Season 30: Episode 14 - It's a Fickle, Fickle Game
Posted on May 20, 2015 11:00pm

It’s night 35 and the final five remaining members of the Merica tribe return to camp after voting Dan out at Tribal Council. Carolyn is happy that she played her idol tonight and saved herself from getting voted out of the game. She admits, “When Jeff read the votes, I was like God be with you Carolyn, you made the right frickin’ choice.” Rodney takes Carolyn, Sierra and Will away camp to discuss the vote. Mike laughs as he sees Carolyn walk away with three people that just tried to vote her out. He suspects that they are once again talking about how to get him out of the game. Mike reveals, “At this particular point in the game, I really do feel all alone.” Down at the beach, Rodney asks Carolyn why she didn’t tell them that she had a hidden immunity idol. She asks which one of them did not vote for her. Rodney tells her that Mike was the person that voted for Dan and not her. Carolyn admits, “When you make a move like that, you really see who your friends are and Mike had my back.” She realizes that Mike does not have the numbers though, so she has to stay close to Sierra, Rodney and Will, even though they just tried to get her out of the game. Carolyn hopes that if they all work together to get Mike out, then they will get closer together again.

The Merica tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will each race under a net crawl. They will then make their way to a table where they will slide tiles into a target. Once all the tiles are through, they will use a machete to transport those tiles over a teeter-totter and balance beam to the finish table. They will then sort the tiles into pairs. Three of the tiles will not match up. Those three hold the code to a combination that will unlock their box. First person to unlock their box and raise their flag wins reward. Jeff reveals that the challenge begins with unconditional love and calls Carolyn’s husband Jo’el out to greet her. Carolyn gives her husband a big hug and starts to cry. Jo’el reveals that he and Carolyn were high school sweethearts and have been together for almost 40 years. Mike reunites with his mom Deborah next. He admits that he got his work ethic from his mom who raised two kids, while working three jobs and going to school. Rodney Sr. greets his son Rodney who starts to cry as he hugs his dad. Rodney tells his dad that he is finally at piece with the death of his sister Natalie after being on SURVIVOR. Danny hugs his daughter Sierra and she lets everyone know that her dad is her best friend. Will has tears in his eyes even before his wife Monifa comes out to greet and hug him. He reveals that he doesn’t feel hungry or tired anymore and is anxious to start the challenge. Jeff tells everyone that the winner of today’s challenge will get to take their loved one back to camp with them and they will also get an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. The challenge begins and for the first time, Will takes the lead and is the first one through the net crawl. The next obstacle is the table that they slide tiles down into a target. Mike gets all his tiles through first, but Will is right behind him. They each stack a bunch of tiles on a machete and try to make it over a teeter-totter and balancing beam. Mike gets his first bundle to the finish table quickly and heads back for a second bundle. Will falls off the teeter-totter and has to start over again. Rodney and Sierra finally get all their tiles through the target and start working on getting them to the finish table. Carolyn is still trying to get her tiles through the target and is falling behind. Mike gets his second stack to the finish table successfully. Will almost makes it to the finish table, but a tile falls off at the last minute, so he heads back to the start. Carolyn finally joins Will, Sierra and Rodney as they try to get their first bundle of tiles over the obstacles while balancing them on a machete. Will and Sierra both drop as they try to get over the balance beam. Rodney is successful in getting his first stack to the finish table, just as Mike gets his third and final stack there. Mike starts pairing up his tiles to find out which ones don’t match. Meanwhile, Sierra and Will bring their first stacks to their finish tables and head back for more. Rodney drops his second stack and has to go back. Sierra gets all her tiles to the finish table and start pairing them up. Meanwhile, Mike has identified the three non-matching tiles and turns them over to reveal the numbers he can use to try and open his combination lock. His first and second attempts don’t not work, so he rearranges his three numbers and tries again. Now, Sierra has caught up and she reveals the three numbers that she can try in her combo lock. But it’s too late, because Mike tries his numbers a third time and they open his lock and raise his flag. So, Mike wins reward and gets to take his mother back to camp and gets an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Carolyn, Sierra, Rodney and Will say goodbye to their loved ones before they return to camp. Mike comments, “You take your best day add ice cream and some cherries on top, that’s what today feels like.”

