Season 30: Episode 6 - Odd Woman Out
Posted on Mar 25, 2015 11:00pm


It’s day 15 at the Nagarote camp and Shirin starts her day without Max, who was voted out at last night’s Tribal Council.   She admits, “Max was a friend of mine and my closest ally in this game and I was totally blindsided.”  Shirin checks in with Carolyn to see where they stand.   Carolyn tells Shirin that she does not trust her, since she and Max did not include her in any of their strategy conversations.  Shirin wonders, “Is anyone left in this game willing to play with me?  I don’t think so.”  She feels abandoned and unsure of how she can build a new alliance.   Hali talks to Shirin at the water well and fills her in on why Max was voted out last night.   Hali admits that their Nagarote tribe found both Max and her annoying.   Shirin listens to what Hali has to say and feels just like she did when she was a kid.   As a kid in school, she didn’t feel skinny and beautiful like the rest of her class, so she felt like an outcast.  Shirin admits, “I’m trying to do now what I was incapable of doing then, which is deal with it.” 

Over at the Escameca camp, Dan is once again telling the story of loosing his underwear back on day 4.   Rodney is so tired of hearing the same stories over and over again.  He admits, “I was so happy that Joaq was one of those new faces.”    Rodney feels like he has so much more in common with Joaquin, who is also from the east coast, than he does with Mike, Dan or Sierra.  When everyone else is away from camp, Rodney tells Joaquin that he doesn’t trust Mike because he goes to church every Sunday, abstains from sex and doesn’t drink.    He does feel that he can trust and work with Joaquin though.   Rodney admits, “We’re both about girls.   We’re both about having fun.”   Joaquin also likes Rodney and feels he can work with him in the game.   Rodney is so happy to finally have a strong ally, who will help him control things.   He comments, “Wait until you see what I have planned for this game.”

The Escameca and Nagarote tribes arrive on their mats.  Joaquin is happy to see that Max was voted out of the Nagarote tribe.  Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge.   Both tribes will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles.  Once all tribe members have made it to the top of the tower, they will each take turns launching sandbags with a giant slingshot.   They will attempt to have the sandbags hit targets out in the field.  The first tribe to hit all six targets will win reward.   The reward takes place in the evening where the winning tribe will witness a magical event at a turtle sanctuary.  Under the stars, they will watch turtles migrate from the sea back to the beach, where they will lay their eggs.  The winners will also get to enjoy a feast of beef stew, mac and cheese and hot chocolate.  Escameca has one extra person, so they sit out Dan from this challenge.  

The challenge begins and the tribes race to get up the massive tower.    The first obstacle is a ladder followed by a rope bridge.  The Escameca tribe flies through these first two obstacles.   The Nagarote tribe works hard to keep up with them.   The last obstacle is a rope ladder.  Rodney and Joaquin are first to the top keeping their Escameca tribe in the lead.    When the rest of Escameca gets to the top, Rodney starts launching sandbags towards the targets.  Meanwhile, Nagarote is still trying to get all their members to the top.   Will is the slowest to get through the obstacles.  Rodney misses on his first launch.   The entire Nagarote tribe now makes it to the top of the tower and Jenn starts to launch sandbags for her tribe.  Rodney misses again for Escameca.   Jenn scores a point by hitting a target with her first sandbag.    So, Nagarote now takes the lead.  Rodney finally scores a point for Escameca and ties up the game.   Now, Kelly launches for Nagarote and Joaquin takes a turn for Escameca.  Kelly quickly scores a point, putting Nagarote back in the lead.  Joaquin takes a couple tries to score for Escameca and puts them back in a tie.   Hali now launches for Nagarote, while Sierra launches for Escameca.   Sierra scores immediately and puts Escameca in the lead 3 to 2.   Hali tries a few more times with no success and so Carolyn switches with her.   Meanwhile, Mike is now launching sandbags for Escameca.  After a couple attempts, he scores another point and puts Escameca up by 2 points, with only 2 more targets to hit.   Carolyn doesn’t give up though and scores a point for Nagarote, putting the score at 4 to 3 and closing the gap.   Shirin tries next for Nagarote, while Joe shoots next for Escameca.   Shirin scores first and ties up the score at 4 all.   Will takes his turn next.   Joe scores for Escameca and puts them back in the lead with only one more target to hit.  Tyler is next up for Escameca.   Will hits a target and ties up the game again for Nagarote at 5 all.   Now, it is up to Tyler or Jenn to score the final point.   Jenn is the first to score and so Nagarote wins the challenge and the turtle reward and feast.   The Nagarote tribe is so happy and starts dancing and chanting, “I believe that we can win!”   Shirin admits, “Winning the reward is huge for me, because that gives me the chance to bond with these people better.”  

