Season 30: Episode 4 - Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Posted on Mar 18, 2015 11:00pm

It’s night 8 and the No Collar tribe is returning from Tribal Council where they just voted out Nina. This was their second Tribal Council in a row and they hope it’s their last. Hali admits, “It was pretty delightful to come back to camp and see embers in the fire. That was like a shining hope.” She hopes this means that they have been through the darkest time for their tribe and now their future is bright. Hali explains to Will that he received two votes tonight, since they feared that Nina might play a hidden immunity idol. Will comments, “We are definitely at the make or break point for the No Collars.” He likes the remaining members of his tribe and hopes they will do well together in the future immunity challenges. Will knows that if they go to Tribal Council again, he is likely to be the next one voted out, unless he can convince Joe to vote for Jenn or Hali instead.

The next morning at the Blue Collar tribe, Dan notices a snake in camp. Mike immediately grabs the machete and chops its head off. He is thrilled to have food, since the Blue Collar tribe has not been successful at catching fish. Mike admits, “Any opportunity to get food, you know your boy from Texas is going to eat it. I don’t care what it is.” Mike skins the snake with Kelly’s help and cooks it over the fire. When it’s done, Mike passes it around for everyone to eat. Rodney is starving, so even he gives it a try. He admits, “I’ll eat anything. I’m eating things I never thought I’d eat before.” Rodney appreciates Mike for providing food and feels that they have gotten past their prior disagreements.

The three tribes arrive at the challenge and take their places on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the challenge. Each tribe will choose one person to be their caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will instruct one pair of blindfolded tribe members to go out into the field and collect four items. Every time they get an item, they must bring it back and hoist it to the top of their team’s tower and then head back out. Once they have collected all four items, the caller will send them back out for a tribe flag. The first two tribes to raise their tribe flag to the top will win reward. The first tribe to finish wins three egg laying hens and one rooster. The second tribe to finish wins ten eggs. The White Collar and Blue Collar tribes have more members than the No Collar tribe, so they sit out Tyler, Rodney and Mike to even up the numbers. Carolyn is the caller with Shirin and Max as the blindfolded runners for the White Collar tribe. Sierra is the caller with Lindsay and Kelly as the runners for the Blue Collar tribe. Joe is the caller with Jenn and Hali as the runners for the No Collar tribe. The challenge begins and the White Collar and No Collar tribes are the fastest off the start. Shirin runs into a wooden post. Hali runs into a barrel and Lindsey hits her head on a two by four piece of wood as she ducks down. They all do their best to maneuver through the obstacles while trying to listen to their callers and get to the items they need to collect. Jenn and Hali are the first ones back with a basket and they put it on the platform, so it can be hosted to the top of the tower. Will pulls a rope on one side, while Jenn and Hali pull a rope on the other side. They get it high enough for Joe to lift the basket off the hoist. No Collar is in the lead. After a few more bumps into various obstacles, Shirin and Max bring back the first item for White Collar, which is a bale of hay. So White Collar is in second place. Lindsey is having a hard time hearing Sierra calling out directions, but finally Lindsey and Sierra return with a burlap bag. The No Collar tribe is already returning with their second item and has it lifted to the top, before the other two tribes successfully lift their first items. The No Collar tribe now has a substantial lead. The Blue Collar tribe has their second item and is hoisting it to the top, just as the No Collar tribe returns their third item. The White Collar tribe is now in third place as they are the last to return their second item to the tower. The Blue Collar tribe loses some time as they retrieve their third item and take the long way back. The No Collar tribe continues to dominate as they bring in their fourth item. As the Blue Collar tribe finishes hoisting their third item up to Sierra, Dan drops his side of the platform causing it to fall and hit Kelly in the head. Jeff stops the challenge and has the medical team come out to look at Kelly, since blood is pouring out of her head. Everyone else stays in position with their blindfolds on. The doctor assures everyone that Kelly’s is fine and she just needs a few stitches. He puts a bandage on her head to stop the bleeding, and will then stitch her up after the challenge. Kelly is anxious to proceed with the challenge. Her tribe mates applaud Kelly’s courage and effort. As the challenge continues, the Blue Collar tribe has three items collected. The White Collar tribe is in the process of hoisting up their third item, while the No Collar tribe is back with their fourth item. All three tribes work hard to win reward. The Blue Collar and White Collar tribes are now headed back with their fourth items. The No Collar tribe is headed back with their flag. Both the Blue and White Collar tribes have trouble getting their fourth items lifted. While they are struggling, the No Collar tribe gets their flag to the top. So, the No Collar tribe is the first to win and they earn the three hens and one rooster. The White Collar tribe is faster at returning their flag, so they win second place and get the ten eggs. The Blue Collar tribe ends up with no reward after a big effort.

