Season 30: Episode 5 - We're Finally Playing Some Survivor
Posted on Mar 18, 2015 11:00pm

It’s night 11 and the Blue Collar tribe is now back at camp after just voting out Lindsey at Tribal Council. Sierra is upset that her closest ally is gone and that her tribe mates also voted for her tonight. Mike explains to Sierra that her name was written down to make sure that Rodney, Dan, Kelly and he did not go home, if Lindsey had played a hidden immunity idol. Mike admits, “I’m a hundred percent happy with the decision that we made tonight. I’m not happy about Sierra being cut off and alienated from the tribe.” The entire Blue Collar tribe gathers around the fire. Dan suggests that they air their grievances, so they can feel close again. He then starts telling Sierra what she did wrong in past challenges, but assures her that she is an asset to the tribe. Sierra can’t believe Dan is criticizing her, when she is already feeling bad that they just voted out her best friend. She reminds Dan of all the hard work she does around camp. Sierra starts to cry and admits, “At this point, I can’t trust these people.” Rodney has no sympathy for Sierra, since she and Lindsey tried to vote him out tonight. He vents, “If you can’t do this, take your bags, pack ‘em and take your ass home now.” Mike recommends that they work on rebuilding their alliance and not breaking it down, so they can work together in the future and have the numbers to succeed.

The White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar tribes all arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, says, “We are switching things up.” Sierra is so happy to hear this. She explains, “My tribe is absolutely dead to me.” Everyone drops their buffs. Jeff informs them that White, Blue and No Collar designations are gone. From this point forward there will be two tribes, which are Escameca (blue tribe) and Nagarote (red tribe). He then passes out buffs to everyone. The buffs are wrapped up in burlap, so no one can tell which color they are. Everyone opens up their buffs up at the same time. The new Escameca or blue tribe consists of Dan, Sierra, Mike, Rodney, Joe, Joaquin and Tyler. The new Nagarote or red tribe consists of Will, Hali, Jenn, Max, Shirin, Carolyn and Kelly. Kelly is the only former Blue Collar tribe member on Nagarote. She comments, “You just spent 11 days building these alliances and now you’re starting over. I am definitely scared to death.” Jeff then explains the rules of the reward challenge. Players from each tribe will launch balls out onto the beach, where their tribe mates will attempt to catch them. It doesn’t matter whether you catch a red ball or a blue ball. If you catch a ball, then you score a point. The first tribe to catch five balls wins a reward. The reward is a box of kitchen supplies, which including pots, pans, oils spices and sausages. In addition, the winning tribe wins all the rewards previously won by the White Collar tribe. Four people from each tribe matches up against four people from the other tribe to try and catch balls. The resulting match ups are Jenn against Joaquin, Max against Joe, Mike against Will and Tyler taking on Kelly. The first round of people to launch balls is Rodney for Escameca and Shirin for Nagarote. Max catches the ball launched by Rodney, so Nagarote scores the first point. Joe ties it up for Escameca, when he catches the ball launched by Shirin. Sierra and Carolyn launch the next two balls. Joe and Tyler catch these balls. This gives Escameca the lead at 3 balls to Nagarote’s 1 ball. Dan and Hali launch the balls for the third round. Joaquin catches the ball launched by Dan, but no one catches Hali’s ball. So Escameca is ahead 4 balls to 1. Sierra and Shirin launch the next two balls. Will catches one and Mike catches the other. So, the final score is 5 points Escameca and 2 points Nagarote. Dan, Sierra, Mike, Rodney, Joe, Joaquin and Tyler of the Escameca tribe are thrilled to take home the kitchen and sausage reward and to also get the prior rewards won by the old White Collar tribe. Carolyn is not happy about being on the same tribe with Max and Shirin again. She comments, “What is this … are Survivor gods trying to kill me?”

