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Season 31: Episode 6 - Bunking With The Devil
Posted on Oct 28, 2015 11:00pm


It’s night 13 at the Ta Keo camp and Jeff Probst, the host, shows up for an unexpected visit. He wakes up Terry and takes him to the side to notify him that his wife called and his son Danny is in the hospital. Both Terry’s wife and his son’s doctor recommend that he come home. Terry is shocked to hear this news and immediately wants to leave and be with his family. He stops to break the news to tribe mates Joe, Kass, Keith, Ciera and Wentworth. They are all supportive of Terry and wish him and his family well. Kass admits, “I think you have to be a parent to understand how devastating it would be to be out here and get a call that your child is sick and you need to get home.” Terry wishes his tribe well as he gets on the boat with Jeff and starts his journey home. Everyone is full of emotion as Terry leaves. Kass comments, “We’re going to keep him in our thoughts and hope for the best and hopefully when he gets home it’s all good.”


As the three tribes come into the challenge arena, Angkor and Bayon are shocked to see that Terry is gone. Jeff Probst informs them that Terry was pulled from the game due to a family emergency with one of his children being sick. Savage admits that he loves the game, but family is more important. Wiglesworth starts crying and says, “For Terry to leave for that, like we all have emotion for him.” She understands what Terry is going through, because she too is a parent. Joe tells everyone that the Ta Keo tribe plans on doing well for Terry. Jeff asks Jeremy about the vibe at Bayon. Jeremy tells him that they are like a family. Savage feels his Angkor tribe is very tight and ready to continue winning challenges together. Jeff then shakes them all up by telling them to drop their buffs, because they are switching from three tribes back to two. Savage is so happy to learn that the Angkor tribe will be no more. Jeff lets everyone choose a box with a hidden buff in it and has them open it up to see what their new tribe will be. The new Ta Keo tribe is made up of Kass, Woo, Ciera, Savage, Abi-Maria, Spencer and Wiglesworth. The new Bayon tribe is made up of Jeremy, Keith, Kimmi, Tasha, Joe, Stephen and Wentworth. When asked how she likes being on the Ta Keo tribe again, Kass admits that she a little worried about having Spencer on her tribe, since they have had issues on their prior season. Spencer comments, “How I can get along with my arch nemesis is going to determine how this game goes for me.” On the new Bayon tribe, Wentworth is the only original Ta Keo tribe member with everyone else being original Bayon. Stephen likes the fact that Wentworth is an obvious target for his new tribe, but he still worries about being the weakest guy on Bayon.

Jeff then introduces their first reward challenge as new tribes. One member from each tribe will race down a slippery course grabbing a ring along the way. They will then toss that ring attempting to land it on a post. The first to get it right scores a point. The first tribe to three points wins a SURVIVOR picnic delivered to their camp with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and brownies. In the first round, Jeremy goes up for Bayon, while Savage competes for Ta Keo. They both quickly slide down the course and pick up their rings along the way. Jeremy throws his ring towards the post just before Savage throws him. That slight lead gives Jeremy the win, since they both land their rings on the first toss. So, Jeremy scores the first point and puts Bayon in the lead. The second match up is between Kass and Stephen. Kass wins this match for Ta Keo. So, the two tribes are tied at one point each. Abi-Maria goes against Kimmi next. Abi-Maria wins this round and puts Ta Keo in the lead with only one more point needed to win. In the next round, Woo goes against Joe. Joe wins this one and ties it up for Bayon. The final and deciding match is between Wentworth and Wiglesworth. Wiglesworth brings home the win for her new Ta Keo tribe. Ta Keo is thrilled to win a SURVIVOR picnic delivered to their camp. Savage is glad to be on his new Bayon tribe with Woo and Abi-Maria from Angkor and Kass and Ciera from the original Bayon. He comments, “I’m not going anywhere.”


Kass, Woo, Ciera, Savage, Abi-Maria, Spencer and Wiglesworth are thrilled to see a picnic blanket full of food at the Ta Keo camp, as they return from the challenge. As they sit down to enjoy the feast, Spencer decides to break the ice and ask Kass how things were at Ta Keo before this tribe switch. She tells him that things were calm. Spencer admits, “I just tried to treat her like everyone else, but that’s never worked for me in the past with Kass.” Savage is so happy to be away from Angkor and to be enjoying real food. He feels secure, since he has strong relationships with Woo, Abi-Maria, Kass and Ciera. Savage really likes Spencer as a person, but he knows that his ally Kass does not like Spencer. He reveals, “I’m going to use that to my advantage in the game.” When Savage gets a chance to talk strategy with Kass they agree that they have an alliance of five consisting of the two of them, Abi-Maria, Woo and Ciera. They both agree to vote out Spencer first. Later, the alliance of five meets up and Savages shares the plan to get out Spencer and to blindside Spencer by telling him that Ciera is going instead. Ciera is upset that Savage would use her as a decoy, instead of Woo, since Woo is not an original Bayon member and she is. Ciera vents, “Whenever you hear your name being brought up, it is never a good thing.” She does not want to be the guinea pig for this vote.


Over at the Bayon camp, Joe and Wentworth talk about the fact that she is the easy vote if they go to Tribal Council, since she is the only original non-Bayon member. Joe is in an alliance with both his original Bayon members and with Wentworth, Kass, Keith and Ciera from the prior Ta Keo tribe. He reveals, “I want to keep Kelley around, so I have numbers at the merge.” Joe feels that Wentworth is better in challenges than Kimmi and Stephen. Wentworth welcomes Joe going to bat for her with his old Bayon tribe mates. In addition, she has a hidden immunity idol, which she can use if needed. Joe checks in with Tasha and Stephen. When Stephen asks Joe if he is okay with voting out Wentworth, Joe suggests they vote out Kimmi instead, if they want to keep the tribe strong. Stephen and Tasha are shocked to hear that Joe would suggest voting out a Bayon member before Wentworth. Stephen comments, “He is already trying to get our core alliance to turn on each other.” Stephen tells Jeremy that Joe suggested voting out Kimmi and recommends that they vote out Joe next, since he can’t be trusted. Jeremy is not happy that Joe is targeting Kimmi, but he doesn’t want Joe voted out just yet. Jeremy explains, “I need Joe around as long as possible. I do not want to be the biggest guy out here.” Stephen is disappointed that Jeremy doesn’t agree with him about voting out Joe. He comments, “In terms of the strategic moves, that to me is what this game is about.” Stephen next pitches his plan to Tasha. She also doesn’t think it’s the right time to vote out Joe. Stephen vents, “If I can’t get my alliance to make that move with me, I have failed. You don’t get a lot of shots at taking out your major competition.” On this SECOND CHANCE season, Stephen is determined to not repeat the mistake he made in TOCANCHINS when he kept JT in the game too long. He comments, “This would be THE move that sets the tenor for the whole season.”


Jeff Probst introduces the challenge. It is a food eating competition. They will race to get down local Cambodian delicacies. The first to do so scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to four points wins immunity and is safe from the vote. Losers go to Tribal Council where somebody will be vote out of this game. Jeff reminds them that this challenge has been done 14 times in the past. Wiglesworth, Kimmi, Savage and Ciera all participated in this challenge in their prior seasons. For the first round, each tribe will put up two tribe members at a time.

The challenge begins and the first pairs are chosen. Tasha and Kimmi compete for Bayon against Spencer and Woo for Ta Keo. They each lift the lids off their plates to reveal what they will have to eat. Kimmi screams as she sees two tarantulas on her plate. Each person has to eat two tarantulas and the first pair to finish scores a point. Spencer and Woo finish first and score the first point for Ta Keo. Jeremy and Keith compete next for Bayon and they are up against Savage and Ciera for Ta Keo. Their challenge is to eat two water beetles each. Bayon wins this round. So, both tribes are tied at one each. In the third round, Stephen and Wentworth represent Bayon while Kass and Abi compete for Ta Keo. They each have to eat a large pig snout. Bayon wins this match, which puts them ahead. Now individuals from each tribe will compete against one another. Joe from Bayon takes on Wiglesworth from Ta Keo. They must eat a deep fried frog. Wiglesworth wins the round and ties up the game for Ta Keo. In the next round, Kimmi is once again faced with eating animal brains like she was in her first season. Woo is her opponent. Kimmi has not eaten pig in 30 years. So, she chooses not to eat the pig brains and will let Woo win the round if he eats them all. Woo quickly eats his portion and wins the point for Ta Keo giving them the lead at 3 to 2. Ciera is up next for Ta Keo against Wentworth for Bayon. They each uncover a scorpion. Ciera could win it for her Ta Keo tribe and get redemption for her failure at this challenge in her first season. Once again she can’t do it though. Wentworth eats her scorpion and ties up the challenge for Bayon. Ciera sheds tears because she has let her Ta Keo tribe down. The final and deciding round is between Kass and Tasha. They each uncover a balut, which is a duck embryo. Kass struggles to get the balut down, but is no competition for Tasha, who is determined to win. So, Bayon wins the immunity challenge and sends Ta Keo to Tribal Council. Kass is upset about losing the challenge for her tribe. She admits, “I would love to get rid of Spencer again.”


When the Ta Keo tribe gets back to camp, Savage confirms with Woo, Ciera, Kass and Abi that they are all voting for Spencer tonight. He reminds them to tell Spencer they are voting for Ciera, so he won’t suspect anything. Woo admits, “To come here at Ta Keo and be amongst the majority alliance feels like I’m finally in tune with this game and I get to play.” Spencer checks in with Savage and he tells Spencer that Ciera is going tonight. Spencer feels like he is on the outs, but he trusts Savage. Savage reveals, “It’s unbelievably hard for me to put up Spencer like this. He’s a great kid, but nothing is getting in the way of my second chance.” Ciera talks to Kass and Abi and tells them that she does not like the fact that Savage is telling Spencer to vote for her tonight. Kass and Abi are also confused as to why Savage did not suggest using Woo instead, since he is not part of their original Bayon alliance. Ciera comments, “It is my second chance. It could be by last chance and I want to go for it full on.” She recommends to Kass and Abi that they vote for Woo instead of Spencer tonight. Kass desperately wants to get rid of Spencer, but she realizes that they may be able to use him to help them get out Woo. So, Kass takes a walk with Spencer and reveals to him that Savage wants to vote him out tonight. Spencer is shocked to hear this, since he really likes Savage. Kass then invites him to join her, Ciera and Abi to vote out Woo tonight. Spencer comments, “I guess I’m bunking with the devil tonight. I might have to play with Kass.” Kass knows that Wiglesworth, Woo and Savage are all voting for Spencer tonight, while Abi, Ciera and Spencer are voting for Woo. Her vote will determine who gets voted out tonight. She comments, “It’s my first Tribal of my second chance. Which Kass is coming? Is it calm Kass or is it chaos Kass?”


As the Ta Keo tribe walks into Tribal Council, Jeff instructs Kass and Ciera to grab a torch and get fire, since they had not been to Tribal Council yet. He reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, since fire represents their life in the game and when their fire is gone, so are they. Jeff asks everyone how they have been playing differently this second time around. Savage feels he is playing a better personal game and developing deeper relationships. Spencer has been treating his competitors as people this time, which he admits is tough to do when you’re trying to outwit, outplay and outlast them. Woo is working on being more cutthroat and not as trusting. Kass admits that it’s hard to maintain all the relationships with your former and current tribe mates after the tribe swap and now the tribe switch. She finds it fun and challenging to figure out who is really working with whom. Jeff asks Kass if chaos Kass or the new Kass is here tonight. Kass is not sure. Savage admits that he only knows a loving and loyal Kass. Ciera is pretty confident that she can successfully read people. Savage feels confident that he knows what will happen tonight. Ciera points out that somebody’s plan is not going to work out tonight. Jeff then calls for the vote. The seven Ta Keo tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the votes. Spencer receives 3 votes. Woo gets 4 votes. So, Woo Hwang from Survivor: Cagayan is the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.