Season 30: Episode 7 - The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight
Posted on Apr 1, 2015 11:00pm


The remaining members of the Escameca tribe return to camp on night 16 after just voting out Joaquin at Tribal Council. Tyler congratulates Mike, Dan, Sierra and Joe for blindsiding him, Joaquin and Rodney tonight. He admits, “Despite all the troubles the Blue Collar tribe seems to be having, they sure voted with a lot of symmetry tonight.” Rodney sits quietly by the fire. Mike knows that Rodney is upset that Joaquin went home tonight and that his Blue Collar tribe mates lied to him about whom they were voting for. Mike invites Rodney to take a walk, so he can do a little damage control. Mike admits, “This is the second time that we have had to have one of our members on the outs, because they were too close to the situation.” Mike explains to Rodney that they voted Joaquin out, because he was trying to turn him away from their alliance. Rodney tells Mike that he created a fake alliance with Joaquin to get information out of him. He assures Mike that he is still tight with him and the rest of the Blue Collars. Rodney comments, “I feel like I just got played. I’m really pissed off right now.” Mike compliments Rodney on doing such a good job at fooling them about his relationship with Joaquin. Rodney is upset at the Blue Collars for not trusting him and going behind his back to vote out Joaquin. He reveals, “People who did me wrong today are going to pay for it in the future.”

The next morning Carolyn reads tree mail to her Nagarote tribe. It tells them that there is strength in numbers and that they will be eating today. Kelly thinks they will merge with the other tribe today, but Will thinks that it is just announcing a Reward challenge. Carolyn suggests that they vote off the Blue Collars first, if it is a merge. Jenn asks Kelly if she will have a hard time voting out her former tribe mates. Kelly assures her that she will not, because she knows that is what Jenn wants to hear. Kelly reveals, “I’m definitely with the Blue Collars all the way to the end.”

The Nagarote and Escameca tribes march towards one another on a deserted beach. They don’t see Jeff Probst, the host, or a challenge set up to play. The only thing around is a large wooden box. Everyone realizes that this must mean that the two tribes are merging. Everyone is excited to have made it to this phase of the game and to be able to greet their original tribe mates and the new people that they had not yet met. Rodney comments, “The first thing I was thinking was strategy. Let me get my mind right and see what I can do to piece together and get myself ahead in this game.” Jenn opens the wooden chest and they all cheer as they see that it is packed with food. Shirin reads the enclosed note, which confirms that they are merged, and invites them to feast and then return to their new home at the old Escameca camp. As Tyler puts on his new purple and black buff, he admits, “It’s a whole new life and it smells so sweet.” Next, they all sit together and enjoy the abundant food and drink, which includes ham, cheese, crackers, fruit, rum and wine. Hali reveals, “I just feel like a Greek goddess when all of that was laid out. It’s just like, give me the grapes, I’m in heaven.” As they are eating, Shirin asks why Joaquin was voted out. Mike and Dan admit that it was because he bonded too closely with Rodney. Carolyn realizes, “You cannot show any strong bonds at all or you’ll be out of here.” She has a close alliance with Tyler, especially since he knows about her hidden immunity idol. Carolyn doesn’t plan on letting anyone know that Tyler is her ally.

As the newly merge tribe gets to the old Escameca camp, they are shocked to see that it is empty. The shelter, the fire pit, the reward items and everything else are gone. Carolyn comments, “I mean it was rough. This is like day one all over again.” Mike rallies the tribe to start rebuilding their camp. Everyone jumps into action and starts collecting shelter and fire building materials. While they are busy working, they make time to connect with old and new tribe mates. Mike is so happy to be back with Kelly again and he assures her that the five remaining Blue Collar are still strong. Kelly is relieved hear this. She admits, “Mike and I are definitely the tightest out here.” Mike plans on adding two more people to the Blue Collar alliance, which would give them a majority of seven in their tribe of twelve. He admits, “Who knows who’s really together and who’s really forming new bonds at this point.” Jenn talks to Hali while they gather items for the shelter. Jenn warns Hali that Kelly is not with them and has jumped back to the Blue Collar alliance. Hali suggests that they work with Shirin. Jenn comments, “All I have to do is try and grab all the White Collars and get out the Blue Collars.” Joe is happy to be back with his old No Collar tribe mates Hali, Will and Jenn. He fills them in on what happened while he was on the Escameca tribe.

