Season 31: Episode 4 - What's The Beef?
Posted on Oct 14, 2015 11:00pm



The Angkor tribe arrives back at camp on night 9 after just voting out Peih-Gee at Tribal Council. Varner is so happy to still be in the game. He admits, “I dodged a bullet. I came back from that challenge thinking I was gone, but I did not get one single vote.” He assures his Angkor tribe mates that he is loyal to them. Tasha knows that Woo did not expect Peih-Gee to get voted out tonight and is now probably worried about his future. So, Tasha promises Woo that Varner and not him will be voted out next. She is happy that she and Savage are now in control, because they were the underdogs at the tribe swap with only the two of them versus the four old Ta Keo members. Abi-Maria is upset when she sees Tasha talking to Woo. She immediately confronts Tasha in front of everyone and tells her that she should not be having a private conversation with someone that tried to vote her out tonight. Tasha reminds Abi-Maria that she has not lied to her and in fact protected her. Savage reveals, “Aligning with Abi does make me nervous, because she has deep rooted insecurity.” He has no idea what she is likely to do next. Woo apologizes to Abi-Maria for voting for her at Tribal Council. Abi-Maria vents, “Woo has voted for me twice and if the decision was up to me, he’s going to be the next one going home.”


The next morning the Bayon tribe is just waking up as the sun rises. Jeremy heads out of camp to take a look at the idol that he retrieved at yesterday’s immunity challenge. He comments, “It took two years to get this thing, but I finally got my idol.” Later, Jeremy and Stephen meet at the water well. They confirm that neither one of them has found the hidden immunity idol yet. Jeremy reveals, “This is my idol. I’m not telling anybody.” Both Stephen and Jeremy set out to search once again for the idol. Jeremy wants to stay on friendly terms with Stephen and hopes that Stephen will let him know if anyone in the tribe wants to vote him out. Jeremy comments, “I would love to be Stephen’s JT. We could be friends for life after this.” He would gladly give Stephen second place like JT did, because he like JT wants to be the winner and sole SURVIVOR.


Over at the Angkor camp, the tribe is tired and hungry. Savage admits, “Our new camp, no resources, no shelter, nothing.” He wishes that he were back at Bayon where there was abundant food and comfort. Savage goes out fishing and only finds one snail for all five of them to share. He vents, “We are in hell right now.” Woo and Varner come back to camp with tree mail, which brings them all encouraging news of an upcoming challenge with a feast reward. Woo hopes they have enough energy to win this challenge.


Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the challenge to the three tribes. They are going to race out into the water to retrieve a sand bag and then race back. They will then use a plank to launch the bag into the net above them. The first two tribes to get all three of their bags into the net will win reward. The first tribe to finish wins a SURVIVOR barbeque set, which includes a grill, wok, sausages and vegetables. The second tribe to finish wins a smaller cooking set. The last tribe to finish gets nothing. Jeff then reveals a twist, which is that each tribe will select only one person to run the entire challenge for them. So, that one person could become a hero for their tribe. Savage volunteers to run the challenge for Angkor. Jeremy offers to run for Bayon and Terry volunteers for Ta Keo. Everyone else will watch from the sidelines.

The challenge begins and Savage, Jeremy and Terry take off running to the water to retrieve their first sand bags. It takes a lot of energy to get to their bags, so they all decide to walk back to the shore once they have them. At this point, they are all neck and neck. As they get to shore, they each place their sand bag at the end of their plank and then jump on the other end to try and launch it into their net above. Terry lands his sand bag in the net on his first attempt. So this puts Ta Keo in the lead. Jeremy and Savage both miss their target, so they run to retrieve their first bags and try to land them in their nets again. Meanwhile, Terry is already in the water going to get his second bag. Jeremy scores for Bayon on his second try, so he jumps back in the water to get his second bag. Savage misses his second attempt and has to try again. Finally, on his third attempt, Savage scores the first point for Angkor. He now heads out to catch up with the other two and get his second bag. Terry is already heading back to shore with his second bag. All three guys are walking in the water vs. running to try and conserve their energy for launching the sand bags. Terry launches his second bag, before Jeremy and Savage make it back to the beach. He sends it way past the target and has to try again. Jeremy is now back, but also misses his target when he launches his bag from the plank. Terry misses again. Savage is now back with is second bag and successfully scores on his first try. Now Angkor is in the lead with 2 bags to Bayon and Ta Keo’s one bag. Savage’s tribe mates are so happy they cheer him on as he heads out in the water to get his third bag. Terry is the next one to score for Bayon. Jeremy doesn’t want to be left behind, so he finally scores. All three tribes are tied at 2 each, with only one more to go. On the way back, Terry catches up with Savage and they both run to their planks with their third sand bags. Terry jumps first and misses. Savage gives it a try and scores. So, the Angkor tribe wins the barbeque reward. Terry and Jeremy are now competing for the second place reward. In the end, Terry lands his sand bag before Jeremy, which wins Bayon the second place reward. Ta Keo goes back to camp as losers with nothing. Tasha starts crying as she tells Jeff that Angkor has not eaten in four days. She and her Angkor tribe mates are so happy that Savage won them the barbeque reward. Savage has always worried that he did not do enough in his prior season to ensure they he would make it to the end. This time, he admits, “I gave it everything I had and we won. So, vindication for me absolutely.”


