Season 30: Episode 3 - Crazy is as Crazy Does
Posted on Mar 11, 2015 11:00pm

The No Collar tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 6 after just voting out Vince. Joe was expecting his tribe to split votes between Jenn and Vince, but Will didn’t follow the plan and voted for Vince instead of Jenn. Joe comments, “Frankly, I don’t trust him as much as I did.” Will admits to his tribe that he didn’t know whom to trust at Tribal Council. He reveals, “I didn’t trust Vince, so I just prolonged my chances in this game.” Nina is very disappointed that her ally Vince was voted out and that Will did not stay loyal to her and Vince. She is sure that she is the next one to be voted out and just asks her No Collar tribe to not make her feel like an outsider, because she can’t hear well. Nina realizes, “The only thing I can do is help the tribe win challenges. That’s the only way I’m going to stay in the game.” Hali and Jenn encourage Nina not to quit before the game is over. Jenn is tired of Nina talking about her hearing. She comments, “I get it. You’re deaf. We all understand. Stop using it as an excuse.”

The next morning Shirin watches a group of howler monkeys as they jump around in the trees above. She is fascinated as she watches them mate. Shirin runs back to camp and tells Carolyn, Joaquin and Tyler the details of what she saw. Carolyn comments, “Shirin is crazy.” She is amazed that Shirin is successful in the corporate world. Tyler admits, “She’s as annoying and as loud and as intrusive as a howler monkey right now in our camp.” He feels that Shirin does not fit into the White Collar tribe and is becoming a candidate for the next one to go.

Over at the Blue Collar tribe, Rodney is being teased by his tribe mates for getting more sleep than the rest of them. After Dan throws a comment Rodney’s way, he admits, “I think my best characteristic may be my worse characteristic, which is my mouth.” Dan knows that he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut and just listening to others. After Rodney tells Dan that he doesn’t need his opinion, Dan responds with a vulgar comment about Rodney’s mother. Rodney does not find it funny. Back home Rodney would have gone after anyone who talked about his mother that way. Lindsey and Mike recommend that everybody calm down. Kelly sits and quietly watches her tribe. She admits, “As a cop, you know how to sit back, analyze and then know when to interject.” Rodney comments, “Dan’s picturing he’s one of my boys from back home, but he’s just digging himself a bigger, bigger hole.”

Jenn and Hali decide to try surfing in the ocean. They use pieces of driftwood as body boards to ride the waves into shore. Jenn comments, “This is exactly what no collars do. I guarantee you the other tribes don’t even think of doing stuff like this.” Meanwhile back at camp, Joe is hunting lizards. He enjoys camp life more now that Vince is gone and the mood of the tribe is more positive. Joe wants to provide for his tribe and have everyone get along. He talks to Nina and assures her that she is a valuable part of the tribe. Joe was taught sign language by his mother when he was a baby. He admits, “I’ve been around the deaf community a lot in my life and it’s definitely one of those things that you keep in your pocket.” Joe encourages Nina not to give up and to keep playing the game. Nina appreciates Joe talking to her. She reveals, “Before I lost my hearing, I did sales. So, I’ve been white collar before, but I’m not now.” Nina feels that the rest of her tribe is a little more free spirited than her. Later, the No Collar tribe gathers around the fire as Joe is cooking the lizards he caught. Hali encourages Nina to try a lizard. Nina refuses. She admits, “I’m finding out that I do have limitations. I’ve got to change or I’m going to end up going home.”