The No Collar tribe welcomes the three hens and one rooster to their tribe. Joe suggests that they kill one hen to celebrate Will’s birthday, which is today. Will is touched that his tribe would do that for him. He comments, “They went out of their way to make sure I had a special 42nd birthday and you know top this birthday off with a little fried chicken.” As Joe sharpens the knife for the kill, Jenn picks up the doomed hen and cradles it in her arms. She admits, “I don’t really like hurting animals.” Jenn knows that her tribe is committed to eating the chicken, so she leaves camp to avoid seeing what her tribe is going to do to the hen. As she is wondering around the jungle picking up firewood, Jenn decides to spend some time looking for the hidden immunity idol. She admits, “With no clue, it’s kind of like a needle in a haystack type of deal.” Jenn decides to concentrate on searching around odd looking trees. Meanwhile, back at camp Joe, Hali and Will are preparing their chicken dinner. Jenn finds a tree that with roots coming out of rocks and decides to search that one. Hali and Joe start to worry about Jenn as they start enjoying their chicken dinner. Jenn searches all the nooks and crannies of the tree and is thrilled to find the hidden immunity idol. She knows just how powerful having an idol is in SURVIVOR. Jenn comments, “I guess killing the chicken kind of worked out for me. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

Kelly’s tribe mates are checking in with her at the Blue Collar tribe to make sure she is okay after her head injury. She lets them know that she has six stitches, which makes one for each of them. Mike comments, “This is one of the toughest girls I’ve see in a long time, which is so fitting the stereotype of the blue collar.” He really respects Kelly and feels they could go far together in the game. Rodney is in the shelter with Lindsey and Sierra. He says, “Girls need to hold themselves to a higher standard than guys.” Lindsey and Sierra are both offended by that logic. Lindsey vents, “It’s hard to live with someone so closely, who has such different views.” She informs Rodney that men and women are on an equal playing field and he should hold himself to a higher standard. Rodney comments, “Men are dogs, but we want angels. That’s how me and my boys are.” He realizes that he cannot let Lindsey make him mad. If he does he might unleash his temper and become a target.

Over at the White Collar camp, Max is cooking the eggs they won at the Reward Challenge. Shirin reveals, “I’m kind of thrilled that we didn’t win the whole chicken package, just because I knew that was going to be another White Collar nightmare.” She is sure that none of her tribe mates have slaughtered any animal before. Shirin informs her tribe that she studied how to kill a chicken before coming on SURVIVOR and even slaughtered a rabbit. Joaquin comments, “First thing that came to my mind is sociopath. First thing they start doing is killing small animals.” He is sure that Shirin is crazy. When Shirin is down at the beach, Max tells Carolyn, Joaquin and Tyler that he is worried that Shirin will not take it well, if they sit her out of the next challenge. Carolyn feels that Max wants her to sit out instead, which she is not willing to do, just to please Shirin. Carolyn comments, “On the spectrum of crazy, I think both Max and Shirin are very close to ten.” Later, Carolyn suggests to Joaquin and Tyler that they vote Max if they go to Tribal Council. She compares him to a cult leader with Shirin as his dedicated follower. Carolyn says, “You cut the head of the snake off.”

