Season 32: Episode 3 - The Circle Of Life
Posted on Mar 3, 2016 12:00am


The Brawn tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council on night 6 after just voting out Jennifer. Scot tells Alecia that he was the second person that voted for her tonight, because he already knew that there were enough votes to get Jennifer out and he had promised her that he would not write her name down. Alecia does not accept his explanation. She vents, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Alecia goes with Cydney to the water well and tells Cydney that they need to vote out Scot next, because he cannot be trusted. Cydney pretends to agree with Alecia. Cydney reveals, “She’s thinks it’s us against them, but she doesn’t really know how close I am with the guys.” Later, Scot admits to Cydney and Jason that they might have made a mistake by voting out Jennifer instead of Alecia. He doesn’t know how they can win a challenge with Alecia. Cydney assures Scot that Alecia trusts her, so she can control her vote. Scot comments, “I’ve lost one of the three original alliance that I wanted and now Alecia is very much empowered and she could make trouble for me.”


The next morning at the Beauty tribe, Tai sneaks out of camp while the rest of his tribe is eating breakfast. He is determined to get the key to unlock the hidden immunity idol. Tai comments, “I think that the tribe, truly I think they like me as a person, but I know it’s the only thing that will make me feel safe in this game.” He goes back to the palm tree, which contains the canister that holds the key to the locked idol box. Tai searches for the tool that came with the clue that he found last time. He gets upset when he realizes it is not in the place he thought he left it. Tai admits, “I was so mad at myself. You know, nothing in my life come easy.” He doesn’t have time to keep looking for it, so he makes his own tool and attaches it to a long stick. Tai’s tool works and he pushes the key out of the canister and down to the ground. He kisses the key and the tree and thanks them. Tai then uses the key to unlock the box and retrieve the coveted idol. He admits, “This idol and I belong together. Tai reads the paper that idol is wrapped in and learns that his idol can become a super idol, if he can find a second idol that fits with it. As a super idol, it can be played after the votes are read, instead of before the votes are read like a normal idol. Tai is thrilled to have this idol with the new twist for this season.


Over at the Brains tribe, Peter and Elizabeth are discussing strategy while cooling off in the ocean. Peter reveals, “I’m a part of one core alliance with Liz, but we’re managing two separate groups of two - Debbie and Joe and Aubry and Neil, but we’re in control.” Peter and Elizabeth agree to keep Debbie and Joe around and get rid of Neil and Aubry first. They feel Debbie and Joe are not threats, because can easily be manipulated. Elizabeth comments, “Neil, on the other hand, is a very smart guy and he would risk to blindside one of us come a swap or a merge.” Meanwhile, Debbie is in the shelter lying down, but she can hear Peter and Elizabeth talking. She admits, “My position in this tribe is to sit back, observe, shut up and gather intel.” Debbie knows that Peter and Elizabeth feel like they are better than the rest of them and plan on picking them off. Since Peter is an asset at challenges, Debbie decides to target Elizabeth for the next vote. Debbie then talks to Joe about the two of them aligning with Aubry and Neil to vote out Elizabeth next. Next, Debbie talks to Aubry and confirms that they both feel good about Neil. Debbie reveals, “When you get into a battle with me, be prepared for me to use better, smarter tactics.” Debbie then discusses the plan with Neil. After Debbie completes her mission of gathering her allies, she comments, “The bomb doors are open. Prepare to fire.”


Back at the Beauty tribe, Caleb is ready to kill one of the chickens that they got from the supply boat on the first day. He admits, “Killing the chicken is best for our tribe. I mean right now we are all hungry.” At the same time, Caleb is sensitive to the fact that Tai is attached to the chickens, since he is animal friendly and has been taking care of them at camp. Tai comments, “To me we really don’t need to kill that chicken, but the boys need protein to stay strong for challenges.” He holds the chicken as Caleb chops off its neck. Tai starts crying as he feels the life drain from the chicken. He admits, “I feel like I did wrong, a lot of wrong. Julia, Anna and Michelle feel sorry for Tai. Nick doesn’t understand why Tai is getting so upset. He comments, “You don’t need emotions out here. You just need to seem like you have emotions.” Anna doesn’t trust Nick. She has a hard time talking to him and believing what he says. Anna is aligned with Julia and Michele and she trusts Caleb and Tai. She admits, “So, if we have three girls and three guys, we need to pull over one of the guys.” Anna talks to Caleb and encourages him to join with their girl alliance and vote out Nick first. Caleb comments, “I don’t see that as a bad thing, because if we do lose, that means me not going home.”


Over at the Brawn tribe, both Scot and Alecia are out looking for a hidden immunity idol. Scot comments, “I out trying to find this idol because I don’t trust Alecia.” He would like to find the idol for his own benefit, but also to make sure Alecia does not find it. Meanwhile, Alecia spots something on a tree and calls Cydney over. It ends up being the clue to the hidden immunity idol and tells them that the idol is hidden at the base of the tree. Alecia and Cydney both start digging. Alecia is so excited to find the clue, since she feels it will catapult her from the bottom of the tribe to the top. Jason walks by and sees Cydney and Alecia digging. Jason reveals, “I instantly knows what’s up. They’re looking for the idol.” Alecia looks up and sees Jason and alerts Cydney. Alecia goes back to camp to get a hoe to help her dig. Cydney waits until Alecia’s gone and uncovers the locked box with the idol in it. She also finds the tool. Before she has a chance to read the instructions with the tool, Cydney hears Alecia coming back. She quickly covers everything up. Alecia was not able to find the hoe, so she wants to head back to camp. Cydney goes with Alecia, but plans to return later to get the idol. Alecia decides to rinse out her hair in the water, which gives Cydney a chance to tell Scot and Jason that Alecia found the idol clue. Cydney comments, “Of course, since Jason already saw us, clearly I’ve got to go tell him anyway.” She wants to make sure that Scot and Jason trust her. Jason and Scot quickly head over to the tree. Alecia spots them leaving camp and immediately follows them with Cydney right behind her. Jason admits, “If someone gives me a tip in my work, you’ve got seconds, minutes, hours maybe. So, you move.” Jason finds the tree and a rolled up piece of paper. He runs away from the others, so he can read the clue with no one else around. Alecia runs after Jason, but quickly loses him. Scot catches up to Jason and they read the clue together. It tells them the location of the key to the idol box. Jason finds the tree with the key container tied to the top of the tree. They don’t have the tool, so Scot and Jason make their own tool and attach it to a piece of bamboo. By this time, Alecia and Cydney have found them. As Scot is trying to dislodge the key, Alecia waits below to try and snatch it. Jason admits, “I can’t let that happen. It’s on.” When the key comes falling down, Jason and Alecia both dive for it. Jason gets to it first. He grabs it and starts running again. Jason comments, “It was nice having an NBA player on my side, especially a center. That height paid off.” Jason takes the key and unlocks the box to retrieve the idol with Scot and Alecia looking on. Alecia is disappointed to have found the initial idol clue and to have lost the idol to Jason. She admits, “Honestly, at this point. I don’t trust anyone on my tribe.” Alecia feels like she lost her chance to have some power over her tribe. Scot and Jason read the instructions with the idol and are thrilled to learn of the power of the super idol, if is it paired with another idol. Jason puts the idol around his neck. Scot comments, “It’s in the right hands. I prefer it was in mine, but I’m pretty confident Jason’s going to take care of me.” He is just glad that Alecia doesn’t have it, so they can vote her out next.


The Beauty, Brains and Brawn tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the challenge. They will all jump off a platform in the water and swim out to their tribe’s boat where they will retrieve 3 bags of rice. They will work together to push and pull those bags through a narrow hole in a wall of bamboo. Next they will have to cross a balance beam to get the bags of rice to the beach. Once on the beach, they will tear open the bags of rice to retrieve 3 balls. Next, one tribe member at a time must balance on a beam, while attempting to maneuver a ball up a wall past a series of holes to the top. The first two tribes to get all three balls to the top win immunity. The winners are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where someone will be the third person voted out of this game. In addition, they are playing for reward. The first tribe to finish will be able to choose between comfort items and emotional items. The second tribe to finish gets what’s left. The third tribe gets no reward, but does get to go to Tribal Council where someone will go home. The Beauty tribe has two extra members, so they sit out Anna and Michelle. The Brain tribe sits out Joe and Aubry.

