Season 32: Episode 6 - Play or Go Home
Posted on Mar 23, 2016 08:00pm


It’s night 13 and the Gondol tribe returns from Tribal Council after just voting out Anna. Tai thanks his tribe mates for keeping him around. He admits, “I’m glad Scot told me don’t play your idol.” With his idol and a little luck, Tai hopes to stay in the game. Peter decides it may be time to go after one of his old Brain tribe members, since he was likely the next one to be voted out by them before the swap. He has not forgiven Aubry and Joe for lying to him and voting out his ally Liz. Peter sits down with Tai and proposes that they get rid of Joe next, since he is not being helpful. Tai listens to what Peter has to say. Peter comments, “I’m starting to think that if I’m going to make a move, now is the time.”


The next morning at Chan Loh, Nick is really thinking about his game play. He feels that he needs to strengthen relationships with people in his tribe. Nick comments, “Time to play. Play or go home.” Debbie and Nick walk to tree mail together. Debbie admits that she likes to be a leader in whatever she does and she appreciates people that help her. Nick complements Debbie and let’s her talk. He plans on helping her, so that she will be on his side. As Debbie watches Nick open tree mail, she reveals, “I think Nick looks like a Greek god.” As a former model herself, she is sure that he could easily get a modeling job. Although Debbie enjoys looking at Nick, she is confident that it will not influence her in the goal to make it to the merge. Nick is not sure if Debbie has a crush on him. He comments, “Maybe she’s blowing smoke up my rear end, but I doubt it.” Debbie and Nick bring the tree mail back to camp and read it to the tribe. It tells them that they will have to release buoys from the ocean floor and shoot them into baskets. They are all worried about the other tribe having Scot, who is a former professional basketball player. Nick was a point guard in high school, so he immediately starts practicing shooting baskets to get ready for the challenge. He knows that the tribe will not expect him to beat Scot, but he admits, “I will not go down without a fight.”


Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the two tribes to the Reward Challenge. He then invites Julia to join the Gondol tribe, since they voted Anna out at the last Tribal Council. Both Michele and Julia are disappointed to see that their ally Anna is out of the game. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. One member of each tribe will dive down to release a group of buoys. The tribe must then work together to get all the buoys back to shore. On shore, the two remaining tribe members will attempt to shoot the buoys into a basket. The first tribe to get ten buoys in their basket wins a SURVIVOR picnic reward. The reward consists of a huge basket of breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, tuna salad and assorted beverages. Everyone is anxious to win this reward.

The challenge begins with Michele and Aubry diving down to untie the buoys for their tribes. Aubry quickly releases Gondol’s buoys. Julia, Peter and Tai jump in to the water to help her get the 40 buoys back to shore, so Scot can start shooting them towards the basket. Michele has a hard time untying Chan Loh’s buoys, which hurts her tribe. Gondol is halfway to shore with their buoys, when Michele finally releases Chan Loh’s buoys. Debbie, Neil and Jason quickly jump in the water to help Michelle get them to Nick back on shore. Gondol gets all their buoys out of the water and onto the racks, so Scot can start shooting. Chan Loh makes up a little time by quickly moving their buoys in the water, but they are still behind. Scot shoots two buoys and misses, before Nick can start shooting his. Scot makes two baskets for Gondol. Nick then makes one basket for Chan Loh. Nick ties it up when they have three buoys each. Then Nick takes the lead when he lands two more baskets, before Scot lands another one. So, Gondol has 3 and Chan Loh 5. Nick continues to land more baskets than Scot. Now the score is Gondol 6 and Chan Loh 8. At this point, Scot finds his mark and brings home the victory for his Gondol tribe by landing 10 buoys in the basket, while Chan Loh still only has 8. Michele feels it is her fault that her Chan Loh tribe lost, since she took too much time releasing their buoys. The Gondol tribe gladly leaves the challenge with the huge picnic reward. Michele comments, “I’ve just got to go back to camp, keep fighting and hopefully I can turn things around.”


