Season 31: Episode 8 - You Call, We'll Haul
Posted on Nov 12, 2015 12:00am


The Orkun tribe starts day 20 checking in with each other about last night’s Tribal Council. Savage congratulates Jeremy for their plan to vote off Kass going without a hitch. He is so happy to have made it further in SURVIVOR than he did in his Pearl Islands season. Savage hopes to keep his majority alliance together and to vote out Wentworth, Ciera or Abi next. At last night’s Tribal Council, Ciera encouraged everyone to play the game hard. Savage comments, “I know they are planning a big move.” He hopes to figure out who Ciera, Wentworth and Abi are targeting and then spoil their plan. Stephen checks in with Ciera to see how she is feeling after getting votes at last night’s Tribal Council. Even though he is not in her alliance, Ciera feels like Stephen would be willing to make a big move. She reveals, “It’s all about convincing Stephen that this is the right time.” Ciera tells Stephen that she would like to vote out Joe, if he losses the next immunity challenge. Stephen admits, “Ciera wants to flip the game on its head and I do too.”


Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the reward challenge. They will divide up into two teams of six. They will paddle out to a series of crates. When they get to a crate, they will jump in the water, untie the crate and get it in their boat. Once they have all their crates, they will stack them, so there are no repeating colors on any side. The first team to finish wins reward. The reward is a trip to the SURVIVOR Café where they will enjoy iced coffee, bagels with cream cheese and cookies. Jeff points out that the first time a paddling challenge was done was in season 1 with Kelly Wiglesworth. In that challenge, she lost to Gervase, even though she is a professional river rafter. This is Wiglesworth second chance to win this challenge. Jeff tells them that a schoolyard pick will be used to determine their teams.

The Green team is made up of Kimmi, Wentworth, Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith and Ciera. The Purple team is made up of Savage, Tasha, Spencer, Jeremy, Stephen and Abi. The challenge begins and both teams race down the beach and jump in their boats. It takes a little while to get used to paddling the boats and the two teams end up running into each other as they turn the corner and approach their first crates. Keith jumps in the water and quickly unties the first crate for his green team. Abi is the one to jump in the water and untie for the purple team. She is much slower than Keith, which puts her purple team behind. The green team now has two crates on their boat, while the purple team is just approaching their second crate. This time Spencer jumps in to untie this second crate and try to make up time for his purple team. He gets the crate untied and in the boat quickly, but then he falls back into the water and his team has to retrieve him. Meanwhile, the green team is one full crate ahead as they pull their third crate into the boat. As they reach their fourth and final crate, Joe takes over and jumps in the water to untie it for the team. The water is now shallow enough that Joe can stand. As Spencer is untying the third crate for his purple team, the boat and the rest of his team drift away from him. So, now Spencer has to swim over to his boat with the heavy crate in tow. Joe loads the fourth and final crate onto the green team’s boat. At this point, the rest of his tribe mates jump in the water and run the boat to the shore rather than paddle it in. They unload their four crates and start work on their puzzle, while the purple team is still paddling toward their fourth crate. Joe, Wiglesworth, Kimmi, Ciera, Wentworth and Keith of the green team stack their four crates and start moving them around, so no color is repeated on any side of their four crates. It takes a while, but the purple team of Stephen, Jeremy, Tasha, Savage, Abi and Spencer finally get their crates back to the beach and start working on their puzzle. Both teams work together well. Amazingly, the purple team comes from behind and thinks they have solved the puzzle first. Unfortunately, they are correct, since one side has a repeating color. In the end, the green team wins sending Joe, Wiglesworth, Kimmi, Ciera, Wentworth and Keith to the SURVIVOR Café reward. Stephen is upset that Joe and the girls get to go on the reward. He explains, “I want to get rid of him, but this gives them a chance to get into his head and that could ruin everything.”


