Season 31: Episode 7 - Play To Win
Posted on Nov 5, 2015 12:00am


It’s day 17 and the Ta Keo tribe is waking up as the rain pours outside their shelter. Savage is upset that his tribe blindsided him last night and voted out his ally Woo instead of Spencer. He comments, “They’re incredible liars. I thought I could read people pretty well.” Kass assures Savage that the vote was not personal; they just felt he was too close to Woo. Savage feels vulnerable and vows to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. He asks Kass, Abi, Wiglesworth, Ciera and Spencer to take him to the merge and he promises to be loyal to them. Savage even promises not to write down Spencer’s name at a vote. Spencer knows that Savage is feeling uncomfortable for being caught at trying to vote him out. He is not against working with Savage in the future, since making relationships is a big part of his new game plan. Spencer proved this when he worked with his prior enemy Kass on this last vote. He comments, “I truly have changed and progressed in this game and that’s why I’m here today.”


Over at the Bayon camp, Kimmi reads tree mail to her tribe. It tells them to walk to the end of their beach and wait for visitors. Everyone is trying to figure out whether this means that they are going to merge now. Tasha admits, “I’m a fan of SURVIVOR. This early couldn’t be a merge.” She’s used to fewer people than the current 13 being left in the game when the tribes merge. If it is a merge, Tasha wonders how she will end up working with her prior tribe mates Spencer and Kass from Cagayan.


Kass is reading tree mail to her Ta Keo tribe. Their tree mail tells them to gather all their belongs and follow the map to their new home. Ciera comments, “Does this mean a merge? I’m really nervous.” She is worried about taking Savage to the merge, since they just blindsided him and he is not happy with them. Kass reminds all of them to stick together and look for the cracks in the other side as they are packing up their camp. Savage exclaims, “Let this twist be something beautiful!” He hopes that this is the merge and he will be reunited with his Bayon brothers.


The Bayon tribe heads towards the end of their beach and they see the Ta Keo tribe coming towards them with all their belongings. Both tribes head for a cart filled with food and drinks. Keith finds a piece of paper, which confirms that the two tribes are merging. Everyone cheers because they have made it to a critical point in the game. They open a basket, which contains their new orange buffs. Joe admits, “Once you make the merge, you know things are about to change.” They all help to carry their merge feast food and drinks back to camp. Wentworth is so happy to have made it to the merge, since she didn’t make it that far in her first season. She reveals, “I want to push through and I want to get to the end.” As they are all gathered around enjoying their merge feast, Kass tells them that at last Tribal Council the vote was between Woo and Spencer. Kimmi is surprised to learn that Kass had not voted for Spencer, but in fact helped to save him. Kass hopes that Spencer will repay the favor some day. Stephen is ready to get done with the feast and start talking strategy. He explains, “You need to make an alliance of seven right now to get to the majority for this first vote.” Jeremy and Savage are the first two to break away from the group and talk. Savage is so happy to be back with Jeremy. He warns Jeremy that the opposing Ta Keo alliance will work fast to vote them out. Jeremy assures Savage that Tasha, Stephen and Kimmi are in their alliance. Savage tells Jeremy that Wiglesworth will work with them too. So they have six people in their alliance. Savage hopes to pull Joe in and give their alliance their seventh member, which assures them the majority in the next vote. Meanwhile, Kass catches up with Wentworth. She tells Wentworth that they can count on Abi and Spencer to vote with them. Wentworth comments, “Right now, I am working with Kass, Ciera, Keith, and hopefully with have Joe.” She wants to talk to Joe and Spencer and make sure they are on her side.


