Season 31: Episode 9 - Witches Coven
Posted on Nov 19, 2015 12:00am


It’s night 21 and the Orkun tribe returns from Tribal Council after a surprise vote out of Andrew Savage. The nine people that voted for Wentworth congratulate her for playing her hidden immunity idol, which saved herself and sent Savage to the jury. Wentworth is thrilled to still be in the game, but she is quick to apologize to everyone for coming on so strong at Tribal Council. Now that the tribe sees that there are hidden immunity idols in the game, they ask Wentworth where she found hers. She is not quite ready to share that information with everyone yet. Wentworth admits, “I feel like I’ve come so far from BLOOD vs. WATER to where I am here.” She is so happy to be making big moves in this SECOND CHANCE season. Kimmi tells Joe and Stephen that they have to vote out Wentworth, Abi or Ciera next time, otherwise they could undermine their alliance. She adds, “Now I just feel like we have to break up the little Witches coven.” Kimmi referring to Wentworth, Abi and Ciera as witches amuses Stephen. He comments, “It’s just like the three witches from Macbeth who are stirring their caldron.” Stephen feels that those three will continue to stir things up. He comments, “How do I get the witches to make the potion that’s right for me.”


The next morning, Jeremy, Stephen and Keith discuss last night’s Tribal Council. Keith wonders if Wentworth had a clue to help her find her idol. Jeremy is not happy about Savage going home last night, since he felt Savage helped shield him from being voted out. He admits, “Even though I trust Stephen and I have one idol to protect me, I need two idols because they’re coming after me.” Jeremy is pretty sure that another idol is out there to be found, since Wentworth just played her idol. He hopes to be the one to find it. Keith, Tasha and Joe have the same idea. So each of them spend time looking around for the idol. Joe knows that people are targeting him, since he won the last two immunity challenges. He is especially anxious to find the idol. Joe reveals, “That is going to be crucial to my survival. I just don’t know where it is.” Abi walks up on Joe as he is searching around tree mail. She gets him to leave, when she asks for some privacy. Abi comments, “He knows that he’s in trouble and he’s nervous. I love it.” Later, Abi tells Wentworth that she ran into Joe looking for an idol. Wentworth is pleased that the eight people that are voting together are not so sure of themselves, since they are running around searching for idols. She admits, “I am so hoping that people are finally ready to get this game started.”


Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the reward challenge. The tribe will divide up into two teams of five. They will use wooden poles to build a staircase. Once completed, they will climb the staircase, then make their way through a maze and down a slide. One person will then navigate a key through a rope obstacle. They will then use that key to open a chest. Two team members will use the pieces inside that chest to solve a puzzle that will reveal three numbers to a combination. First team to get their combination solved and their flag raised wins reward. The winning team of five will be taken to a SURVIVOR Spa. They will enjoy a shower, a Cambodian massage and enjoy sandwiches and desserts. All of this will rejuvenate and refresh them to continue in the game. Jeff tells them that this challenge was first run in BRAINS VS BRAWN VS BEAUTY. Spencer and Tasha’s tribe lost this challenge. So they each now have a second chance to do better. The two teams will be chosen by a schoolyard pick and one person will not be chosen, since only ten people can participate in the challenge.

Tasha is the captain of the purple team and she chooses Stephen, Joe, Spencer and Ciera. Wiglesworth is the captain of the green team and she chooses Jeremy, Keith, Kimmi and Wentworth. Abi was not chosen for either team. So she will not participate in the challenge and not be able to go on reward. The challenge begins and both teams race to build their staircase with the poles provided. Jeff informs them that the length of the poles does not necessarily correspond with their order on the staircase, since each of the slots they go into is a different depth. So, the shortest pole isn’t necessarily the bottom step. Both teams struggle to move around the very heavy poles. The purple team figures out the order pretty quickly and completes their staircase. They move onto the maze. The green team is still having a hard time figuring out the correct order for the poles. The purple team is now through the maze. Joe starts working the key through the rope obstacle. The green team is still stuck at the staircase. Joe quickly gets the purple team’s key and the rest of his team joins him at the puzzle. Spencer and Ciera volunteer to solve the puzzle. First they use the key to unlock the puzzle pieces. They now have a substantial lead over the green team. Spencer is looking for redemption, since he tried solving this puzzle in his first season and lost. The green team is still trying to figure out the order of the poles in the staircase. Spencer and Ciera have a lot of time to solve the puzzle and get the three numbers they need to open their combination lock. The green team finally completes their staircase and moves on to the maze. Spencer and Ciera now have two of the three numbers they need and they are working on the third. The green team gets through the maze and Jeremy starts working on getting the key through the rope obstacle. Spencer and Ciera have completed their puzzle and are trying the three numbers in their combination lock. Just as Jeremy frees up the green team’s key, Spencer opens the combination lock for his purple team. So, the purple team of Tasha, Stephen, Joe, Spencer and Ciera win the SURVIVOR Spa reward. Jeremy comments, “We weren’t even close. It was embarrassing.”


