Season 30: Episode 8 - Keep It Real
Posted on Apr 8, 2015 11:00pm

The Merica tribe returns to camp after just having voted out Kelly at Tribal Council. Dan and Mike congratulate Jenn on making her big move at Tribal Council. She surprised everyone by playing a hidden immunity idol, which saved her from being voted out and sent Kelly home. Rodney is really upset that he lost Kelly, because she was his ally. He blames it on Mike because he changed the vote from Hali to Jenn to test Will’s loyalty. Rodney vents, “Mike’s an idiot redneck, straight up.” Rodney talks to Will. He explains to Will that Kelly went home because Mike changed the vote to test him. Rodney reveals his plan to Will to vote out Mike, once they have gotten rid of Joe, Hali, Jenn and Shirin. Once Mike is gone, then he, Will, Carolyn and Tyler will run things and make it to the final four. Rodney comments, “I do love my Blues, but you’ll be witnessing some very interesting stuff, when it gets down to seven.” Jenn is glad she played her idol and that Hali, Joe and Shirin voted with her to get Kelly out. She boasts, “The No Collars are back in town and we’re ready to win.”

The next morning, its day 20 and breakfast is being prepared. Dan is cutting up a fish, while Jenn is slicing salami and fruit left over from the merge feast. Rodney asks Shirin how many scoops of rice she put in the water to boil. She responds that everyone agreed to three. Rodney tells her to put more in the pot. Shirin has no intentions of adding more rice. Rodney is tired of Joe and his alliance dictating the amount of food served at meals. He admits, “Anytime I get mad, I just got to walk away and maybe punch a tree or something and then come back in there with a fresh, cool, calm and collected mindset.” Rodney picks up a slice of salami and starts peeling off the outer edge. Shirin asks him to stop, because she prefers to do that herself. Rodney is so tired of taking orders from others. Back at home, no one tells him what to do. He comments, “At the end of the day, we’re running the game. We got our seven to their four. The game’s pretty much over for them.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will each make their way across a series of balance beams and collect bags of puzzle pieces as they go. Every time they get a bag, they will drop it off and head back to the start. The first three to collect all three bags and cross the finish line will move on to the final round. In the final round, they will use those puzzle pieces to solve an anchor shaped puzzle. The first to finish their puzzle wins reward. The reward includes exploring the rain forest via zip line and then enjoying a pizza picnic.

The challenge begins. Dan and Shirin both fall off their balance beams after taking a couple steps. Joe is the first one across his balance beam with a puzzle bag. Mike and Jenn are right behind him. Hali, Sierra and Tyler are the next three to untie their bags and get them across the finish line. Dan, Rodney and Will then bring in their first puzzle bags. Everyone is working on their second bags, except Shirin and Carolyn, who are still struggling with their first bags. Joe, Mike and Hali are first back with their second bags. Sierra, Jenn and Tyler are the next ones to retrieve their second bags. Joe brings in his third bag and therefore earns the right to move on to the next round. Carolyn falls off the balance beam with her first bag again, just before Rodney falls off with his second bag. Mike and Hali are the next ones to bring back their third bags of puzzle pieces and qualify for the final round. Everyone else is now out of the game. The second round then begins with Joe, Mike and Hali. All three unload their three bags of puzzle pieces and start building their anchors. Some pieces may go in different spots, but the puzzle will only be finished one way. Joe and Hali work quickly to put their puzzles together. Mike is not as quick and tells himself to calm down and focus. When Joe and Hali have only four pieces left to place, they realize that they don’t fit in the last empty slots and have to rearrange their puzzles. This gives Mike a chance to catch up. In the end, Joe completes his puzzle first and wins the challenge. Jeff tells Joe to pick three people to join him on the reward. Joe picks Tyler, Will and Carolyn. Jeff then instructs Joe to pick one more person. Rodney admits he’s hungry, but just feels happy that he is in the majority alliance and is willing to not go on the reward. Shirin points out that she is a super fan of SURVIVOR. Joe then picks Shirin, much to her surprise and delight. Mike is disappointed that Joe won, since he will likely get a clue to the hidden immunity idol on the reward. Mike comments, “Kid’s amazing man. I don’t know how I’m going to beat him.”

