Season 31: Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat, And Steal
Posted on Dec 16, 2015 11:00pm


It’s night 35 and the Orkun tribe returns from Tribal Council where Abi was just voted out. Keith doesn’t understand why Abi was voted out, since he wanted to sit beside her at the final Tribal Council. He feels confident that no one would have voted for her. Jeremy and Spencer explain to Keith that they had to get rid of her, since she could have taken up one of their spots in the final three. Kimmi reveals, “From the outside, Wentworth and Keith look like they’re low men on the totem pole, but this has just now left me with the perfect opportunity to swoop in and make my dreams happen.” Kimmi suggests to Wentworth that they get together with Keith and vote out Jeremy or Spencer at the next Tribal Council. Wentworth loves that idea. She comments, “I think Kimmi is starting to realize if she sticks with that four of Spencer, Tasha, Jeremy and her, that she may not get to the final three.” Kimmi wants to win and doesn’t want Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer to have control of her destiny. She comments, “These guys trust me. They’re letting their guard down and now’s my chance to shine.”


Jeff Probst, the host, takes the immunity necklace back from Spencer and introduces the immunity challenge to the Orkun tribe. They will each race to collect a series of puzzle steps. They will then place them in order from bottom to top building a very tall staircase. Once they reach the top they will complete a slide puzzle. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the eighth member of the jury. Jeff informs them that from this point forward every challenge will be fresh for everyone, so they are no more second chances in the challenges.

All six players race to untie their first set of steps and begin working on their giant staircase. They can only carry one step at a time to place in the staircase, so it is important that they pick the right one. Each step has a series of different size pegs that they must match with the holes in the pieces they are bringing. Everyone gets off to a fast start and completes the first of their three sections quickly. The second section is tougher, since they have to climb higher each time. Jeremy and Tasha bring up non-matching pieces and lose time by having to go back down and get another one. Spencer takes the lead and is the first to complete the second section. He now advances to the third and final section of the staircase. Wentworth, Jeremy and Kimmi are the next ones to start their third section. Jeremy once again brings up the wrong piece and has to go back down again. Spencer and Wentworth are in the lead, but Jeremy speeds up to try and catch them. Spencer is the first to complete his staircase and start work on his slide puzzle. Wentworth and Jeremy are close behind him. Keith has to use his final puzzle step as a crutch to help him get up the staircase. Like the others, he is exhausted as he starts work on his puzzle. Spencer and Wentworth are making good progress on their puzzles. Tasha and Kimmi finally join the group to start work on their puzzles. In the end, Spencer solves the puzzle first and wins his third individual immunity this season. Wentworth admits, “If we want to make a move, we got to do it now, because if we let Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy get far in this game, we are screwed.”


Upon returning to camp after the immunity challenge, Kimmi takes Keith out of camp to get water and tells him her plan to work with him and Wentworth to vote out Jeremy tonight. Meanwhile, Spencer and Tasha are back at camp wondering why Kimmi was so anxious to go get water with Keith. They worry that she is plotting to vote one of them out tonight. Keith admits, “Right now, it’s me or Kelley, but this deal Kimmi come up with could be the big one.” He gladly agrees to vote for Jeremy tonight with Kimmi and Wentworth. Spencer and Tasha get even more suspicious when Wentworth leaves camp to join Kimmi and Keith. Wentworth feels Kimmi’s plan is good for her, since they will get a big threat like Jeremy out and it will allow her to not play her idol tonight. Wentworth hopes she can trust Kimmi and wonders, “Will she execute?” Next, Kimmi meets with Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha. They agree to split the vote in case Keith or Wentworth has a hidden immunity idol. So, Kimmi and Tasha will vote for Keith, while Jeremy and Spencer will vote for Wentworth. When Kimmi leaves, Spencer and Tasha warn Jeremy that Kimmi may betray them and work with Keith and Wentworth tonight. Spencer recommends that they do not split the vote and all three of them vote for Wentworth. Jeremy feels they are being paranoid and that Kimmi will stay loyal to them. He even finds Kimmi and asks her if she is still with them. She assures Jeremy that she is and even pretends to get emotional because he doubts her. Jeremy admits, “I know Kimmi’s kind of goofy and everything, but I really think she’s with us.” Kimmi is excited that her plan looks like it is going to work. Next, Jeremy meets with Spencer and encourages him to split the vote to protect them against a hidden immunity idol. Spencer insists that they cannot. Jeremy reminds Spencer that he is safe with the immunity necklace, but that he and Tasha are not. Spencer comments, “What we decide tonight is really important, because when there’s five, three can control this game.” If he, Jeremy and Tasha survive this vote, then Spencer feels confident they can make it to the end.