Everyone welcomes Mike’s mom, Deborah to the Merica camp. After Deborah gets a chance to talk to everyone, Mike takes his mom on a walk. He tells his mom how alone he feels in the game and how his tribe mates have rallied against him. Deborah comments, “My job out here for Mike is definitely be everything that he needs. Nothing is about me, it’s all about him.” Mike and Deborah cool off in the water. Mike explains how tough the game has been with so many good players this season. He admits, “This is one of the greatest days I had in 36 days. “ Mike is so happy to be able to talk to his mom, whom he can absolutely trust.

The next morning, Mike and Deborah arrive at the next Immunity Challenge site and find out what the advantage is the Mike won at yesterday’s Reward Challenge. The instructions explain to them that everyone will be blindfolded while trying to maneuver through a maze to retrieve four medallions. The advantage gives Mike thirty minutes to explore the maze while blindfolded and guided by his mother. So Mike puts on a blindfold and Deborah leads him through the maze to the location of each of the medallions. Even with his mom helping him, it was not easy for Mike to get through the maze. He reveals, “It was frustrating because even though she’s helping me, I couldn’t find the immunity necklace.” Deborah is surprised at how difficult the maze is to get through, even when you can see where you are going. The thirty minutes runs out, before Mike is able to complete the maze. Deborah knows how important this challenge is to Mike. She is upset that she was not more helpful in getting him comfortable with the maze. Deborah reveals, “He’ll never tell you that I let him down, but I’m here to tell you I did.” She gives Mike a hug and he asks her to pray for him.

The Merica tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will be blindfolded in the center of a giant maze. They will race to find four medallions in the North, South, East and West corners of the maze. There are guideposts to help them navigate. Once they find all four medallions, they must then find the immunity necklace. The first person to find the necklace wins immunity. The winner is safe tonight at Tribal Council and guaranteed a one in four shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out and become the seventh member of the jury. The challenge begins. Carolyn, Mike, Sierra, Rodney and Will all head out in different directions with their blindfolds trying to find the medallions. Mike quickly finds the East medallion and puts it around his neck. He then heads back to a guidepost to help point him in the right direction to get a second medallion. Sierra is the next one to find a medallion. Mike finds his second medallion. This helps Rodney finds his first medallion, since he was right behind Mike. Will and Carolyn are still looking for their first medallions. Mike finds his third medallion, which leaves him with only one more to find. The advantage does seem to be paying off for him. Rodney stumbles into Mike again and finds his second medallion. So, Mike has three, Rodney has two and Sierra has one. Will and Carolyn have yet to find any. Rodney then helps Sierra, Will and Carolyn to find the medallion that he just found. Mike is looking for his last medallion with no ones help. Carolyn gets her first medallion, so she and Will both now have one. Sierra and Rodney have two medallions. Mike then finds his fourth and final medallion. So, now he searches for the immunity necklace. Before Carolyn, Rodney, Sierra or Will can find any more medallions, Mike finds the immunity necklace and wins his fourth Immunity Challenge. Mike brings the immunity necklace over to Jeff who puts it around his neck. Mike is happy to be safe tonight, but he knows that he will have to win the next Immunity Challenge to stay in the game. He admits, “This is the SURVIVOR, that I signed up for.” RODNEY OR SIERRA The Merica tribe returns back to camp. Since Mike is safe tonight, Rodney, Will, Sierra and Carolyn know that they have to vote out someone from their alliance. Carolyn admits, “This is the first day in 37 days that I do not have the hidden immunity idol, but I’ve already got a plan B.” She plans on using her bond with Mike to makes sure she is in the final four. Mike heads out of camp to get firewood. Carolyn and Sierra offer to help him. Carolyn, Sierra and Mike talk about the vote tonight. Carolyn suggests they vote out Rodney, since he is not helpful around camp. Mike assures Carolyn