Season 31: Episode 5 - A Snake In The Grass
Posted on Oct 21, 2015 11:00pm


On night 11, the Angkor tribe returns from Tribal Council where they just voted out Jeff Varner. Woo thanks his tribe for keeping him around. He has been to every Tribal Council, so far this season and he hopes to break this pattern. Woo comments, “If we don’t get our act together soon, all four of us could be gone.” Abi-Maria had a hard time voting out her friend Varner tonight, but she kept Woo so her tribe would have a better chance at winning challenges. She reveals, “If he writes my name down again, he’s dead to me.” Away from the others, Savage and Tasha celebrate the fact that the vote went the way they planned once again. Tasha admits, “Six days ago, I was like this is mission impossible. Not just the conditions, but the mental toughness that it takes to fight your way from the bottom to the top.” She plans on continuing to play this game with the intention of winning.


The next morning at the Bayon tribe, Monica, Kimmi and Wiglesworth are along the shore collecting clams and crabs. Kimmi is excited when she finds 3 giant clams to add to their catch. Monica recommends that they not take all 3 clams back to camp, since they are eating up all the clams around their camp too quickly. Monica comments, “I’m trying to push Kimmi to not really grab as much as possible all the time, because we could be her for another 27 days.” Unlike last time she played, Monica is looking at the entire game versus just focusing on one day at a time. Kimmi assures Monica that they will find more clams and reminds her that they all need to eat. Kimmi wants to keep her tribe strong and is happy to bring them back as much food as possible. She doesn’t appreciate Monica questioning her and finds her very annoying. Kimmi knows she has to be patient and keep the peace in the tribe though, so she vows to not let Monica make her mad. She comments, “If my biggest problem out here is Monica, then I’m doing okay.”


Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the reward challenge to the three tribes. Three members of each tribe will be tied together. The fourth will be inside a barrel. They will roll the barrel to a series of flagpoles. At each flagpole, the person in the barrel must unspool a rope to collect a bag of balls and get back in the barrel. Once each tribe has collected all three bags of balls they will then race to roll those balls and attempt to land them in a series of targets. The first two tribes to land balls in all 6 targets will win reward. The first tribe to finish will win comfort in the form of chairs, pillows, blankets, hammock, candles and tarp. In addition, refreshments will be waiting for them back at camp. The second place tribe will win a tarp. The tribe that comes in last will win no reward. This challenge was run once before in Ciera’s season of Blood vs. Water, where her tribe lost. So, Ciera now has a second chance to win this challenge. Ta Keo sits out Terry and Kass. Bayon sits out Stephen and Wiglesworth. This gives all three tribes four people to participate in the challenge.

The challenge begins. Woo, Monica and Wentworth are chosen by their tribes to be in the barrels. Each tribe pushes their barrel with their person inside to the first cradle. Ta Keo gets to the cradle first and Wentworth gets out of the barrel and jumps on top of it to untie their first bag of balls. Woo and Monica start working on their bags right behind her. Wentworth and Woo untie their bag of balls quickly and jump back in their barrels. Monica is not as fast, which slows down her Bayon tribe. Angkor and Ta Keo keep their lead over Bayon while retrieving their second and third bag of balls. Next, they arrive at the final phase of the challenge first and start rolling the balls towards the targets. Woo rolls the balls for Angkor, while Keith rolls for Ta Keo. Bayon finally gets to the final phase of the challenge just as Keith and then Woo land their first balls for Ta Keo and Angkor. Bayon needs to work quickly to catch up. Jeremy rolls the balls for Bayon. On his first attempt, he lands the first ball in a target. So all three tribes are now tied at one with five more balls to go. Keith and Woo each quickly land three more balls for Ta Keo and Angkor. Bayon still only has one. Spencer takes over for Jeremy as Bayon’s shooter. He quickly lands threes balls in a row, which ties Bayon with the other two tribes. Keith then lands two more balls to win the challenge for Ta Keo and give them top reward of comfort and refreshment. Now Angkor and Bayon are fighting it out for second place and the tarp reward. In the end, Woo gets the victory for Angkor by sinking the last two balls in their targets. So, Bayon goes back to camp with nothing. Ciera is happy that her tribe came in first place and won this challenge that she lost in her first season.


