Season 31: Episode 13 - Villains Have More Fun
Posted on Dec 10, 2015 12:00am

The Orkun tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 32 where Joe was just voted out. Abi comments, “Everybody is very glad that he has gone home packing.” Wentworth points out that they all have an equal shot at winning challenges now that Joe is no longer there. Keith is not happy that Joe was voted out, since he wanted Tasha gone. He admits, “If you were going to do it, that was a good time to do it. I wish I would have known about it though.” Keith doesn’t like being left out of the loop and vows to talk to the others. Tasha knows that Keith voted for her tonight. She vents, “Keith just put a target on his back.”

The next morning, Jeremy, Wentworth and Keith are proud to have made it to day 33 together, since they were on the same Hunahpu tribe together in their first season in SAN JUAN DEL SUR. Wentworth realizes that every decision is important now that there are only 7 people left in the game. She comments, “I have to keep my options open, which is what I have tried to do this entire game.” Spencer and Jeremy take a walk on the beach and talk about how worried they are that the women now outnumber the men in the game. They agree that they have to make sure Tasha and Kimmi are with them and not with Wentworth and Abi. If Tasha and Kimmi are on their side, then Jeremy and Spencer will have four in their alliance and be able to control the game, since only seven people are left. Spencer comments, “I just pray that I can keep it together going toward the end.”


Jeff Probst, the host, introduces the challenge to the Orkun tribe. They will each be attached to a rope. They will race to unspool that rope from a wooden structure. When they think that have enough rope unspooled, they will assemble a bridge to get to the last part of the challenge. At the final part of the challenge, they will throw sandbags to knock over a series of blocks. The first person to finish wins reward. The winner will be taken back to Siem Reap and the temples where they started their journey 33 days ago. Here they will be blessed by the monks, enjoy a feast and spend the night in the temples for a once in a lifetime experience. Jeff points out that Keith won this challenge in season 29 and now has a second chance to do it again.

The challenge begins. Each castaway begins unspooling their rope, which is wound around a wooden structure. They have to free up enough rope to get them through the entire challenge. Spencer thinks he has gathered enough rope, so he is the first one to proceed to the second part of the challenge, which is building a bridge. Keith, Tasha, Jeremy and Wentworth all head out to catch up with Spencer. Kimmi and Abi are still working on gathering more rope. The rest are now each assembling a bridge rung by rung. Keith and Spencer have a slight lead over the others. Kimmi and Abi are falling further behind. Keith is the first one done with his bridge, so he starts throwing his sandbags at a table full of wooden blocks. Jeremy is the next one to finish his bridge, but quickly realizes that he does not have enough rope to get his to his sandbags. Jeremy heads back to the start to unspool more rope and falls off his bridge on the way back. Keith keeps tossing his sandbags and makes progress on knocking down his blocks. He was smart enough to gather enough rope to get to his sandbags and retrieve them, so he could make some more tosses. Spencer is the next one done with his bridge. He has enough rope to get to his sandbags, so he starts throwing them at his blocks trying to catch up with Keith. Jeremy is working on untangling a large knot in his rope. Spencer is frustrated when he realizes that he does not have enough rope to retrieve the sandbags he has thrown. So he heads back to the start to unspool more rope. Keith now has knocked two-thirds of the sandbags off his table. Tasha is now over her bridge and she starts tossing sandbags. She too does not have enough rope to collect them though, so she heads back to get more. Jeremy is now back and he tries to catch up to Keith. In the end, Keith easily knocks down all his blocks before the rest and wins the Siem Reap reward. Jeff asks him to choose two people to go with him. Keith chooses Wentworth, because she allowed him to visit with his wife on the last reward. He also chooses Spencer, but has a difficult time explaining exactly why. Tasha plans to use the time back at camp with Jeremy, Abi and Kimmi to strategize. Wentworth hopes to strengthen her bonds with Spencer and Keith while on reward and perhaps build a solid alliance with them.


Jeremy, Abi, Tasha and Kimmi arrive back at the Orkun camp. Abi points out to the others that Keith is very good at challenges and is being underestimated in the game. Kimmi responds, “He’s the new golden boy.” Tasha, Abi and Kimmi agree that Keith should be the next one to go. Abi is pleased that Keith is being considered for the next vote and not her. She feels like her tribe mates are using her, so she doesn’t mind using them. Abi comments, “I’m a villain. Villains have more fun.” Jeremy is not convinced that Keith should go next. Tasha assures Jeremy that they don’t have an all girls’ alliance that will vote out all the guys. Jeremy tells Tasha and Kimmi that he trusts them. He reveals, “I have buyer’s remorse right now, because I should have kept Joe and got rid of Abi.” Jeremy just wants to get to day 39 and be able to plead his case to the jury. Tasha is frustrated that Jeremy is trying to control the game and not let her make the move to get out Keith. She would prefer to work with Jeremy, but she is ready to work with others if necessary. Tasha comments, “People better get on board or they’re about to miss this ship, because Fox is sailing.”


Spencer, Wentworth and Keith begin their reward touring the temples at Siem Reap. Spencer admits, “I’ve never seen a better reward.” All three of them are enjoying the beauty and history of these Cambodian temples. It’s been 33 days since they were at these temples when the game began, so it gives them all a chance to reflect on how they have done so far. Spencer is proud of how he has made the changes that he wanted to in this SECOND CHANCE season He reveals, “It’s more than the rejuvenation I need to go these last six days.” Three monks give Spencer, Keith and Wentworth a blessing just before they enjoy a performance of Cambodian dancers. Keith comments, “It was pretty impressive and you just don’t run across stuff like that.” As they are enjoying their pasta, salad and wine, Wentworth wonders if Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi are trying to talk Abi into joining them. She is pretty confident that Abi will stay loyal to her. Wentworth admits, “Being on a reward with Spencer and Keith is the perfect time to just figure out where they’re at. I just want to get to final three.” Spencer proposes that the three of them be the final three in the game. Keith and Wentworth are happy with that plan. Spencer reveals, “It’s too early for me to say that there’s any final three that I’m locked into.” He would love to be in the final three with Abi and Keith, but he’ll see what the future brings. Keith would like to see Jeremy voted out next. Spencer proposes they take out Tasha first. Wentworth is okay with that. Spencer worries most about relying on unpredictable Abi to vote with them and give them the four vote majority they need.


Back at camp, Tasha asks Abi if it would be okay with her if she and Jeremy talked without her. Abi tells Tasha that she would prefer to be included in the conversation, but they can exclude her if they prefer. Abi comments, “You need four people right now in order to switch the game and I feel like I have a lot more in my pocket than Jeremy does.” Later, when Abi leaves camp, Jeremy complains how difficult Abi can be. Tasha vents, “You have to be careful about everything you say with Abi and I’ve come too far to let Abi-Maria Gomes ruin my game.” She proposes to Jeremy that they vote out Abi next instead of Keith. Tasha feels Abi is a bigger threat, because she can flip and mess up their game. Jeremy likes the idea of voting out Abi, because it results in one less girl left in the tribe. Tasha hopes that they can trust Spencer to vote with them against Abi. Jeremy admits, “It is a possibility that he could jump ship and just run and tell Kelley and Keith the whole plan and it would blow up in our face.”


Jeff Probst takes back the immunity necklaces from Keith and Wentworth and informs everyone that only one person will win immunity in today’s challenge. He then explains the challenge. They will race out to the water and across a series of obstacles. When they reach the end, they will jump in the water and retrieve a key attached to a buoy. They will then race back to the beach and use the key to unlock a chest full of puzzle pieces. The goal is to be the first one to solve the five piece puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the seventh member of the jury. Jeff points out that this puzzle was the only puzzle not chosen by anyone in the first challenge of SURVIVOR’S 30th season, so it is what’s getting a second chance today.

