Season 32: Episode 5 - The Devils We Know
Posted on Mar 16, 2016 08:00pm


The sun is coming up on day 12 at the Brain tribe. Joe is soaking his infected finger in salt water, so Peter comes over to take a look at it. Peter reveals, “Since the last vote, where I feel in this pack is at the bottom.” So, Peter’s plan is to be extra nice to his tribe mates, so they keep him around. As an ER doctor, Peter takes a look at Joe’s finger and then gently takes a splinter out of his hand. Joe thanks Peter for his help. Next, Peter takes a look at the cuts on Neil’s hands. He admits, “If they see as someone functional, useful I’m just going to exploit that and try to get out of this mess I’ve got myself in.” Neil is aligned with Aubry, Joe and Debbie, so he would like to get Peter out next. He decides to go out and look for a hidden immunity idol, to make sure that Peter does not find one. Neil searches in the jungle for unique trees or any area that looks different. After much searching, he finds a tree with a slit down the middle. Wedged in that slit, he finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which tells him that the idol is buried at the foot of the tree. Neil digs and finds the locked idol box, a map to the location of the key and the tool to use in getting the key. He does not want to get caught by the others, so he moves quickly to locate the key. Neil locates the tree with the canister that holds the key. He then uses a long pole with the tool attached to push the key out of the canister. Neil uses the key to open the idol box and is thrilled to finally hold the idol and learn of its powers. He hopes to find a second idol or work with someone that already has one to create a super idol. Neil comments, “One of my philosophies in life is that you make your own luck and that’s exactly what I’m doing. If somebody’s betting in Vegas, I’m the front runner.”


The Brain, Beauty and Brawn tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host shocks them all when he tells them to drop their buffs. He tells them that they had planned on splitting the tribes today with fourteen people, which would result in two tribes of seven. Caleb’s unfortunate evacuation left only thirteen people in the game. Jeff uncovers a tray of small packages tied with strings. He tells everyone that these are thirteen buffs. Six are blue, six are yellow and one is red. Whoever draws the red buff will go back to Brawn beach alone, where they will have to fend for themselves. The good news is that person will not have to participate in the next immunity challenge; therefore they won’t have to go to Tribal Council and risk being voted out. The bad news is that while on Brawn beach, they will not be able to strategize and make new alliances. They will return and join the tribe that goes to Tribal Council and votes someone out. Everyone is very nervous as the pick a wrapped up buff off of the tray that Jeff passes around. When everyone has one, Jeff instructs them to open up their new buffs. Julia is the one that gets the red buff and will go to Brawn beach alone. The blue tribe whose new name is Chan Loh is made up of two Brains, two Beauties and two Brawns. The Chan Loh members are: Debbie, Jason, Michelle, Nick, Cydney and Neil. The new yellow tribe’s name is Gondol. They are made up of three Brains, two Beauties and one Brawn. The Gondol members are: Aubry, Tai, Joe, Scot, Anna and Peter. Julia is the only member of the old Brawn tribe. She says, “I think I’m going to be okay. I’m going to look at it in a positive way.” Jeff sends all of them away to their new camps. Michele comments, “The girl’s alliance just got clean divided. To have people I trust the most out here go three different ways is crushing.”