The new Nagarote tribe arrives at the former No Collar camp. Hali comments, “So we’ve got 3 No Collars, 3 White Collars and 1 Blue Collar – Kelly. So it’s like, immediately like okay, we’ve got to get Kelly on our side.” In typical No Collar fashion, Hali plans on waiting until the time is right to approach Kelly. Shirin also realizes that Kelly is an important person to get on her former White Collar side. So, she immediately takes Kelly aside and tries to befriend her. Kelly is worried about being the only one from her Blue Collar tribe on the new Nagarote tribe. She uses her skills as undercover cop to get to know her new tribe mates and see where she stands. After talking to Shirin, Kelly comments, “Maybe I will be in a good position right now, because now I’m the swing vote.” Shirin is also encouraged after talking to Kelly. She reveals, “It was very wink, wink … hush, hush …we’ll talk more later, but yes.”

Mike, Dan, Rodney and Sierra welcome their new Escameca tribe mates Tyler, Joaquin and Joe to their old Blue Collar camp. Mike is happy that the majority of his new tribe is made up of his old Blue Collar tribe mates. He reveals, “With Dan and Rodney cutting into Sierra last night, it definitely has a little bit cause of concern.” Mike hopes that Tyler, Joaquin and Joe don’t woo Sierra to their side, which would put Dan, Rodney and himself in a bad spot. As the whole Escameca tribe is getting to know each other around the fire, Rodney explains the tattoo on his arm that honors his deceased sister. Joaquin sees Rodney as similar to his friends back home. He reveals, “I’m going to feel him out for the rest of the night. Try and learn as much as possible about them and work him, like I’ve been working everybody on my last tribe.” When Mike, Dan and Rodney head out of camp to get water, Sierra tells Tyler, Joaquin and Joe that she does not like her old Blue Collar tribe mates, because of how they treated her after Lindsey was voted out. Tyler comments, “Sierra seems to be kind of the broken puppy.” He sees this as his opportunity to get Sierra to align with him. Mike is worried when he returns to camp and sees Sierra talking to Tyler, Joaquin and Joe. He admits, “We need her as a number, because in this game of SURVIVOR, if you do not have the numbers, you go home.”

Shirin decides to entertain her Nagarote tribe by singing the national anthem and whistling. Jenn is not impressed and finds her very annoying. She vents, “I haven’t even been around her 12 hours and I know most of her life and I know things I never wanted to know.” Max limps into camp from the beach and informs everyone that he got stung by a stingray on both of his feet. Jenn has Max put his feet in the pot of hot water just off the fire. Max admits, “Fortunately for me, we have a former lifeguard on the tribe. Jenn immediately sprung into action.” Max feet quickly feel better. Hali notices that Max has a planter’s wart on the bottom of his foot that is soaking in the pot used to cook their food. She comments, “Anyone who would stick their warty feet in the tribe’s drinking water for hours, when we’re thirsty has his mind on one person - himself.” Carolyn is delighted to see that her new tribe mates are getting annoyed by Max and Shirin. She admits, “To blindside them would be so sweet, you just can’t even imagine.”

It’s now the morning of day 14 and Mike and Dan are taking a walk along the beach. Dan is worried that Sierra is now a swing vote and no longer loyal to their old Blue Collar tribe. Mike suggests that Dan apologize to Sierra for belittling her after the last Tribal Council. Dan agrees to talk to Sierra and explain why he said what he said to her. Mike feels he knows women better than Dan. So, he recommends that Dan simply apologize to Sierra and not try to explain things. Dan vents, “Dude, you’re half my age. I have talked to so many more girls than you have.” He feels confident that he knows best, so Dan heads off to talk to Sierra. As Dan and Sierra walk through the jungle, Dan admits that he attacked Sierra after Tribal Council, but also reminds her that she has attacked him in the past. Sierra feels that the fact that Dan attacked her right after her closest ally, Lindsey had been voted out makes it worse than her past words against him. Dan does not agree. Sierra reveals, “It was the crappiest apology I’ve ever received in my life.” She doesn’t think that her best move is to stick with her old Blue Collar tribe.

