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Season 31: Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning
Posted on Nov 26, 2015 12:00am


It’s night 26 and the nine remaining members of the Orkun tribe return from Tribal Council where Ciera was voted out instead of the expected Stephen. The majority of the tribe had voted for Stephen, but Jeremy ended up saving him when he played a hidden immunity idol for Stephen. The tribe congratulates Jeremy on his big move. Stephen thanks Jeremy for keeping him in the game. Stephen admits, “I really feel bonded to him. He saved my life in this game and I owe him for that. Jeremy tells Stephen that he has his back. He comments, “I know Stephen will have my back and I think Stephen wants to take me all the way to the end. I like that.” Jeremy does worry that he will now be target for making a big move and messing up their plans. He talks to Spencer next and assures him that he is still loyal to him. Jeremy promises Spencer that he would have played the idol for him, if he were the one in trouble. Spencer does not trust Jeremy though. He comments, “Maybe it makes sense to jump ship with whoever else is willing to jump ship and start something new.”


The next morning Stephen is resting in the shelter as the rain once again pours outside. He admits, “I’m annoyed at myself to have been so completely out of the loop.” Stephen prides himself on his knowledge of the game and his ability to read people, yet he did not even know that his tribe wanted to vote him out last night. In addition to that, Stephen’s feet are swollen and full of bug bites. They are painful to walk on. Stephen is also suffering from lack of sleep. He admits, “I’m just feeling completely overwhelmed by everything.”


That night, Jeff Probst, the host, welcomes the Orkun tribe to a classic SURVIVOR challenge. He will tell them a story about Cambodian history. They will then race into the jungle with torches to a series of five stations where they will have a question and three answers. When they think they have a correct answer, open the jar and grab a wrapped medallion and head back to the start. At the start, open the wrapping and if they get a gold medallion they have answered correctly. If they open a wooden medallion, then they have answered incorrectly and must toss it in the fire and go back to the station and try again. The first person to answer all five questions correctly wins reward. The winner will be picked up at camp by helicopter and taken to a beautiful resort on another island where they will have steak, chicken and cocktails. Jeff then tells them a story about Jayavarman VII, who is one of the most revered leaders in Cambodian history. He provides details of his reign and accomplishments. All of the questions they will have to answer tonight are based on the story that Jeff tells them, so everyone listens intently.

Armed with torches to light their way through the jungle to their question stations, Jeff gives them the go to start their race. Everyone starts running towards the various question stations. They can go to any station in any order they want. Spencer is the first one back to the start with a medallion. The rest of the tribe is close behind him. Spencer unwraps a gold medallion and puts it on his stand. That means he got his first question right. Keith unwraps a wooden medallion, so he got his question wrong. He throws it in the fire and heads back to try and get it right this time. Wentworth, Stephen, Jeremy and Abi also get their first questions right. Everyone is back in the jungle with their torches trying to answer their second question. Keith makes it back with his second medallion, but gets it wrong again. He responds, “Good grief!” and heads back to the station to choose the third answer to the question. At this point, Stephen, Jeremy and Spencer are the only ones with two golden medallions, so they are in the lead. Wentworth, Joe, Abi and Tasha each have one. As Wentworth opens her second golden medallion, she sees that it has a piece of paper attached to it with the words “Idol Clue”. She quickly takes the idol clue and puts it in her pants before any of her other tribe mates see it. Wentworth comments, “Anyone could have come and picked that one answer and they could have had the clue. How lucky am I!” Everyone continues to run back and forth. Spencer now has three medallions. Stephen gets his third question wrong and has to go back. Spencer now has his fourth medallion, while Stephen brings back his third. The others are just trying to catch up. Abi is standing at a question station trying to decide which answer is correct. Stephen comes up and opens one of the jars as if he is going to choose that as the correct answer. Before he can reach in, Abi grabs a medallion and head out. Stephen has just tricked Abi into picking the wrong answer. Stephen puts up his fourth golden medallion, as Spencer brings back his fifth medallion. This could give him the win, if it is golden. Spencer is disappointed when he unwraps a wooden medallion. He quickly runs back to get it right and beat Stephen. Spencer makes it back just seconds before Stephen. They both quickly unwrap their medallions. In the end, they both end up having golden medallions, but Stephen hangs his up on his stand before Spencer. So, Stephen wins the classic Folklore challenge. Jeff asks him to pick one person to go with him to the resort. He chooses Tasha, telling Jeff that he needs to strengthen his alliances after almost being voted out last night. Jeff then lets him choose a second person to take on the reward. Stephen chooses Jeremy to thank him for saving him at Tribal Council. Spencer is amazed that Stephen chooses Jeremy and Tasha for the reward. He admits, “I think it’s become really clear that they are tighter with each other, then I am with them and I need to do something about it.”