Tai and Anna welcome Scot, Joe, Aubry and Peter to their old Beauty camp and tell them about their chicken and mango tree. Peter admits, “This swap is exactly what I needed, because if that didn’t happen I was dead.” Since the three old Brains have the majority in the camp, Peter now feels safe in this new tribe. Tai shows them a mango tree. Scot is confident with his height he can reach the low fruit and give Tai a boost to pick the fruit farther up the tree. Scot hopes to be valuable to his new tribe and find someone to trust, since he feels vulnerable being the only Brawn on the tribe. He admits, “It is a familiar feeling for me. I played for five different teams in the NBA and each time you’re joining a group of people you used to play against.” Tai feeds them all heart of palm. Later, Peter and Aubry talk in the shelter. Peter points out that if they lose the upcoming immunity challenge, then Julia, a Beauty, will be joining their team. So, if they don’t vote out a Beauty, then the Beauties will have three people on the tribe and the Brains will then no longer have a majority. Therefore, he recommends that they vote out a Beauty, if they have to go to Tribal Council. Aubry reveals, “I don’t trust Peter as far as I can throw him.” She reluctantly knows that it does make sense to keep working with him though, since the Brains hold the majority in the tribe. When Scot joins Peter and Aubry in the shelter, Peter quickly recruits Scot to join the Brains in voting out a Beauty next. Scot hopes that their plan is real and he can trust them. He comments, “Who knows, it might switch all over again.”


The Chan Loh tribe arrives at camp and Debbie welcomes them all to the old Brain camp. Being separated from her tight girl alliance, Michele admits, “It’s going to be a rough adjustment, but you know you’ve got to keep your head up and read people, until it comes time where I’ve got to make an alliance.” Debbie recommends they all enjoy a cup of coffee, look for food and enjoy the sunset together tonight. She reveals, “I’m on the offense, not the defense and from the get go I wanted to work with Brawn, because the Brawn tribe definitely is the powerhouse.” Debbie immediately gets to work by going on a walk with Cydney. She complements Cydney not only on her body, but also her brains. Debbie also reveals to Cydney that she and Neil are working together, but she hopes that a woman wins SURVIVOR. Cydney likes what Debbie is telling her. She comments, “I think it could be a good duo.” Next, Debbie talks to Jason about her plan for the Brains and Brawn members of the tribe to work together and take out one of the Beauties. Jason agrees. Debbie is thrilled that she has quickly created a voting block of four in her new six person tribe. She boasts, “Once again, I’m the mastermind behind the scenes and they just don’t see me coming.”


Then next day at the Gondol tribe, Tai continues to be a gracious host as he opens a coconut and hands out the pieces to his new tribe mates. Tai misses Caleb, but he realizes with a new tribe he should make new friends. He asks Scot to boost him up into the mango tree, so he can gather fruit for the tribe. Scot is impressed with how positive and hardworking Tai is. He admits, “In my opinion, he’s number one most valuable member of the tribe right now.” Meanwhile, Anna takes a walk with Aubry and Peter. Anna comments, “With this extra dynamic of Julia coming back into the mix, there is no way that Brains are going to keep both Beauties. So, it’s either Tai or I.” She tells Aubry and Peter how much Tai looked for a hidden immunity idol when they were in the Beauty tribe together. Anna tells them that the Beauty tribe wanted to vote Tai out. She admits, “I’m not afraid to throw Tai under the bus, so I can protect myself and get as far as I can in the game.” Next, Anna talks to Joe about Tai.


Over at the Chan Loh tribe, everyone is enjoying morning coffee. Nick realizes that he and Michele need to bond with one of the other pairs in order to have a majority in this new tribe, since there are two Brawns, two Beauties and two Brains. While filling the water bottles, Nick proposes to Jason that he and Cydney work with him and Michele. Jason agrees with Nick to work together. Jason admits, “Both sides look at us as that tie-breaker, so it’s a great spot to be in.” He tells Cydney the good news that both the Brains and the Beauties want to work with them.


Over at the old Brawn beach, Julia is by herself lying in the shelter with her hands shaking. She admits, “I woke up super dehydrated and I like felt my body shutting down.” Julia feels alone and paranoid as she wonders what is going on at the other camps. She tries to start a fire, but has no success. Julia comments, “Right now, being out here alone is the hardest part of my game so far.” She lies back down in the shelter.


The Gondol and Chan Loh tribes arrive on their mats to participate in the first immunity challenge as new tribes. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Two members of each tribe will swim out and retrieve a net of fish puzzle pieces. Once they get it back to shore, two other tribe members will untie those wooden fish and hook them onto a pole. They will carry the pole of fish up to the puzzle platform, where the remaining two tribe members will use those pieces to complete a fish puzzle. The first tribe to get it right wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of this game.

