Season 31: Episode 2 - Survivor MacGyver
Posted on Sep 30, 2015 11:00pm


Day 4 begins at the Ta Keo tribe. They are all gathered around the camp watching Terry start a fire. Wiglesworth is upset about Vytas being voted out last night at Tribal Council, since he was her ally. She comments, “Shirin and Spencer set the pace forming alliances and scheming.” Wiglesworth realizes that she, Terry and Woo need to make some changes and take control of the game. Next, Wentworth heads out of camp to take a look at the hidden immunity idol that she found at yesterday’s immunity challenge. As she unwraps the idol and reads the enclosed clue, she is so happy to have the protection and power that the idol provides. Wentworth wants to play aggressively this season. She comments, “This is a second chance. Go big or go home.” Later, Varner, Spencer, Shirin and Wentworth get together to discuss last night’s Tribal Council and plans for the next vote. Spencer admits, “After Vytas went home, there was definitely a sense that the new school got the better of the old school on the first vote.” Varner points out that he blindsided his old school contemporaries by voting with them last night. Spencer assures Varner that they appreciate his vote and that their alliance has nothing to worry about, since they are in the majority with Abi’s vote. Varner is pleased that he has fooled Spencer and Shirin into thinking that he is on their side. He reveals, “My whole plan with voting out Vytas was to teach the old schoolers to play this game finally.” Varner hopes to vote out either Spencer or Shirin next, since they are the biggest threats. Next, Varner meets with Terry. He explains to Terry that he did not want to vote out Abi last night, since she can go at anytime. Varner assures Terry that he still wants to play with him and encourages him to vote out Spencer or Shirin next. Terry is relieved that Varner is on his side. He admits, “SURVIVOR has changed.” Terry is determined to pick up his social game and not be left behind.


Over at the Bayon camp, Joe delights his tribe mates by creating hammocks for them out of fishing net. Everyone is so happy to lie in a comfortable hammock versus on the hard bamboo in the shelter. On his first season, Joe was seen as a physical threat. So this time, he is trying to be seen more as a provider. Joe admits, “I want to be someone that people need and want around.” The Bayon tribe cheers as Joe brings fish that he caught into camp for them to eat. Stephen reveals, “Joe’s the guy who is perfect at the beginning, wins all the challenges, builds the shelter and then you slit his neck right when you get to the merge.”


Back at Ta Keo, Abi-Maria assures Spencer that she is okay. Four people voted for her at Tribal Council last night, but Abi-Maria is trying to stay calm and not attack her tribe mates for voting for her. She comments, “I just try and act like the new Abi that I want to be.” Spencer and Abi-Maria join Peih-Gee and Wiglesworth at the beach. Spencer asks Peih-Gee how her tribe built the fire chimney back in SURVIVOR: CHINA. As Peih-Gee starts to answer his question, Abi-Maria interrupts and asks Peih-Gee what’s going on. Peih-Gee realizes that Abi-Maria is trying to annoy her and just tells her to relax. Spencer vents, “Abi is an absolute drama queen.” He worries because she is in his alliance and he therefore has to rely on her. Next, Abi-Maria decides to interrupt a conversation between Woo, Terry and Varner to find out what they are talking about. Terry lets Abi-Maria know that they don’t have to fill her in on everything they about. Varner is amused by Abi-Maria and feels that she can be useful to him, since no one likes her. Varner comments, “This is delicious. Who needs food when you’ve got Abi?”