Rodney is out collecting wood and talking strategy with Will. His plan is to join forces with Will, Carolyn and Kelly, so that he can eventually get out Mike, Dan and Sierra to pay them back for voting out his ally Joaquin. Will listens to Joaquin’s idea of initially working with the Blue Collars to get down to the final seven. At that point Will, Carolyn, Kelly and Rodney would vote out Mike, Dan and Sierra and become the final four. Later, Rodney meets with Carolyn, Will and Kelly and assures Carolyn she can trust him, just like she liked and trusted her old tribe mate Joaquin. Rodney comments, “If I can build these bonds, then it’s looking beautiful for Rodney, isn’t it.” Carolyn listens to Rodney’s plan for final four, but she has her doubts. She comments, “The thing is, he’s still a Blue and he’s still going to vote with them, but it’s nice to hear that I’m wanted in a final four.” Carolyn meets with Tyler next. They both agree that they have a tight alliance, but can’t let the others know about it. Tyler warns Carolyn about trusting the Blue Collars, since they blindsided him and Joaquin. They both like the fact that the others are viewing them as swing votes and not targets. Carolyn reveals, “Tyler and I will kind of decide which way we want to go, going forward.” MERGED TRIBE NAME The next morning, a jellyfish stings Dan’s ankle when he goes out for a swim. Jenn advises Dan to put his foot in hot water. Dan reveals, “I’m way smarter and way tougher than I look. I’m not going anywhere.” As the merged tribe sits around the fire, they start discussing a tribe name. Mike suggests they call themselves “Merica”, since they represent the blue, white and no collar people in America. He explains, “We’re all part of the melting pot which makes America so great.” Jenn suggests they paint the tribe flag in red, white and blue colors. Hali loves the tribe name, but Shirin doesn’t. Shirin comments, “We dropped the “A” and went for “Merica” like a bunch of rednecks idiots, who don’t know what our own country’s name is.” Joe paints the flag and everyone puts their handprint on it. When it’s complete, Mike and Dan proudly hang the flag for all to see.

Mike meets with Rodney and suggests they vote out Joe next, if he does not win immunity. Mike plans on sticking with his former Blue Collar tribe mates to the end. For this to be successful, he needs Rodney on his side. Mike comments, “I definitely need Rodney as numbers right now. So, I’ve got to do Rodney maintenance.” Rodney is frustrated that Mike, Dan and Sierra didn’t listen to him at the last Tribal Council and got rid of Joaquin instead of Joe. He promises Mike that he will stick with him and vote out Joe. Rodney admits, “I’m putting on my hustle pants right now.” He plans on working with Mike for now and then voting him out when the time is right.

The Merica tribe arrives at their first individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff takes back the tribal immunity idol and reveals the individual immunity necklace, which is what they will be competing for now. He then explains the challenge, which is to simply hang on to a pole for as long as they can. When they drop from the pole, they are out of the challenge and have no chance of winning immunity. The last person left hanging on wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the seventh person voted out of this game. The challenge begins. Jeff points out that this SURVIVOR classic challenge has been won by a man three times and by a woman three times. Dan starts struggling right away. He tries to hang on, but ends up sliding down the pole until his feet touch the ground. Dan is the first one out of the challenge. Will is out next. A short time later, Tyler starts sliding and ends up jumping off the pole. Nine of the original twelve tribe members are still left on their poles. Jeff points out that the lighter you are, the better off you will be in this challenge. Sierra, Shirin, Mike, Hali and Kelly start adjusting their bodies to stay on the poles. Sierra loses her grip and is the first women out of the challenge. Shirin and Kelly are out next. So, now only six people remain in the challenge. After 25 minutes of hanging on to the pole, Rodney asks Carolyn if she is doing okay, since he is struggling. Carolyn replies, “Go.” Mike drops next and is quickly followed by Rodney. So, only four people are left, which are the three No Collars of Joe, Jenn and Hali and one White Collar, which is Carolyn. Jenn screams as something stings her in her crotch area. She doesn’t give up though and continues to hang on. Hali slides off next, which leaves only Jenn, Joe and Carolyn. Heavy rain begins to fall, which makes the poles more slippery. After 55 minutes, Carolyn begins to slip. Jenn moves down to the final foothold and falls off. So, Joe and Carolyn are now left fighting for immunity. Joe begins to struggle. Carolyn readjusts to her final foothold. In the end, Joe outlasts Carolyn and wins individual immunity. Jenn is happy that Joe is safe. She reveals, “The plan I want to enact today is get the No Collars, get the White Collars and then take out the actual threats - the Blue Collars.”