The challenge begins with Nick and Jason being the swimmers for the Chan Loh tribe and Scot and Aubry swimming for Gondol. Nick and Jason both dive down to untie the Chan Loh net, while Scot unties both sides of the Gondol net. Even though the net and fish weigh 100 pounds, Scot easily drags it for Gondol beating Jason and Nick back to the beach. Tai and Joe work to untie the fish from the net and get them on the pole for Gondol. Michele and Cydney are the untie team for Chan Loh. These two do a quick job of it and make up time for Chan Loh. Now both tribes are working on the final stage of putting the 14 piece fish puzzle together. Debbie and Neil are the solvers for Chan Loh, while Peter and Anna solve for Gondol. Neil and Debbie fly through their puzzle and win the immunity challenge for Chan Loh. Anna admits, “As soon as we lost the challenge my heart sank. We’re going to Tribal Council and it’s probably going to be a Beauty person. It’s a battle between Anna versus Tai.”


Peter apologizes to his tribe mates for the loss. Tai knows he is at risk of being voted out tonight. He comments, “If I play the idol, I know for sure that I will last another day, but I don’t want to play the idol.” Peter, Aubry and Joe meet to discuss the vote. Aubry suggests they vote out Tai. Peter recommends they vote out Anna, since Tai is the primary provider for the tribe and Anna is more strategic. Joe tells Peter they will consider his suggestion and get back to him. Joe and Aubry then talk it over and agree to vote out Anna tonight. Anna asks Peter who people are voting for tonight and he admits that it will be her or Tai. Tai overhears Peter’s comment. He admits, “I do not like Peter. There’s something arrogant about Peter.” Tai decides to use his idol and vote out Peter tonight, instead of letting Anna or him be voted out. Next, Tai reveals his plan to Scot and Anna. Tai shows them both his hidden immunity idol and they all agree to vote out Peter. Anna is thrilled to support a plan that keeps her safe tonight. Aubry tells Scot that they are voting out Anna tonight. Scot agrees to vote with them. Realizing that Tai is safe tonight, Scot recommends to Tai that he not play the idol and just let Anna be voted out tonight. Scot reveals, “That would make me the only person in the game of SURVIVOR that knows where two idols are.” Since two idols used together become a super idol, Scot feels it is best for Tai to not use his idol tonight. Tai would also like to keep his idol, but he hopes that he can trust what Scot is saying about Anna being the target tonight. Tai comments, “I’m so worried that if I don’t play the idol, I might go home with the idol in my pocket.” He decides to bring his idol and see how things go at Tribal Council.


The Gondol tribe joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Since this is the first time Anna and Tai have been to Tribal Council, Jeff instructs them to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Aubry admits that she plans on voting with her former Brain tribe mates Joe and Peter, since they have the majority of votes in the Gondol tribe. Scot hopes that the people that he has made alliances with in this new tribe will be true to them and not vote him out tonight. Anna feels confident that either she or Tai will be voted out tonight. Tai agrees with Anna. Anna points out that she is strong and hopes that the tribe decides to keep her around. Tai feels bad that it is between him and his ally Anna, but he reminds everyone that he is the hardest worker around camp and does not complain. Joe does not think there are any hidden immunity idols in the game. Tai agrees and admits that he has looked for one. Peter feels that he is in a power position, because the Brains and Scot hold the majority of people in the tribe. Jeff warns Peter that people don’t always speak the truth and Scot, Anna and Tai could be aligned to tie up the vote and take out a Brain. Peter thinks the odd of this happening are low. Jeff calls for the vote. The Gondol tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 5 votes. Peter receives 1 vote. Anna receives 4 votes. So, Anna Khait, a 26-year old Professional Poker Player from Brooklyn, NY is the sixth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.