The next morning at the merged Orkun tribe, Savage encourages Joe to work with him and his alliance of Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi, Stephen and Wiglesworth. Savage guarantees Joe, if they stick together, they can make it to day 30 without any worries. Joe trusts Savage, but he is not ready to commit to joining his alliance yet. He explains, “I had a plan back with Ta Keo, so I’m not limiting my options in this game.” Wentworth checks in with Spencer to see what his plans are. They both admit to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of people still in the game. Wentworth tells Spencer that she trusts him, Kass, Ciera, Keith and Abi the most. She hopes Joe will decide to work with her alliance. Spencer comments, “Right now there’s two warring groups and apparently Joe and I are smack dab in the middle.” Spencer sees an opportunity to work with Joe in this game. So, he meets with him next. Spencer admits to Joe that he has no real alliance in the game. Joe tells Spencer that his alliance has not yet been tested, since he has not been to Tribal Council yet. Spencer maps out the two existing alliances in the sand and points out to Joe that they are in the middle. He recommends to Joe that they work together and watch each other’s backs.


A rainstorm blows into the Orkun camp and everyone huddles in the shelter to stay dry. Stephen tries to entertain them all by reciting a poem. Kass sees how close the former Bayon members are, especially the men. She comments, “I think I have the most connections and I’m probably most likely to pull in the numbers we need to go against the Savage, Jeremy, Stephen clan over there.” Kass checks in with Tasha, who was her tribe mate on her prior season SURVIVOR CAGAYAN. She warns her that she may be vulnerable, since she is so good at challenges. Tasha doesn’t trust Kass, since she was instrumental in getting Tasha voted out in Cagayan. Tasha admits, “This is SECOND CHANCE and there is no way I will allow Kass another opportunity to ruin my game.” So, Tasha decides to lie to Kass and tell her that the old Bayon tribe is no longer united. Kass asks Tasha what her plan is. Tasha says she is just going to vote with the majority. Kass senses that Tasha does not trust her and has not let go of the past. Kass comments, “Don’t mess with my second chance. You just unleashed the beast.”


The next morning it’s day 19 and the Orkun tribe is starting their day. Kass admits, “It’s really the original Bayon people that are going to run this show, unless someone here is willing to upset the apple cart.” Later, Kass and Tasha talk again. Tasha admits to Kass that she does not trust her and therefore told her wrong information about the old Bayon members not working together. Kass comments, “Tasha planted all these seeds of deception and I don’t think it was smart of her. She’s played right into my hand.” Kass draws a line in the sand between her and Tasha and says, “Game on.” They both head back to camp and the rest of their tribe. Kass tells everyone that Tasha lied to her and told her that Bayon is no more. She warns everyone not to trust with Tasha is saying and tells them that she is voting for Tasha. Ciera decides to join Kass in putting doubt in people’s minds and creating chaos around camp. She tells everyone that at Ta Keo, Savage and Woo talked about getting rid of Jeremy and Joe at the merge, because they were big threats. Savage immediately denies that he said anything like that. He vents, “You just woke up a raging bull.” Savage vows to get rid of Ciera or Kass for creating such unrest at camp.


Jeff Probst, the host, takes the tribal immunity idol from Ciera, since it is no longer valid. He then unveils the ornate and regal individual immunity necklace, for which they are now competing. He then introduces the first individual immunity challenge. The will each stand on a narrow beam, while balancing a ball on a platform. At regular intervals, their feet will move down to a narrower beam and their hands will move farther down the pole, which makes it more difficult to balance the ball. At any point, if they fall off the beam or drop the ball, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be the seventh person voted out at Tribal Council. Jeff informs them that this challenge first ran in the BRAINS vs BRAWN vs BEAUTY season with Spencer, Kass and Tasha. It came down to a showdown between Spencer and Tasha. In the end, Tasha won immunity. So, Kass and Spencer now have a second chance to win this immunity challenge.

The challenge begins with everyone starting with their feet on the widest plank and their hand on the post nearest the top of the platform where the ball sits. After just a few seconds, Stephen lets his ball roll off his platform. So, he is the first one out of the challenge. With less than one minute left to go in the first 10 minute round, Keith, Ciera and Kimmi drop their balls and join Stephen on the bench. The first round ends with nine players left in the challenge. Before the second round starts, they all move their feet down to a narrower level and move their hand down further on the pole. Just as the second round begins, Abi’s ball falls off her platform, so she is out. Everyone is having a harder time keeping their ball steady with the changes in stance and hand position. Kass is the next one out, so she gets no second chance redemption in this challenge. Wiglesworth and Wentworth are the next to drop. So four men and one woman remain. All five of them, Tasha, Savage, Jeremy, Spencer and Joe make it to the end of the second round. Now, they go to the narrowest plank to stand on and put their hands on the bottom of the pole, which is furthest from the ball. All of this makes it harder to balance for this third and final round. Savage is out quickly. Tasha and Jeremy are the next two out. So, Joe and Spencer are the only two left in the challenge and battle it out for immunity. In the end, Joe wins this first individual immunity challenge and gets to proudly wear the immunity necklace. Joe admits, “I’m glad I have the necklace, because it will be one hell of a Tribal.”


Savage wishes he would have won the first individual immunity challenge and made a statement to the younger guys. He is glad that neither Kass nor Ciera won though, since he is unhappy with the lies that they are telling about him and others in his alliance. Savage reveals, “I will never forget what Ciera did and in my mind, she’s done.” Stephen, Joe, Wiglesworth and Savage meet at the water well. Savage recommends that they vote out Ciera tonight. Stephen, Joe and Wiglesworth prefer that Kass go first. Meanwhile, Jeremy, Keith and Spencer talk on the beach. Jeremy suggests that they vote Kass tonight. Spencer reveals, “Kass was the only person on the last vote that was willing to play with me and even though I want to save her, I’m not sure I can.” Jeremy meets with his alliance of Tasha, Wiglesworth, Stephen, Spencer, Savage, Keith, Kimmi and Joe. They agree to split the vote between Kass and Ciera, in case Kass has a hidden immunity idol. Back in the shelter, Kass, Ciera, Wentworth and Abi watch the alliance of nine plot against them down at the beach. Kass comments, “They might split the vote and if I can get five people to agree to vote Tash, then Tasha’s gone.” Ciera, Wentworth, Abi and Kass all agree to vote for Tasha. Kass hopes that she can convince Spencer to vote with them. Before they head out to Tribal Council, Kass talks to Spencer. She encourages him to vote for Tasha and make a move that would benefit both of them. Spencer tells Kass that he will do it. He knows that he has the deciding vote tonight. Spencer comments, “My luck has truly turned around. I have never been in this position before to influence the game.”


As the Orkun tribe walks into Tribal Council, Jeff instructs Joe and Keith to grab a torch and get fire, since they had not been to Tribal Council yet. He reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, since fire represents their life in the game and when their fire is gone, so are they. Jeff points out that this is the biggest Tribal Council in the history of SURVIVOR with 13 people in it. Ciera admits that this SECOND CHANCE season has been quick, fast and crazy. Kass claims not to be chaotic this season. She feels that the people claiming to be calm are actually in the center of the chaos this time like Tasha. Tasha quickly tells Kass she is wrong. Kass points out that Tasha was the one that lied about her Bayon alliance being over. Tasha disagrees. Ciera defends Kass and says she is speaking the truth. Joe admits that the easy thing to do tonight is vote out Kass, Tasha or Ciera. Ciera encourages everyone to not take the easy vote, but instead vote for the person who is the most dangerous to their game. Spencer says, “I think playing is different things to different people everyday of the game and tomorrow playing may look very different.” Stephen admits that the game is evolving and changing this season. Jeff notes that instead of long-term alliances, short-term voting blocks are being organized and used for each vote. Ciera feels that trust is still important and encourages everyone who is not at the top of the alliance to play. Jeff then calls for the vote. The thirteen Orkun tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the votes. Savage receives 1 vote. Tasha gets 2 votes. Ciera receives 4 votes. Kass gets 6 votes. So, Kass McQuillen from Survivor: Cagayan is the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.