Season 30: Episode 9 - Livin' on the Edge
Posted on Apr 15, 2015 11:00pm

It’s night 22 and the Merica tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council where Hali was voted out. At Tribal Council, Dan made a comment that people who flip in SURVIVOR never win. Shirin tells Dan that he is wrong about that. Dan calls Shirin a “know-it-all” and sticks by his statement. Shirin admits, “The hope is that Blue Collar will start fracturing sooner rather than later, because I still think that I can go to the end.” She plans on shaking things up among the old Blue Collar tribe members. Shirin begins by telling Mike that she will vote for him to win in the end. Rodney has his own plans to vote out his fellow Blue Collars. Rodney comments, “I’m just waiting for my time, waiting for my moment and I’m going to hit ‘em with a Mike Tyson knock out punch.” Jenn is upset that Hali, who was her closest friend and ally was just voted out. She tells Shirin and Joe that she is ready to be voted out too. Shirin understands why Jenn feels this way, but she doesn’t want Jenn to leave the game. Shirin admits, “I need to prove myself to gain a new alliance.”

The next morning, Shirin tells Mike and Sierra that she would like to join their alliance. Mike realizes that Shirin may be a perfect weapon to get rid of people who are threats to him, but he is not sure that he can trust her. Mike asks Shirin whom she would like to vote out next. Shirin picks Carolyn, since she is close with Will, Rodney and Tyler. Mike admits, “Shirin’s smart enough to realize that there’s a group within our group.” Shirin assures Mike that she will vote with them at the next Tribal Council. She comments, “The biggest thing right now is to hitch my boat onto somebody else’s game plan.” Shirin hopes that they will then trust her and she can then make moves from within her new alliance.

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams of five. One person from each team will race through a series of obstacles. Once they reach the final platform, then the next member of the team goes through the obstacles. After all five team members have made it to the platform, one person from each team will use a grappling hook to retrieve rings floating in the water. The first team to collect all five rings wins reward. The winning team will be taken to the Chocolate Café where they will enjoy Snickers, Twix, Dove bars and M&Ms. Jeff then gives them each a hint of the reward by passing out a single M&M to everyone. After a school yard pick method of picking teams, the resulting teams are Mike, Tyler, Dan, Shirin and Sierra for the blue team against Joe, Rodney, Will, Jenn and Carolyn for the red team. The challenge begins. Mike and Rodney are the first ones out for their teams. They each give it their all as they climb up a wall, go down a slide, swim through a net run and run across a balance beam. Mike makes it to the final platform just seconds before Rodney. Dan is out next for blue and Will is out next for red. They both have difficulty getting down the slide, but don’t let it slow them down. Dan finishes before Will, which puts the blue team in the lead. Tyler is out next for blue and Carolyn jumps in the water for red. They both fall off the balance beam and have to go back and try it over. Tyler makes it the second time, but Carolyn doesn’t. So this puts the blue team even further in the lead. Shirin and Jenn are the next ones out. Jenn does a good job of making up time for the red team and puts them in the lead, especially when Shirin falls off the balance beam. Joe is out next for red and puts them in a bigger lead as he catches up with Shirin still trying to get across the balance beam. Joe is the fifth and final person for the red team. He gets through the obstacles quickly. So, the red team starts trying to retrieve their rings, while Sierra is going through the obstacles for the blue team. Jenn, Joe and Carolyn each try to snag a ring with the grappling hook for the red team, but are unsuccessful. Sierra makes it to the final platform for the blue team. Mike snags a ring on his first try and puts the blue team in the lead. Carolyn finally gets a ring for red. Sierra responds by getting the second ring for blue. Jenn ties it up for red by getting their second ring. Mike hooks a third ring for blue and Jenn responds by getting a third ring for red. Mike snags a fourth ring for blue, giving them only one more to grab. Joe tosses the grappling hook for red, but it doesn’t hook their fourth ring. In the end, Mike brings the last hook in for the blue team. So, Mike, Sierra, Dan, Shirin and Tyler win the Chocolate Café reward. Mike is looking forward to eating a Snickers bar, since he has been craving one since day 1. Jenn is very disappointed that her red team did not win. She says, “Unless you’ve played this game, you have no idea what this feels like.”

Dan, Sierra, Mike, Tyler and Shirin are so excited as they walk up to the Chocolate Café and see endless amounts of Snicker, M&Ms, Twix and Dove bars. They each pick their favorite candy and immediately start enjoying them. Mike comments, “Opening that Snickers and smelling that carmelly, peanutty, nougat goodness really brought me back to my childhood.” As they gather around a table to eat their chocolates and popcorn, the blue team toasts to their success. Shirin admits, “I am the luckiest person out here right now, considering where I was coming from at the previous night’s Tribal Council to all of a sudden winning this chocolate paradise reward.” She appreciates the chance to bond with Mike, Sierra, Dan and Tyler. Shirin hopes this will help to further her game.

Carolyn, Rodney, Will, Jenn and Joe decide to not dwell on the fact that they lost the Chocolate Café reward. Instead, they kill one of the chickens and enjoy a fried chicken meal. Rodney enjoys eating something besides just rice and beans. Jenn is not happy about them killing one of the pet chickens. She comments, “None of this is fun. I’ve got nothing out here except for despair.” As they all are gathered around the fire enjoying their meal, Rodney entertains them by doing impersonations of Mike and Dan. He even gets Jenn to laugh. Joe senses that Rodney does not get along with Mike and hopes to take advantage of that. He reveals, “Hopefully I can work a little magic and stay in the game a little longer.”

The next morning, Dan reads tree mail to his tribe. It tells them about an immunity challenge where they will have to “keep on their toes.” Joe admits, “Going into the immunity challenge I feel a ton of pressure. I really have nobody out here.” He hopes to continue his winning streak and win the immunity challenge to ensure that he stays in the game. Jenn and Joe stretch on the beach to get ready for the challenge. Jenn comments, “The more I ask to leave, the less likely I am to leave.” She plans on giving her tribe a reason to vote her out. Jenn tells Joe that if she wins the challenge, she will give him the immunity necklace. Joe wishes that Jenn would change her mind and want to stay in the game, but he appreciates her offer of giving him the immunity necklace.

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each balance on their toes with a block wedged between their head and the top of a wooden frame. The longer the challenge goes the more fatigued their legs will become. If the block falls, then that person is out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in nine chance at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the ninth person voted out and the second member of the jury. The challenge begins. Almost immediately, Joe starts wobbling but is able to regain his balance. Carolyn then starts struggling and her block falls. So, she is the first one out of the challenge. Will and Shirin drop next. Jeff reminds the remaining seven people to stay focused. Joe starts moving again, but is able to get back his balance without losing his block. Rodney is the next one out of the challenge, when he slips off the frame. Dan drops next. Joe’s block is now an in awkward spot, but he continues to stay on the frame. Sierra is the next one out. So, only Joe, Mike, Jenn and Tyler remain in the challenge. Joe struggles to keep his block steady, loses the battle, and is the next one out of the challenge. Jenn, Mike and Tyler are now left competing for the coveted immunity necklace. Mike and Tyler start to shake as their bodies get tired, but Jenn stays steady. Mike drops out, which leaves Tyler and Jenn to battle it out. After 30 minutes, Jenn starts to shake and eventually loses control of the block and it drops. So, Tyler wins individual immunity and is safe from the vote tonight. Jenn admits, “Isn’t it really sad that I fought so hard in that challenge today, so I could have a ticket out.” She knows that her tribe will want to vote out Joe tonight, but she hopes to mess up their plans.

Joe knows that he is a likely target tonight at Tribal Council, because his tribe mates see him as a threat. He sits with Jenn and Shirin and tells them that he has a hidden immunity idol and that he is going to use it to protect himself tonight. Shirin reveals, “Nobody knows the game as well as I do and I’m running the numbers constantly and I’ve figured out this numbers loophole.” She is pretty sure that the Blue alliance will split their vote with four of them voting for Joe and the other three voting for Jenn. Shirin realizes that if both she and Joe vote for Jenn putting the total votes for her at five, then Jenn will go home and not Joe. She comments, “That leaves me as a swing vote to decide between Joe and Jenn going home.” After Shirin explains the loophole to Joe and Jenn, Jenn pleads with Shirin to vote for her. Jenn likes the idea of messing up the Blue alliance’s plan. She admits, “It sounds pathetic to ask people to vote for you, but I don’t care.” Meanwhile, Mike meets with his alliance of Dan, Sierra, Carolyn, Rodney, Will and Tyler. They all agree to split the vote between Joe and Jenn as Shirin predicted with four votes going to Joe and three to Jenn. Next, Mike meets with Shirin and instructs her to vote for Joe. Mike realizes that one vote in the wrong direction can mean that Jenn goes home instead of Joe. Shirin admits, “I am being tested and little does everyone know that I could really rock the boat tonight.” Joe doesn’t really have a hidden immunity idol, so he wants to sneak away from camp to make a fake immunity idol. He asks Dan to go on a walk, so they can talk. Joe tells Dan how much he wants to stay in the game. Dan apologizes and admits to Joe that he can’t change the vote tonight. Dan then heads back to camp without Joe. Joe heads to a tree, where he has hidden various trinkets that he can use to make a fake idol He has a piece of wood from the crate and beads from his torch. Joe comments, “I make jewelry, so I’m going to make a fake idol.” He gets to work carving markings on the wood and stringing the trinkets onto a piece of rope. Meanwhile, Mike panics when realizes that Dan left Joe alone. Mike heads out to look for Joe and sends Dan out too. Mike finds Joe walking down a path and stops to talk to him. Joe makes Mike an offer to try and save himself. He promises to vote for Jenn tonight and give Mike his idol tomorrow, if Mike lets him stay in the game tonight. Mike has a hidden immunity idol, but he is not sure if Joe has a different idol that is still legitimate. So, he insists that Joe give him his idol before Tribal Council, if he expects him to change his vote. Mike reveals, “I would switch my vote … maybe.” The Merica tribe heads out to Tribal Council with their torches.

Jeff welcomes the remaining ten members of the Merica tribe to Tribal Council. Hali joins them as the first member of the jury. Jeff compliments Jenn on how well she did in the Immunity Challenge. Jenn admits that there are some parts of the game that she enjoys and others that she does not. She wanted to win a hidden immunity necklace, but reveals that she would have given it to Joe to keep him in the game. Jeff asks her why she doesn’t just voluntarily leave the game tonight, which would keep Joe in the game a little longer. Jenn insists that she is not a quitter. Joe points out that unlike Jenn, he wants to be in this game and has wanted it his whole life. He is not ready to leave. Shirin feels that Jenn is her ally and would like to keep her in the game. She also understands why Jenn wants to leave and why others would like Jenn to stay, because she is not a threat. Mike holds up the hidden immunity idol that Joe gave him and asks Jeff if it is real. Jeff cannot verify its validity until someone plays it. He then calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Mike plays the hidden immunity idol that Joe gave him for Will. Jeff reveals to everyone that the idol played is not a legitimate hidden immunity idol, so any votes cast for Will are valid.

Jeff then reveals all ten votes. Dan receives 1 vote. Jenn receives 4 votes. Joe receives 5 votes. So, Joe Anglim, a 25-year-old jewelry designer from Scottsdale, AZ is the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the second member of the jury.