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Season 32: Episode 4 - Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Posted on Mar 10, 2016 12:00am


It’s night 8 and the Brain tribe is returning from Tribal Council where they just voted out Elizabeth. Debbie admits, “Tonight at Tribal Council it went down exactly as I expected.” It was Debbie’s plan to get out Elizabeth and she is pleased that her plan worked. Peter is not happy with the results, since Elizabeth was his closest ally. Debbie decides to do some damage control and smooth things over with Peter. She finds him alone on the beach and assures him that he is a valuable member of the Brain tribe. Debbie comments, “Peter’s position in the tribe has knocked his ego down ten notches.” Peter tells Debbie that he is just going to lay low. He reveals, “Tribal Council tonight was a complete surprise.” Peter is upset because he feels his tribe is now much weaker without Elizabeth. He plans on paying his tribe back by voting them out as soon as he can.


The Beauty, Brains and Brawn tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the challenge. They will race through a series of obstacles to a log, which they must dig under and get themselves through. They will then make their way to a sandy pit where they have to dig up three bags of balls. Once they have all the balls, they will roll those balls attempting to land them in a series of targets. The first two tribes to finish will win reward. The first tribe to finish wins a SURVIVOR kitchen set. It includes: pots, cups, spices and coffee. The second tribe to finish wins a smaller kitchen set with a wok, knife, salt and pepper. The last tribe to finish gets nothing. The Beauty tribe has two extra members, so they sit out Anna and Julia. The Brain tribe has one extra member, so they sit out Neil.

The challenge begins and everyone crawls on the hot sand to get under the first obstacle. Next they jump over two hurdles to get to the log where they dig a hole to get under it. Joe takes a little more time to get over the hurdles, so the Brain tribe arrives at the log after the others. Cydney gets under the log before anyone else. This helps to put Brawn in the early lead as they are the first ones to all get under the log and start digging for their three bags of balls. The Brains are the next one to start digging for their bags, followed by the Beauty tribe. Scot finds the first bag, which keeps his Brawn tribe in the lead. Tai finds a bag for Beauty. Scot finds a second bag for Brawn. Peter finds the first bag for Brains. Everyone starts slowing down, as they get weaker from the hot sun and energy expended on digging. Forty-five minutes have now gone by and no more bags have been found. Everyone is exhausted. Finally, Debbie and Aubry find the last two bags for the Brain tribe. They now move on to final phase, which is throwing the balls up a ramp to land them in round targets. Aubry, Debbie and Peter all take turns rolling the balls towards the targets and together they are successful at landing all six of them. So, the Brain tribe is the first to win the Reward Challenge. The other two tribes continue to dig. Caleb and Nick find the next two bags for Beauty. So they start rolling their balls. Joe tries to provide shade for Debbie who is super hot. He sees that she is struggling and so Joe alerts Jeff to the situation. Jeff calls for a medic to take a look at Debbie. Meanwhile, Caleb is starting to land balls in the target for the Beauty tribe, while the Brawn tribe is still digging for their final bag. The medical team takes Debbie’s vital signs and starts pouring cold water on her body to cool her down. She immediately starts feeling better. Debbie reveals, “Because of my training, I actually knew I was heat stroked.” Alecia encourages her Brawn team to keep going as they continue to dig in the sand. Jason replies, “Just shut the ____ up and dig please.” Meanwhile, the Beauty tribe has only one more ball to get into a target to win the challenge. Jason finds the third bag for the Brawn tribe and starts firing balls at their targets hoping to catch up and pass the Beauty tribe. Caleb picks up the pace for the Beauty tribe trying to land that last ball. The Brawn tribe now has three balls in their targets. Caleb finally lands the Beauty’s last ball in the target. So, Beauty wins the smaller kitchen reward and the challenge is over. Debbie is feeling much better now. Cydney sits down on the sand and cannot move. Caleb runs to the shade and starts gasping for air. Jeff and the medical team run over to him. They start pouring cold water on him. Meanwhile, Jason helps Cydney over to the shade. The medical team then attends to her too. They pour water over her. Jason helps and does not leave her side. Caleb is having the hardest time. Nick is holding up his legs while, the medics give him oxygen and a saline drip because his temperature is so high and he is now unresponsive. Cydney is crying and shivering as they continue to pour water on her and take her vital signs. The good news is that her temperature is dropping and she is recovering. Caleb is still in trouble though. So, the doctors make the call to pull Caleb for the game. Jeff immediately requests a helicopter to come in to evacuate Caleb. Michele, Julia, Anna and Tai all cry as they say goodbye to Caleb. Caleb is then loaded on the helicopter and flown to the hospital. So, Caleb Reynolds, a 28-year old Army Veteran from Hopkinsville, KY is the fourth person leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG. Jeff talks to everyone before sending back to camp to rest and drink more water. Tai is sad to have Caleb gone. He not only misses him as a person, but also as part of his alliance. Tai worries that the girls will now vote out either him or Nick. He admits, “I’m not going to go home with an idol in my pocket.”


