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Season 30: Episode 13 - My Word is My Bond
Posted on May 13, 2015 11:00pm

It’s night 32 and the remaining six members of the Merica tribe return from Tribal Council where Tyler was voted out, because Mike played his hidden immunity idol. Mike admits, “Tribal tonight was a whole lot of fun for me, because I finally got to break apart the six.” Now that he no longer has his hidden immunity idol, Mike realizes that he has to find another idol or win immunity to keep himself safe. Dan is very disappointed that Mike is still in the game, but he is glad that Mike is now vulnerable because he no longer has an idol. Dan boasts, “I’m in a position of power, because I have an advantage in this game, which is an extra vote at a Tribal Council.” He also feels confident that his alliance with Carolyn, Sierra, Will and Rodney will work together to get Mike out of the game. In reality, Carolyn does not trust Dan, because he has the advantage and is therefore a threat. She knows that she has a hidden immunity idol to protect herself, but that only helps for one vote. Carolyn is willing to work with Mike to give her options in case her main alliance lets her down. So, Carolyn meets with Mike down at the beach. She suggests that they vote out Dan next. Mike agrees. Carolyn then reveals that Dan’s advantage gives him an extra vote at Tribal Council. Mike comments, “I love my new little angel Carolyn.” He appreciates her letting him know about Dan’s advantage and hopes that they can work together to get out people who are threats in the game. Carolyn is playing both sides. She admits, “Of course I’m going to tell him what he wants to hear, but if Mike doesn’t win immunity, he’s got to go.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams of three. They will race through a series of obstacles and then untie knots to release a drawbridge. Next they will use a hatchet to chop a rope, which will release puzzle pieces. Once they have all the puzzle pieces, they will use them to solve a word puzzle. The first team to get it right wins reward. The reward is a helicopter tour of Nicaragua and then a surf and turf meal with wine. Rodney admits that he is the only one on his tribe who has been out here 33 days and not enjoyed a reward. He hopes that one of his tribe mates will give him their reward, if he doesn’t win it. Mike recommends that Rodney work hard and win the reward. The blue team is made up of Dan, Sierra and Rodney. The red team is made up of Mike, Carolyn and Will. The challenge begins. Everyone makes it down the first obstacle quickly, which is a net slide. Both teams stay close together as the get through the next two obstacles, which are a rope bridge and a bamboo slide. The next obstacle is the drawbridge. Each tribe needs to untie many knots to lower their drawbridge and give them access to the next obstacle. The blue team lowers their drawbridge first, so Dan is first to use the hatchet to chop the rope. The red team is not far behind and Mike elects to chop the rope with their hatchet. Both get through their ropes in just two chops. The puzzle pieces drop for each team and they sift through the blocks to pick out the ones with letters on them. Both teams start laying out their letters on a puzzle table. They try to build a six word phrase. Jeff gives them a clue that it is a phrase he commonly says on SURVIVOR. When Mike looks over at the blue team’s puzzle, Sierra and Dan quickly turn the letters, so he can’t see their words. After 30 minutes, both teams are still struggling to try to solve the word puzzle. When the teams are still working on it after an hour has passed, Jeff tells them that they have set a record for the longest time to solve a SURVIVOR word puzzle. Jeff asks them what they are playing for and what it comes with. Carolyn listens carefully and suddenly thinks she has it. Her red team scrambles to rearrange the letters into the phrase “A Reward With All The Fixin’s”. Their phase is correct. So, Mike, Carolyn and Will win the helicopter with surf and turf reward. Carolyn feels guilty and looks over at Rodney. She considers giving up her reward to Rodney, who has not had a reward yet. After much though, Carolyn decides to keep her reward. She admits, “I hope he doesn’t take it personally, but this is my SURVIVOR experience as well.”

Mike, Carolyn and Will start their reward on a helicopter flying over the beautiful country of Nicaragua. They are amazed when they fly over a smoking volcano. Will comments, “I’m really by a volcano that is steaming right now. It’s going to be etched in my memory forever.” Mike points out that that he, Carolyn and Will represent the original Blue Collar, White Collar and No Collar tribes. Carolyn admits, “I’ve been blessed to be on a lot of different rewards, but the helicopter ride is the greatest reward ever.” The helicopter lands in a grassy field and the three head over to a picnic table. Here they enjoy steak, lobster tail and drinks. Mike proposes that the three of them go to the end together. Carolyn comments, “It would be a big move, but it might be the wrong move.” Will admits that he has considered going to the end with Carolyn, but not with Mike. He comments, “He’s the biggest threat still in the game and you got to get rid of your biggest threats.” Mike asks Carolyn and Will to at least not let Rodney go farther than him in the game. He is annoyed that Rodney tries to make people feel guilty for not taking him on reward with them. Mike hopes that Carolyn is on his side, but he is not sure. He admits, “I’ve got to win the immunities to stay in this game.”

Dan, Rodney and Sierra are back at camp. Rodney tells Sierra that surf and turf is his favorite meal. Sierra is aggravated by this and asks Rodney to stop talking about it. Rodney vents, “Carolyn screwed me over on my birthday and went back on her word today.” He plans on getting revenge by voting her out after Mike. Dan heads out of camp to find some food. He is delighted when he comes upon a plant with large fruit. Dan brings the fruit back to camp to share it with Sierra and Rodney. All three enjoy the fruit and feel energized. Rodney admits, “You know I feel like I got a reward.” He feels so much better after eating the fruit that he immediately starts talking strategy with Dan and Sierra. All three of them agree to vote out Mike and Carolyn next. Rodney sets his sights on getting Mike out next. He comments, “I’ll go toe to toe with anybody in this game and real life.”