Tasha, Stephen, Joe, Spencer and Ciera are so excited when they arrive at the SURVIVOR Spa and see the food, the showers and the massage tables. They start their celebration by enjoying the food and drink. Joe admits, “Food in this game is so valuable. It keeps your mind right. It keeps your body right.” He hopes that it will help him in the next immunity challenge. Ciera takes advantage of being with a group of people that she doesn’t necessarily get to talk to back at camp. She admits to everyone that she is on the outs and willing to work with people. She warns everyone if they take Jeremy to the end they will not win. Stephen is impressed that Ciera is playing the game so hard. He admits, “Wentworth, Abi and Ciera have been working harder than the dominant alliance, because they are desperate.” Tasha asks Ciera what she thinks about Wiglesworth. Ciera feels that Wiglesworth will also win if she makes it to the end. Tasha agrees that Wiglesworth is very well liked. Stephen comments, “I think there’s voting blocks that make sense for the moment and the next day that could be completely out the window.” He is amazed at how quickly the game is moving this season.


Meanwhile, at the Orkun camp Jeremy, Keith, Kimmi, Abi and Wentworth are preparing their own not so glamorous meal of clams, crabs and snails. Jeremy admits, “I’m pissed off that we lost.” He can’t believe that his green team did so poorly at the reward challenge. While the other four are eating and talking, Jeremy heads out of camp to look for a hidden immunity idol. He starts by digging at tree mail and them explores the surrounding, since he found his first idol in a tree under leaves. As he is looking at the base of a large tree, he uncovers a small package. Jeremy is so happy and immediately opens it up. It is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. It tells him that he needs to be sly and inconspicuous when he heads out tonight and follows the enclosed map, which will lead him to the idol. Jeremy hides the clue in his pants and heads back to camp full of excitement. Later after the others get back from their spa reward and the sun goes down, Jeremy patiently waits for everyone to go to bed. Unfortunately, the tribe stays up late by the fire talking. So Jeremy pretends the he has an upset stomach and tells everyone he has to go to the bathroom. This gives him an excuse to leave camp. He head down the dark trail hoping not to run into any wildlife. After a while he sees the glow of a lantern and heads towards it. When he arrives at the lantern, he sees the immunity idol that he was hoping to get. Jeremy comments, “With two idols, I can be a little bit more aggressive.” He kisses the idol and names it Val’s idol after his wife. In an emotional moment, Jeremy admits, “I’m doing it all for her. I just want to make her life a little easier.” He hopes that the two immunity idols that he has found will help him win the game for his wife and children.


The next morning Stephen notices Joe and Wiglesworth talking at the beach about whom they trust and how vulnerable they both are. He admits, “Joe and Wiglesworth I think are super close.” Stephen is tired of his allies not wanting to get out Joe or Wiglesworth. He still wants to make a big move in this SECOND CHANCE season. Stephen admits, “I want to build something with the three witches, because they’re at the bottom and they’re desperate to make a move.” So, Stephen meets with Ciera, Wentworth and Abi. Ciera tells him that they will vote for whomever he wants as long as it is not one of them. Stephen then points out that Wiglesworth is a threat. Abi agrees that Wiglesworth has made relationships with everyone and is a social threat. Ciera is happy that people are finally coming to strategize with her, Wentworth and Abi. She comments, “Where have you been the last 20 days?” Ciera agrees to vote with Stephen to get Wiglesworth out of the game.


Jeff Probst introduces the immunity challenge. Each person will balance on a triangular platform in the water with their feet perched on very narrow footholds. At regular intervals, they will move up, which will make it more difficult. If they fall, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in ten shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the third member of the jury. The last time this challenge was run was during the BRAINS vs. BRAUN vs. BEAUTY season. Spencer and Tasha both participated and lost, so this is a second chance for them to win the challenge.