Ta Keo proudly carries their new comfort items into camp after winning the Reward Challenge. They are pleased to find cold refreshments waiting for them and quickly fill their glasses and toast to their victory. As they enjoy their fruit juice, hammock, comfy chairs and fresh fruit, Terry comments, “This is like a tropical camping trip.” Terry heads out with fishing gear to catch some fish for their celebration feast. With Terry away from camp, Joe asks the rest of the tribe what their plan is for the future. Ciera suggests that the five of them, which are Keith, Joe, Kass, Wentworth and herself, be the final five alliance. Joe is glad to hear that he is part of their alliance, since he has been working hard to build social relationships with them all. He admits, “I’m still feeling like I’m the biggest threat, but I’m definitely playing the first half of the game much better than the last time I played.” Wentworth is also happy to hear that she and not Terry is included in this group of five, since she has been working hard to fit in with this new Ta Keo group. Kass encourages everyone to make Terry feel comfortable, so he does not suspect that he is on the outs. Keith admits, “This is the first time ever somebody has come to Keith and said let’s do this with these five people.” He feels confident that he can make it to the end with this alliance of five.


Over at the Bayon camp, Jeremy and Spencer decide to try their hand at fishing and not dwell on losing the reward challenge. So, they paddle out in a little round boat in search of fish. Spencer still feels vulnerable in his tribe, since it is made up of four original Bayon members. So, he hopes this fishing trip with Jeremy will give them another opportunity to talk. Spencer comments, “We can bond and actually become a close unit that could be a force later in the game.” Spencer has always admired prior Survivor’s like Ozzy and Joe that could fish and provide for their tribes. As he spears his first fish, Spencer admits, “I feel like I’m not enjoying SURVIVOR by proxy anymore, I’m living it.” He is proud of fulfilling one of his SURVIVOR dreams.


The Angkor tribe is happy to have come in second at the reward challenge and brought home a tarp. They feel like they are on a winning streak and hope to win the next immunity challenge. As the Angkor tribe is resting in shelter, Woo tells them a story about his mom who suffered a massive heart attack and got a second chance at life when she got a heart replacement. Woo reveals, “I’m definitely playing this game for my mom and for everyone that’s voted for me too, because without them I wouldn’t have a second life at this game.” After Woo leaves camp, Abi-Maria points out that her grandmother had an unsuccessful heart transplant and she lost her aunt early too. She comments, “I think that Woo is totally using that story to sway people his way.” Abi-Maria warns Tasha that Woo is trying to get sympathy from them all. Tasha is amazed at how different Abi-Maria is from Woo. She finds Woo easy to work, unlike Abi-Maria who is difficult. Tasha admits, “She’s a time bomb, but again she’s kept me in this game.” Tasha has to really think about how long she wants to keep Abi-Maria around.


Jeff Probst takes back the two immunity idols from Wentworth and Kimmi and introduces the challenge. Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of this game. This challenge was run for the first time last season. Joe’s tribe lost, so now he has a second chance to rewrite history. Ta Keo has two extra members, so they sit out Ciera and Wentworth from the challenge. Bayon sits out Jeremy and Monica.