that he will not vote for her tonight. He admits that he has no guarantee of not going home after this, if he doesn’t win the next immunity challenge. Mike tells Sierra and Carolyn that he was bothered that the four of them were helping each other out in the challenge today, but no one helped him. Sierra comments, “At this point, I’m willing to do anything Mike wants, because I’m scared. I’m terrified that it could be me who goes home.” Sierra admits to Mike that she lost his trust, but reminds him that she had been loyal to him in the past. She swears to him on her father’s love that she will vote for Rodney tonight. Mike, Sierra and Carolyn agree to vote for Rodney and hope to make it to the final three together. Sierra hopes that Mike and Carolyn keep their word. Later, Mike meets with Rodney. He tells Rodney that Sierra and Carolyn want to vote out him tonight. Rodney is surprised to hear this and decides to talk frankly with Mike. He points out the Sierra is more of a threat than he is to take to the end, since the jury likes Sierra and are frustrated with him. Mike also realizes that Sierra is more of a challenge threat than Rodney. Rodney assures Mike that he can get Will to vote for Sierra as well. He encourages Mike to go to the end with him and Will instead of the ladies. Mike comments, “At this point, I have two final three deals.” The problem is that Mike doesn’t trust anybody. He admits, “If I make the wrong decision, that could be a million dollar mistake.”

TRIBAL COUNCIL Jeff welcomes the remaining five members of the Merica tribe and jury members Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Tyler and Dan to Tribal Council. Mike feels like the swing vote tonight, since everyone came to him and encouraged him to vote with them. He admits that he doesn’t trust anyone except himself. Rodney reveals that it is either he or Sierra being voted out tonight. He assures Mike that he will be true to his word. Sierra knows that she is vulnerable tonight. She reminds everyone that she is actively playing this game, does well at challenges and helps around camp. Jeff wonders whether her strong points help to keep her in the game or to get her out. Sierra feels that she deserves to stay in the game. Mike feels that Sierra, Carolyn, Rodney and Will have kept weaker players in their past votes. He has had no part of that and just counts on winning immunity to stay in the game. Will is quick to tell Mike that he will be out next if he doesn’t win immunity again. Rodney is ready to get to the vote, so he can prove that he is a man of his word. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No one does. Jeff then reveals four votes. Rodney receives 1 vote. Sierra receives 3 votes. So, Sierra Dawn Thomas, a 27-year-old barrel racer from Roy, UT is the fourteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the seventh member of the jury.

Carolyn, Rodney, Will and Mike arrive at the Final Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will untie knots to open a gate and then race up a huge tower. When they get to the top, they will retrieve a key and then fly down a giant waterslide. They will then make their way through a multi-level obstacle course where they will use the key to release a bag of puzzle pieces. They will drop the bag on a table and head back up the massive tower to retrieve the next key. Once they have collected all three keys and bags, they will use the pieces inside to solve a lighthouse puzzle. The first person to get it right wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot at the final Tribal Council, where they will get to plead their case for why they deserve to be the sole Survivor and win the million dollars that goes along with it. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council on day 38. The challenge begins and they all quickly start untying the knots to open their gates. Mike and Carolyn are the first ones through the knots and head up the massive tower. Will is the next through his knots and gate. He then passes Carolyn going up the tower. Mike sprints up the stairs to the top of the tower and quickly unties his first key. He jumps on the waterslide, which gets him to the bottom very quickly. Rodney finally gets through his gate and makes up time by getting to the top of the tower quickly. Will, Carolyn, and Rodney fly down the waterslide and now join Mike in getting through the obstacle to unlock their first bag of puzzle pieces. Mike is still in the lead as he puts his first bag on