The Orkun tribe congratulates Stephen on winning the reward challenge when they get back to camp. Wentworth wishes she could have won the reward, but she is very happy with getting an idol clue during the challenge. She comments, “Having an idol clue is huge in this game.” She reads the clue and finds out that the idol is attached to the bottom of the shelter. Considering the fact that her tribe is always around the shelter, she knows it won’t be easy to grab without them noticing. It’s too dark for her to see anything tonight, so she decides to look for it while Stephen, Jeremy and Tasha are on reward tomorrow. She admits, “It’s like three less bodies that I have to keep an eye on and worry about.”


The next morning Stephen, Jeremy and Tasha enjoy a helicopter ride to a beautiful resort. Stephen comments, “I think Jeremy playing his idol for me showed there is still trust in this game.” He hopes that bringing his closest allies Tasha and Jeremy on reward will strengthen their bonds and allow them to make plans for the future. Tasha was one of his first allies, but she voted for him at the last Tribal Council. So, Stephen feels it’s important to begin by repairing his relationship with her. Jeremy, Tasha and Stephen enjoy the drinks and food at the resort. As they are eating, Stephen reveals his advantage to them in hopes of gaining their trust. He tells them that he can steal a vote at Tribal Council and he will get a second vote for the first time in SURVIVOR history. Stephen proposes that the three of them go to then end. Tasha points out that Joe could mess up that plan if he keeps winning immunity. They vow to work together and vote Joe out the next time he loses an immunity challenge. Tasha is happy to be in an alliance with Jeremy and Stephen.


Back at the Orkun camp, Abi asks Kimmi what she thinks or Stephen taking Jeremy and Tasha on reward. Kimmi understands why Stephen took Jeremy because he had played an idol for him. Keith says, “You got to be blind not see them three.” Joe knows that Stephen is also really close with Kimmi. He comments, “I know now that there’s a really strong connection there that I’m now really worried about.” Kimmi leaves camp, which leaves Keith, Spencer, Joe, Wentworth and Abi alone to strategize. Spencer suggests they vote Stephen out next since he has the advantage. Abi is worried that if Stephen plays his advantage, then she will be voted out. Abi asks Joe to let her win the next immunity challenge, so she can be safe. Joe declines, because he wants to try and win them all. Abi doesn’t trust Joe and Spencer. She reveals, “So, I don’t know if I’m going to go with the plan.” They all agree to vote for Stephen and if he wins immunity, then go after Tasha instead. Wentworth now hopes that everyone will leave camp, so she can get the idol from under the shelter. Thankfully, Spencer and Joe decide to take the boat out and go fishing. Then Keith and Kimmi head out to look for crabs and snails. Now only Wentworth and Abi remain in camp. Wentworth gets frustrated, when Abi decides to stay at the shelter. She vents, “Abi is like an annoying little sister, like a little pest.” Finally, Abi heads down to the beach. Wentworth then dives under the shelter and searches for the idol. She finds it just before everyone gets back to camp. Wentworth comments, “I’m ready to shake up this game a little bit.”


Jeff Probst introduces the challenge. The castaways can use only their feet for this challenge. They will start by releasing a rope, which will drop their blocks into a basket. They will then stack those blocks and place a flag in the middle using just their feet and toes. The first person to get it right wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. They will have a one in eight shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and be the fifth member of the jury. Jeff points out that this challenge was done in BLOOD VS WATER 2, where Keith and Jeremy both participated. They both lost and that was the night that Jeremy was voted out. So, this is a huge second chance opportunity for both of them.