Debbie and Aubry cool off in the ocean back at the Brain camp. Debbie tells Aubry that she is glad that Joe requested the medical team to help her back at the challenge. She admits, “My biggest fear was not only that I would appear weak to my tribe, but that I would appear weak to my daughters back home.” Debbie did not want to disappoint her daughters, who were so proud of her for getting on SURVIVOR and see her as a role model. She appreciates how much her tribe mates have taken care of her.


Over at the Brawn camp, Alecia confronts Scot about telling her that she’s only good at being a cheerleader during the Reward Challenge. She tells him that she was just trying to be a good team member and encourage everyone. Alecia asks Scot how his NBA teammates would have felt if he treated them the same as her. Scot points out that is no comparison between the professionals on an NBA team and the Brawn tribe. Alecia assures Scot that she was doing the best she could and that she never gave up. Scot tells Alecia that he did appreciate her being positive during the challenge. Alecia comments, “I want our tribe to work more as a team and not put each other down and with me, they just keep doing it.” She continues the conversation as they all lay down in the shelter to get some much needed rest. Scot is now getting irritated that Alecia won’t listen and leave things alone. He asks her what teams she’s ever been on. Jason suggests that if she is such a team player, why doesn’t she try to get along with their team. Cydney lies down and tries to recuperate after experiencing heat exhaustion at the challenge. She finds it hard to get rest as everyone is hollering. She comments, “I do not think Alecia is aware of pretty much anything.” As the argument continues, Jason gets frustrated and leaves the shelter. Jason admits, “Alecia is so far on the bottom now, we’re just waiting. The next Tribal Council is signed, sealed and delivered.”


The Beauty, Brains and Brawn tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Two tribe members will race into the jungle and climb up a ladder to retrieve puzzle pieces and bring them back. Then two more tribe members will swim out into the ocean, then dive down and retrieve more puzzle pieces. Once a tribe has collected all the puzzle pieces, they will use them to complete a snake puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out. The Beauty tribe has one extra member, so they sit out Tai. The Brain tribe also has one extra member, so they sit out Joe. The challenge begins and two people from each tribe head out to the jungle. Cydney and Alecia from the Brawn tribe make it to the ladder first and start untying their three puzzle pieces. The Beauty and Brain tribes are right behind them. All three tribes get done at the same time and start heading back to the start point. Debbie and Peter from the Brain tribe quickly realize that they are only carrying back two of the three pieces, so they forgot one. Peter runs back to get it, which costs the Brain tribe some time. The Brawn tribe gets back first, so Scot and Jason run out to the water to collect the rest of their puzzle pieces. Julia and Anna from the Beauty tribe are back next, which sends Nick and Michele running out to the water. Peter and Debbie finally get back and send Neil and Aubry out to get the rest of their puzzle pieces. Once they swim to their puzzle pieces, everyone dives down to untie them. Jason and Scot are the first ones to untie all three pieces, which keeps the Brawn tribe in the lead. Nick and Michele are close behind them for the Beauty tribe. Nick and Michele pull ahead of Jason and Scot and get their puzzle pieces back to the start first. The Brain tribe is still diving down to retrieve their pieces. Julia and Anna start working on the snake puzzle for the Beauty tribe. Cydney and Alecia are the next ones to work on their puzzle. Neil and Aubry are still in the water. Julia and Anna are making good progress for the Beauty tribe. Debbie and Neil now start work on the puzzle for the Brain tribe, now that Peter and Aubry are back. Debbie quickly switches out with Peter to have him work on the puzzle instead of her. The Brawn tribe has made no progress. The Beauty tribe is having trouble fitting the last pieces in the puzzle. The Brain tribe has made up a lot of time and end up solving the puzzle first. So, the Brain tribe has won themselves immunity. Now it is between the Brawn and Beauty tribes. Nick swaps out with Anna for the Beauty tribe. Alecia asks Jason and Scot if they would like to switch with her. Neither one responds. In the end, the Beauty tribe beats the Brawn tribe easily. So, the Brawn tribe has lost immunity and will go to Tribal Council to vote someone out. Alecia says, “I tried.” Cydney corrects her and says, “We tried.” Scot and Jason are once again annoyed with Alecia only thinking of herself. After Jeff hands the immunity idols to the Brain and Beauty tribe and sends them back to camp, Jason proposes that they skip Tribal Council and vote out Alecia now. Alecia responds, “I’m not doing Tribal right now, that would be giving up.” So, Jeff sends them back to camp.


The Brawn tribe once again joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Jeff immediately asks Jason, Scot and Cydney if anything has changed, since they left the challenge. All three still feel that Alecia should be the one voted out tonight. Jeff points out that Alecia is on the Brawn tribe because she doesn’t let people push her around. She admits that she doesn’t respect Scot and Jason, so she doesn’t always pay attention to them. Scot feels if he has not earned Alecia’s respect by now, then he never will. He feels that she will argue a point, until someone loses their temper. Scot feels sorry for Alecia. Alecia realizes that there is little chance that she won’t be voted out tonight, but she vows to stay positive and appreciate the experiences that she has had on SURVIVOR. Jeff calls for the vote. The Brawn tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Scot receives 1 vote. Alecia receives 3 votes. So, Alecia Holden, a 24-year old Real Estate Agent from Dallas, TX is the fifth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.