It’s day 8 and the White Collar tribe is conducting a massive search for the hidden immunity idol. Shirin is searching in the bushes. Joaquin is digging through the leaves. Max is looking in a tree stump. Meanwhile, Carolyn is back at camp watching the fire and relaxing. She admits, “I already have the immunity idol. So I don’t really have to search.” Shirin is getting tired, so she suggests to Tyler that they all stop looking. She proposes that they search again after they win the next challenge and perhaps get a clue. Tyler agrees to that idea. Joaquin doesn’t trust Shirin, since she has been the one spending the most time looking for the hidden immunity idol. He tells Shirin, “If you’re tired of looking for it, go take a seat.” Shirin fires right back at Joaquin and asks him to prove when she has been untrustworthy. Joaquin comments, “Shirin is like a blood sucking leach that just won’t leave you alone.” He stops answering her questions and just concentrates on searching for the idol. Shirin is pleased that she is getting to Joaquin. She admits, “It means he doesn’t know how to maneuver at all in this game.” Joaquin feels like he is at risk, so he decides to show his closest ally Tyler the clue to the hidden immunity idol that he got on the first day. Tyler thanks Joaquin and reads the clue. He already knows that Carolyn has the hidden immunity idol, because she showed it to him back on day 2. Tyler admits, “It was important to me that Joaq extend this sign of trust.” He now feels better about trusting and working with Joaquin. Tyler is getting tired of Shirin’s crazy actions like running around nude and talking to monkeys. He reveals, “I have a feeling that if we were to lose this next challenge, Shirin would be absolutely at the top of everyone’s list.”

Over at the Blue Collar tribe, Mike is busy gathering and chopping wood for the camp, while Rodney sleeps and Lindsey, Sierra and Kelly sit around the fire. Mike comments, “This Blue Collar tribe, which is supposed to have the best work ethic out of all three tribes, is failing in work ethic.” He is particularly frustrated with Rodney. Mike asks Rodney for help, but Rodney declines claiming he feels light headed and needs to eat first. He is annoyed with Mike for telling him what to do and when to do it. Lindsey is also frustrated with Mike, since he does not appreciate all the work that the girls are doing around camp. She admits, “Blue collar people in general, we tend to critique other people’s work ethics, because we think that ours is the best.” Mike asks everyone to pitch in and help around camp. Rodney replies, “Not when Mike wants it done, bro. We’ll get it done, when we get it done.” Rodney prefers to focus on his social game instead of working around camp. Later, Dan and Rodney look for firewood together and once again Rodney complains about Mike bossing him around. Rodney reveals, “Mike’s the number one target right now.” Back at camp, Mike is talking things over with Lindsey, Sierra and Kelly. He tries to explain to them why he feels overworked and under appreciated. Meanwhile, Rodney walks into camp with an armful of firewood and loudly throws it down for everyone to hear. Lindsey quickly and loudly points out that the girls have been cooking, doing the laundry and tending to the fire without anyone thanking them. Mike is shocked when Lindsey goes so far as to say that his “God” did not come down and do that work, the girls did. Mike admits, “I do have a relationship with God and that was very offensive to me.” He stands by his comments about everyone needing to help around camp and tells everyone to send him home, if they don’t agree. Lindsey would love to send Mike home right now.

The White Collar and Blue Collar tribes are shocked to see that Vince was voted out of the No Collar tribe at the last Tribal Council. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the challenge. Each tribe will carry a large bucket to a water tower where they will fill it. They will then race back and work together to plug as many of the holes as they can in their bucket to keep the water from leaking out. Then they will empty what’s left into a barrel and head back out. The first two tribes to fill their barrel and raise their flag win immunity and reward. The first tribe to finish wins a massive comfort reward complete with chairs, pillows, blankets and tarp. The second tribe to finish wins just a tarp. The last tribe to finish will go to Tribal Council, where one of them will be the third person to be voted out of this game. The Blue Collar tribe has one extra person, so they sit out Lindsey.