the table and heads back up the tower for his next key. As Rodney, Will and Carolyn start heading up the tower for their second key, Mike is already heading down the waterslide with his. Rodney is the next one to retrieve his second key and head down the slide. Will and Carolyn are slowing down as they struggle to get to the top of the big tower. Mike unlocks his second bag of puzzle pieces and heads back up the tower, just as Will and Carolyn are heading down with their second keys. Even Mike has trouble getting up the steps as he heads up the tower to get his third and final key. Rodney heads up the tower now for his third key as Mike is coming down. Will and Carolyn are still working through the obstacle to retrieve their second bags of puzzle pieces. Mike now has his third key and is unlocking his final bag as Will unlocks his second bag. Carolyn is slowly headed back up the tower for her final key. Mike now has his third bag and starts working on his lighthouse puzzle. Rodney is right on his tail unlocking his third bag. Mike has his first puzzle piece in place. Now Carolyn joins Mike and Rodney at the puzzle tables, while Will is on his way down the slide. Mike places his second puzzle piece as Carolyn and Will place their first pieces. Rodney struggles to find his first piece. Carolyn places her second piece and Mike places his third piece. They are neck and neck as Carolyn places her third piece and Mike places his fourth. Then Mike speeds up as he places his fifth and sixth pieces with only a couple more to go. Carolyn gets two more pieces, but so does Mike. In the end, Mike can’t be stopped and wins his fifth individual immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal Council. Rodney compliments Will for doing a good job in the challenge. He says, “You’re a better person than when you walked in, brother.” Will is proud of himself. He says, “I want my daughter to know that anything you do in life, you give it your all.” Will, Rodney and Carolyn put the immunity necklace on Mike and congratulate him on his fifth immunity win. Mike reveals, “I’m sitting in the final three and it’s like being able to breath for the first time in a long time.”

The Merica tribe returns to camp from the challenge. Mike admits, “Tonight’s decision is huge. I’ve got to decide whom I’m going to take to the end.” He knows if he chooses the wrong person then it could cost him a million dollars. Mike and Carolyn head down to the river, which gives Rodney and Will a chance to talk strategy in camp. Rodney assures Will that Carolyn is going home tonight, so both of them will make it to the final three with Mike. Will is not confident that they can trust Mike. Will comments, “This is going to be the biggest vote ever. Me and Rodney we’re voting for Mama C.” He hopes that Mike is smart enough to vote for Mama C. tonight too, since she is too well liked to go to the end. Meanwhile, Mike talks to Carolyn down by the river. He assures her that he is not voting for her tonight, since she has not betrayed him. Mike reveals to Carolyn that Rodney and Will are voting for her, and suggests that they both vote for Rodney. This will create a tie vote and force Carolyn and Rodney into a fire making challenge. Mike recommends that Carolyn discreetly practice making fire today before Tribal Council. Carolyn appreciates the fact that Mike is not voting for her, but she is nervous about the fire making challenge. She comments, “It’s nerve racking, but I’ve got my game face on now and I’m going to make it happen.” Back at camp, Carolyn grabs a couple flints and heads out to practice. This give Mike a chance to talk to Rodney. Rodney tells Mike that he and Will are voting for Carolyn. Mike tells Rodney that Carolyn is voting for him and he hasn’t decided yet which way he is going to vote. Rodney reminds Mike that they have been together since the beginning. Rodney comments, “I feel pretty confident that I’m going to be in the top three sitting pretty.” Mike feels that if Rodney loses tonight, it might teach him a lesson in humility. He reveals, “I would rather lose to Mama C., then be the guy that just took two goats to the end and won.” All this time, Carolyn has been trying to make fire with a flint, a machete and twigs, but has had no success. She is very discouraged and admits to Mike that she couldn’t make a fire. Mike assures her that she can do it and encourages her to fight for it. Carolyn admits, “I’ve worked my ass off for 38 days and I can’t believe it comes down to this.”