The challenge begins and Joe, Spencer and Savage are the first ones up the wooden ladder, across the rope bridge and up the rope ladder for their tribes. They get to their slingshots and each attempt to hit one of their five targets. Spencer and Savage miss their targets, but Joe hits one on his first try. So, he heads down the tower to give someone else on Ta Keo a chance, since everyone on the tribe needs to try at least once. Spencer hits a target next for his Bayon tribe. Savage then scores one for Angkor. Keith, Wiglesworth and Woo are the next ones to try their hand at the slingshot. Wiglesworth scores on her first attempt and puts Bayon in the lead. Woo connects next and ties Angkor for the lead. Stephen is up next for Bayon and he hits a target, but it is an Angkor target not a Bayon target. So, he gives his opposing tribe Angkor another point and puts them in the lead. Keith takes a few tries, but he finally scores the second point for Ta Keo. Tasha gives Angkor their fourth point on her first shot. So, now Angkor has only one more target to hit to win immunity. Terry scores for Ta Keo and gives them their third point, which puts them in second place. So, Angkor has 4, Ta Keo has 3 and Bayon has 2 points. Abi-Maria takes her turn for Angkor, but is quickly replaced by Woo. Kimmi make a couple attempts for Bayon, but is then replaced by Spencer. Kass is now shooting for Ta Keo. Woo hits the fifth and final target for Angkor and gives them their first immunity win. Kass doesn’t hit any target, so Joe replaces her. Spencer scores a third point for Bayon and ties them with Ta Keo. Both tribes have two more targets to hit. Wiglesworth is now shooting for Bayon. Joe immediately connects and gives Ta Keo their fourth point. Wiglesworth has no success after a couple tries, so Spencer replaces her. Keith is now shooting for Ta Keo. Keith only has one target to hit. Spencer has two targets to hit. In the end, Keith hits a target first and wins Ta Keo immunity. So Bayon will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote out the fifth person from SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE. Spencer admits, “It’s become clear that it’s Wiglesworth and I battling to see who goes home.” He feels the four original Bayon members are still closely aligned, so he or Wiglesworth will be voted out tonight.


After returning from the immunity challenge defeated, Jeremy meets with Stephen and Monica to discuss tonight’s vote. They agree that Wiglesworth is more trustworthy, but Spencer needs them more, so they decide to vote out Wiglesworth. Later, Spencer checks in with Jeremy and Stephen. They assure him that Wiglesworth is the one being voted out tonight. Spencer doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that he has made in the past by being too paranoid and making his tribe mates uncomfortable with his strategizing. He comments, “It goes against every part of me that loves this game, but I have to play it cool.” Meanwhile, back at camp, Kimmi confirms with Monica that Wiglesworth is going home tonight. Monica asks Kimmi if they should keep Wiglesworth and vote out a guy, in case they want to have a girl’s alliance in the future. Kimmi is amazed that Monica would want to deviate from the plan of her original Bayon tribe mates. She comments, “Monica playing SURVIVOR, she’s just a liability because she’s a loose a canon and she’d be a flipper.” Kimmi talks to Jeremy and Stephen next to alert them to Monica suggesting a girl’s alliance. Jeremy and Stephen are surprised that Monica would not stay true to the Bayon alliance. Kimmi recommends that the three of them vote Monica out tonight to prevent her from joining up with Spencer and Wiglesworth and voting off one of them. Stephen is worried that voting out Monica would send a bad message to the other original Bayon members on the other two tribes. Stephen explains, “If we take out Monica, we’re betraying old Bayon, our original tribe and then who knows what will happen if we swap or merge. That might violate of a lot of bonds of trust we’ve established.” He is not sure whether Wiglesworth or Monica is more dangerous.


As the Bayon tribe walks into Tribal Council, Jeff instructs Jeremy, Monica, Kimmi and Stephen to get a torch and light it, since they had not been to Tribal Council yet. He reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, since fire represents their life in the game and when their fire is gone, so are they. Stephen feels that the results of voting tonight will prove everyone’s loyalty and trust. Monica tells Jeff that she plans on sticking with her original Bayon tribe members to vote out either Spencer or Wiglesworth tonight. Wiglesworth hopes that her actions since joining this new Bayon tribe will encourage Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi and Monica to not vote her out tonight. Jeremy points out that Wiglesworth approach is old school SURVIVOR. He feels Spencer is new school SURVIVOR in that he is actively checks in and pleads his case. Spencer loves his unified Bayon tribe and assures them that he will be loyal to them. Jeremy likes to hear Spencer say this, but also feels that Wiglesworth is loyal and hardworking. He admits that tonight’s vote is based on loyalty, trust and challenge performance. Monica feels tonight’s vote is firm. Kimmi feels bad to be voting someone out tonight, but she is here to play and progress in this game. Jeff then calls for the vote. The six Bayon tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the votes. Spencer receives 1 vote. Wiglesworth gets 2 votes. Monica has 3 votes. So, Monica Padilla from Survivor: Samoa is the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.