The Angkor tribe cheers and thanks Savage, as they get back to camp and start cooking the sausages and vegetables on their new barbeque. Savage is so happy that he was able to win this much needed reward for his tribe. He admits, “It’s one of the best moments in SURVIVOR that I’ve ever had.” Tasha, Woo, Varner, Abi-Maria and Savage savor every bite as they eat the food. Savage admits, “This little tribe, now they know we can compete against all those big horses on the other tribes and that’s huge.” They all feel positive that they will now have the energy to do better in challenges and stay away from Tribal Council.


It’s now day 11 and the Ta Keo tribe is sleeping except for Kass. She is busy cutting off beads and strings from her torch and hiding them in her bag. Kass admits, “I think if you lost SURVIVOR your first time out, you need to do something differently.” In her prior season, Kass was proud of her strategic game, but not her social game. So, she read a self help book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People” before starting this season to help her with her game. When she notices that Wentworth is waking up, Kass heads out to the beach to finish working on her project. Wentworth wonders what Kass is doing and suspects that she may be making a fake hidden immunity idol. So, she gets up and heads out to the beach to see what Kass is doing. Kass doesn’t let her get close though and tells her to go away. Wentworth comments, “I know she has stuff up her sleeve. She’s chaos Kass, come on.” A little later, Kass presents Wentworth with a belated birthday gift of a bracelet made out of the string and beads. Wentworth is both surprised and touched by Kass’ gift. Kass comments, “I think the winner of Second Chance will be someone who truly embraces evolution and change and for me that means being this more open person.”


Over at the Bayon tribe, Jeremy asks Spencer for information about his former Ta Keo tribe mate Wiglesworth who also came over to the Bayon tribe with him. Spencer is quick to point out that Wiglesworth tried to vote him out at Ta Keo and that she has a lot of allies on the old Ta Keo tribe. Spencer knows that he and Wiglesworth are in the minority, as just two old Ta Keo against Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi and Monica, who are from the original Bayon tribe. Spencer wants to stay in the game, so he assures Jeremy and Stephen that he would vote out Wiglesworth. He comments, “I need to make it clear to my tribe that there are people that Wiglesworth would run back to in the future.” Later, Spencer makes the same pitch against Wiglesworth to Monica. Monica pretends to agree with Spencer, but really does not trust what he is saying. prefers to keep Wiglesworth around for a potential girls alliance in the future. Monica admits, ” Once a challenge is lost, Spencer needs to go first.”


Jeff Probst takes back the two immunity idols from Kass and Kimmi and introduces the challenge. One tribe member will be the caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will direct the blindfolded tribe members to collect a series of very large and very heavy puzzle pieces. Once they have all the puzzle pieces, they will take off the blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fourth person voted out of SECOND CHANCE. Bayon sits out Monica, since they have one extra member. Ciera sits out for Ta Keo.

The tribes choose their callers. Varner is the caller for Angkor. Kass is the caller for Ta Keo and Kimmi calls for Bayon. As the challenge begins, each caller starts shouting directions at their four blindfolded tribe mates on how to get to their puzzle pieces. The blindfolded people find it hard to hear the commands, since three different people are shouting at the same time and the challenge course is large. Each tribe needs to bring back 16 large and heavy puzzle pieces, so the tribe mates try to double up to carry the pieces back to the callers. All three tribes get their first two pieces back at the same time. Then everyone starts to get hot and tired and the caller’s voices are now strained. Kass is finding it hard to communicate with Keith and Terry, because they are having a hard time hearing her. This slows the Ta Keo tribe down. The blindfolded people are now running into puzzle pieces or each other. Angkor is now in the lead as they have 11 pieces back, while Bayon has 10 and Ta Keo only has 7. Joe decides to take things in his own hands to help his Ta Keo tribe. So, he starts picking up the massive puzzle pieces on his own without any help and running them back to the start. By this time, everyone is exhausted and they continue to get bumps and bruises from running into things. Joe does not give up though and has now put Ta Keo in the lead with 15 pieces and only one left to go. Bayon and Angkor have two pieces left to retrieve. Ta Keo, Angkor and then Bayon get all their puzzle pieces to their mat. Now they take off their blindfolds and start moving the massive pieces to form a cube with the insignia of their tribe. Spencer directs his Bayon tribe in putting their puzzle together. The Angkor tribe is so hot and tired, that they are having trouble moving their pieces. Varner drops one of the puzzle pieces on his foot. Bayon solves their puzzle first and wins immunity. Now the race is between Ta Keo and Angkor. Angkor could still win if they could find the energy to move their pieces. In the end, Ta Keo solves their puzzle first and earns immunity. So, Angkor will once again head to Tribal Council, where one of them will be voted out.