Jeff welcomes the remaining four members of the Merica tribe and jury members Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Tyler, Dan and Sierra to Tribal Council. Will recounts the final moments of today’s Immunity Challenge, when the four of them got together and celebrated the fact that they had made it through the difficult challenge and through 38 days in the game together. Mike points out that the four of them are a family, although a dysfunctional one. Rodney knows that Carolyn is going to vote for him tonight. Carolyn says she plans on voting for Rodney or Will. Mike lists the reasons to vote Rodney and Carolyn tonight. He feels Carolyn is well liked by many in the jury and is therefore a threat. Mike feels Rodney has played a good social game, but has not been helpful around camp. Jeff calls for the vote and the Merica tribe casts their votes. Jeff then reveals all four votes. Rodney receives 2 votes. Carolyn receives 2 votes. So, as predicted, the votes are tied. Jeff informs Rodney and Carolyn that they will compete in a fire making challenge to see which one of them stays in the game. Rodney and Carolyn are then seated at fire making stations with the exact same amount of supplies to build a fire. Jeff tells them that the first person to build a flame high enough to burn through the rope and raise the flag stays in the game. The loser becomes the last member of the jury. The challenge is on. Rodney and Carolyn then get to work as they pick up coconut husks, twigs, a machete and flint and start scraping the magnesium off the flint. After six minutes of continuous scraping and hitting the machete against her flint, Carolyn breaks her flint. Jeff provides her with a new flint and assures Rodney that he has one for him, if he needs it. Both Rodney and Carolyn try hard to get the coconut husk to ignite with the sparks coming off the flint, but neither has been successful yet. After 20 minutes have passed Rodney asks for another flint and Jeff delivers. Just one minute later, Rodney needs another flint and gets one. Carolyn and Rodney have slowed down in their scraping and hitting of the flint, but they are still desperately trying to make fire and stay in the game. More time passes and Carolyn has worn out her flint and receives a new one from Jeff. After 45 minutes of trying, Rodney is the first one to have a spark ignite his coconut husk. He blows on it, but it goes out. Rodney doesn’t give up and starts again. It has now been 53 minutes since the start and Rodney finally gets a flame. He puts twigs on top of the husk to keep things going. Just then Carolyn gets a flame going. Carolyn immediately puts long twigs on top of her flame to build a teepee structure. Rodney just adds twigs to his pile in a random fashion, but his flame is reaching the rope now. Carolyn has built a strong wooden structure which is now as tall as the rope and so her flame burns strong and high. Meanwhile, Rodney’s flame is starting to weaken, because it is mostly based on the quick burning coconut husks. In the end, Carolyn’s fire burns through the rope and raises her flag. So, Carolyn stays in the game. Therefore, Rodney Lavoie Jr, a 25-year old contractor from Boston, MA, is the fifteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART and the eighth and final member of the jury. Carolyn, Mike and Will are the three people that will go to the final Tribal Council and be judged by the jury to determine who will be the sole Survivor and the million dollar winner. DAY 39 It’s the morning of day 39 and Will, Carolyn and Mike are standing on the beach watching a whale jump up in the ocean. Will is so happy to have made it to day 39. He feels it was worth the sacrifice of being away from his family. Will admits, “The one thing left is trying to persuade eight people that I deserve the million dollars.” He is proud of himself for being true to himself during the game. Mike, Carolyn and Will are thrilled to find a basket of food and drink waiting for them at tree mail. Carolyn reveals, “This has been a dream of mine for the last 15 years. I played the game from start to finish.” Mike, Carolyn and Will give a toast of thanks for making it to the final three. Carolyn played the game just as she manages her white collar job. She comments, “You’ve got to have plan b and plan c at your fingertips all the time and that’s the way I played the game.” The final three enjoy a breakfast of eggs, bacon and vegetables. Carolyn plans on convincing the jury that she made big moves by reminding them that she won challenges and played a good game. Mike, Carolyn and Will get ready to head out to Tribal Council. Mike admits, “For a long time in this game I felt completely alone, with only myself to trust.” Having made it to the end, he feels like he can conquer anything that gets in his way. Mike, Carolyn and Will take a last look at the Merica camp as they head out to Tribal Council. All of them are proud of what they have accomplished. Mike comments, “One of the things I like about being a blue collars is we finish what we start.” He hopes that he can now finish SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART as the sole Survivor and million dollar winner.