Wentworth tells Jeff Probst that she and Keith are going up against the alliance of Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer and Kimmi tonight. Jeremy says that there has been a lot of discussion back at camp about idols. Spencer admits that he, Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi agreed in the past to split the votes to protect themselves against an idol. He reveals that now he, Jeremy and Tasha will instead all vote for one person. Jeff Probst points out that Spencer is not including Kimmi in the new plan. Spencer says, “It’ll be jump on board with us or draw a rock and maybe go home.” Kimmi is shocked to hear this and feels she is being punished and threatened for talking with someone outside the alliance. Keith is confident that he knows what to do tonight and is ready for a show down. Spencer whispers to Wentworth that she is safe, although Wentworth doesn’t trust him. Jeff points out that all this is a result of the voting blocks being used in this game instead of alliances. Kimmi feels like a pawn, who is not in the top three. Jeremy assures her that she is not a pawn and no one has told her that that she is not in the top three. Spencer instructs her to just vote the way they told her and she will be safe. Jeff calls for the final six Orkun tribe members to vote. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Both Wentworth and Jeremy play their hidden immunity idols. Jeff then reveals the votes, which are 3 for Wentworth and 3 for Jeremy. Since both of them are safe from the vote because of their idols, for the first time in SURVIVOR history, there are no valid votes. Jeff asks them all to re-vote for only Kimmi, Tasha or Keith, since Spencer, Jeremy and Wentworth have immunity. He gives them a few minutes to talk before voting. Jeremy asks who voted for him. He gets very upset, when he finds out that Kimmi voted for him. As Kimmi goes up to cast her vote, Jeremy tells her how disappointed he is in her. Jeremy then skips to the voting booth to place his vote. After everyone has cast their vote, Jeff reveals them. Three votes are for Tasha and the other three for Kimmi, so the vote is tied. Jeff tells them that they are entitled to vote again, but there is no reason to re-vote though if Spencer, Jeremy, Wentworth and Keith are not going to change their votes. All four of them state that they will not change their vote. Since they are deadlocked, Jeff tells them that Spencer, Jeremy, Wentworth and Keith must all agree to vote out either Kimmi or Tasha. If they cannot all come to an agreement, then Kimmi and Tasha are safe, so Keith would automatically be out. Spencer and Jeremy immediately declare that they will not vote for Tasha, so either Keith or Kimmi must go. Keith volunteers to go, since Kimmi is a single mom with two young kids. Wentworth encourages Keith to stay. So, Spencer, Jeremy, Wentworth and Keith all agree to vote out Kimmi. So after a unique series of events, Kimmi Kappenberg from Survivor: The Australian Outback is the fourteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE and the eighth member of the jury.


As the arrive back at camp, Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, Keith and Wentworth are all amazed at what just happened at Tribal Council. Keith comments, “Kimmi goes to the house, but I was on the chopping block, go figure that out.” Since Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha seem solid, Keith knows that he and Wentworth are on the outs. Wentworth is happy that she was able to save herself by playing her idol tonight, but she is not happy that Keith is the only person she can trust. She reveals, “This is like the worst feeling being so close to the end and yet in so much trouble.”


The five remaining Orkun tribe members arrive at the challenge which is a giant bug shaped obstacle course. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will race through a giant obstacle course. They will each go to six stations over different obstacles and collect six bags of puzzle pieces along the way. They will then use those pieces to solve a puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final four. One of the losers will become the ninth member of the jury at Tribal Council.

The challenge begins and they each race over a net to get to one of the six stations. First they untie a bag of puzzle pieces and then get across that obstacle to get the bag back to their puzzle table. Wentworth chooses the toughest obstacle first, so she can get it out of the way. Jeremy, Keith, Tasha and then Spencer all get their first bags back before Wentworth. Wentworth does get her first bag back before the others bring back their second though. We will see whether her strategy pays off. Everyone works hard to get all their puzzle bags and quickly navigate the various obstacles. Jeremy keeps his slight lead over the others all the way up until the final bag. Wentworth bring her six bag back first and starts on the puzzle. Meanwhile, Spencer is in last place just bringing in his fourth bag. Jeremy and Keith are the next ones to start working on their puzzles. Spencer and Tasha are the last ones to finish collecting their bags and starting on their puzzles. Wentworth places her first piece. Jeremy and Keith are right behind her as she places her next two pieces. Wentworth continues to place her puzzle pieces and only Keith can keep up with her. Spencer has not even placed one piece yet. In the end, Wentworth beats them all and finishes her puzzle before the others. She wins immunity and earns herself a spot in the final four. Keith admits, “I feel like I’m in a coffin and I’ve got about 3 nails left until they put me 6 feet down.” He is not ready to give up yet.


