Season 31: Episode 3 - We Got A Rat
Posted on Oct 7, 2015 11:00pm


It’s night 6 and the Ta Keo tribe is returning from Tribal Council where they voted out Shirin. Spencer was one vote short of being voted out, so he immediately lets his tribe mates know how grateful he is to still be in the game and assures them that he is a loyal team player. Spencer realizes that his social game is still weak and that he has not taken advantage of the second chance that this season is giving him. He admits, “If I can make the change that I know is within me happen, there’s absolutely hope.” Terry congratulates everyone in his alliance for successfully making a big move and voting out Shirin, who was a very strategic player. He is proud of getting himself from the bottom to the top by stepping up his social game. Terry comments, “I’m on top of the world right now. Life is good.”


The next morning, both the Bayon and Ta Keo tribes meet Jeff Probst, the host, at the beach for what they expect to be a reward or immunity challenge. Jeff informs Bayon that Ta Keo voted out Shirin at Tribal Council last night. Woo feels that his Ta Keo tribe will be more unified without Shirin. Kass feels good about her Bayon tribe and describes it as a “love tribe.” With everyone happy with their current arrangements, Jeff feels it’s the perfect time to have everyone switch tribes. He tells everyone to drop their buffs. The castaways are very surprised to hear this. Jeff then tells them that this switch is unique because they are going from two tribes to three tribes. Six people will end up at the Bayon camp. Six will go to the Ta Keo camp and the remaining six will go to a new beach where they will have to start from scratch. They will have to build a new shelter and set up their camp with minimal supplies. Everyone is nervous and anxious to find out which tribe they will end up on. Savage says, “I don’t how this is going to play out, but it scares the crap out of me.” He did not have good luck with a swap on his SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLAND season and is therefore hesitant about this one. Jeff unveils a tray with boxes on it. Inside each box is a buff. He then lets each person hand pick a box from the tray. The castaways open their boxes to reveal their fate. The Bayon tribe is now made up of four of its original members (Monica, Jeremy, Stephen and Kimmi) and two new ones from the old Ta Keo tribe (Wiglesworth and Spencer). The new Ta Keo tribe is made up of four members of the original Bayon tribe (Keith, Kass, Ciera and Joe) and two original Ta Keo members (Terry and Wentworth). Joe is pleased with his new tribe and feels they will be able to take control of the game, by beating the others in challenges. Jeff informs the new tribe that their name is Angkor. This new tribe contains four old Ta Keo members (Woo, Peih-Gee, Varner and Abi-Maria) and two old Bayon members (Savage and Tasha). Savage is nervous that he and Tasha are in the minority and overwhelmed by the amount of work that setting up a new camp will require. Spencer is thrilled to be on a new tribe and be given another chance to fix his game. He feels like the SURVIVOR Gods have smiled on him.


Woo, Peih-Gee, Varner, Abi-Maria, Savage and Tasha arrive at the Angkor beach. They are disappointed to find that no food or shelter building materials are waiting for them. They are pleased to at least have a flint, machete and pots. Savage and Tasha leave camp to check out a small boat down the beach. Woo pleads with his old Ta Keo tribe mates to stay together and vote out Savage or Tasha if they have to go to Tribal Council in the future. Varner, Peih-Gee and Abi-Maria all agree with Woo. Peih-Gee comments, “The only luxury we have in this new tribe is that you’ve got two people ahead of you in line to be voted off.” Meanwhile, Tasha and Savage are out searching for palm fronds and bamboo to use for the shelter. Tasha recommends to Savage that they find who is on the outs among the other four and make an alliance with them. Tasha reveals, “If anyone can survive this, I can.” She learned from her first season how strong she is and she is determined to win this time around.


Over at the Ta Keo camp, Terry and Wentworth welcome their new tribe mates, Keith, Kass, Ciera and Joe. Terry comments, “We got three or four number one draft choices. I couldn’t believe the luck.” Even though he and Wentworth are two against four within the tribe, Terry is confident that his new tribe will always win and therefore not have to go to Tribal Council. Terry decides to treat his new tribe mates to a chicken dinner. Joe appreciates the kind gesture and gets to work preparing and cooking the chicken for his tribe. As Kass and Ciera enjoy their delicious meal, they discuss how fortunate they are to be in this Ta Keo tribe with their old tribe mates Joe and Keith. Ciera admits, “Win or lose, as long as us four stick tight, we have the numbers and we should be just fine.” With only her and Terry left from the original Ta Keo tribe, Wentworth worries that one of them will be voted out first. She visits with Kass and Ciera down at the beach and tells them that she suspects that Terry has an idol. Wentworth reveals, “The idol is still in my bag, but I’m pushing Terry under the bus.”