Joe, Tyler, Will, Carolyn and Shirin begin their reward by enjoying the beautiful sites on a zip line over the Nicaraguan rain forest. Joe admits, “I won reward and it felt fantastic floating over the jungle.” Shirin has fun on the zip line, but is disappointed that she has to share the reward with Carolyn. She reveals, “I don’t like her and don’t want her to eat pizza and have a cool adventure.” After getting done with the zip line, Joe, Tyler, Shirin, Will and Carolyn enjoy a picnic lunch of pizza, watermelon, cinnamon rolls and soda. Carolyn comments, “Joe’s pick was kind of interesting, because he picked no Blue Collars.” She feels Joe made a smart choice, since the Blue Collars are out to get Joe. As Carolyn takes a drink from her lemon lime soda, Joe notices that there is something in the bottle. So, Joe mentions that he would like more soda. Much to his delight, Carolyn hands him her soda to finish, because she is full. Joe comments, “As soon as I looked inside, I saw there was a note in the bottom.” He drinks the rest of the soda and tries to get the note inside his mouth, so no one sees it. Tyler sees Joe quickly take the note from his mouth and hide it in his hand. Joe realizes that he will need to share the clue with Tyler. Tyler decides to not tell the others about seeing Joe find a clue to a hidden immunity idol. He explains, “I just figured a clue was definitely something that opens up new options.”

The next morning before the sun comes up and while everyone else is sleeping, Joe motions to Tyler to follow him out of camp to wash the dishes. Mike notices that Joe and Tyler leave camp and follows them. He admits, “I knew today was going to be a mad dash, because I figured there was a hidden immunity idol clue at the reward.” When Joe and Tyler get to the river, Joe shares the clue with Tyler. Meanwhile, Mike has climbed a tree nearby to keep an eye on what they are doing. The clue tells them that the idol is near a sea of green and is defying gravity in a hidden hollow. Mike thinks that Joe is trying to get Tyler to join his alliance. He then joins Joe and Tyler at the river and acts like everything is normal. Tyler is not sure if Mike saw them with the hidden immunity idol clue. He admits, “I’ve got to be very, very careful about alienating the group that I’m in.” Tyler decides to tell Mike that Joe has the clue and shares the contents of the clue with him. Mike immediately tells his alliance that Joe has the clue and goes in search of Joe. Mike is worried that Joe will find the idol and get further in the game. He admits, “I honestly feel that once Joe is out of the game, if I don’t have something in my back pocket, the I’m the next one to go home.” Mike ends up finding Joe searching. He decides to tell the others that Joe found an idol, so it puts a target on Joe’s back. So, later Mike congratulates Joe for finding the idol in front of everyone. Joe does not deny that he has the idol, so Mike’s plan works perfectly. Joe admits, “Mike kind of spoiled my plans.” Later, Joe admits to Hali that he did not find the idol yet, but he doesn’t mind having the others think that he does have it. Meanwhile, Mike decides to search for the idol using the information that Tyler gave him.

Dan and Shirin are back at the river. Dan tells Shirin that he is amazed that she would join Joe’s alliance, because it has the lesser numbers unlike his majority alliance. He asks, “Why is that fans can’t do basic math?” Shirin assures Dan that she has a plan. Dan tells Shirin that she is just one of Joe’s puppets and that her game is over. He comments, “I cannot wait until her torch goes out.” Shirin admits, “Dan just tries to rip me apart. He just flings insult after insult at me.” She decides to not fight with Dan, because she feels sorry for him. Dan assures Shirin that he is just trying to be nice.