At the final Tribal Council, Mike, Carolyn and Will sit before the jury of Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Tyler, Dan, Sierra and Rodney. Jeff congratulates Mike, Carolyn and Will for making it to the final three. He lets them know that the jury will now ask them vital questions to help them make their decision of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Joe is up first. He tells Mike, Carolyn and Will that they must earn his vote tonight. Joe encourages them to speak honestly and openly and own their games. Hali asks Carolyn how being put into the role of mother in the game has been a disadvantage to her. Carolyn does feel that the jury may see her as a mom and not a player. She knows that it is logical for them to see her as a mother, since she is older than them and since she did try to take care of them. Carolyn hopes that the jury also realizes that she played hard and made it to the end. Next, Rodney asks Will how he was true to himself and how that got him to the final three. Will admits that he was not as versed in the game as others, so all he could offer to the game was himself. He therefore tried to get to know everyone and make friends. Will feels he has a genuine relationship with everyone on the jury except Shirin. Shirin agrees. Will points out that you can’t be in the final three just by being lucky. Rodney asks Carolyn what power moves that she actually made herself. Carolyn lists two big moves she made which were to get rid of Tyler and Dan. She admits that she made backup plans, like she does at work, for example working with Mike versus her alliance to get out Sierra and Rodney. Tyler complements Mike for putting almost everyone on the jury. At the same time, he points out that Mike was paranoid and destructive in the process. Mike reveals that he wanted to play a better social game than he did. Back home, he feels like he gets along with everyone and people love him. He admits, “Out here, seeing you guy’s faces, I guess I miserably failed at that.” Tyler tells Carolyn that he is heartbroken that she voted him out, when he protected her throughout the game. Carolyn assures Tyler that he was her most difficult vote and she feels sorry that she had to do it. She says, “SURVIVOR makes you do things to get to this point, that you may not be proud of, but if you don’t do them, you’re sitting on the jury.” Sierra asks Will which trait from Mike and Carolyn did he wish he had in this game. Will likes Mike’s blue collar work ethic, but he doesn’t like the way he tried to force everyone else to work at his pace. Will admires the way Carolyn thought out all her moves before she made them. Jenn addresses the jury instead of the final three. She encourages the jury not to be bitter and mad at Mike for the way he played the game, but instead judge him as a true fan would. Jenn feels that Mike had no choice in the way he played, because he was ostracized by his alliance. She tells the jury that Mike is the only one who truly outwitted, outplayed and outlasted them all. Dan accuses Mike of not caring about the jury and only being concerned with making it to the end. Dan says, “You’d damned well better care about us tonight, because there’s no necklace to save your ass tonight.” Mike admits that his biggest regret in this game is losing Dan’s trust when he went back on his word at the Auction. He apologizes to Dan and hopes that they can repair their relationship. Dan appreciates and believes Mike’s apology. This brings tears to Mike’s eyes. Finally Shirin addresses the final three. She admits that Will’s verbal attack took her back to difficult times in her childhood that had not yet healed. Unlike the past though, this time she stood up for herself and actually had a protector in Mike. Shirin thanks Mike for sticking up for her, but tells him that he doesn’t necessarily have her vote. Her vote goes to the person that played the best game. She compares each of the final three’s game play to animals that they lived with during the game. Shirin feels Mike is like a loud aggressive howler monkey that will throw feces at you and vote you out, if you threaten his game. She compares Carolyn to a stingray that doesn’t want to make waves, but will sting and kill anything that threatens her. Shirin points out that Carolyn was on the winning side of each person that was voted out and put on the jury. She then compares Will to a dead fish who just lies there but will poison you if you try and eat it. Shirin encourages the jury to seriously look at how the final three played the game. She ends with a quote from Sue Hawk from Season 1 of SURVIVOR, “Let it be the way that Mother Nature intended.” The eight jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with xxx out of the eight votes cast for him/her, Mike Holloway wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART.