Season 31: Episode 12 - Tiny Little Shanks To The Heart
Posted on Dec 3, 2015 12:00am


It’s the morning of day 30 and the Orkun tribe is talking about Stephen and not Joe being voted out last night. Jeremy congratulates Spencer for making the big move to get out Stephen. Spencer comments, “For the first time I made a move. I blindsided Stephen.” He knows that this went against what Jeremy wanted, so this morning he’s wants to smooth things over with him. Jeremy likes to know what’s going on and who’s being voted out. He admits, “These voting blocks just keep on moving and I don’t like that feeling.” Kimmi and Wentworth sit in a hammock by the beach and talk strategy. They both want to vote Joe out the next time he loses an immunity challenge. Kimmi admits, “After Tribal, I felt completely blindsided and I realized I need to be in control of my destiny.” She points out to Wentworth that if they get rid of Joe, then there would be four women and only three men, so the women would be in the majority. Wentworth loves Kimmi’s idea of a women’s alliance that would vote out all the men. She comments, “If we vote out Joe and the girls are willing to work together, there’s nothing that Jeremy, Keith or Spencer could do.” Kimmi then checks in with Tasha and pitches her idea of voting out Joe and taking control with a women’s alliance. Tasha likes the plan. Kimmi reveals, “I didn’t come out here and leave my family just to be somebody’s pawn. I came out here to win.” She is ready to make her big move.


Jeff Probst, the host, asks Jeremy how hard it is to play SURVIVOR a second time and leave his life behind. Jeremy gets choked up when he tries to tell Jeff how tough it is not knowing how his family is doing back home. Jeff admits that a lot of times they will bring the loved ones out to visit them, but not always. He then lets them off the hook and reveals to them that their loved ones are here today. Everyone reacts with anticipation and joy. Jeff then calls Val out to reunite with her husband Jeremy. Both run towards each other and hug and cry when they meet. Val whispers to Jeremy, “It’s a boy.” Jeremy is so happy to hear that he is going to have a son. He admits, “I don’t want anybody to know right now. They don’t need to know.” Tasha is greeted by her cousin Christina. They both scream as they hug each other and admit they are as close as sisters. Spencer cries when he sees his girlfriend Marcella running towards him. He hugs and kisses her and tells her that he loves her. Spencer admits, “Saying ‘I love you’ is a big deal to me and it’s something I’ve struggled with since childhood.” Next, Abi is greeted by her mom Vera, who also got a chance to visit Abi on her first season of SURVIVOR. Keith tears up when he sees his wife Dana, whom he calls “Big D.” He admits, “This will get me over the hump now.” Wentworth is excited to see her father Dale, who played with her on her first season. Dale admits he has worried about his daughter, since he knows how hard it is to play SURVIVOR. Joe’s dream comes true when he sees his dad Pat on SURVIVOR. He tears up as he greets his dad. Joe thanks his fellow castaways for helping to make his dream come true. Next, Kimmi is thrilled to see her father Robert. She says, “This is the best gift that I could give my dad is to let him be a part of my dream.” Jeff then explains the rules of the reward challenge. They will each race to dig up bags in the sand. They will then spin around a post to retrieve another bag. This will make them dizzy. They will then have to make their way across a balance beam where they will collect their last bag. They will then use the pieces inside the bags to solve a word puzzle. The first person to get it right wins the reward of taking their loved one back to camp and enjoying a barbeque for a once in a lifetime experience.

The challenge begins and each castaway digs furiously to retrieve their rope. Kimmi, Joe and Keith are the first ones to find their ropes and start collecting their bags. Kimmi is the first one to collect her first three bags, so she starts spinning around the post to collect her fourth bag. Keith and Joe are still in second place and the rest are close behind. Keith is the fastest one to spin and get his fourth bag, so he starts his wobbly journey across the balance beam, since he is dizzy from all the spinning. Keith falls off, so he has to go back and try again. The same thing happens to Kimmi. The rest of the castaways are spinning around their posts now or starting out on their balance beams. Keith is the first over the balance beam, so he starts on his puzzle. Jeremy is next over the balance beam, followed by Wentworth and Joe. Keith is making no progress on his puzzle. Kimmi is now the only one not over the balance beam and working on her puzzle. Everyone else is studying all the letters of their puzzle, trying to come up with the right word. Wentworth is the first one to figure it out, so she wins the reward challenge. Now Jeff gives her the tough task of choosing three tribe members and their loved ones to join her and her dad. She chooses Keith, Abi and Kimmi. Jeff then asks her to choose one more. Wentworth chooses Joe. So, Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha wave goodbye to their loved ones, since they will be going back to camp without them.


Wentworth, Keith, Abi, Kimmi and Joe arrive back at the Orkun camp with their loved ones and start their barbeque reward. Wentworth comments, “I could just tell everyone was so excited to be here.” They not only enjoy each other’s company, but also the hot dogs, steaks and beer. Keith is so happy to be sharing this experience with his wife “Big D.” Joe takes his dad, Pat around to see the camp. After admiring Joe’s artwork on the banner, Pat tells Joe that he considers Joe to be his best friend and hero. Joe is touched to hear this from his dad and admits, “I’ll remember it the rest of my life.” Meanwhile, back at the shelter, Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer are cooking up some rice for their meal. Spencer was not surprised by whom Wentworth choose to enjoy the reward with her. He still wishes that he could have spent time with his girlfriend Marcella though. Spencer comments, “There’s no option at this point, but for me to get my head back in the game and do everything in my power to win.” He proposes to Jeremy and Tasha that the three of them work together and be the final three people in the game. Jeremy and Tasha both agree to be the final three with Spencer. Tasha reveals, “I think I have two viable options.” She can either go to the end with Jeremy and Spencer or with the all girl alliance. Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha then decide to vote out Joe next, because he is proving to be too much of a social and a physical threat.


Jeff Probst takes the immunity necklace back from Spencer and introduces the challenge. They will each balance a wooden statue on a pole. At regular intervals, they’ll add another section of pole making it more difficult. If their statue drops, then they’re out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in seven shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out and become the sixth person on the jury. Jeff then surprises them, by unveiling a second immunity necklace. He lets them know that the first man and the first woman will each win immunity.

The challenge begins and everyone places their wooden statue on the platform at the top of their pole and places their hands at the bottom of the pole. Jeff quickly asks them to add their second section of pole. They have to make the transition without dropping their statue. Their hands have to get back down to the bottom, so now their statue will be higher above them and harder to balance. Everyone survives the first transition. Jeff then tells them that they will add an additional section of pole every five minutes. After 20 minutes have gone by, each person now has ten feet of pole and is still successfully balancing their statues. Kimmi is the first to drop her statue, quickly followed by Abi. So, Wentworth and Tasha are the two women left in the game. Now, 25 minutes have elapsed, so they must add another section of pole. Tasha drops her statue in the process, so Wentworth wins individual immunity as the last woman standing. Now the four guys are left competing for immunity. Spencer and then Jeremy drop their statues as they are still trying to add another section to their pole. So, Keith and Joe are the last two standing. They now both have fourteen feet of pole there are trying to keep steady. After 30 minutes, Joe and Keith both successfully add their last section of pole. Now they just have to see who can last the longest. The wind makes it even harder for them both to balance. After an hour and 20 minutes, the challenge is still going. Suddenly Joe collapses, so Keith wins individual immunity. Jeff sees that Joe has passed out, so he calls in the medical team. Joe regains consciousness as the medical team talks to him and checks his vital signs. Dr. Joe explains that Joe has used up all his energy during the challenge. His blood sugar had come down so much that he was not able to support himself anymore and therefore collapsed. Joe starts crying and admits that he wanted to win so badly. The doctor says that Joe will be fine after he rests for a while and replenishes the oxygen to his brain. The Orkun tribe applauds as Joe finally gets to his feet rejoins them on the sidelines. Joe admits, “There’s just no safety in SURVIVOR. You know, it’s a tough, tough situation for me.” Jeff awards Wentworth and Keith the immunity necklaces. Jeff is impressed with how hard the castaways are pushing themselves to try and win.


The Orkun tribe returns to camp and encourages Joe to rest. Abi is happy that Joe lost the immunity challenge, so they can finally vote him out. She is also encouraged to hear from Wentworth that Kimmi and Tasha are on board with the all girl alliance. Wentworth comments, “The fact that Joe pushed himself until he passed out, that’s frightening, because I can’t compete with that. So, he’s got to go.” Joe does feel vulnerable. He admits, “I went into the last Tribal without the immunity necklace and I’m still here. So, I’m pretty confident that I can do it again.” Joe takes a walk with Jeremy and suggests that they vote out Abi tonight, since everybody wants to take her to the end with them, because they see her as easy to beat. Jeremy agrees with Joe. He then meets with Tasha and Spencer to discuss voting out Joe or Abi. Tasha reveals to Jeremy and Spencer that the girls want an all girl alliance. She assures them that she is with them and not the girls. Jeremy is nervous when he hears about this all girl alliance. Tasha wanted Spencer and Jeremy to hear about the all girl alliance from her and not someone else. She comments, “All I did is make them suspicious, which could mean trouble.” Later, Jeremy and Spencer discuss the vote again. They are both very nervous about the girls working together, but they also realize they need Tasha. Jeremy meets with Tasha next. Tasha warns Jeremy that if they keep Joe in the game, they may not get another chance to get him out. She is worried that Jeremy and Spencer are taking too long to decide on whom to vote for. She admits, “We’re going to be making a million dollar decision and I’m nervous as hell about that.”


Jeff asks Joe how he is doing after passing out in the immunity challenge. Joe admits that he feels better, but has never pushed himself that far in the past. He says, “I have my breaking point too.” Kimmi calls it an epic battle between Joe and Keith at the challenge. She was frightened when Joe went down. Now that Joe is okay, Wentworth admits that it may be the time to vote Joe out, because he maybe unbeatable in the future. Jeremy points out that the next few votes are crucial and it’s important to stick to your overall game plan. He also feels that alliances and not voting blocks are most important now. Both Joe and Abi feel vulnerable tonight. Abi feels at risk because of her relationship with Ciera and Wentworth. Joe tells Abi that she is threat because everyone wants to take her to the end with them. Spencer agrees that taking someone to the end with you that you think you can beat is no longer advantageous, when they get in the way of you making it to the end. Abi wants to get rid of the bad apple in the tribe. Joe hopes that the people he talked to stick to their plan, otherwise he warns the guys that they will likely be voted out next. Jeff then calls for the vote. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played. Jeff reveals the first 7 votes. Tasha receives 1 vote. Abi gets 2 votes and Joe receives 4 votes. So, Joe Anglim from Survivor: Worlds Apart is the twelfth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.