The challenge begins and the White Collar tribe gets through the obstacles first and starts filling their bucket at the water tower. The Blue Collar tribe gets to the tower second, while the No Collar tribe arrives last after Will stumbles through the obstacles. Joe from the No Collar tribe sends Nina back to the barrel, while the rest of the tribe stays at the water tower filling their bucket. Jeff wonders whether this strategy will pay off. The Blue Collar tribe gets their bucket filled with water first and heads to the barrel. Mike, Dan, Rodney, Lindsey, Kelly and Sierra all surround the bucket and try to keep the holes covered, so they won’t lose any water as they move it towards the barrel. The White Collar tribe gets their bucket filled next and heads to their barrel to dump it in. Both the Blue and White Collar tribes get their first bucket of water dumped into their barrel, before the No Collar tribe gets to their barrel. The No Collar tribe is moving slowest and does not do a good job at dumping the water from their bucket into their barrel, since half of their water goes on the ground. The Blue Collar tribe remains in the lead with their second bucket of water. Joe once again sends Nina back early for the No Collar tribe, therefore not giving her a chance to help plug holes in their bucket as it heads back to the barrel. Jeff warns them that this strategy does not help them and only slows them down. Both the Blue Collar and White Collar tribes race back to their water towers to fill their third buckets of water. They are now neck and neck. The No Collar tribe continues to be last. Will is now exhausted as he tries to get the heavy bucket of water to the barrel. Nina finally gets to help her tribe with their third bucket of water. Meanwhile, the Blue and White Collars are racing to get their fourth buckets to their barrels. This should be all the water they need to win the challenge. The Blue Collar tribe raises their flag first and wins the challenge and the massive comfort reward. The White Collar tribe comes in second to win immunity and a tarp. So, the No Collar tribe gets no reward and will go to Tribal Council tonight to vote out one of its members. Joe explains that he thought not having Nina participate in the challenge would speed things up, but he realizes he was wrong. Will comments, “The sad fact is we’ve got to go to another Tribal Council and I think it’s time for Nina to go.”

As they get back to camp, Joe apologizes to his No Collar tribe for suggesting that they keep Nina from actively participating in the challenge. Nina is hurt that Joe felt she would not perform well in the challenge. Joe admits, “I should have just shut up and let Nina participate. I feel pretty bad about it because I screwed her over today.” Will reminds Joe that this is a game and that the tribe agreed with his decision, so he shouldn’t take it so personally. Will then confirms with Joe, Hali and Jenn that they will vote out Nina tonight. They all agree. Nina is sure that either Will or she will get voted out tonight. She admits, “The three that are in control right now are Joe, Jenn and Hali. So I need to convince them to vote Will over me.” When Will leaves camp, Nina asks Joe, Jenn and Hali if they are going to vote for Will. Jenn points out that Will has not been helpful in the last two challenges. She also doesn’t trust Will, since he changed his vote at the last Tribal Council. Hali comments, “Nina is just so frail and her attitude is just not there, but Will’s struggling like hard core.” Hali also worries about Will’s loyalty to No Collar especially after a merge. She is not sure which way to vote tonight.

Will admits that he didn’t trust Vince, so he voted for him at the last Tribal Council, even though he wasn’t supposed to. Joe points out that trust is important to keeping a strong alliance throughout the game. Jeff asks Joe to explain his strategy of keeping Nina out of the challenge today. Joe was worried that Nina would slow them down, but he knows now that he was wrong. Nina feels that her tribe does not have believe that she can do anything because of her hearing disadvantage. Will and Joe deny that they judge Nina because of her disability. Will admits that he did not do well in the last challenge, but he attributes today’s loss to the whole tribe not doing well. He is confident that his No Collar tribe recognizes the positive things that he brings to the tribe. Nina assures her tribe that she is strong and will do better in challenges than Will, if they just give her a chance. Hali wonders if Nina is on the right tribe, since she has a hard time adapting to changes. Nina admits that she has had white collar jobs before she lost her hearing. Hali reminds Nina that she is on the No Collar tribe and she has to get along with them to make it further in the game. Nina is sure that she can be valuable and fit in to her No Collar tribe. Jeff calls for the vote and the No Collar tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played.

Will receives 2 votes. Nina receives 3 votes. So, Nina Poersch, a 51-year-old hearing advocate from Palmdale, CA is third person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.