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Season 31: Episode 10 - Like Selling Your Soul To The Devil
Posted on Nov 26, 2015 12:00am


The Orkun tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 24. Jeremy, Stephen and Spencer surprised their alliance, by blindsiding Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeremy admits, “Every vote is like a new game. If I can’t clean up, then they’re going to come after me next.” He starts by talking to Tasha. Jeremy assures Tasha that she is still in a power position, but they couldn’t tell her about tonight’s vote ahead of time. Tasha understands that with voting blocks, you don’t need to tell any more people than are needed to have a majority, but she is still not happy about being left out of the loop. She comments, “You get one opportunity to leave me out of the loop. That was they’re opportunity. They don’t get any more chances.” Joe is also upset about Wiglesworth being voted out, since she was his closest ally. He joins Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer and Stephen and asks them what happened. Jeremy tells Joe that Wiglesworth was just too much of a threat. Joe asks who all voted for Wiglesworth. Jeremy tells Joe that it was he, Stephen, Spencer and the three girls. Joe warns him not to let those three girls get too far. Joe comments, “All the more reason for me to win the next immunity, because people are coming for me.”


The rain continues to pour through the night and into the next day. Everyone is huddled in the shelter trying to stay dry and warm. Ciera is feeling pretty good about her position in the game, since she was in the majority voting block last nigh that voted Wiglesworth out. The rain worries her though, because with everyone stuck in the shelter, she can’t have conversations with individuals to plan the next moves. She admits, “That makes me nervous. That could potentially screw up my entire game.” With no fire, Kimmi wonders if they can eat uncooked rice. Keith is irritated by his tribe mates complaining about being cold and hungry. He is there to win a million dollars and not to have fun. Keith comments, “When do you get a second chance for something crazy like this?”


Jeff Probst, the host, asks Tasha how the tribe is doing. She admits that they are exhausted because of the bad weather and lack of food. Jeff tells them that he will first reveal the reward and they can decide whether it is worth playing for. For today’s challenge, they will divide into two teams of five. The winning five will be taken to a place where they will have a roof over their head and blankets to get warm and dry. After just hearing that much, everyone wants to compete to try and win the reward. Jeff tells them that they will also have food and entertainment at the reward, which will be a Cambodian circus. Jeff then describes how the challenge will work. In each round, three people from each team will battle for a ball and work together to get that ball into a basket. Meanwhile, the other team tries to stop them any way they can. Every time they get a ball in the basket, they score a point. The first team to three wins reward. The teams will be determined by schoolyard pick. The resulting green team is comprised of Wentworth, Kimmi, Stephen, Jeremy and Keith. The purple team is made up of Tasha, Spencer, Abi, Ciera and Joe. This challenge was first run in Stephen’s season, which was SURVIVOR: TOCANCHINS. Stephen’s team won after he scored the winning basket.

The challenge begins. In the first round Spencer, Joe and Ciera of the purple team go against Jeremy, Stephen and Wentworth of the green team. Joe gets to the ball first and tosses it to Spencer after being tackled by Jeremy. Spencer shoots the ball at the basket, but misses. Jeremy gets the ball and runs to his basket. Stephen tackles Joe to keep him away from Jeremy. Jeremy takes a shot and scores the first point. So, the green team is in the lead. In the next round, Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth take on Tasha, Abi and Joe. It is a very physical round, but Joe manages to break free and score the first basket for his purple team, so the game is now tied at 1-1. The third round has Jeremy, Kimmi and Stephen against Joe, Ciera and Spencer. The rain continues to pour and the castaways continue to fight for the ball. This time Spencer scores and puts his purple team in the lead 2-1. Now, they need only one more point to win. In the fourth round, Joe, Abi and Tasha are matched against Jeremy, Wentworth and Kimmi. Jeremy ties Joe up, so the girls fight for the ball. Tasha gets it away from Kimmi. Kimmi holds onto Tasha’s leg as she tries to make her way to her basket. Tasha eventually breaks free and makes the game winning basket. So, the purple team of Tasha, Abi, Joe, Spencer and Ciera win the reward of shelter, food and entertainment. Ciera sees this reward as a huge advantage to get comfort and time to strategize with people. Meanwhile, Keith, Jeremy, Wentworth, Kimmi and Stephen head back to camp in the pouring rain.