As the challenge begins, the rain is pouring, which makes the challenge even more slippery and difficult. They each have their feet perched on a narrow foothold of a triangular platform. Each person is trying not to let their feet slip or lose their balance. After 8 minutes, Jeff throws in a twist. He cuts a rope and 9 buoys pop up in the water a few yard away from each person. Jeff then says, “First person to touch their buoy earns an advantage in the game, but gives up their shot at immunity. Go anytime.” Stephen and Spencer immediately jump off their platforms and into the water. It is an extremely close race, but Stephen gets to his buoy first and wins the coveted advantage. Spencer is out of the challenge, with no advantage and no chance of immunity. Ten minutes have now passed and each person must climb to the top of their platform and not fall in the process. Wentworth, Jeremy, Ciera, Kimmi, and Tasha all fall while they are trying to make the transition. So, they are out of the challenge. Only Joe, Wiglesworth, Keith and Abi remain on their platforms. This round will last 20 minutes. Halfway in the round, Keith falls off. Joe is moving around but stays on his platform. Abi and Wiglesworth are like statues on their platforms. All three make it through this second round and now must stand on the top of the platform with only one foot. Wiglesworth does not make the transition in time, so is out of the challenge. It is now down to just Joe and Abi. Abi develops a cramp in her buttocks, which causes her to fall. So, Joe wins his third immunity challenge in a row. After Jeff puts the immunity necklace on Joe, he gives Stephen the advantage he won. He can open it when he chooses. Stephen comments, “This frickin’ Wiglesworth thing is happening.”


The Orkun tribe arrives back at camp and heads straight for their shelter to escape the rain. Everyone congratulates Joe for winning yet another immunity challenge. Kimmi is actually fine with Joe winning immunity. She explains, “I really need the witches to start getting voted out because I don’t want them getting too much power.” Later, Kimmi, Jeremy, Wiglesworth and Jeremy discuss the vote. They figure they have eight people total that will vote together, so they decide to split the votes between Wentworth and Ciera. Five people will vote for Wentworth and three will vote for Ciera. Tasha comments, “Right now we want Wentworth to go home. She’s really savvy in this game. She’s already played an idol.” Stephen heads out of camp to find out what his advantage is away from the others. He reads the piece of paper and finds out that the advantage is that he can steal a vote from someone at Tribal Council and then vote twice. Stephen admits, “This is a game changer.” He is delighted to have an advantage with so much power. Next, Stephen meets with Wentworth, Ciera and Abi and gets their word that they are going to vote for Wiglesworth tonight. He assures them that he can get one more person to vote with them. Wentworth is happy that Stephen is willing to work with her, Abi and Ciera. She admits, “I feel much more confident going forward in this game.” Stephen then meets with Spencer and Jeremy. He tells them that the girls want Wiglesworth to be voted out next. The three of them can work with the Abi, Ciera and Wentworth and make that happen. Both Spencer and Jeremy are worried about trusting Abi, Ciera and Wentworth. Spencer comments, “Would I love to take control of the game? Yes.” He is just not sure this is the best way to do it. Jeremy is also very unsure about working with the witches. He admits, “I’m just trying to lock down my alliance and trying to work these other voting blocks.” Jeremy is worried about voting out Wiglesworth and in the process blindsiding Kimmi, Keith, Joe, and Tasha. He admits, “I want to make the decision and the right move. I don’t want to just jump ship.”


The Orkun tribe takes their seats at Tribal Council in the pouring rain. Stephen admits that he is cold and having a hard time thinking straight because of the weather. Keith is struggling too, since the rain has made it hard to eat and sleep. Jeff points out that Wentworth received the majority of the votes at the last Tribal Council and would have been voted out, if she had not played an idol. Wentworth hopes that her big move has encouraged more people to work with her and not against her. Ciera says, “It’s pretty much play or get played at this point.” Jeremy points out that this game is now about voting blocks versus the traditional alliances. Spencer feels that building trust with people is still important. Wiglesworth hopes everyone will do what they said they were going to do. Tasha feels that the voting block with the strongest alliance will make it to the end. Abi, Tasha, Stephen, Spencer, Wentworth and Ciera all raise their hands when Jeff asks who is worried that they might be voted out tonight. Jeff then calls for the vote. The eleven Orkun tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 10 votes. Wentworth receives 2 votes. Ciera gets 3 votes and Wiglesworth receives 5 votes. So, Kelly Wiglesworth from SURVIVOR: BORNEO is the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.