As the sun goes down, the Nagarote tribe arrives at their reward feast.   They cheer as they see the food spread out on a picnic blanket and quickly sit down and start enjoying it.   Hali admits, “Winning the reward was beautiful.  It was like David and Goliath.  All you needed was to put a slingshot in our hand and we took down that giant.”  Carolyn, Will, Hali, Jenn and Shirin all enjoy the mac and cheese, beef stew, bread and hot chocolate.    Carolyn comments, “The team is definitely gelling, even Shirin.   We’re tolerating her at this point.”   As they make a toast to their win with their mugs of hot chocolate, Shirin appreciates the chance to bond with her tribe.  She admits, “That’s like my best shot at staying in the game right now. “  After their feast, Nagarote follows a guide with flashlights to the spot where the turtles will lay their eggs.   The guide points out the first turtle, which is coming out of the water and making its way up the sandy beach.    Everyone is amazed at how big the turtle is.    They watch in awe as the turtle starts digging a hole and lays 120 eggs in it.   The guide informs them that only 1 of those 120 eggs will likely survive.  Jenn comments, “The turtle’s chances at life are way worse odds than me winning SURVIVOR.”   Next, the turtle covers the hole and her eggs and pats down the sand to protect her eggs from predators.   The Nagarote tribe cheers as the turtle finishes her job and makes it back to the ocean.

The next morning, Mike, Joe, Dan, Rodney and Tyler head out of camp to collect firewood and catch fish, which gives Joaquin a chance to talk to Sierra alone.   Sierra admits to Joaquin that she does not get along with her former Blue Collar tribe mates Mike, Dan or Rodney.  Joaquin is happy to hear this.   He comments, “I walked in here and these Blue Collars, you know they were in shambles and Sierra, she was the odd woman out.”  Joaquin assures Sierra that he is close to Tyler and that Tyler is trustworthy.   Joaquin warns her that Joe is strong and they need to make sure he does not go far in the game.   Hearing that Sierra does not get along with his buddy Rodney, Joaquin assures Sierra that he will deal with Rodney, since he gets along with him and they need him as the fourth member of their alliance.   Sierra admits, “My biggest connection as this point is with Joaquin.  He makes me feel comfortable.”  Her only hesitation is that if she works with Joaquin, then she will have to work with Rodney too.    Rodney then enters the camp and encourages Sierra to forget their differences and to work with him and Joaquin.   He reveals, “If it’s me, Joaquin, Sierra and Tyler all on the same page, then when the time comes, I can flip and take over this entire game.”   Rodney is feeling pretty confident that he will make it to the end.

While taking a walk, Rodney tells Mike that Joaquin is his ally and will vote any way he is told.    Rodney then suggests that they throw the upcoming Immunity challenge, so they can go to Tribal Council and vote out Joe.    Rodney explains, “If we get Joe out of this game before we go to the merge, who do we got to deal with?”   Mike listens to Rodney’s idea and admits that he could consider losing a challenge.   He is worried about the fact that when challenges have been thrown in past seasons, it usually ends up badly.   Mike reveals, “In this particular instance, I think we have a very special situation.”    Kelly is Mike’s strongest ally, but she is the only Blue Collar on the Nagarote tribe.   He knows she will do her best to stay in the game.   Mike comments, “I think Kelly’s a fighter, enough that she’ll find a way to make it to the merge.  Especially, if we can throw a couple challenges and keep her safe.”  

Escameca and Nagarote tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge.   Jeff explains the rules of the challenge.   He begins by telling everyone that their memory will be tested.  Jeff will show them a series of items in a specific order.  Once they have them memorized, they will pull a lever to drop the curtain and recreate it.  The first person to get it right, scores a point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score 3 points wins immunity and is safe from the vote.   The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the sixth person voted out of this game.  The Escameca tribe has one extra person, so they sit out Joaquin.