The challenge begins and everyone starts running down the beach towards the obstacles in the water. Jeremy and Spencer take the early lead as they quickly run across the balance beams and platforms in the water. If they fall off any obstacle, they must go back to the last obstacle and try again. Wentworth and Keith are the next two running the course, followed by Tasha. Abi and Kimmi. Spencer takes a big fall as he is trying to jump from one boat to another. So Jeremy is first to the buoy to get his key. Keith and Kimmi also fall on the course. Everyone is finding this to be a very physically difficult challenge. Jeremy is now headed back to the beach with his key. Spencer, Keith and Wentworth are right behind him. Spencer catches up to Jeremy and then passes him on the way back. Kimmi and Abi get their key and head back. Tasha is struggling and just holding on to her buoy. Spencer takes another big fall on his way back, which allows Jeremy to take back the lead. Jeremy starts on his puzzle first. Spencer is right behind him. Spencer solves his puzzle in less than 15 seconds and wins the immunity challenge. Tasha is still hanging onto her buoy and decides to head back to the beach. She struggles as she tries to swim to the nearest platform. Jeff calls for the safety team to help her. They quickly lift her onto the platform where she collapses. Jeff arrives with the medical team. Dr Joe determines that Tasha is okay. She was just exhausted and took on too much water. Given the chance to relax and breathe, Tasha recovers and joins the others on the beach. Everyone is relieved to see that Tasha is okay. Tasha admits, “I think we all give it everything we have and I just didn’t have anything left.” Jeff puts the immunity necklace on Spencer and congratulates him for solving the puzzle so quickly. Keith plans on sticking with the plan that he, Wentworth and Spencer made on the reward and voting Tasha out tonight. DECISIONS TO MAKE

The Orkun tribe returns to camp where Tasha is given hugs and encouragement. Tasha comments, “I’m comfortable in a swimming pool, but the ocean is just a different animal and I lost it.” She decides to take a walk along the beach to calm down and collect her thoughts. Tasha worries that Spencer may have bonded with Wentworth and Keith, while they were on reward. She admits, “I need to make sure that Spencer is still with Jeremy, Kimmi and myself, because Abi must go.” Meanwhile, Keith, Spencer, Wentworth and Abi meet and agree to vote out Tasha tonight. Spencer double confirms with Abi that she is voting for Tasha tonight. Abi reveals, “I’m just like thinking about who to bring to the end with me at this point.” Later, Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer get together to discuss the vote. Tasha urges them not to let Abi, Keith or Wentworth get to the end. She does not want a goat to make it to the end in this amazing season where fans voted them in and the game play has been great. Tasha then tells Spencer that the plan is to vote Abi out tonight. Spencer pledges his allegiance to the three of them and agrees to vote for Abi. He now has to make his decision as to whether to vote for Tasha with Keith, Wentworth and Abi or to vote out Abi with Spencer, Tasha and Kimmi. Spencer comments, “It’s the final seven. It’s the point of no return.”


Jeff asks Keith about the reward he won at Siem Reap. Keith admits that it was a unique opportunity to go back to where the season started and eat in a 1000-year-old temple. Spencer felt connected to Cambodia while on reward, but also worried about what was going on back at camp with Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi and Abi. Jeff then asks Tasha about having to be rescued at today’s immunity challenge. Tasha admits that she thought she was drowning and the whole experience has been draining on her. When asked about idols, Kimmi reveals that there has been much talk about who may have a hidden immunity idol and how to split votes to protect themselves from one. Keith feels that this vote will get them back to where they need to be. Jeff points out that Kimmi and Keith have both talked about being part of a group. Spencer admits that he is part of a group. Jeremy saw five groups talking today before Tribal Council, so he feels everyone is part of a “we” group. Tasha feels people are keeping their options open. She hopes that she is part of a group that is committed to one another to the end. Keith is ready to vote. He says, “I feel pretty confident that my ‘we’s’ will reign supreme.” Spencer is amazed at Keith’s confidence, because he himself would not be confident without the immunity necklace around his neck tonight. Abi feels she is a risk taker and wonders which group to go with tonight. Jeff says, “I guess it is time to find out which ‘we’ will reign supreme tonight.” He calls for the Orkun tribe to vote. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played. Jeff reveals all 7 votes. Keith receives 1 vote. Tasha gets 2 votes and Abi receives 4 votes. So, Abi-Maria Gomes from Survivor: Philippines is the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.