Tasha, Abi, Joe, Spencer and Ciera are under a roof and wrapped in blankets as they toast their challenge victory at reward. Spencer admits, “Having been wet for two days straight, going on a reward has never been more important.” As they sit around a table and enjoy a feast, various Cambodian performers entertain them and the other people in the village. Spencer is thrilled to get to know more about the Cambodian people and to get a chance to make bonds with Tasha, Abi, Joe and Ciera. He comments, “It might not be immunity, but it feels as important as immunity.” Ciera notices the village children enjoying the circus and gets emotional as they remind her of her children and husband back at home. She comments, “I have to just keep trucking along for them.” Ciera suggests all five of them blindside Stephen at the next Tribal Council. Both Joe and Spencer agree that Stephen is a big threat in the game, because of his advantage. Joe comments, “It sounds like a good plan, but I can’t bank on them, especially when I know they want me out of this game.”


Back at the Orkun camp, Keith, Jeremy, Wentworth, Kimmi and Stephen are in the shelter trying to stay warm and dry in the pouring rain. Jeremy admits that the cold and wet weather is miserable, but they all have to get through it. Kimmi remembers when her son was in the hospital for 49 days. She feels if he could handle that, then she could handle the challenges of SURVIVOR for only 39 days. Kimmi reveals, “All my strength for being out here comes from my boys.” Keith puts on Joe’s long sleeve shirt to try and stay warm. They all talk about how good Joe is at challenges. Keith admits, “It wouldn’t bother me at all if Joe goes. He’s good at challenges and he’s winning everything out here.” Wentworth points out that Joe has also been arrogant and playing different people in the game. Stephen is glad to hear that other people are finally seeing that Joe has to go. He admits, “Especially winning that game advantage, I think I’m in a really great position right now.” Stephen doesn’t want to be too confident though, because that could get him voted out.


Later that night, after everyone has returned from the reward, the rain continues to pour and the wind brings cold air into the shelter. Even though it is the middle of the night, everyone is up and huddled together. In the middle of the horrible weather, Stephen’s stomach is upset and forces him to leave the shelter numerous times to relieve himself. He is sick, soaked and shivering. With tears in his eyes, Stephen admits, “I’m scared that my body’s breaking down. You know I can’t go on like this.” He vows to do his best to get through it. The morning comes, but the rain is still coming down and Stephen’s stomach is still acting up. As bad as he feels, Stephen says, “I’m not quitting. There’s no way I’m quitting.” Jeremy is worried about Stephen. He comments, “I’m hoping he’s okay, because I need some loyalty around me and Stephen is an honest guy.” The entire tribe is wet, cold and hungry, since they have no fire to cook anything. Jeremy admits, “I love SURVIVOR, but it’s a tough game.” He hopes that the sun will come out and warm things up for them.


Jeff Probst greets the Orkun tribe and then asks them each to pick a black rock and a white rock from two bowls that he passes around. He then introduces the challenge. They will each balance on one foot on a small block, while balancing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If the ball drops, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. Everyone will go to Tribal Council, where one of the losers will become the fourth member of the jury. Jeff reminds them that this challenge has been run one other time back in Keith’s season. Keith participated by did not win. So, now he has a second chance at it. Jeff asks Stephen how things have been around camp. Stephen admits that things have been rough with the weather and that he has had a stomach issue, which has made it especially rough on him. Jeff reminds everyone that they still have half a month to go in the game. He offers them the chance to greatly improve their shelter. Jeff tells them that a construction crew is at their camp ready to rebuild their shelter. This includes waterproofing their roof and getting a fire pit in the center of the shelter. To have these improvements made five people have to give up their shot of immunity at this challenge. He then asks them to hold out a white rock, if they choose to sit out the challenge and give up individual immunity to get a better shelter for everyone. If they still want to compete for immunity, then hold out a black rock. Everyone except for Joe and Keith shows a white rock. So, eight people are willing to give up immunity for the better shelter. Jeff congratulates them for choosing to have a better shelter to benefit everyone. Keith says, “I’m a competitor and I wanted to play.” He was pretty sure that Joe would also compete, so he wanted to give him some competition. Joe admits that he considered showing a white rock, but he figured there would be enough other people willing to do that. Jeff instructs the people that surrendered their immunity to take a seat on the bench. Joe and Keith meanwhile get ready to compete in the challenge.

The challenge begins. Keith has competed in this challenge in his last season and made it relatively far. On the other hand, Joe has won all the immunity challenges so far. Joe is the first one to start wobbling a little. All of a sudden Keith hands slip and his ball drops. So, Joe wins his fourth immunity challenge in a row and remains undefeated. Keith doesn’t get his second chance redemption on this challenge. Stephen is happy that life will be easier at camp with their improved shelter. He comments, “Let’s take out Ciera. She is so fixated on aggressive game play, because she knows she’s in trouble.”


The Orkun tribe returns from the immunity challenge and is so excited to see their new shelter with a fire going. Abi comments, “It was just such an amazing feeling. It was just like wow, I can endure another 13 days with no problems.” They immediately start eating cookies, which they find in the shelter. Spencer is happy with the shelter, fire and food, but he is worried about being vulnerable at Tribal Council tonight. He admits, “When you give us potentially your life in the game, it’s like you’re selling your soul to the devil.” Kimmi, Stephen and Jeremy meet to discuss the vote. Stephen proposes that they vote out Ciera. He feels Ciera is dangerous because she is not afraid to make big moves. Although Stephen has an advantage in the game, he prefers not to use it this early. While Kimmi, Stephen and Jeremy have their meeting; the rest of the tribe is talking strategy at the shelter. Joe suggests that they vote out Stephen tonight to get rid of his advantage. Ciera hopes that everyone sticks to the plan and that Stephen really is blindsided tonight. She tells everyone to write down Stephen’s name and in case he plays his advantage, she and Wentworth will write down Kimmi’s name. Later, Tasha talks to Spencer and asks how he really feels about following Ciera’s plan to vote out Stephen. Tasha doesn’t like how much power Ciera has in the game. Tasha comments, “Why isn’t anyone taking Ciera out to free up her people, which would be Wentworth and Abi?” Spencer agrees with Tasha about Ciera, but he would love to get rid of Stephen. Next, Spencer, Joe and Tasha talk to Jeremy and reveal Ciera’s plan to get rid of Stephen. They realize the four of them must decide whether to vote out Ciera or Stephen. Joe admits, “My head is in two places, I really want Ciera gone tonight and I really want Stephen gone tonight.” He feels Ciera is a liar, but he does not like the fact that Stephen has an advantage. Jeremy is not happy that Stephen is at risk tonight. He reveals, “Stephen at least has my back. I want Stephen to stay.” Spencer feels strongly that now is the right time to blindside Stephen, since he won’t expect them to vote for him tonight. He tries to convince Jeremy that Stephen should go. Jeremy does not trust Ciera though and feels she will easily flip from one side to another. Spencer admits, “I hope Stephen’s going home, but I have no idea what’s going to happen at Tribal Council.”


The Orkun tribe takes their seats at Tribal Council. Wentworth admits that the bad weather has brought her to the lowest that she has felt in her life. Stephen says his lowest point was having stomach issues during the peak of the storm. He admits that he felt like he couldn’t go on, but yet he knew he had to. Jeff then brings up today’s immunity challenge where at least five people had to give up their shot at immunity, in order to get a better shelter. Ciera tells Jeff that she gave up her spot for the good of the team, but she wasn’t sure how many others would do the same. Tasha says, “My first question was who’s going to be selfish and who’s going to be unselfish and I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself had I not chose the unselfish choice.” Joe defends himself by pointing out if he had not competed for individual immunity, then he knew that he would have been voted out tonight. Keith says that he did not sit out, because he wanted to compete and try and beat Joe. Spencer assures Keith that he is not going home tonight. Jeff points out that if Joe and Keith are safe tonight, then one of the eight people that sat out of the challenge will go home. Stephen reveals that he does not know how the vote will go, because there are different blocks of power. He also feels vulnerable, because everyone knows that he has the advantage. Ciera feels the vote is uneasy, because they have not established alliances yet. She also feels vulnerable and hopes that she did not make a million dollar mistake, but opting to give up her shot at immunity today. Jeff then calls for the vote. The ten Orkun tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Jeremy surprises everyone, by playing one of his idols for Stephen. Jeff then reveals the votes. Stephen receives 5 votes, but they don’t count. Kimmi gets 2 votes and Ciera receives 3 votes. So, Ciera Eastin from SURVIVOR BLOOD VS WATER is the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.