Season 30: Episode 11 - Survivor Russian Roulette
Posted on Apr 29, 2015 11:00pm

It’s day 28 and the Merica camp is starting their day. Mike and Shirin are down by the beach, while the rest of the tribe is back at camp. Dan warns Sierra that Mike will likely try to talk them into joining his alliance with Shirin. They expect Mike to warn them that they are at the bottom of their current alliance with Tyler, Carolyn, Will and Rodney. Dan comments, “I know it looks like I’m playing a passive game, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have schemes brewing.” Later, Dan joins Shirin at the fire. Shirin is upset at Will for verbally attacking her yesterday at camp and at Tribal Council. She admits, “The most horrifying part about this for me is that all of this drama makes Will an excellent person to take to the end and yet, Mike and I are on the bottom.” Dan tells Shirin that he is sorry about what happened to her last night at Tribal Council and for the violence that she admitted to experiencing in the past. At the same time, Dan realizes that Shirin loves drama, has lied during the game and loves to play the victim. He comments, “For Shirin to say that Will is worse than her, that’s hypocritical.” Dan does feel that Will went too far in his verbal attack on Shirin. He admits, “When she’s calling him names, when she has no gratitude or appreciation, I’d call that karma.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams of four. Using four barrels, two planks and a piece of rope, they must transport all four tribe members across three sections from one end of the field to the other. If somebody falls off or if a plank touches the ground, then that team has to go back to the start of the section they are in. The first team to get all their members to the other side of the field wins reward. The winners will take a catamaran ride along the Nicaraguan coast where they will enjoy bacon cheeseburgers and pie. A schoolyard pick method is used to choose the teams. The blue team consists of Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney. The red team consists of Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will. The challenge begins and the two teams have very different approaches to using their planks and barrels to get across the field. The blue team puts three barrels on their sides and puts the planks across them, so each person from the team can progress down the field by walking the planks. Mike takes charge of moving the barrels and planks, while Sierra, Shirin and Rodney wait on the remaining fourth barrel until Mike instructs them to walk the planks. Meanwhile, the red team is only using three barrels, which they keep upright. Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will work together to move their barrels along and then walk the planks positioned between the barrels to move forward. The blue team’s method proves to be faster, so they complete the first section of the course first. The red team is slower, but they are still in it. Mike is expending so much energy, that he gets tired and starts to slow down. This allows the red team to catch up to the blue team by the middle of the second section. By the time the teams enter the third and final section of the field, the red team is two barrels ahead. Mike tells his blue team that he is exhausted and they are going to have to change their plan. He then mistakenly puts the planks on the ground, which forces his blue team to go back to the start of this final section. Now the red team has a significant lead. In a last ditch effort to get the lead back, Mike, Sierra, Rodney and Shirin each hop on top of a barrel and try to roll them to the finish with their feet. In a short time, they all fall off their barrels. So, the slow and steady red team of Tyler, Carolyn, Dan and Rodney win the Reward Challenge. Dan feels bad that Rodney has not been on a reward so yet. So, Jeff tells Dan that he can switch places with Rodney. Dan is not sure what to say, but feels relieved when Rodney replies, “I’ll get mine. It’s all good.” While on the reward, Carolyn plans on strengthening her alliance with Dan. By doing this, she hopes to keep him from switching over to Mike’s alliance.

When Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney get back to camp they start preparations for their own feast. They decide that this is the day to eat Rosie, the last remaining chicken. Mike is disappointed that his team lost the Reward Challenge. He came up with the game plan and did most of the work, but it didn’t pay off. Mike admits, “I’m already their number one public enemy. So, I’ve got nothing to lose at this point.” Rodney and Sierra get the fire ready to cook their meal. They both wish that they could be on the reward enjoying a catamaran ride and hamburgers right now. Rodney vents, “Everybody’s had a break, but I’ve just been locked in my cell 24/7 not being able to burst out and have some fun.” Sierra tells Rodney that she is worried about Tyler making it to the end, because he would likely win. Rodney assures her that he will get Tyler out before it is too late. Sierra comments, “We could use Shirin’s vote to get rid of Tyler before the six, because for these tough guys that are threats, you have to strike when you get the chance.” Rodney doesn’t trust Shirin though and does not want to rely on her to vote with them. He reveals, “My next move is to get Mike and Shirin out of here, get to the strong six and then Rodney works his magic.”

Will, Dan, Carolyn and Tyler are thrilled to be out on the ocean on a catamaran. Dan wants to just enjoy their reward and put the game on pause. Tyler points out that if they did want to talk strategy, that this is the perfect group of people. Dan is happy to spend time with his new alliance of Carolyn, Will and Tyler, since Mike is now on the outs. He reveals, “The only reason why Mike is still here is because he’s won immunities.” Dan plans on voting Mike out the next time he loses an Immunity Challenge. All four of them cheer as they are served giant cheeseburgers and fries. Between bites they talk about Mike breaking off his alliance with them, because he thought they were voting him out next. Dan doesn’t believe that would have happened, but Tyler knows that it was actually true. Tyler reveals, “Dan should be worried, because he needs to be thinking further along in the game. All he can see is top six and that’s a perfect place for his mind to stop.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each hold onto a rope handle attached to 25% of their body weight. As the challenge continues, the weight will become too much to bear. The rope will unspool and the weight will drop, which will tip a bucket of water. When the water falls on them, they are out of the challenge. Jeff then surprises them by announcing that the last man and the last woman standing will both win immunity. So, two people will be safe tonight at Tribal Council. One of the losers will be voted out and become the fourth member of the jury. The challenge begins. Jeff tells them that the weight they are now holding is based on 25% of their body weight as of day 1. So, if they have lost a lot in weight in the last 29 days, then they are holding more than 25% of their body weight. After 15 minutes, Sierra’s hands are sweaty and can no longer provide a firm hold on the rope handle. Her weight drops and the water bucket tips. She is the first one out of the challenge. Less than a minute later, Tyler is out when he drops his weight. Will and Dan are the next ones out. So there are two men and two women left in the challenge. Shirin is battling with Carolyn for immunity, while Rodney is battling with Mike. Shirin is the next one out. So Carolyn wins immunity for the women. Rodney and Mike are now competing for the men’s immunity necklace. In the end, Mike holds on longer and wins immunity. Shirin admits, “I have now got to scramble.”

Rodney congratulates Carolyn for winning immunity. Both of them are glad that both Mike and Shirin did not win immunity. Carolyn is so proud of winning immunity. She admits, “If Shirin got the necklace, one of my alliance members could have been going home tonight.” Rodney, Will and Carolyn agree that their alliance will vote out Shirin tonight, since Mike won immunity. Carolyn comments, “There’s no splitting votes tonight because we have to split with one of our own and that just doesn’t make sense.” Shirin takes Dan aside and pleads her case. She points out that she is not a threat to win the game and is not a threat at challenges. Shirin suggests that they vote out Tyler tonight, since he is a real threat. She doesn’t feel confident that Dan will vote for Tyler instead of her. Shirin comments, “Dan you are being stupid. You’re going to have to make a move. Open your eyes bro.” Next, Shirin talks to Sierra to see if she can persuade her to vote out Tyler. She tells Sierra that she would like to go to the end with her and Carolyn. Sierra wouldn’t mind going to the end with Shirin, because she is confident that she can beat her. Sierra admits, “If I had two people backing me that were comfortable with it, of course I would get rid of Tyler tonight.” While everyone is away from camp, Tyler grabs Dan’s bag and takes it away from camp. When he looks through Dan’s bag, he finds what he was looking for, which is the advantage that Dan won at the Auction. Tyler reveals, “I read that Dan’s advantage is one extra vote. “ Next, Tyler finds Carolyn and shares his findings about the advantage. He is worried that Dan and Sierra will side with Mike and Shirin tonight and vote him out. Meanwhile, Mike talks to Dan. Dan admits that he is worried that Mike or Shirin will play an idol tonight and vote him out. Mike comments, “I’m not guaranteed to win the next immunity, so I’ve got some work to do in order to get myself further in this game.” Mike encourages Dan to make a big move and vote out Tyler tonight. Mike really does want to work with Dan, but Dan does not trust him anymore. Mike comments, “It’s sad that you put your faith and trust in someone and they turn out being a lot different than you thought they were.” Since he is making no progress with Dan, Mike considers using his hidden immunity idol tonight to help him get out Tyler. He explains, “I could literally give the idol to Shirin and shake this game all up again.”

Jeff welcomes the remaining eight members of the Merica tribe and jury members Hali, Joe and Jenn to Tribal Council. Shirin admits that it is hard for her to trust others, since she is not close to her traditional family. She only shares important things with her boyfriend and his family and her best friend. Without a close relationship with her traditional family, Shirin feels very different from her tribe mates. Dan doesn’t want to diminish Shirin’s past, but he feels that he is similar to Shirin because he is adopted and therefore does not have a traditional family. Jeff points out that Dan did not experience domestic violence like Shirin. Shirin says, “I don’t think people here really appreciate what I’ve been through and how wrong what Will did to me was.” She feels Will verbally assaulted her and has no compassion for her family situation. Shirin is also upset that none of her other tribe mates have condemned Will for how he treated her. Will admits that he has no plans of apologizing to Shirin. Shirin turns attention to the game and feels it is crazy that she will be the one voted out tonight, even though she is not a threat like Tyler is. Tyler points out that he is a loyal member of his alliance and would be voted out if he were not. Sierra agrees with Shirin’s logic to vote out Tyler, but feels she cannot change things with only her one vote. Carolyn reminds everyone that they have strong six person alliance and making moves too early would be bad. Mike points out that if he wins immunity one more time, then the alliance of six will have to start voting each other out. He then encourages his old Blue Collar tribe mates of Rodney, Dan and Sierra to join him and Sierra and vote for Tyler tonight. Tyler reminds Mike that he has not been loyal to the Blue Collars. He also points out that it is smart to stick with a strong alliance that guarantee each member to make it to the top six instead of scrambling and being uncertain about the future. Jeff points out that someone at the bottom of the six may want to make a move and improve their standings. Rodney argues that Mike was the one that flipped, because it used to be an alliance of seven with him in it. Dan feels Mike is paying for the fact that he flipped and he and Shirin will say anything to stay in the game. Mike shocks everyone when he pulls out his hidden immunity idol and assures everyone that he will give it to Shirin tonight. The plan is for Shirin to vote for Tyler and Mike will vote for either Sierra, Will, Rodney or Dan. Mike encourages Sierra, Will, Rodney and Dan to vote for Tyler too, to ensure that they will not be voted out tonight. Jeff describes it as Survivor Russian roulette, since Sierra, Will, Rodney or Dan could go home if they don’t vote for Tyler. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played.

Jeff then reveals all eight votes. Tyler receives 2 votes. Dan received 2 votes. Shirin receives 4 votes. So, Shirin Oskool, the 31-year old Yahoo executive from San Francisco, CA is the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the fourth member of the jury.