The challenge begins.   The first two players are Carolyn from Nagarote and Rodney from Escameca.    Jeff opens the curtain and shows them six objects, which are a brown jug, human skull, animal skull, candelabra, candlestick holder and message in a bottle.  Carolyn and Rodney closely study the items.    Carolyn is the first one to pull the lever and drop the curtain.   She runs to her station and picks out six items and places them in the order she thinks they belong in.   She finishes before Rodney finishes and runs to her mat.   Carolyn scores a point by having the correct items in the correct order first.  So Nagarote is in the lead.    The next pair is Sierra vs. Hali.   Jeff pulls the curtain open and reveals a lantern, large candle, message in a bottle, candlestick holder, candelabra and brown jug.   Sierra and Hali pull the levers at the same time and run to their stations.  Hali is the first one finished and she has the correct items, so she scores the second point for Nagarote and puts them further in the lead.   Joe takes on Will for the next round.  He pulls the lever just before Will and races to his station with Will right behind him.    Joe finishes first and he is right, so he scores the first point for Escameca.  The score is now Nagarote 2 and Escameca 1.     Shirin and Dan compete in the next round.   Dan wins this round and ties up the challenge at 2 each.   So, the winner of this next round will score the third point for their tribe and win immunity.   Mike goes up against Kelly.  Jeff pulls the curtain and reveals a human skull, brown jug, message in a bottle, candelabra, animal skull and lantern.  Kelly is the first one to pull the lever and run back.  Mike finishes first, but he is wrong.  Kelly is also wrong, so they go back to the curtain to take another look at the items.  Before Jeff pulls the curtain, Mike whispers to Kelly, “Just listen to what I say.  I’m giving it to you.”   Kelly is surprised to hear this and is not sure if she is hearing him right.   The curtain goes up and they study the items again.  Mike loudly lists the items and the order they are in for both he and Kelly to hear.   Kelly pulls the lever and they both race back.  Once again, both Mike and Kelly put the items in the wrong order.   Jeff calls them back and takes away one item, so that it should be easier for Mike and Kelly to remember them.  This time Mike tells Kelly that he will call out the order, but he will switch the order of the bottles on his side.   When the curtain is pulled, Mike does what he says and then pulls the lever.    Back at their stations, Mike tells Kelly to look at his and switch the order of the bottles.    This time Kelly is correct and Mike is wrong, so Kelly wins the round and her Nagarote tribe wins immunity.  Kelly comments, “When I knew Mike was throwing the challenge and helping me out, that was the first time in my life that I think I totally every trusted somebody.”   She is anxious to get back with her old Blue Collar tribe mates.

When the Escameca tribe returns to camp, Mike apologizes for choking at the challenge.   He doesn’t feel good about throwing the challenge, but he feels he needed to do it.   Mike is worried about how close Rodney has become to Joaquin.   He admits, “Whenever you start showing that you’re too close to anybody, you become a power couple and the power couples have to be split up.”    Mike and Rodney discuss whom to vote out at Tribal Council tonight.   Rodney tells Mike to vote for Joe, because everyone else is planning to do so.  Mike agrees to do so.   Rodney comments, “We’re going to get Joe out of here, man.   He’s a threat, so he’s going home now.”  Later, Rodney meets with Joaquin and assures him that he is his closes ally.    Joaquin is happy to hear this, especially since he came into this new tribe with only Tyler as his ally.  Now Joaquin feels that he can add Rodney and Sierra to his list of allies, which give him the majority alliance of four in the Escameca tribe.    Meanwhile, Mike, Dan and Joe are discussing the vote.   Mike tells Joe that Rodney wants to vote him out tonight.   Joe is disappointed to hear this, but he is not surprised because Rodney and Joaquin have not been talking strategy with him.   Mike and Dan assure Joe that Sierra will vote with them, even though she has not been happy with them in the past.   Joe reveals, “At this point, my options are limited.   So, you know you have to make the best of the worst scenario and hope it works out.”    Mike suggests that he, Dan, Joe and Sierra vote for Joaquin tonight.   Dan knows that Sierra does not trust him, so he and Mike meet with her next and explain their plan to vote out Joaquin.  Dan apologizes to Sierra for hurting her in the past and asks for her to trust him again.   Sierra knows that she is the swing vote tonight, since both sides are asking for her vote.   She admits, “To have my old tribe hurt me so bad and now say them need me, it makes me sick to my stomach.”   Sierra feels like they are just being nice to her to get her vote, but will hurt her again in the future.  Back at camp, Joaquin tells Tyler to vote for Joe along with everyone else.    At the beach, Joe checks in with Sierra.  She admits, “I still at this point, do not know which route I’m going to take.”

Jeff asks Joe about how close the four former Blue Collars are on his new Escameca tribe.   Joe feels that they look unified on the surface, but that he, Joaquin and Tyler have been working to find the cracks in the former Blue Collars and take advantage of them.  Dan admits that the relationships between he, Sierra, Mike and Rodney are not perfect and that he is concerned about it.  Tyler feels that Sierra is the unhappiest.   Sierra points out that her Blue Collar tribe mates mistreated her after Lindsey was voted out.   She feels more respected by Tyler, Joaquin and Joe.  Rodney reveals that the tribe switch provided opportunities for him to either stay loyal with his old tribe or make alliances with three new people that might help his game.  Joaquin admits that he feels safer tonight than he did when he first joined the new Escameca tribe.  Joe feels very vulnerable being the only former No Collar member on Escameca.  Sierra admits that she is wondering who she can trust more her old Blue Collar tribe mates or her new tribe mates.  Mike points out that you don’t know whom you can really trust until you see how people vote at Tribal Council.  Jeff calls for the vote and the Escameca tribe casts their votes.  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.  No idol is played.  

Joe receives 3 votes.   Joaquin receives 4 votes.   So, Joaquin Souberbielle, a 27-year-old marketing director from Valley Stream, NY is the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.