The challenge begins and everyone scrambles to get their rope unspooled, so they can release their blocks and start stacking. Wentworth and Abi are the first to release their blocks. Spencer is the last one to get his rope unspooled and blocks released. Joe and Kimmi are off to a fast start in stacking their first layer of blocks. The others catch up quickly, except for Stephen, since his feet are sore. Keith and Jeremy knock a couple of their blocks off the stack, so they lose a little ground. Wentworth and Joe are the first to start on their third level of blocks, with Keith and Spencer not far behind. Joe loses time when one of his blocks falls down and others go with it. Wentworth, Spencer and Keith are making steady progress on their third row of blocks. Then Keith knocks over some of his blocks. Joe has quickly fixed his fallen blocks and is back in it. Spencer and Joe are both on the third and final level, with Spencer one block ahead. After Spencer places his eighth and final block on the third level, he then picks up the flag and works to get it in the middle of all his blocks. As Joe places his last block, it falls over. Spencer gets his flag in the hole and wins the immunity challenge. This brings Joe’s winning streak of four immunity challenges in a row to an end. Joe admits, “I’m vulnerable to going home and for the first time I’m really nervous.”


The Orkun tribe returns to camp and congratulates Spencer for winning immunity. Stephen comments, “Joe’s literally never been up for elimination in this game. Not once in 29 days.” He has wanted to vote out Joe, since the beginning of the game and now he has the chance. When Joe and Abi are away from camp, Stephen proposes to the others that they vote out Joe tonight. Everyone agrees, because they see Joe as a big challenge threat. Tasha recommends they tell Joe that they are voting for Abi and they tell Abi that they are voting of Joe. Wentworth has a plan of her own though. She reveals, “The plan is to blindside Stephen Fishbach.” Wentworth will let Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi and Stephen vote for Joe. Meanwhile, she, Abi, Keith, Joe and Spencer will vote for Stephen. Wentworth and Spencer reveal the plan to Joe. He is very nervous about the vote, but hopeful that the blind side plan will work out. Joe admits, “Tonight is a really big test. I’m really relying on my social game.” He has worked hard this season on his social game, since he didn’t his last season. Stephen talks to Abi and tells her the plan is to vote Joe and she agrees. Stephen worries that Abi is not being sincere. Stephen and Jeremy then check in with Joe and tell him to vote Abi. Abi notices the three of them talking and immediately feels that Joe is untrustworthy. She lets Wentworth know that she is now not sure how she will vote tonight. Wentworth tries to assure her that Joe is onboard for voting out Stephen. Abi is still not sure, which frustrates Wentworth. Wentworth comments, “If I feel anything weird tonight and people do not stick with the Fishbach plan, the idol is coming out.” Spencer then tries to talk some sense into Abi and get her to commit to voting for Stephen. With only 9 people left in the game, if Abi puts her vote towards Joe, then Stephen stays and things get messy for Spencer. Abi comments, “I can vote for Fishbach or Joe. I have two options and we’ll see.” Stephen and Jeremy discuss the vote and how uncomfortable they feel about Abi. They agree to split the vote between Joe and Abi in case Joe has an idol. In addition, Stephen will use his advantage to steal a vote and split his two votes between Joe and Abi. Just to make sure the plan works, Jeremy and Stephen ask Spencer to vote for Abi tonight. He says he will, but asks to know the details of the plan. Stephen then reveals what his advantage is to Spencer. Spencer is now worried about all the variables in tonight’s vote such as the advantage, how Abi will vote and who may have an idol. He admits, “Our plan that we hammered out is to take out Stephen, but if I go that route I run a big risk and it scares me to death.”


Jeff asks Joe about not having the immunity necklace for the first time since the merge. Joe feels vulnerable tonight and he hopes that the trust he has built with people will keep him in the game. Jeff points out that everyone on the jury has been blindsided, so there has been no trust so far. Tasha feels that things are changing as they approach the end of the game. People are now building their core alliance they can trust to work together to get to the end. Wentworth is sure that alliances already exist and reminds Stephen that he chose Tasha to go on reward with him to mend his alliance. Stephen is worried about being voted out tonight, since he got so many votes the last Tribal Council and because his advantage makes him a target. Spencer admits that this game is very complicated and unpredictable with idols, advantages and split votes. Abi has a headache because of all the talking and scrambling that went on around camp today. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before anyone votes, Stephen tells Jeff that he wants to play his advantage. He asks to steal Joe’s vote, so he can cast that vote himself. So, now everyone except for Joe casts their votes and Stephen votes twice. Stephen votes for Abi and uses Joe’s vote to vote for Joe. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played. Jeff reveals the votes. Joe receives 2 votes. Abi gets 3 votes and Stephen receives 4 votes. Stephen Fishbach from Survivor: Tocantins is the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE. On his way out, Stephen congratulates his tribe for a great blindside.