All three tribes arrive at Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe will be attached to a rope and one at a time maneuver through a rope obstacle. They will grab a bag of balls and head to the finish. At the finish one person for each tribe will balance on a beam while attempting to maneuver a ball through a maze of holes to the top. If the ball falls through a hole on the way, they will have to start over. The first two tribes to get all three balls to the top win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fourth person voted out of this game. The Blue Collar tribe has two extra people, so Dan and Lindsey sit out. The White Collar tribe has one extra person, so Shirin sits out. The challenge begins and Hali, Mike and Joaquin are the first ones out on the rope obstacle course for their tribes. Joaquin gets through first, but Mike and Hali are close behind. Carolyn, Sierra and Will are the seconds ones to tackle the course. Sierra gets through the course quickly and puts Blue Collar in the lead. Carolyn comes in second for White Collar. Will gets caught up in the ropes a little, but doesn’t lose too much ground for No Collar. Kelly, Max and Jenn keep their tribes in first, second and third respectively. The last people through the rope obstacle are Rodney, Tyler and Joe. Rodney loses some time for Blue Collar, when he gets caught up in the ropes and needs to be coached through it by the rest of his tribe. Blue Collar still stays in the lead though and heads out next to untie their bag of balls. Joe makes up time for No Collar and puts them in second place. Tyler finishes the obstacle course in a close third for White Collar. All tribes now have their bag of balls. Mike is already trying to get a ball through the maze for his Blue Collar tribe. Joe tackles the maze next for his No Collar tribe. The White Collar time is last to start on the maze, where Joaquin steps up to give it a try. Mike makes it only to the middle of the maze, before his ball drops through a hole, so he has to start at the beginning of the maze again. He falls off the beam and has to start the maze once again. Joaquin is the first one to get a ball to the top of the maze, which puts his White Collar team in the lead. Carolyn takes over at the maze for Joaquin. Joe scores a point for No Collar and Jenn then gives it a try. Mike finally gets a ball to the top of the maze for the Blue Collar tribe. Sierra gives it a try next. Carolyn scores a second point for White Collar by getting another ball through the maze. Tyler then gives it a try. Jenn scores a second point for No Collar and Sierra scores a second point for Blue Collar. So, Tyler, Kelly and Hali battle it out for the win. Tyler’s ball drops in the center of the maze and he asks Max to take over for him. Hali is the first to land the third ball, so her No Collar tribe is the first to win immunity. Kelly falls off the beam just as she is getting her ball to the top. Rodney takes over for her. Max tries to speed things up, but loses his ball. He starts again. Rodney loses his ball, which puts Max back in the lead. In the end, Max scores before Rodney, so the White Collar tribe wins immunity. So, the losing Blue Collar tribe will get their first visit to Tribal Council. Sierra feels that Rodney was not helpful in the challenge today. She comments, “It’s not even in the challenges, but in camp life, Rodney’s just got to go.”

The Blue Collar tribe is so disappointed that they lost the challenge and have to go to Tribal Council tonight. Mike admits, “You do not know who your true alliance is until Jeff is reading those names.” Dan asks Lindsey if he is the one going home tonight when they take a walk together. Lindsey invites Dan to join her in voting for Rodney tonight. Dan decides that it is easiest just to agree with Lindsey and tells her that he will vote for Rodney to bring peace and harmony to the tribe. Dan reveals, “I am so much smarter than I look.” Later, Dan, Kelly, Rodney and Mike meet in the water, while Lindsey and Sierra are back at camp. Dan and Rodney agree that Lindsey and Sierra are too close and have isolated themselves. Rodney feels like Dan, Kelly, Mike and himself are the strong four in the tribe and recommends that they target Lindsey. Rodney boasts, “I’m the leader. I’m the Tom Brady here.” He points out how difficult and disrespectful that Lindsey has been around camp. Kelly is amazed that Rodney is so vocal about Lindsey, since it could just as easily be him going home tonight. After their meeting, Mike admits to his ally Kelly that he doesn’t trust Rodney. She comments, “I don’t trust Rodney either.” Kelly agrees to vote with Mike. Before they head out to Tribal Council, Sierra checks in with Kelly to make sure she is going to vote for Rodney tonight. Kelly agrees with her that the camp would be calmer without Rodney. Kelly reveals, “Mike and I are in a good position tonight to go with either the girls or the guys. We could vote for Rodney or we could vote for Lindsey.” She is just glad that she is safe tonight.

Jeff Probst instructs each Blue Collar tribe member to light his or her torch. The fire represents their life. So, when their fire is gone, so are they. Dan admits that Lindsey and Sierra bonded really quickly in their tribe. Rodney points out that he and Lindsey have definitely not bonded and simply don’t get along. Lindsey agrees that her and Rodney have different morals. Sierra is bothered by Rodney’s view of women. Rodney points out that he has the love and respect of his mother. He reminds everyone of his opinion that women should hold themselves to a higher standard then men, just as his mother does. Kelly focuses on what’s best for her tribe and weighs getting rid of Lindsey or Sierra versus Rodney. She knows that if they get rid of Lindsey or Sierra, the one left behind will be upset. Lindsey loves her hard working Blue Collar tribe and once again predicts that one of them will be the winner of this game. Mike admits that Lindsey unified the Blue Collar tribe, when she made that same prediction on day 1. Jeff calls for the vote and the Blue Collar tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Lindsey, Sierra and Rodney all receive 2 votes. So, it is a three-way tie. The next step is for only Mike, Kelly and Dan to vote again for either Lindsey, Sierra or Rodney. After the re-vote, Jeff reveals the first two votes, which are both for Lindsey. So, Lindsey Cascaddan, a 24-year-old hairdresser and single mom from College Park, FL is fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.