The challenge begins and everyone jumps in the water and races towards their tribe boats to retrieve their three bags of rice. All three tribes quickly get their three heavy bags of rice out of their boat and over to the first obstacle. Here they have to push the bag of rice through a narrow hole to get it to the other side. The Beauty tribe gets their three bags through first and heads to the balance beam. They get across their balance beam before the Brain and Brawn tribes get their third bags though the holes. The Beauty tribe maintains their lead as they get their bags to the beach and cut them open to retrieve their balls. Julia is the first to try and maneuver a ball up the wall while avoiding the many holes along the way. The Brawn tribe is the next tribe to get their bags to the beach and Cydney starts on the maze. Julia gets the first ball up the wall for the Beauty tribe. Cydney loses the Brawn tribe ball through a hole two times, before Jason switches places with her. Elizabeth starts on the wall for the Brain tribe. Tai scores a second point for the Beauty tribe when he lands the second ball in a hole at the top of their wall. Elizabeth scores a point for the Brain tribe. Caleb scores the third point for the Beauty tribe giving them the win. Now it is a battle for second place between the Brain tribe who has one point and the Brawn tribe who has none. Jason scores the first point for his Brawn tribe, so they are now tied with the Brain tribe. Peter scores the second point for Brains, while Scot scores the second point for Brawn. Now it is a race to the finish as Brains and Brawn both have only one ball left. Debbie takes her turn for Brains while Cydney gives it another try for Brawn. In a very close match, Cydney lands her ball first and brings in the first win for the Brawn tribe. The Beauty and Brawn tribe both win immunity and do not have to go to Tribal Council. The Beauty tribe chooses the comfort reward. So the Brawn tribe gets their emotional items for reward. The losing Brain tribe will go to Tribal Council tonight, where the third person will be voted out of the game. Peter comments, “Now Liz and I are going down the hit list like a mobster and the first one is Neil.”


The Brain tribe is back at camp discussing strategy for tonight’s Tribal Council. Liz admits, “We can send Neil home and Neil is going to be the player that causes problems down the road.” She and Peter want to split the vote between Neil and Aubry in case Neil has found a hidden immunity idol. Their plan is to tell Neil and Aubry to vote for Joe. Meanwhile, Liz and Peter will vote for Aubry. They will tell Joe and Debbie to vote for Neil. This will cause a three-way tie between Joe, Neil and Aubry. If Neil plays an idol, then they will re-vote and take out Aubry. If Neil doesn’t play an idol, then they will re-vote and take out Neil. Liz meets with Debbie at the water well and reveals the plan. Debbie listens and agrees to vote for Neil tonight. Debbie reveals, “When I know somebody’s snowing me, I can give it back to you in spades.” She is amused by the fact that Liz is not aware that she is the one being targeted tonight. Debbie tells Neil that Liz and Peter are planning on splitting the votes between him and Aubry in case he has an idol. Neil is confident that Liz or Peter needs to go tonight. He plays along with their game though, when he tells Liz and Peter that he will vote for Joe. Peter comments, “Although Liz and I are good looking people and we have great smiles, we’re actually out for blood.” Peter is confident that he and Liz must lead the others and tell them what to do in this game, because they are not capable of making decisions on their own. Peter tells Aubry that she and Neil need to communicate with he and Liz more. Aubry comments, “Peter is very controlling.” She does not trust him. Aubry talks to Debbie about switching their vote from Liz to Peter tonight, since she feels he is the bigger threat. Debbie understands why Aubry would like Peter out first, since he is so egotistical. She admits, “Liz and Peter would slit anybody’s throat in this game given a split second, so it’s a big decision.”


The Brain tribe joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Since this is the first time they have been to Tribal Council, Jeff instructs the Brain tribe to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Peter points out that three pairs of people have become friends in this tribe. They are himself and Liz, Debbie and Joe and Neil and Aubry. Debbie feels that everyone on this Brain tribe uses their minds more than their emotions to judge things. Aubry feels that social interaction is very important too. Peter is confident that he is good at social interaction, because he is an ER doctor and has to constantly deal with patients. When Jeff asks the group about paranoia, Joe admits that he is always suspicious of people based on his FBI background. Peter is disappointed that they lost the challenge today, but he is confident of his plan. Neil points out that there can be more than one plan. Peter reveals that his plan is to split the vote and get Neil or Aubry out tonight. Liz feels that the person who goes home tonight will not be shocked. Neil is confident that they will be a stronger tribe after tonight. Peter is sure that he and Liz have considered all options and is ready to vote. Jeff calls for the vote. The Brain tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Aubry receives 2 votes. Peter receives 2 votes and Liz receives 2 votes. Peter and Liz are shocked at the results. Since the votes are tied, Jeff calls for a re-vote with Aubry, Liz and Peter not voting. Everyone else can only vote for one of those three. Joe, Debbie and Neil cast their votes.

Jeff reveals the first two votes and they are for Liz. So, Elizabeth Markham, a 27-year old Quantitative Strategist from New York, NY is the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.