Upon returning to camp after the immunity challenge, Wentworth comes up with a plan to save her one ally Keith tonight. She tells Keith that she will make a fake immunity idol in the hopes that it will put doubt in the minds of Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha. If she can make those three paranoid that Keith has an idol, then Keith and her may be able to get out Jeremy or Spencer tonight. Wentworth has been collecting various beads, string and a medallion from tree mail. She puts them together and wraps them up with the note from her last idol and gives it to Keith. Wentworth comments, “If any of them think they’re going home, it’s going to create paranoia in their mind and something crazy could happen.” As, Keith heads out of camp, Jeremy admits to Tasha that he is worried about tonight. Later Keith returns to camp, with the fake idol in his pocket hoping that Jeremy, Spencer or Tasha sees it and gets scared. He comments, “That’s all it takes, just one of them to flip.” Jeremy wonders whom Keith and Wentworth will vote for tonight and if they have an idol. He admits, “I think they’re going to go after me and I don’t even want to take a chance on it.” Jeremy tells Keith to vote with him for Spencer tonight. Keith agrees and tells the plan to Wentworth. She likes the idea and reminds Keith to tease them with that fake immunity idol, if plans change at Tribal Council. Keith comments, “I got options. When you got options is a good thing.”


Jeff asks Wentworth if she needed to win at today’s immunity challenge. She felt she had to win immunity or she would be the one going home tonight. Tasha confirms that her, Spencer and Jeremy are still working together against Wentworth and Keith. Keith feels he will be voted off tonight unless things have changed. Jeremy admits that people have been talking about hidden immunity idols, since this is the last Tribal Council that one can be used. Spencer points out that if Wentworth or Keith has an idol, then they will determine who gets voted out tonight. Keith responds, “There’s some tricks around to be played.” Tasha does not like hearing this and wonders what unexpected things may happen tonight. Wentworth looks over at Keith to see if he is going to do anything with the fake idol she gave him. Keith just looks back at her. Jeff calls for the Orkun tribe to vote. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played. Jeff reveals all 5 votes. Spencer receives 2 votes. Keith gets 3 votes. So, Keith Nale from Survivor: San Juan del Sur is the fifteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE and the ninth member of the jury.


The next day, the final four enter the challenge and arrive on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the final immunity challenge. With one hand tied behind their back, each person will drop a ball down a chute. It will spiral to the bottom where they must catch it and put it back in the chute. At regular intervals, they will add another ball, which makes it more difficult. If at any point a ball drops, that person is out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final Tribal Council, where they can plead their case to the jury on why they should win the title of sole survivor and the million dollar prize that goes with it.

The challenge begins using one ball, which everyone gets through with ease. Jeff then orders another ball to be added. When a third ball is added, the pace really picks up. All four castaways seem to get the hang of it until a fourth ball is added. Wentworth drops a ball and is out of the challenge. Tasha is the next one to drop. So, Spencer and Jeremy now battle it out for a guaranteed spot in the final Tribal Council. A fifth ball is added, ramping things up. Spencer slips up and drops a ball, granting Jeremy final immunity. Jeremy is filled with emotion and tells Jeff that he is playing this game for his family. Wentworth is crying too, because she feels certain that her loss means that she will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. As he walks away from the challenge, with the immunity necklace on, Jeremy comments, “Now the question is who I’m going to the end with because I don’t want second, I don’t want third, like I need to win this.”


Back at camp, Jeremy is so relieved to be safe tonight and have a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal Council. He admits, “I have Spence and Tasha, but when you have this necklace all bets are off.” Jeremy must now decide whom he’d like to take with him to the final Tribal Council. Tasha hopes that the relationship that she has had with Jeremy through this entire game will earn her a spot in the final three with him. Spencer and Tasha congratulate Jeremy on his win and ask if the three of them will be the final three. Jeremy assures them that he is locked in. Spencer knows that nothing is for sure until Jeremy’s vote is revealed tonight at Tribal Council. He admits, “This is a test of whether the relationships I’ve built are strong enough, that without controlling my fate tonight, I can wake up here tomorrow and have a shot to fight and win this game.” Wentworth pleads her case to Jeremy and tries to convince him that Spencer is a bigger threat to him than she is. Jeremy asks Wentworth if she would be willing to do a fire challenge, if the votes were tied between her and Spencer tonight. Wentworth would love to have that chance. Jeremy admits, “This is a million dollar decision.”


