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Season 32: Episode 2 - Kindergarten Camp
Posted on Feb 25, 2016 12:00am


It’s night 3 and the Brawn tribe is returning from Tribal Council where they voted out Darnell. Alecia thanks her tribe for not voting her out tonight. She is glad to be still in the game, but she does not feel safe. Alecia didn’t like the way her tribe talked about her in Tribal Council and she is sure that they were strongly considering voting her out instead of Darnell. She admits, “I’m just really confused at this point.” Jason is having trouble starting a fire with the flint, so Alecia takes her turn. Jason admits, “The truth is Blondie was this close to going home tonight. So, she should just be thanking her lucky stars that she got to spend three more days here or however long.” Alecia is having no luck starting a fire, so Jennifer comes over to help. After hearing Alecia refer to an ember as an embryo, Jason says, “She’s just so dumb, I mean at the end of the day, she’s next.” Scot agrees.


The next morning at the Beauty tribe, Tai decides to once again look for a hidden immunity idol, while the rest of his tribe is taking a morning swim in the ocean. He hopes that his tribe won’t notice that he is gone. Tai goes back to where he was looking before. This time he is lucky enough to find a clue in the trunk of a palm tree. It tells him that the idol is buried at the foot of the tree. Tai digs below the tree and finds a locked wooden box and another piece of paper. It congratulates him for finding the idol and informs him that he will need a key to open the box. It provides him a map to find the key and a tool to reach it, since it is positioned high up in a tree. Tai remarks, “Damn, that’s a twist they’re giving me. I thought I got the idol.” He is so excited to be this close to the idol, but now he is worried that the others will notice that he is gone. So, he quickly follows the map to the tree containing the key. He spots a canister tied to the trunk of the tree near the top. Not wanting to waste anytime, Tai starts climbing the palm tree. He works really hard to slowly and carefully make his way up the tree. In the process, he scrapes up his body and his feet start to bleed. Tai admits, “The palm tree is like sandpaper, sanding both my thighs.” Fearing that he has been away from the others too long, Tai decides to give up and come back later to try again.


Over at the Brains tribe, Joe and Neil are using the supplies they won at the last challenge to start a roaring fire. Elizabeth admits, “It feels so amazing that the Brains tribe won the very first challenge of this game.” She suggests that they boil some water, since she is feeling dehydrated. As a chemist, Debbie has decided that it is safe to drink the water without boiling it. She comments, “I mean keep in mind I’ve got 20 years experience analyzing water.” Elizabeth does not want to take any chances though and insists that her water be boiled. Debbie admits that she has a very strong immune system, since she grew up on a farm. Peter is amused by her and comments, “Debbie marches to the beat of her own drum.” Debbie reveals to Peter and Elizabeth that she has been a personal trainer and also demonstrates how well she can juggle. Elizabeth feels that Debbie is just trying to impress them all by her stories. She admits, “She doesn’t realize that all talk, if it’s not backed up with anything, isn’t really going to get her anywhere.” Peter sees Debbie as an ideal person to take to the end of the game with him.


The Beauty tribe is gathered near the shelter enjoying some sugar cane that Tai found. Tai is anxious to go back and get the key to unlock the idol. He reveals, “Right now, I think I’m going to lay low, because I think maybe my charm and my personality will help me connect with the people in my tribe.” Tai teases Caleb and calls him “cuddlelicious”, since he sleeps next to him at night. Caleb has no problem with Tai sleeping next to him at night to stay warm, even though Tai is gay and he is not. Caleb comments, “I like hanging out with him, because he is one of a kind for sure.” Later, a hornet enters the Beauty camp and Caleb wants to kill it. Tai asks him not to, because he is a living thing that is doing no harm. Julia admits, “Caleb and Tai are the most different people I have ever met in my life.” As the Beauty tribe is enjoying eating a fish, Tai dares Caleb to eat one of the fish’s eyeballs. Caleb takes the dare and ends up spitting it out, because it tastes too bad. Michele comments, “The bromance is real out here. They bicker like a married couple and then they kiss and make up.” When Caleb takes a big piece of meat off the fish bones, he tells Tai to grab a piece out of his mouth. Tai leans in to take it with his mouth, which flusters Caleb. He accuses Tai of trying to kiss him. Everyone starts laughing. Tai reveals, “I was totally going for the kiss, just to shock him and tease him.”


The next morning at the Brains tribe, Joe is trying to start their fire again. This time he is unsuccessful because the wood and matches have gotten damp and there is very little kerosene left to use. Neil is frustrated with Joe because he used too much kerosene to make the fire yesterday and then let it tip on its side and spill out. He says, “What’s going to happen, if we don’t have our fire is we’re going to drink from the well and people could get sick.” Later, Debbie complains to Joe about the rest of their tribe mates not having good practical survival skills like they do. Joe admits, “I have a lot of survival skills having a military background and the rest of the people, I think they have book knowledge, but it’s not the same thing.” Elizabeth is very thirsty and is very upset that Joe cannot get a fire started so she can boil water. She suggests to Joe that they try use an ember to start the fire instead. Joe does not appreciate her interference and assures her that he has things under control. He vents, “Liz is becoming kind of a pain in the butt. She knows everything about everything.” Joe does not respect Liz’s suggestions, because they come from books she has read versus hands on experience. Elizabeth walks out of camp to get some air. She admits, “I’m feeling emotional just because I’m physically very weak right now and Joe doesn’t seem to appreciate or care that I really need a fire going.” She doesn’t like being emotional, so she decides to stay away from camp until the fire is started and she can boil some water.


Over at the Brawn tribe, they still have not been able to start a fire. So, they are all feeling weak from lack of food and water. In addition, Jason’s skin is badly sunburned. He admits, “I just keep chalking it up to a horrible day and move on.” Alecia tries her hand at starting the fire, while Scot, Jason, Cydney and Jennifer rest in the shelter. She comments, “I need to show them why they need to keep me in the game.” Five hours later, Alecia is still striking the flint trying to start a fire. She is determined not to give up until she is successful. Alecia is frustrated when she hears Scot and Jason snoring in the shelter, while she is working away. Finally, a spark ignites the tinder and Alecia yells to her tribe that she has fire. Everyone jumps out of the shelter and Jason runs over to help her keep it alive. The result is a roaring fire that they use to boil water and cook one of their chickens. Jennifer admits, “One thing I love about Alecia is she’s not a quitter and she’s tough.” Scot is glad that his tribe is now eating and getting stronger. He hopes that it will help them win challenges.


The Beauty, Brains and Brawn tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the challenge. Each tribe will race down the river to retrieve a very heavy log. They will then carry it through a series of obstacles. Once they placed the log in a cradle, they will untie a ball from the log and use it with a slingshot to knock down two targets. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be vote out. In addition, they are playing for a fishing gear reward. The first tribe to finish wins the ultimate Survivor fishing kit, which includes everything they will need to catch fish including a boat. The second tribe to finish wins a much smaller fishing kit, but it will still get the job done. The Brains tribe has one extra member, so they sit out Debbie. The Beauty tribe also has one extra member, so they sit out Julia.

The challenge begins and everyone starts running down the muddy river towards the logs. The Brawn and Beauty tribes get their logs untied first and start carry them to the first obstacle. The Brain tribe is not far behind. Each of the logs weighs about 300 pounds, so it takes the whole tribe to move them along. The Beauty and the Brawn tribes are still tied as they make their way through the water obstacles and head back on land to the next obstacle. The next obstacle is a structure made up of logs and ropes. Trying to get the heavy log through it along with all the tribe mates takes a lot of effort. The Beauty tribe gets through it first and takes the lead. The Brain tribe catches up to the Brawn tribe, so now they are tied for second place as they both head to the cradle. The Beauty tribe has already placed their log in the cradle and is untying the ball and rope from around the log. They get it done quickly and head to the slingshot. The Brawn tribe is the next to get their rope untied and head to the slingshot. The Brain tribe is now in third. The Beauty tribe loses time when they get their rope tangled. So, Scot is able to use his slingshot first for the Brawn tribe. He misses. Caleb hits a target on his first try, which puts the Beauty tribe back in the lead. Peter takes the next shot and lands one for the Brain tribe. Scot connects on his next attempt and ties the game up. Now all three tribes only need to hit their last target to win. Caleb is the first to do this, so he wins the challenge for his Beauty tribe. They now have immunity and the deluxe fishing kit. The Brawn and Brain tribes are now fighting it out for second place. In the end, Peter hits the Brain’s second target first, which wins them immunity and the smaller fishing kit. So once again, the Brawn tribe loses and must go to Tribal Council to vote someone out. Jason comments, “You don’t want to go down as the worst tribe in history. Let me tell you our ship is sinking and we’re on our way to that record.”


The Brawn tribe is back at camp and Scot is disappointed that he missed some shots and they didn’t win the challenge. He feels close with Jason, Jennifer and Cydney, so he plans on voting out Alecia tonight. Jason agrees that Alecia is the next to go, since she does not help out in challenges or around camp. He comments, “Blondie, she’s a ditz and a half, a ditz. I’m sure she’s got a good heart and good intentions and stuff. She’s just dumb.” Alecia tells everyone that she is going to take a walk, but they all know that she is going to look for a hidden immunity idol. She searches through trees to try and find an idol, without having a clue. Alecia admits, “I’m getting a little worried about Tribal tonight, because not once did any of them ask me to be in an alliance with them.” Back at camp, Jason talks about how stupid Alecia is. Jennifer hears all of this. She vents, “Jason’s starting to piss me off. I don’t like his attitude and he just sits around and doesn’t do anything except talk about Alecia.” Jason confirms with Scot and Jennifer that they are all voting for Alecia tonight. Later, Jennifer and Alecia hunt for wood together. Jennifer suggests to Alecia that they get out a strong player. Alecia agrees that it would be smart to make a big move and get out Jason or Scot tonight instead of her. Jennifer fills Cydney in on the plan to have an all girl alliance and vote out Jason tonight, because he is irritating her so much. Jason worries when he sees Jennifer and Alecia spending so much time together. Scot assures him that Jennifer is loyal to them and will not flip. Scot then checks in with Jennifer to make sure that she is still with him and Jason. Jennifer tells him that she is. She reveals, “I realized blindsiding Jason is also blindsiding Scot and I actually like Scot.” Jennifer wonders whether she should just stick with the original plan to vote out Alecia tonight. She checks in with Cydney next and tells her about her doubts. Cydney vents, “What is going on, like when did this tide turn? The girl is just all over the place.” Cydney does not feel good about heading to Tribal Council without a definite plan.


The Brawn tribe joins Jeff Probst at their second Tribal Council. Alecia is worried that she will be the one going home tonight. Jennifer reveals that there were different options on how she could vote tonight. Scot and Jason are concerned when they hear this. Jason said that he suspected that Jennifer might break their alliance. Jennifer points out that the plan has not changed just because she discussed different plans with others. Scot admits that he had no doubts about Jennifer until she said that she was entertaining different options. Jennifer is shocked that Scot and Jason are questioning her loyalty to them. She decides to reveal Alecia’s plan for an all girl alliance. Alecia claims the all girl alliance was Jennifer’s idea. Jennifer insists that Alecia is lying. Jason asks whom they talked about voting out. Alecia shouts out Jason and Jennifer agrees, because she wants to be honest with everyone. Jennifer gets frustrated and cautions the guys against voting her out instead of Alecia. Cydney feels that Jennifer is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jennifer apologizes for breaking her alliances trust, but warns them not to keep Alecia if they want to win challenges. Jason questions how he can trust Jennifer, if she considered breaking their alliance and voting him out. Jennifer reminds everyone that Alecia is the one that is scrambling and lying to stay in the game. She tells them that she was just trying to give Alecia some hope on her last day by entertaining one of her ideas. Scot tells Jeff that Jennifer is a stronger player and would benefit them more in challenges than Alecia. Jennifer stands up and asks her alliance for another chance. Jeff calls for the vote. The Brawn tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played.

Alecia receives 2 votes. Jennifer receives 3 votes. So, Jennifer Lanzetti, a 38 –year old Contractor from Salt Lake City, UT is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.