The Angkor tribe returns to camp disappointed and defeated. They hoped to win the Immunity Challenge, since they had won the last Reward Challenge. Savage comments, “We just got thumped by the most physical challenge I’ve every participated in.” Varner hurt his pinky toe when he dropped the puzzle piece on his foot. He assures his tribe mates that he is not a threat to anyone now. Tasha is worried about what Abi-Maria will do tonight, since she is unpredictable. Varner and Woo worry that one of them will be voted out tonight, since Tasha, Savage and Abi-Maria seem to be working together. Varner feels his only hope is that he has been loyal to Abi-Maria in the past and has never voted for her. He reveals, “If Abi’s the one making all the calls here, I might just squeak by another one.” Woo talks to Abi-Maria and warns her that Tasha and Savage may be working with her just to get her vote. He recommends that they vote Varner out tonight. Abi-Maria reminds Woo that he has written her name down at two Tribal Councils. She reveals, “I’m going with people that value my personality and what I bring to the table.” Woo sees that Abi-Maria is reluctant to work with him, even though they both came from the Ta Keo tribe. He admits, “I could be facing a lot of trouble going into Tribal tonight.” Next, Tasha talks to Abi-Maria. Tasha would like to get Varner out tonight, but Abi-Maria doesn’t trust Woo and feels loyal to Varner. Tasha points out that Woo would help them win future challenges much more than Varner. Abi-Maria doesn’t want to be pressured and asks for more time to think about it. Tasha wishes Abi-Maria was more decisive and easier to work with. She reveals, “What scares me is Varner is very manipulative and at any moment, he could work his magic and I’ve lost Abi.” Abi-Maria and Tasha join Varner at the water well. Varner tells Abi-Maria that he loves her and misses working with her. Tasha knows that Abi-Maria is the swing vote and therefore, they have to do what she wants tonight. Abi-Maria is trying to weigh trust and loyalty to Varner with better odds at winning challenges with Woo. She admits, “I hate having to be the decision maker.”


Jeff Probst sees Varner limping into Tribal Council with a walking stick and asks him how he is doing. Varner tells Jeff that his injury is from a puzzle piece and he has never been so exhausted. He admits that the fans that voted for him to be on this season are what is giving him the desire and strength to keep going. Woo feels that he or Varner will be voted out tonight and points out that he is in better shape than Varner. Abi-Maria is torn between whether to vote for Woo or Varner tonight. Woo can help them with challenges, but Varner has been loyal to her. Savage feels that Woo is more of a physical threat than Varner for upcoming individual challenge. Woo reminds everyone that the merge is likely many days away. Varner counters with the fact that they don’t know how soon the merge will be and that he is no physical threat. Woo points out that he will be loyal to his alliance. Varner reminds Woo that he is not in the their alliance, since he voted for Abi-Maria at the last Tribal Council. Varner assures Tasha that he trusts her and is loyal to her. He reminds Savage that they are both old school and that they should stick together. Varner then addresses Abi-Maria and tells he that he adores her and has not and will not vote for her. Abi-Maria admits that Varner made a good pitch and that she is not sure what to do. Tasha feels the vote is between loyalty and physical ability. Woo argues that he is more than physical ability, since he will be loyal too. Abi-Maria is quick to remind Woo that he has voted for her twice at Tribal Council. Woo warns them that Varner has a lot of relationships from his old Ta Keo tribe. Varner is quick to tell everyone that he has already proven his loyalty to them in the last vote. Jeff is impressed that Woo and Varner are fighting so hard to stay in the game. He then calls for the vote. Woo takes this chance to tell Abi-Maria one more time that he will be loyal to her. The five Angkor tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 4 votes. Woo receives 1 vote. Varner gets 3 votes. So, Jeff Varner from Survivor: The Australian Outback is the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.