Kimmi, Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith, Ciera and Wentworth arrive at the SURVIVOR Café via tuk tuk. They are so excited when they see the trays of bagels, cookies and cups of coffee waiting for them. Kimmi admits, “It was my first time ever going on a reward with food either season, so it was so super special for me.” Ciera is thrilled to be on a reward. It not only provides her with food, but also a chance to talk strategy with others. She comments, “So, I really look at it as an opportunity to plant a few more seeds and build a few more relationships.” As they are all sitting around enjoying their food and drink, Ciera warns them that Jeremy, Savage, Tasha and Stephen are very tight. She proposes that they target them while they still have the numbers. Joe has so far voted with the Bayon alliance, but he knows that Ciera is right about that group of four. He admits, “It’s just a matter of making sure I make a move at the right time with the right people.” Keith decides to try and drive one of the tuk tuks, which is powered by a motorcycle. He starts it up and takes his team for a ride up and down the beach. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Keith admits, “This is a once in a lifetime deal.”


Jeremy, Savage, Stephen, Abi, Spencer and Tasha are all sitting in the shelter at the Orkun camp. Stephen apologizes to the others for being so depressed about not being on the reward. He explains that he lost on his first season, because of bonds that were made on a reward that he did not go on. Stephen doesn’t want that to happen again this season. He comments, “The people who I need to make a big move, they’re off on the reward bonding with Joe and Joe is the enemy.” Later, Stephen recommends to Jeremy that they vote out Joe, if he does not win the next immunity challenge. In the past, Jeremy has wanted to keep Joe in the game, so that people target Joe instead of him. Jeremy admits, “Every time Joe wins, it just keeps getting that bulls eye bigger and bigger on his back.” Jeremy tells Stephen that he will vote for Joe, if his alliance wants it. Stephen is glad to hear this. He reveals, “This all goes back to losing to JT. I just don’t want to be the guy that gets pulled to the end as a goat.” Stephen continues his campaign to vote out Joe as he talks to Spencer and Tasha. Savage overhears Stephen talking to Tasha and is shocked that Stephen wants to vote out Joe. Savage considers Joe to be a good ally. He vents, “If I’ve got to go toe to toe with Stephen, then bring it on.”


The next morning, Savage meets with Joe and warns him about Stephen’s plan to vote him out. Joe admits, “No surprise, he’s a smart guy and I know I’m a threat.” Joe was hoping that he would not be targeted so soon in the game. Savage promises Joe that he will never vote to get him out. Joe’s appreciates Savage’s support. He admits, “If Stephen has rallied the numbers to vote me out, then if I don’t win immunity, I’m gone.”


Jeff Probst introduces the immunity challenge. They will each balance a ball on a disc attached to a rope. At regular intervals, they will move their hands farther down the rope making it more difficult to balance. If at any point their ball drops, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council tonight and become the eighth person voted out and the second member of the jury. Jeff reminds everyone that this challenge has been run one time before. Jeremy was first out and Keith won it. So, both have a second chance to see how they will do this time.

The challenge begins. Within seconds, Wentworth is out of the challenge as her ball drops to the ground. Ciera is out right after her. The challenge moves quickly as both Wiglesworth and Jeremy lose control of their balls and are out of the challenge too. Kimmi’s ball starts rolling, but she is able to recover. Abi is not so fortunate, as her ball hits the ground. Now only seven people are left in the challenge. Stephen and Savage are the next two out. So, Keith, Joe, Spencer, Tasha and Kimmi are the only ones left in the challenge. All five of them stay in for the first 10 minutes, which gets them through round 1. For the second round, they have to move their hands farther down the rope. This makes it more difficult to control the ball. Kimmi’s ball starts rolling around again, but this time she can’t keep it on the disc. So, she too is out of the challenge. Tasha drops her ball next. So, now only Keith, Spencer and Joe remain. All three of them, make it through the second round. Now their hands are moved to the end of the rope for the third ten-minute round. Spencer gets out during this round. Now only Keith and Joe remain. They have been competing for 30 minutes at the end of the third round. In the fourth and final round, a second ball is added to both of their discs. The last man standing will win the individual immunity. Keith would love to win this challenge for a second time, but that was not to be. In the end, Joe wins this second individual immunity challenge. As Joe proudly walks out of the challenge, with the immunity necklace once again around his neck, he comments, “Let’s go get Stephen, because he threw my name out there.”