Jeremy, Monica, Stephen and Kimmi welcome Spencer and Wiglesworth to their Bayon camp. Monica, Stephen and Jeremy share their happiness in having the original Bayon members outnumber the new ones 4 to 2. They feel pretty secure with their immediate future. Stephen comments, “I was on the bottom of our tribe and then we swap and for the first time ever, I know that I’m safe. So, I couldn’t be happier.” Spencer helps Stephen with opening a coconut and Jeremy with building a fire. Spencer knows that he has been playing logically, but not emotionally and so far that has not worked for him. He reveals, “I’m trying something new on this tribe. I’m trying to have feelings.” Spencer decides to open up to Jeremy about not being able to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. He hopes that he can really get to know Jeremy and that it will help his game. Jeremy is honored that Spencer asks his advice. He tells Spencer how much his wife Val means to him and how much stronger their bond became after being on SURVIVOR together. Jeremy comments, “I’m not sure how long we’ll keep him, but we could use him for right now.”


It’s day 8 at Angkor and the tribe is huddled in their makeshift shelter trying to stay dry in the pouring rain. Tasha is not bothered by Angkor’s lack of food and shelter. She went through the same thing in her first season (SURVIVOR: CAGAYA) on the pitiful Luzon tribe. Tasha comments, “I know what it’s like to fight to stay in this game, so this is just round two for me.” Peih-Gee points out that Abi-Maria is sitting in the ideal spot in the shelter, since she is the only one staying dry. Abi-Maria insists she is not dry and feels Peih-Gee is picking on her. Tasha sees that there is friction between Peih-Gee and Abi-Maria. She hopes this means that there is a crack in her four former Ta Keo tribe mates. Tasha plans on taking advantage of this. Finally the rain stops and Tasha and Abi-Maria start weaving palm fronds together. Tasha tells Abi-Maria that her old Bayon tribe is close and invites her to join them, when the tribes come together again. Abi-Maria is not comfortable with Peih-Gee and some of her old Ta Keo tribe members, so Tasha’s offer is interesting to her. Abi-Maria admits, “This is my second chance. I want to go to the end.” Next, Tasha and Savage hang out with Varner. Varner tells them that he wants to make it to the jury this time, since he didn’t in his first season (SURVIVOR: AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK). Tasha assures him that he will make it to the jury, if he joins her and Savage. She points out that the current Bayon and Ta Keo tribes have her old tribe mates in the majority. Therefore, if either one of those two tribes go to Tribal Council, then one of Varner’s old tribe mates will likely be voted out. If his old tribe and alliance members are being voted out, then Varner would be smart to join her and Savage in the dominant alliance. Varner listens carefully as Tasha and Savage lay out their plan. He finds their plan humorous and wants to remind them that they are on the bottom of this Angkor tribe. Later, Varner notices Savage talking to Peih-Gee. He comments, “I need to make sure they are not taking away Abi-Maria and they’re not taking away Peih-Gee, because there’s a lot that could go wrong.”


It’s now day 9 at Bayon and Stephen wants to find a hidden immunity idol. He feels good that his old Bayon tribe makes up 4 out of the 6 current Bayon members, so he is in a clear majority. Stephen is just worried that if Spencer or Wiglesworth find a hidden immunity idol, then they can mess things up for his alliance. He admits, “Not only is it a great tool for myself to have, but it’s a real symbol that bonds an alliance together.” So, Stephen talks Jeremy, Monica and Kimmi into all searching for the idol. They head out of camp and start searching in trees, along the path and under rocks. They spend a long time looking and are getting frustrated at not finding anything. Jeremy uses a stick to moves leaves on a tree trunk and is elated to find a small package tied with string. It ends up being a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which is once again at the next immunity challenge. The clue tells Jeremy that the idol will be attached to the third box in the challenge. Jeremy comments, “Finally, finally two seasons it takes me and I finally find something.” He is nervous about grabbing the idol in front of 17 other people at the challenge, but he is determined to get that hidden immunity idol for himself.


Jeff Probst greets the contestants and introduces a second immunity idol, since they are now playing with three tribes and two tribes can now win immunity. He then introduces the challenge. Each tribe will push a cart through an obstacle course. At each tower they will retrieve a key. The key will be used to unlock a chest. They will then put the chest on the cart and continue on. Once they have collected all three chests, they must then take the cart apart, slide it through a barricade, put it back together and make their way to the end. Two tribe members will then use the pieces inside the chest to assemble a giant dragon puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the third person voted out of SECOND CHANCE. Jeff then reminds them that this was the very first challenge of BRAINS vs BRAWN vs BEAUTY. In this season, Spencer, Tasha and Kass were all on the same tribe and did poorly. They are now on three separate tribes, so two of them will redeem themselves and win. While the third will have history repeat itself and they will once again lose and go to Tribal Council.