The Bayon tribe is hanging out in the shelter as Kass asks Savage how he met his wife. He tells them that his wife was visiting his roommate when he came home from work. Savage thought she was the most gorgeous woman and they were both instantly attracted to each other. He then begins to cry as he thinks about his wife and how much he loves her. The rest of the Ta Keo tribe is also touched by the story and realize how much they miss their own loved ones. Kass likes her tribe mates better this season than she did her first season. She reveals, “Some of the people are great people. So if they make me a better person and a better player, I’ll take it.” Jeremy leaves camp to release the emotions that he feels about missing his wife and family. His wife is pregnant and he would love to be home with her right now. Jeremy knows that he is perceived as a physical threat, so he doesn’t plan on telling anyone that his wife is pregnant in fear that it would put a bigger target on his back. He admits, “Val knows how much this means to me and to her. She’s the reason why I’m doing this again.” Jeremy walks along the beach to get out his emotions before he returns to the others back at camp. With Jeremy gone for a while, Stephen asks everyone if they think he is looking for an idol. Savage is surprised that Stephen does not realize that Jeremy was probably moved by the story of his wife and just needed some alone time. Savage checks in with Jeremy to make sure he is okay and tells him about Stephen’s question about him looking for an idol. Savage feels that Stephen lacks emotion and is just all about the game. He comments, “His time out here, if it’s up to me, is going to be limited.”


It’s now nighttime at the Ta Keo camp. Away from the shelter, Peih-Gee and Shirin are sharing stories of how difficult Abi-Maria has been to live with. Unbeknownst to them, Abi-Maria is standing on the beach close enough to hear what they are saying. She then confronts Peih-Gee and asks her why she is talking behind her back. Peih-Gee reminds Abi-Maria that she talked about her behind her back regarding her missing bracelet. Both their voices get louder and now the whole camp can hear their heated exchange. Shirin admits, “It was all very awkward and painful to watch.” Peih-Gee comments, “Everybody’s fed up with her and she doesn’t have a single friend on this island.” Abi-Maria goes off by herself and sits on the beach, while Peih-Gee goes over to the shelter to be with the rest of the tribe. They all start talking and laughing about Abi-Maria. Abi-Maria can hear the laughter, which makes her feel even more sad and alone. She is especially disappointed by Shirin, who should know what it feels like to be ostracized by her tribe. Terry feels sorry for Abi-Maria, so he goes down to the beach to comfort her. Abi-Maria appreciates his company and admits that she no longer wants to be a part of her alliance. Terry invites her to join his old school alliance and she accepts. He comments, “I knew I had to come to the beach here with a social game and I was a little slow on the uptake at first, but it’s starting to come together.” The next morning, it is now day 6 at the Ta Keo camp. Varner tells Abi-Maria that he likes her and wants her to stick around. Abi-Maria is encouraged to hear this and talks to Varner about both of them leaving their current alliance and joining Terry’s alliance. She admits, “Now I feel so good that people actually want to work with me and that they actually find me a joy.” Varner tells her the plan is to vote out Shirin or Spencer next. Abi-Maria agrees and shakes Varner’s hand. She looks forward to paying her old alliance back for turning their back on her.


Jeff Probst greets the contestants and shocks the Bayon tribe when he points out that Vytas was the first one voted out on the Ta Keo tribe. He then introduces the challenge. Both tribes will race across a series of A-frames, while carrying coils of rope. They will then use that ropes to pull a heavy crate to the finish. Two tribe members will then use the pieces inside that crate to solve a puzzle. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE. In addition, they are playing for reward, which is a SURVIVOR tool kit that includes a hammer, axe, chisel, saw, nails, rope and others materials delivered to their camp, which will make camp life more comfortable. Ciera sits out for the Bayon tribe, since they have one extra member.

