Season 30: Episode 10 - Bring the Popcorn
Posted on Apr 22, 2015 11:00pm


The sun rises on day 25 of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART. Rodney meets with Tyler, Carolyn and Will and proposes that they vote out Mike next, since he won’t be expecting it. Tyler admits, “Rodney’s idea could be a really good idea.” He suggests to Rodney that they talk again when it gets closer to the vote. Rodney tells Tyler, Carolyn and Will that he sees them as the final four. What they don’t realize is that Mike is in earshot of them and can hear their conversation. Mike vents, “Rodney has flipped on the Blue Collars and he is no longer in my alliance.” Now Mike knows that they are coming after him and he is determined that they do not succeed.

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, welcomes everyone to the SURVIVOR Auction and explains the rules. They can bid for the items that come up with the $500 that they each received in tree mail this morning. Bidding will be in increments of $20 and there is no sharing of items. The auction will end without warning. So, he encourages them to bid on things they like. Jeff presents the first item up for bid, which is covered. Jenn starts the bid at $20. Shirin, Will and Jenn continue to bid against one another increasing the price $20 each time. Finally, Will is the highest bidder at $100 and wins the item. Will pays Jeff the $100 and Jeff lifts the cover to reveal a rolled up piece of paper. Will reads the note and is upset to find out that he is now out of the auction and must return to camp. Jeff reminds everyone that the auction is unpredictable. The next item is a plate of chicken and waffles. Shirin does not intend to wait and bid for a possible advantage in the game, so she immediately bids $300 and wins the item. Jeff asks how many people are not bidding on food and waiting for a possible advantage in the game to come up at the auction. Mike, Carolyn and Mike all raise their hands. The auction then continues with Jenn paying $100 for a huge glass of rum punch. Sierra pays $100 for a plate of meat skewers. Rodney wins the bid for a steak with mashed potatoes and a glass of wine. Mike reveals, “No food in this world is worth what an advantage in this game is worth to me.” Jeff then tells Mike, Carolyn and Dan that it is time to bid on the advantage. Just before he brings it out, Jeff tempts them with love letters from home. Everyone is dying to hear from their family and friends back at home. Shirin tells everyone that Jeff will likely let everybody buy their letters for whatever the highest bid is. Sierra bids $20 and no one else bids, so Jeff confirms that they can all buy their letters for $20. Carolyn recommends that she, Dan and Mike all buy their letters for $20 and then they will all have $480 to bid for the advantage. That way they get the love from home and still have equal amounts left to bid. Dan and Mike agree and they all run up to Jeff to buy their letters. Mike insists that he go last and then decides not to buy his letter, which leaves him as the only one with $500 and guarantees that he will win the bid for the advantage. Carolyn and Dan are shocked that he tricked them. Dan is very disappointed with Mike. Carolyn gets mad and immediately gives back her letters and demands her $20 back, since Mike deceived them. Mike’s guilt gets the best of him, so he decides to make good on his promise and pays $20 for his letters from home. Jeff then brings out the advantage in the game. Dan, Carolyn and Mike all bid $480 for it. Jeff has them pick rocks out of bag to determine who wins the bid. Dan picks the one white rock and wins the advantage. Jeff instructs Dan to take it back to camp to open in private.

While the others are at the Auction, Will makes his way back to camp. He admits, “I’m so upset. I spent $100 to get myself out of the food auction.” Will walks into camp and sees a piece of paper tied to a stick by the tribe flag. He quickly opens the note, which contains a map and instructions to dig when he arrives at the end spot. Will is hopeful that his misfortune may actually turn into something positive. He heads to the ending point of the map and sees a stick with red rope on it. Will digs by the stick and is elated to find a box filled with three jars and a note. The jars contain beef jerky, dried fruits and nuts and electrolytes. The note informs him that he bought a personal stash of rations that will last him through the rest of the game, if he chooses to keep them to himself and not share. Will takes the jars back to camp with him. He reveals, “Everybody’s starving, so I’m going to go ahead and share. Maybe this will give me some brownie points.” Later, when his tribe mates return from the Auction, Will greets them and unveils his food reward and insists that they all will share it. Everyone thanks Will for his generosity.