It’s now day 34 and Carolyn brings tree mail into camp and reads it to everyone. It tells them that patience, skill and a delicate touch are needed in the upcoming immunity challenge. Dan does not want to vote out Carolyn, Rodney, Will or Sierra, since they are his four allies. He admits, “Mike cannot win the next immunity challenge. Period. End of Story.” Before heading out to the challenge, Mike encourages Sierra to vote out Dan next.” She knows that Dan has an advantage that can help or hurt her. Sierra reveals, “If Mike doesn’t win immunity, he has to go. I don’t want to be sitting next to Mike in the end.”

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags. Each bag contains a ball. Once they have all three bags, they will use one of those balls to solve a table maze. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning the game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council after 35 days in the game. The immunity challenge begins. All five of them start throwing out their grappling hooks to retrieve their bags. Dan hooks his first bag with his first toss. Will and Mike hook their first bags next, closely followed by Sierra, Carolyn and Rodney. So now everyone is trying to hook their second bag. Sierra, Mike and Dan get their second bags. Mike is the first to get his third bag and starts working on the maze with one of the retrieved balls. Dan is the next one to get his third bag, so he starts working on his maze too. Mike and Dan maneuver the table maze with ropes attached to hand controls. As they guide their balls through the maze, they have to avoid holes that will drop the balls out of the maze. As they are getting used to the maze, Sierra, Carolyn, Rodney and Will are still trying to retrieve their bags. Sierra finally gets her third bag and joins Mike and Dan at the table maze. Will is the next one to the table maze. They all struggle with keeping their balls on the maze and moving in the right direction. Mike finally gets his ball in the inner circle close to the finish. As he tries to carefully maneuver the ball into the finish hole, Sierra gets her ball into the inner circle. They are each inches away from winning immunity. In the end, Mike wins his third immunity challenge and is once again safe from the vote tonight.

The Merica tribe returns to camp from the challenge and congratulates Mike on his win. Dan is frustrated that Mike once again cannot be voted out tonight. He admits, “In my pecking order, Carolyn was next on the chopping block.” Dan waits until Mike and Carolyn has left camp and then proposes to Rodney, Will and Sierra that they vote out Carolyn tonight. They all agree. Sierra feels that Dan with his advantage may be a bigger threat than Carolyn. She comments, “If we’re playing this game like we’ve played it the whole time to get rid of the huge threat, maybe we need to get rid of Dan.” Dan leaves camp to get firewood, just as Carolyn and Mike return. Rodney proposes to Mike that they vote out Dan tonight. Mike and Carolyn agree to do so. Mike comments, “If they all want Dan gone, it makes me pause and think, what if I get rid of one of them instead?” Next, Mike finds Dan and tells him that his alliance plans on voting him out tonight. He asks Dan what he wants to do about it. Dan does not feel that he can trust Mike and tells him that he doesn’t want to work with him. Dan admits, “I’m running out of time to use my advantage and I’d rather go down swinging, then stand there and watch the third strike go by me.” Mike feels uneasy about the fact that Dan does not seem worried about. He comments, “The only thing that I can figure out is Dan wants to take Will and Rodney to the end, because those are the only two people that he can beat.” So, Mike suspects that Dan, Will and Rodney are planning on voting Carolyn or Sierra out tonight. Next, Mike shares his suspicions with Carolyn and Sierra. He points out that Dan and Rodney are sleeping in the shelter, so that is a clear indication that they are not worried about being voted out tonight. Mike warns Carolyn that she is the likely target tonight. After Mike leaves, Carolyn mentions to Sierra that Mike is too paranoid. Carolyn hopes that everyone is voting for Dan, but now she has her doubts. She admits, “I don’t want to waste my idol and if I really believe that they are going to vote for Dan, then I can save it for one more vote.”

Jeff welcomes the remaining six members of the Merica tribe and jury members Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin and Tyler to Tribal Council. Mike points out that the alliance of Carolyn, Sierra, Dan, Will and Rodney have to vote one of their own out, since he has the immunity necklace tonight. Jeff asks Rodney whom he can trust. Rodney tries to answer him, but struggles to form a sentence. He admits that he is finding it hard to think with the limited food and sleep that he has had for the last 35 days. Rodney hopes that he can trust his alliance tonight. Carolyn feels like she might be targeted tonight, because everyone is trying to save themselves. Dan agrees that Carolyn is a threat, but also feels nervous that he might be the one voted out tonight. Will is upset that Mike continues to win immunity challenges, which forces his alliance to vote each other out. He also points out that Dan has an advantage tonight with has unknown powers. Dan is not sure whether this Tribal Council or the next is the ideal time to use his advantage. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. As Jeff goes to tally the votes, Dan plays his advantage and casts another vote. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Carolyn plays her hidden immunity idol, so any votes cast for Carolyn tonight will not count.

Jeff then reveals all seven votes. Carolyn receives 5 votes, which do not count. Dan receives 2 votes. So, Dan Foley, a 47-year-old Postal Worker from Gorham, ME is the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the sixth member of the jury.