The challenge begins and both tribes head for the first of three A-frame walls to get over. Bayon takes the early lead as Varner slows the Ta Keo tribe down. The third and tallest A-frame proves to be difficult for many to get over. This gives the Ta Keo tribe a chance to catch up to the Bayon tribe. In the next section, the ropes are tied together and used to pull their crates to the finish line. Woo, Spencer, Terry and Varner pull the crate for the Ta Keo tribe, while Keith, Savage, Jeremy and Joe pull for the Bayon tribe. Bayon proves to have more muscle and gets their crate to the finish line first. Kass and Kimmi then start working on building the Bayon puzzle. Finally, Ta Keo brings in their crate, but not before giving Bayon a lot of time to work on their puzzle. Wentworth and Peih-Gee take on the task of solving the Ta Keo puzzle. After studying the puzzle from the sidelines, Spencer replaces Wentworth at the puzzle. Over on the Bayon side, Joe takes over for Kimmi and Jeremy takes over for Kass at the puzzle. Shirin then decides to replace Peih-Gee and work with Spencer on the puzzle for Ta Keo. All four puzzle solvers are furiously moving pieces around as the rest of their tribes yell directions at them. It’s a race to the finish. Ta Keo drops in their last piece and thinks they are done, but Jeff informs them that they are not right. Shortly after, Bayon thinks they have finished their puzzle. Jeff confirms they have completed it correctly, so Bayon wins immunity and reward. Varner is disappointed that his Ta Keo tribe once again is going to Tribal Council. He comments, “Spencer and Shirin had their fate in their own hands and they lost it. Now one of those two is going home tonight. How poetic.”


The Ta Keo tribe returns to camp disappointed with their loss. Spencer comments, “I am very happy to have control of the game with Shirin.” He is so happy to not be on the bottom like he was in his last season. Varner is determined to vote Spencer or Shirin out tonight because he feels they are the biggest threats. He begins by encouraging Peih-Gee and Wiglesworth to vote with him. Peih-Gee would rather vote out Abi-Maria tonight, but she knows that she has to go with the majority if they prefer Shirin and Spencer. Next, Varner pitches his plan to Wentworth. Wentworth hates to turn on her former allies, but she also doesn’t want to go against the tide. She comments, “Shirin and Spencer are in deep crap.” Meanwhile, Shirin takes a walk with Abi-Maria to make sure everything is okay between them. Shirin apologizes to Abi-Maria for not sticking up for her when she and Peih-Gee were fighting. Abi-Maria tells Shirin that she cannot forgive her and that she is now in an alliance, which is going to vote her or Spencer out. Shirin is shocked to hear this and realizes she is no longer in control of the majority alliance. She immediately finds Spencer and breaks the bad news to him. Spencer reveals, “Right now I’m swinging between frustration and exasperation.” He knows he has to just concentrate on surviving the vote tonight. Next, Shirin and Spencer talk to Woo to encourage him to side with them. Woo refuses to work with them, since they have never talked strategy with him in the past and now it’s too late. Shirin reveals, “I feel sick to my stomach that I very, very well may go home and the only option I have is voting for Spencer.” Spencer is crushed to be at the bottom again, like he was his last season. He starts to cry as he admits, “Shirin has been my only solid person and now I feel like there is no move I can make other than screwing over the one person that I wanted to play with.”


Varner points out that his tribe is exhausted after today’s grueling challenge. Spencer admits that he forgot how hard SURVIVOR was to play. Unlike Spencer, Shirin has not forgotten how hard SURVIVOR is and reveals that she is having a hard time again this season. She tells Jeff about the fight with Abi-Maria at camp and that she now feels that she is on the bottom and hopes she can recover. Abi-Maria explains that she had words with Peih-Gee and Shirin, but Terry was the only one to rescue her. Jeff points out how similar Abi-Maria’s experience is to Shirin’s experience last season when Mike rescued her. Shirin admits that she was wrong not to rescue Abi-Maria and now has to pay the price for it by losing her majority alliance. Terry agrees that the game changes quickly, because he was on the bottom after the last Tribal Council and now is in a much better position because he made a connection with Abi-Maria. Spencer feels that he too is at risk tonight along with Shirin, because he concentrated on strategy versus really getting to know his tribe mates. Spencer promises each person that he will work to connect with each one of them, if he is still in the game tomorrow. Jeff is amazed that Spencer and Shirin are having the same struggles and making the same mistakes that they did on their first seasons. Shirin confirms that change is difficult and that she has made mistakes. She hopes to still be in the game tomorrow, which would give her a third chance to make things right. Jeff calls for the vote. The Ta Keo tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Spencer receives 4 votes. Shirin gets 5 votes. Therefore, Shirin Oskool. from Survivor: Worlds Apart is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE. Spencer thanks his tribe for not voting his out tonight.