While the rest of the tribe gets ready to read their letters from home, Mike explains to Sierra and Dan that Rodney flipped on them and that’s why he was hesitant about buying the letters from home at the Auction. Mike admits, “I screwed up big time at the Auction, but I know there was an alliance of four that was coming for me.” After informing Sierra and Dan, Mike explains to the whole tribe why he acted the way he did at the Auction. He accuses Rodney of flipping alliances and tells Carolyn, Will and Tyler that he knows Rodney talked to them about voting him off next. Rodney gets mad and tells Mike that he didn’t flip and that Mike is the crazy one for ruining their time to read their letters. Sierra comments, “Mike feels the urge to just let it all out. This is symptom of being exhausted and paranoia.” She decides not to let Mike ruin the moment for her and starts reading her letters from home. The rest of the tribe follows her example. Shirin reads a letter from her boyfriend. Jenn enjoys seeing pictures of her animals. Sierra reads an inspiring letter from her father. Mike sees how much the letters mean to everyone and apologizes for the timing of his confronting Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler and Will. He comments, “Hopefully my strategy works. It may not, but at least it’s out in the open now.” Rodney knows that Mike is speaking the truth and that he did flip on Mike and now wants to get him out. He reveals, “I’m going after what I need right now, which is Dan’s vote.” Rodney finds an emotional Dan down at the beach reading his letters from home. Dan agrees with Rodney that Mike has gone overboard. Rodney would like to physically fight with Mike, but he knows that he has to beat him with his mind instead. Dan is both annoyed with Mike and worried that what Mike said about Rodney is true. Dan comments, “He is convinced that Rodney has flipped, which now puts Mike, myself and Sierra at the bottom end of the food chain.”

When he is by himself, Dan decides to open the advantage that he won at the Auction. It tells him that he bought an extra vote that he can use at Tribal Council. If he wants to use it, Dan must announce it after Jeff says, “I’ll go tally the votes.” Dan is so excited by the power he now holds with this extra vote. He was just expecting to get an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Dan boasts, “It’s like the Willy Wonka golden ticket.”

The next day, Mike mentions to Jenn and Shirin that he suspects that Will got more food than he shared with them. Jenn agrees. They both wonder where the box is that Will found the food in when he got back from the Auction. When Jenn and Shirin get back to camp, they share their suspicions with Rodney, Sierra and Tyler. Tyler heads out of camp and finds Will. He tells Will what the others are saying about the food he shared with them. Will can’t believe what he is hearing and decides to bring the food box back to camp for all to see. He vents, “When I do a generous act and you question that and you question my integrity, oh it’s on.” Will opens the box in front of Shirin and shows her that it is empty and cannot fit anymore than what he shared with them. He yells at Shirin for doubting him. Mike enters camp and tells Shirin to get out of camp. He says, “You’re not gonna just sit here and get attacked.” Shirin decides to stick around. Will then tells Shirin that nobody back at home even likes her. Shirin reveals, “Having grown up in a family torn apart by domestic violence and been verbally assaulted my entire childhood, I get worked up about it.” As Will continues his attacks, Shirin fires back and questions how Will could really be a man of God and treat others this way. She is particularly upset that no one else at camp, besides Mike, was coming to her defense. Later, Shirin, Mike and Jenn are together at the beach and Shirin explains to Jenn what happened at camp and starts crying. Jenn is upset that people are getting so personal in their attacks. She vents, “I think I’ll stick around just so I can ?x@% up their game.” Mike comforts Shirin with a hug. He admits, “I’m going to keep working every angle I can until either something breaks or I go home.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Will asks Jeff if he can sit out of the Immunity Challenge, which puts his game at risk, in exchange for getting his letters from home. He admits, “Family means more to me than money.” Jeff asks the tribe if they are okay with Will sitting out for his letters. Everyone is except for Shirin. Since the vote is not unanimous, Jeff denies Will’s request. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each use metal tongs to transport a ball across a series of teeter-totters. When they reach the end, they will place the ball on a stand and head back for the next ball. If at any point, they fall off or the balls drops, they have to go back to the start. The first person to place all six balls in their stand wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in eight chance at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the tenth person voted out and the third member of the jury. The challenge begins. Everyone takes a while getting used to picking up a ball with the heavy metal tongs and getting it across the teeter-totters. They all drop the ball once or twice and have to head back to the start. Tyler is the first one to get a ball across the teeter-totters and into his stand. Mike is the next one to place a ball in his stand. Dan gets a ball all the way to his stand, but drops it as he is trying to place it. Mike places his second ball. Rodney finally places his first ball. The rest are still having trouble holding onto their balls and getting across the teeter-totters. Dan and Sierra place their first balls into their stands. Tyler has dropped his second ball twice as he tries to get it to his stand. Mike places his third ball, which puts him in the lead by two. Carolyn finally gets her first ball in the stand. Dan places his second ball. Just as Mike places his fourth ball, Tyler places his third ball. Mike and Tyler are in the lead. Mike places his fifth ball and Tyler places his fourth ball. Mike has only one more to get across to win. Tyler picks up the pace, but ends up dropping his fifth ball just as he tries to place it in the stand. In the end, Mike holds onto his lead and wins the challenge and immunity. Rodney is disappointed that he won’t be able to vote Mike out tonight. Before heading back to camp, Will says, “Bring the popcorn baby. It’s going to be the best Tribal ever.”