The Orkun tribe congratulates Joe for the win, as they arrive back at camp. Stephen is so disappointed that Joe is safe from the vote once again. He admits, “It’s like Moby Dick. Joe is my white whale and I’m Ahab on my crazy monomaniacal quest to eliminate Joe and he keeps evading us.” Joe checks in with Savage and they agree to vote for Stephen. Savage tells Joe he will try to convince Jeremy to vote with them. Joe wants to get Wentworth, Ciera and Abi to also vote for Stephen, since they are on the bottom. Joe starts by talking to Wentworth. She is thrilled that she is not the target tonight and gladly agrees to vote for Stephen. Wentworth reveals, “I have an idol, but I don’t want to have to use it this early in the game.” Wentworth breaks the good news to Ciera. Ciera is also glad to hear that Stephen will be voted out tonight, so she is safe. Meanwhile, Savage meets with Tasha, Wiglesworth, Spencer and Jeremy. He encourages them to vote for Stephen, since he is trying to make a big move and go against their alliance. Jeremy does not want Stephen to go though, since he plans on taking him far into the game. He comments, “Once the big guys start going at each other, I want to have all the bullets.” Jeremy recommends that they vote out Wentworth or Ciera instead and keep their alliance intact. Savage says he will do whatever the group decides. He comments, “I’m disappointed, but Jeremy made a valid point that those two girls are dangerous.” Tasha breaks the news to Joe that Stephen is not being voted out tonight. Joe is disappointed. When Ciera checks in with Joe later, she realizes that things have changed and either she or Wentworth are now the targets. Wentworth is upset that Joe is caving in and now going with the majority alliance. She admits, “The great thing about Tribal is that it’s not over till it’s over.” Wentworth talks to Ciera and Abi and encourages them all to vote for the same person. Ciera is worried that she will be the one voted out tonight. She admits, “I guess I’m hoping for a miracle at Tribal Council.”


The Orkun tribe takes their seats at Tribal Council and Kass is introduced as the first member of the jury. Jeff asks Ciera if she feels that people are still not playing the game as she said at the last Tribal Council. She responds, “Yes, same thing different day.” Wentworth feels that four people are running the game and the rest are going to be picked off one by one. She is frustrated that the other eight people not in control won’t work with her to make a move. Ciera lists the four in control as Jeremy, Savage, Tasha and Stephen or Joe. Jeremy accuses Ciera and Wentworth of not knowing who is running things, since Ciera listed five people and not four. Joe points out that the immunity necklace is the only guarantee of safety anyone has in the game. Savage insists that many people are involved in the decisions, not just four. Ciera doesn’t agree that everyone in the alliance is equal. She feels that some are at the top and some are at the bottom. She invites the people at the bottom to wake up and take action. Spencer agrees with Ciera, but thinks that people are just waiting for someone to flip or play an idol. Stephen feels that this season is different from any others and doesn’t have the typical hierarchical alliance because of the prior tribe swaps and switches. Wentworth predicts that either herself, Ciera or Abi will get the votes tonight, since they are at the bottom. She does warn the others that someone from the core group came to her and said they wanted to make a big move. Therefore, not everyone is so tight and happy. Joe admits that this season is both nerve racking and exciting. Jeff then calls for the vote. The twelve Orkun tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Wentworth shocks everyone by pulling out an idol. She says, “I maybe at the bottom, but I’m not ready to go home yet.” Jeff reveals the first 11 votes. Wentworth receives 9 votes, which do not count. Savage gets 2 votes. So, Andrew Savage from Survivor: Pearl Islands is the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.