Mike encourages everyone on the Merica tribe to freely meet with each other and strategize, since it is part of preparing for Tribal Council. He is disappointed that Joe won individual immunity, since he wanted to vote Joe out next. Mike comments, “Why not switch it to vote off Jenn or Hali and we’ve broke up a power couple and the five Blue Collars are still running this game.” Mike meets with Dan and tells him to vote for Jenn. He then meets with Rodney and tells him to vote for Jenn, but to tell Will to vote for Hali. Mike doesn’t trust Will, so they don’t want to tell him that they are really voting for Jenn. If Will does vote for Hali, as instructed, then he will earn Mike’s trust. Later, Mike and Rodney meet with Will. Will agrees to vote for Hali, even though he is taking a risk by voting against a former No Collar tribe member. He admits, “When you’re merging with 12 people, it’s kind of tough to know who to trust.” Will feels confident that this next Tribal Council will reveal people’s true loyalties. Down by the beach, Kelly meets with Carolyn to see if she will join the Blue Collars and vote for Jenn. Kelly bonded with Carolyn when they were on the Nagarote tribe together. Carolyn agrees with Kelly that Jenn and Hali need to be split up. Kelly comments, “I think Carolyn’s definitely going to be an asset.” Meanwhile, Jenn, Hali and Shirin are discussing tonight’s vote. Jenn suggests to Shirin that the No Collars and White Collars join together to take out the Blue Collars. Shirin agrees with Jenn that Kelly is a good person to vote out next. Hali points out that getting rid of Kelly will reduce the numbers in the Blue Collar alliance. Shirin admits, “If Blue Collar wins the vote tonight, I’m afraid that Blue Collar will have the vote until the end of the game.” Mike checks in with Tyler and encourages him to vote with them tonight. Tyler tells Mike that he needs to feel like a more integral part of the alliance and be included in the strategy talks, in order to really trust them. Next, Hali talks to Tyler and invites him to join her alliance and vote out Kelly. Tyler comments, “Carolyn and I are the swing votes. We’ve been tight since day one.” He feels that whichever way they vote will dramatically impact the game. Carolyn and Tyler meet next and fill each other in on what they have heard. Tyler tells Carolyn that No Collar and Shirin are targeting Kelly. Back at camp, Jenn and Hali are talking. Jenn reveals to Hali that she has a hidden immunity idol. Hali is happy to hear this. Now they want to find out if either one of them is being targeted tonight, so Jenn can save the right one with her idol. Jenn reveals, “If I get an inkling that things aren’t going to go as we planned on getting out Kelly, I’ll just play my idol.”

Will tells Jeff that things were crazy at camp after the Immunity Challenge and anything could happen tonight. He jokes that even Jeff may be the one voted out tonight. Joe reminds everyone that it is a game and they should not take it personally, if they are the one voted out. He says, “Everyone has the knife and it’s stab or get stabbed.” Tyler admits that many people have come talked to him and he plans on choosing a group that he can work with for the rest of the game. Carolyn hopes everyone has chosen the right side to support tonight. Shirin doesn’t feel like she is a swing vote tonight and is anxious to see how everyone will vote. Rodney doesn’t think anyone has a hidden immunity idol. Jenn hopes that her side has the majority of votes tonight, but is not sure of that. Dan thinks that everyone is pretty sure how they will vote and the line between the two sides will be drawn with a chainsaw. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Jenn plays her hidden immunity idol, much to everyone’s surprise. So any votes cast for Jenn tonight will not count. Jeff reveals the first eleven votes. Hali receives 1 vote. Jenn receives 7 votes, which don’t count. Kelly receives 3 votes. So, Kelly Remington, a 44-year-old state trooper from Grand Island, NY is the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.