At Tribal Council, Wentworth reminds everyone that this vote is not about alliances, but about whom Jeremy thinks he could beat at the end. Jeremy realizes that he has to do what’s best for him and his family tonight. Wentworth admits that she is voting for Spencer tonight, because she considers him to be the biggest threat. Spencer fires back by pointing out all of Wentworth’s strengths and accomplishments this season. He then threatens Jeremy by saying that he will vote for Wentworth if she makes the final three and not him. In addition, he would put all his energy into encouraging the rest of the jury to do the same. Tasha is happy that her name is not coming up in this battle. Jeremy assures Jeff that he knows how important this vote is tonight and is ready to cast his vote. Jeff calls for the final four to vote. Jeff reveals all 4 votes. Spencer receives 1 vote. Wentworth gets 3 votes. So, Kelley Wentworth from Survivor: San Juan del Sur is the sixteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE and the tenth and final member of the jury.


The sun rises on day 39 and Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer celebrate making it to the end. On the way to tree mail, they find a mirror and scale and see how much of a toll the season has taken on them. Tasha comments, “I didn’t win any immunity challenges. I didn’t play any idols, but the social game I played got me here.” At tree mail, they find all the ingredients they need to make an amazing breakfast, which will give them energy for their final Tribal Council. Spencer admits, “I’m here to make my second chance count and to prove that the change that I’ve gone through deserves the win of SURVIVOR.” As the three of them walk out with their torches to Tribal Council, Jeremy reveals, “I’ve got to finish this game and get that money and bring it home for my family.”


At the final Tribal Council, Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer sit before the jury of Savage, Kass, Wiglesworth, Ciera, Stephen, Joe, Abi, Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth. Jeff congratulates Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer for completing their SECOND CHANCE journey and making it to the final three. The jury addresses the final three, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Savage asks Spencer if he regrets how arrogant he was when he threatened Jeremy at the last Tribal Council if he voted him out. Spencer doesn’t regret the move, but he does regret the way he presented it. Savage then question Jeremy about his arrogance towards Kimmi when he voted her out because she voted for him. Jeremy doesn’t feel he was being arrogant, he was upset and hurt that Kimmi betrayed him. Stephen compliments Jeremy on playing an honorable game and points out that Spencer backstabbed many jury members. Spencer admits that he didn’t have close relationships and therefore used the various voting blocks to get people out. Both Stephen and Joe ask Tasha to defend and explain her game. Tasha insists she is a strong independent woman that played her own game. Like in business, she is used to working with alpha males. When the moves that Jeremy or Spencer suggested were not good for her game, she made sure to get her way. An example she gives is when they were hesitant to vote out Joe, but she made it happen. Ciera points out that flippers typically do not win and wonders why this season they should be rewarded. Jeremy reminds Ciera that she encouraged big moves in the game and people did this through voting blocks. Tasha feels it is a result of the multiple swaps in the game and the many deals that were made in the different tribes they were placed in. Spencer feels flipping and voting blocks were the only way he could get to the end. Keith values humility and asks Jeremy to explain why Spencer should win and asks Spencer why Jeremy should win. Jeremy feels Spencer is a very intelligent player that was able to maneuver his way from the bottom to the top. Spencer compliments Jeremy on how much control and strong relationships he had in the game. Abi asks all three of them to describe a subtle move they made which helped them. Tasha feels it was the strong alliance she had with Spencer, when most people thought her closest ally was Jeremy. Spencer feels his subtle move was getting the tribe to not trust Joe, when the two of them were both at risk. Jeremy feels his subtle move was find the hidden immunity idols when others were on reward and then using one idol to save his ally Stephen. Kimmi is upset with Jeremy for letting Spencer take her place in their alliance with Tasha. Jeremy insists that he was loyal to her and that she was never out of their alliance. Wiglesworth surprises them by asking them to each pick a number from one to ten. Jeremy picks two. Tasha picks three. Spencer picks four. Kass reminds Spencer that he criticized her in their prior season for flipping. She asks him why he deserves her vote if he has flipped and played like chaos Kass this season. Spencer feels he has changed and that the person asking for her vote now is not the same person that criticized her game play in the past. Wentworth asks all three of them whether they accomplished the goals they had for this SECOND CHANCE season. Tasha feels her second chance story was to build and maintain relationships. Spencer feels that his people skills have improved and he made relationships this season that he couldn’t in his first season. Jeremy reminds everyone that he played the game for his wife Val and his children not for himself. With tears in his eyes, he reveals that Val is pregnant, which has made being away from her very difficult. The ten jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with xxx out of the ten votes cast for him/her, xxxxxxx wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE.