but he prefers to get rid of Nina, who is a weaker player. He is concerned that Nina may have found a hidden immunity idol though. So, Joe recommends that that they split the vote between Vince and Nina to protect themselves. He admits, “You have to trust people in this game. So, hopefully Will’s on board with me, because if he’s not, he’s going to muddle up a lot of plans.” Will really doesn’t want to vote out Nina. He reveals, “Since we know they’re going to split the vote, if me, Vince and Nina vote out one of them three, we control the tribe.” Will reveals Joe’s plans to Vince. He suggests they vote out Jenn tonight, because he doesn’t trust her and Joe is better in challenges. Nina gladly agrees to vote for Jenn. She asks Will how he is feeling and reveals that Vince is concerned about his performance in challenges. Will is upset to hear what Vince said about him. He vents, “Me getting tangled up in the buoy didn’t cost us the challenge. Us not making a shot cost us the challenge.” Now, Will is now not sure whether to vote with Vince and Nina or to vote with Joe, Hali and Jenn.

Jeff Probst instructs each No Collar tribe member to light his or her torch. The fire represents their life. So, when their fire is gone, so are they. Nina points out that Joe, Hali and Jenn hang out together and she and Will hang out together in the tribe. She feels excluded by her younger tribe members due to the age difference and the fact that she can’t hear too well. Nina admits that she had an emotional breakdown at camp because she felt so alone. Vince feels his role in the tribe is to be the glue to keep everyone together. Jenn emphasizes the importance of keeping people that are good at challenges and can keep their tribe strong. Will feels bad for not doing well in today’s challenge. He jokes, “Water has always been a black man’s kryptonite. So it got me today.” Will points out that it is hard to know who to trust in this game. Jenn hopes that her alliance stays strong. She admits that she is thrilled to be on SURVIVOR. Jeff calls for the vote and the No Collar tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played.

Nina receives 1 vote. Jenn receives 2 votes. Vince gets 3 votes. So, Vince Sly, a 32-year-old coconut vendor from Santa Monica, CA is second person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.