Mike is still looking the idol. After many hours of searching, Mike finds a termite nest and briefly stops to eat the termites to keep up his energy. He reveals, “This is such a mind beating, exhausting game.” Mike is determined to find the idol and vows not to give up. He admits, “People who find idols in this game are the people who are working hardest in this game.” Finally, Mike searches another tree with a hollowed out portion at its base. He sees something hanging upside down and pulls it out. Mike realizes he has found the hidden immunity idol and starts crying. He reads the enclosed paper to confirm it is the idol and celebrates by doing a happy dance. Mike doesn’t plan on sharing the idol with anyone. He reveals, “If Joe doesn’t win individual immunity. Joe has to go.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each race to move a puzzle piece through three slide mazes. Once they have moved the same piece through the three mazes, they will use that piece to complete a slide puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed to move on in this game. One of the losers will be voted out after 22 days. Shirin admits that she has been waiting for a pure puzzle challenge and hopes that she can contain her energy and win the challenge. Shirin, Joe, Tyler and Mike take the early lead in getting their puzzle piece through the first two slide mazes. Joe is the first to get the piece through his third puzzle and to the final slide puzzle. Shirin, Tyler and Sierra start their final puzzles next. Mike and Carolyn are close behind. Soon everyone is working on their final puzzles, except for Rodney and Hali who are lagging behind. Dan flies through his puzzle and tells Jeff that he is done. Jeff checks his puzzle and tells him he is wrong. So everyone continues solving their final puzzle, including Rodney and Hali, who have now caught up to the others. Dan once again shouts that he has finished. Jeff once again tells him that he is not. Joe is the next one to think he is done when he correctly spells out the word Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. Jeff declares him the winner. Joe has now won all three individual challenges in this game. Jeff puts the immunity necklace around Joe’s neck. Rodney is upset. He vents, “If it was per my decisions, Joaquin would have made it and we wouldn’t even be dealing with this drama.” Rodney blames Mike for Joe still being here.

Shirin is disappointed that she did not win the immunity challenge. She admits, “Everybody thinks that I’m like so not a threat.” Shirin hopes this will keep her safe in the game. Mike, Carolyn, Dan, Tyler and Sierra get together to discuss the vote. Carolyn suggests that they vote out Shirin. Mike is worried that Shirin may have the idol from the old White Collar camp. So, he suggests they vote out Hali instead, since she is a close ally of Joe. Dan doubts that Shirin has the idol, since she hasn’t spoken of it. He comments, “I don’t think her game is good enough to keep her mouth shut.” Later, Shirin, Hali, Jenn and Sierra talk on the beach. Shirin tells the girls how badly Dan treated her when they last talked. Shirin, Hali and Jenn all agree that they don’t like Dan. Sierra is glad that the other girls feel they same way she does about Dan and would love to get rid of him. She comments, “I have to decide, do I want to go with the girls or do I want to stick to my Blue Collar alliance.” Hali likes the idea of the girls voting out Dan. She hopes that they can get one more vote to make it happen. Hali vents, “You go misogynistic on the girls. Girls are going to take you out, Dan.” Shirin takes a walk with Tyler and encourages him to vote Dan out tonight. She points out that voting out Dan will weaken the Blue Collars and Mike in particular. Tyler agrees that Mike and Dan are running things on the Blue Collar alliance. Tyler admits, “I’m hoping just to strike before Blue Collar even knows what hits them.”

Tyler admits that Jenn playing her idol and getting out Kelly at the last Tribal Council was very shocking. He feels that people are still trying to figure out which alliance they want to be in. Mike cautions the others to be loyal to the people that have proven their trustworthiness over time, not just someone that took them out for pizza. Dan agrees and says, “Flippers never win.” Shirin disagrees and reminds everyone that Tony flipped and won. Shirin feels that Dan is just trying to put fear into his alliance, so they won’t vote him out. Hali points out that they are the Merica tribe. She asks, “If you look at history, what if the colonists never flipped on the greatest empire in the world?” Hali thinks flippers will do okay in this game. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played.

Jeff reveals the first ten votes. Dan receives 4 votes. Hali receives 6 votes. So, Hali Ford, a 25-year-old law student from San Francisco, CA is the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the first member of the jury.