Mike is so happy to have won the Immunity Challenge because he was sure that he was on the chopping block tonight. Rodney and Will discuss the vote. Will suggests they vote out Jenn, since she does better in challenges than Shirin. Will admits, “Tonight’s going to be a very, very important Tribal, because we need to break up those three.” He doesn’t want Mike, Jenn and Shirin to stay in a strong alliance. Sierra, Rodney, Will, Carolyn, Tyler and Dan meet next and agree to split their votes between Jenn and Shirin. Mike, Shirin and Jenn have their own meeting. Shirin would like Carolyn to be voted out next, since she doesn’t like her. She realizes that she and Jenn are the likely targets for the other alliance. Mike tells Jenn and Shirin that he will try to get Dan to vote with them tonight for Carolyn. Knowing that they need Dan’s vote to get out Carolyn, Jenn comments, “My entire game is in dumb ass’s hands.” Next, Mike meets with Dan. Dan tries to assure Mike, that his old alliance is not coming after him right now. Dan knows that he is a threat and therefore a target. He promises Dan that he will be loyal to him and Sierra to the end and plans on them being the final three. Back at camp, Carolyn, Rodney, Tyler and Sierra are worried that Mike is persuading Dan to change his vote. Carolyn comments, “I do have my idol and if Mike gets to him, I might have to use it.” Mike reminds Dan that Rodney and Will cannot be trusted and are just using him for his vote. Mike comments, “I would like to think deep down in his heart of hearts, Dan does still wants to work with me.” He asks Dan if he would vote for Carolyn tonight. Dan reveals, “What upsets me the most is I am a swing vote tonight, which is my worst nightmare.” When Dan gets back to camp, Tyler, Carolyn, Sierra and Rodney question him. Dan does not like the pressure and says, “Nobody dictates my future but me. It is my choice.” Dan knows his vote is critical tonight.

Jeff welcomes the remaining nine members of the Merica tribe to Tribal Council. Jury members Hali and Joe join them. Will starts off by telling everyone about Shirin accusing him of not sharing all the food that he when he returned from the Auction. Shirin points out that Will’s verbal attacks got personal when he called her a loser whom no one loves. She starts crying as she talks about it. Shirin then admits to everyone that her family was torn apart because of domestic violence. Will assures Shirin that his comments were justified and that she is just playing the victim. Sierra feels that everyone is no longer loyal to their original tribes, because they are now fighting for themselves. Dan points out that he has bonded with and gotten close to many of his fellow Blue Collars, so it is hard to go against them. Mike is glad to have the immunity necklace on, since he feels Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler and Will want to vote him out, because they see him as a threat. Rodney says they want Mike out, because he is selfish and ruined their time to enjoy their love letters. Both Mike and Shirin warn Dan and Sierra that they are at the bottom of their alliance with Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler and Will. Shirin is sure that she and Jenn will be targeted tonight. Dan feels it’s important to consider all options and be careful about whom you vote out and put on the jury. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played.

Jeff then reveals all nine votes. Carolyn receives 1 vote. Shirin receives 3 votes. Jenn receives 5 votes. So, Jenn Brown, a 22-year-old sailing instructor from Long Beach, CA is the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the third member of the jury.