The challenge begins and all three tribes work hard to get their carts through the obstacle course and to their first key. Spencer gets the first key for Bayon. Woo retrieves the first key for Angkor and Wentworth has the key for Ta Keo. The three tribes then use their keys to unlock their crates and free them up to be put on their carts. Ta Keo is the first to get their crate on their cart and head to their second key. Bayon and Angkor are not far behind. Ta Keo extends their lead, as they gather their second and third keys and crates. When Bayon gets to their third crate, Jeremy discreetly locates and grabs the hidden immunity idol off the crate without anyone else noticing. It’s then business as usual as Jeremy uses the third key that Spencer retrieved to unlock the crate. Meanwhile, Ta Keo is already taking their cart apart and getting it through the barricade. Bayon and then Angkor finally get their carts to the barricade and work hard to catch up to Ta Keo. Ta Keo is now through the barricade and has their cart put back together with the crates loaded. The next step is to get their cart to the puzzle, but they have to pass through many obstacles including logs, coconuts and uneven ground. Ta Keo decides to spend time clearing the obstacles before taking their cart through. It pays off for them, as they get to their puzzle much quicker than the other two tribes, who don’t clear the obstacles ahead of time. So, Ta Keo maintains their lead as Joe and Kass start working on their dragon puzzle while Bayon and Angkor struggle to get their cart through the obstacles. Bayon and Angkor get to their puzzles about the same time. Peih-Gee and Tasha start work on the Angkor puzzle, while Monica and Spencer work on the Bayon puzzle. Kass and Joe already have one section of the puzzle complete for Ta Keo, so they have a big lead. Angkor is the next tribe to complete their first puzzle section. Jeremy replaces Monica on the puzzle for Bayon. Woo replaces Tasha on the puzzle for Angkor. Kass and Joe now are working on the third and final section for Ta Keo. In the end, Ta Keo comes in first and Bayon comes in second to win immunity. So, Angkor will go to Tribal Council where someone will be the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE. As all three tribe are preparing to go back to their camps, Varner mouths something to his old tribe mate Wiglesworth. Tasha catches him doing this and runs in between Varner and Wiglesworth to stop their conversation. She looks at Varner and says, “We got a rat.” Tasha is upset that Varner would be talking to his old alliance on another tribe, when Angkor is trying to work together and beat the other two tribes. Varner gets upset and calls out Savage for making a deal with him and then making another deal with Peih-Gee. Savage tells Varner he is wrong. Meanwhile, these side deals are news to Woo, who once again feels like Varner does not include him in important conversations. Varner admits, “I’m in the middle of a big ‘ol mess and I’ve got to figure a way to get out of it.”


The Angkor tribe returns to camp defeated. Savage comments, “Varner’s meltdown after the challenge I think painted a huge target on his back.” Savage then talks to Peih-Gee and Woo by the water well. He encourages them to keep him and vote out Varner, since he is better than Varner in physical challenges and is more helpful around camp. Woo feels okay with voting out Varner, since Peih-Gee and him will still have the numbers, if Abi-Maria stays with them. Peih-Gee is unsure though. She comments, “You got to take everything that desperate people say with a grain of salt.” Meanwhile, Tasha and Abi-Maria talk about Varner’s outburst. They both agree that Varner is not loyal to their current tribe and needs to be voted out. Abi-Maria doesn’t trust Woo or Peih-Gee either, because they have voted for her in the past. So she is willing to work with Tasha and Savage to vote out Varner. Abi-Maria then checks in with Peih-Gee and Woo to see whom they are voting for tonight. They haven’t made up their mind yet. Abi-Maria informs them that she is now working with Tasha and Savage, since they value you her more than her old Ta Keo alliance. Peih-Gee is angered by Abi-Maria talking to her that way and being disloyal. She reveals, “I want her gone.” So, Peih-Gee goes to Tasha and Savage and tells them that she is voting for Abi-Maria. Savage is thrilled that Peih-Gee is going after someone in her own alliance versus himself or Tasha. He then goes to Abi-Maria and tells her that Peih-Gee is after her and encourages her to vote with him and Tasha to vote out Peih-Gee. Savage admits, “I can’t believe how quickly everything changed so quickly on this tribe.” Abi-Maria has no problem voting out Peih-Gee and gets Varner to agree to vote for Peih-Gee too. Varner is happy to do anything to save himself tonight. Tasha is amazed that she and Savage were able to turn things around for themselves. She admits, “Savage and I were down 4 to 2. All hope seemed lost, but here we are making the decision on who will go home tonight.”


Since, this is their first Tribal Council, Savage and Tasha light their torches at the Tribal Council fire. Jeff reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Savage admits that he was not looking forward to being on the new Angkor tribe, where his alliance is in the minority and the camp has no shelter built yet. Jeff asks Varner to explain his meltdown at today’s challenge. Varner feels he was just sending a signal to someone that he cared about and did not handle it well when Tasha called him a rat, since he is operating with lack of food and sleep. Tasha responds, “My mama always told me ‘Keep your family business at home.’” She is willing to get rid of Varner to make sure he will not be disloyal in the future. Varner hopes to go back to camp without one vote tonight, but he admits to hearing people talk about voting him, Peih-Gee or Abi-Maria tonight. He congratulates Savage and Tasha on taking control of the tribe. Abi-Maria worries that she is going home tonight, since she saw a lot of people talking without her today. Peih-Gee reminds everyone that she is loyal and will keep her word. Abi-Maria feels she has the same qualities. Jeff calls for the vote. The six Angkor tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Abi-Maria receives 2 votes. Peih-Gee gets 4 votes. So, Peih-Gee Law from SURVIVOR: CHINA is the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.