The new Escameca and Nagarote tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Two members from each tribe will place pots on a sled and drag it through a series of obstacles. Once they reach the finish, they will place the pots on stands and head back. Once all six pots are in place, one tribe member will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of this game. The challenge begins. Jenn and Hali head out for the Nagarote tribe, while Tyler and Joaquin are the first pair out for the Escameca tribe. Tyler and Joaquin have a definite strength advantage, so they put the Escameca tribe in the lead right away. Joe and Rodney are the next two out for Escameca. Carolyn and Kelly head out next for Nagarote. Joe and Rodney put their tribe in an even bigger lead. The next pair of Sierra and Mike head out before Carolyn and Kelly have even gotten their pots to the stands. Sierra and Mike place the final pots in the Escameca stands and get back to the start before Carolyn and Kelly. Now everyone from Escameca heads to the pots and the wrecking ball, while Shirin and Max head out with the final two pots for Nagarote. Dan operates the wrecking ball for Escameca. He smashes two pots, before Max and Shirin place their final two pots in the stands. As Max and Shirin head back through the obstacles to the start, Dan smashes six more pots with the wrecking ball. The Nagarote tribe now races to their wrecking ball, but can’t get there before Dan smashes the eighth and final pot for Escameca. So, Escameca easily wins the immunity challenge and avoids Tribal Council. The Nagarote tribe will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. Max admits, “I’m really happy to go to Tribal Council and change the dynamic around my camp.”

The Nagarote tribe returns to camp and agree they did their best in today’s challenge, even though they lost. Max reveals, “It’s the blindsides. It’s the double crossing. That’s really what I signed on for and finally I’m going to have another chance to do it tonight.” Jenn listens as Max talks about the past SURVIVOR winners and their horoscopes. She reveals, “I’m a huge fan of the game, but Max knows every little detail about everything that’s every happened on SURVIVOR. It’s crazy.” Later, Jenn and Hali take a walk on the beach and discuss tonight’s vote. They are sure that Will is going to vote with them, but are not sure if Kelly will. Hali admits, “Kelly being the swing vote is in the power position.” Jenn recommends that they vote for Max or Shirin. Hali suggests that vote off Shirin and keep Max for challenges. Meanwhile, Shirin and Max are encouraging Kelly to vote off Will, since he does not help them in challenges. Kelly agrees to vote with them. Max feels pretty confident that Kelly will be loyal to them, since they have been nice to her all along. Shirin feels pretty safe tonight. She comments, “I’m pretty sure I’m in the power seat tonight. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who orchestrated everything that’s going down.” Next, Shirin tells Carolyn the plan to vote out Will and gets her confirmation that she will do so. Carolyn reveals, “I think a fabulous blind side may be in the making.” She has no plans of voting with Max and Shirin. Instead, Carolyn wants to be the swing vote and work with the Jenn, Hali and Will tonight. She meets with Jenn and informs her that she is not loyal to Max and Shirin. Jenn is thrilled to hear this. She admits, “We have Carolyn, so we have the numbers and we’ll control the game.” Shirin checks in with Max and assures him that Carolyn is voting with them tonight for Will. While, Max and Shirin are away, Kelly meets with Carolyn, Will, Jenn and Hali and listens to their plans to take our Shirin or Max. She realizes that Carolyn is not with Shirin and Max, so it would not be smart for her to vote with them. Now, Carolyn, Will, Jenn, Hali and Kelly are trying to decide if Max or Shirin are more annoying and which one should be voted out tonight. Jenn admits, “We’ll find out tonight at Tribal.”

Shirin feels her new Nagarote tribe is getting along much better than her old White Collar tribe did. Kelly points out that there have been a few uncomfortable moments at camp. Before she can continue, Max explains out that this tribe is at a disadvantage, because they lack the strength and athleticism that the Escameca tribe has. He compares their tribe to the misfits on the past season SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD. Max feels that they are trying to trick themselves into thinking that they still have a chance. Jenn laughs at the vast knowledge of past seasons that Max and Shirin have. Max responds, “Guilty as charged. I love SURVIVOR.” Shirin hopes that everyone appreciates her enthusiasm and knowledge of SURVIVOR too. Will is annoyed with Shirin and Max going off by themselves and strategizing all the time. Hali feels that camp life will be more pleasant after tonight’s vote. Shirin is sure that the person voted out will be blindsided. Jeff calls for the vote and the Nagarote tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played.

Will receives 2 votes. Max receives 4 votes. So, Max Dawson, a 37-year-old media consultant and former professor from Topanga, CA is the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART. Shirin is shocked.