The Gondol tribe arrives back at camp from the Reward Challenge with their picnic reward. Seeing that her old tribe mate Anna was the last one voted out, Julia is worried that she will be the next one to go. So, she is happy that her new tribe just won, so that everyone is happy as she tries to fit in and get to know them. She comments, “I had to start from scratch.” The Gondol tribe sits down to enjoy tuna salad sandwiches. Peter sees Julia as someone he can work with. So, he welcomes her to the tribe and tells her his plan to get out Aubry or Joe next. Julia is happy to have someone include her in their alliance, so she tells Peter that he can count on her. She admits, “As long as it’s not my name I will go with it, because I have to save myself.” Aubry and Joe are on the shore and see that Peter is talking to Julia in the water. Aubry would like to keep the old Brains together, but she doesn’t trust Peter. She admits, “I need to seriously consider whether now is the time for Peter to go.”


Over at the Chan Loh tribe, Nick is disappointed with himself and apologizes to his tribe for losing the Reward challenge. Neil and Debbie quickly praise Nick for doing so well against Scot, who is a retired NBA player. Nick admits, “On the other hand, Michele botched the very beginning, since she couldn’t untie the knots.” Michele is sad because she knows she is to blame for the loss. She is also upset about her ally Anna being voted out. Michele admits, “Today is not the best day for my SURVIVOR game.” She heads out for a swim by herself to gather her thoughts. Michele knows that her tribe will likely vote her out next. She comments, “I’m just going to try and use my social skills to build me back up.” Michele starts by taking a walk with Debbie whom she likes and respects. Debbie reveals to her that she would like to vote Jason out next, because he does not help around camp. She also tells Michele that she would like a woman to win SURVIVOR. Michele is glad to hear this and talks to Nick next. She tells Nick that Debbie is targeting Jason and encourages him to join her in aligning with Debbie. Nick tells Michele that she can’t trust what people say, because they want to vote her out next. He feels he knows what is best and insists that they work with Jason and Cydney to vote out a Brain next. Michele doesn’t appreciate the way Nick is telling her what to do without considering what she has to say. She comments, “I’m a strong independent woman and when it comes time to make a move, then I will.” Until then, she will not make waves and go along with Nick’s plan.


The sun is rising on day 16 and Peter is sharing his plan with Scot to get out Aubry next and then Joe. Joe notices that Peter is once again talking to someone outside of their alliance. He admits, “It makes me nervous, because Pete’s been after my butt from the get go.” Joe decides to use his FBI interrogation tactics to confront Peter and find out what he is saying to the others. So, he goes up to Peter and asks, “Are you trying to take me out?” Peter does not expect this question from Joe and stumbles a little bit, before he insists that he has not talked to anyone about that. Peter admits, “I’ve been playing as hard as possible trying to make that happen. Unfortunately, it just blew up on me.” Joe knows that Peter is lying, based on the way he answered the question. Joe comments, “If we lose the next challenge, we’ve got to take him out.”


The Gondol and Chan Loh tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Both tribes must work together to get through a series of obstacles. Then two tribe members will use poles to knock blocks out of an overhead net. Once they have all their blocks, they must stack them one on top of the other. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the sixth person voted out of this game. The tribe with the best teamwork will win this challenge.

The challenge begins and both teams race to get over the first obstacle, which is a bamboo ramp that they must climb up and them jump off. The tribes are even as they attack the next obstacle, which is a barrel they must climb over. Chan Loh gets through this the fastest and heads to the next obstacle, which is a tall ramp that they must get up and over from the top to the bottom. Nick and Jason get up on the structure first and help pull the rest of their tribe mates up. Gondol is now at their ramp. Scot stays at the bottom and helps his tribe mates get up on the ramp. Chan Loh stays in the lead, as they get to their blocks first. Nick and Jason use the poles to get the blocks off the overhead net. When Gondol gets to the blocks, Scot and Peter knock the blocks off their net with poles. Scot and Peter make up a lot of time for Gondol as they get their 20 blocks off the net well before Chan Loh does. So Gondol gets a head start in stacking their blocks. There are 10 large blocks and 10 small blocks. Peter recommends they stack the small blocks first and then insert the large blocks below them one at a time. He suggests that Scot hold the stack of small blocks. Gondol gets half of their blocks stacked before Chan Loh finally knocks all their blocks out of their net. They start building their tower of blocks the traditional way from the bottom up. As the tower gets too high for them to reach it, Debbie climbs on Nick’s shoulders to build the rest. Meanwhile, Scot and Peter are carefully lifting the stack of small blocks as the rest of the tribe stacks the large blocks underneath them. As it gets higher, the small stack becomes more difficult to control. As Gondol tries to insert their last large block, seven of the smaller blocks fall off the stack and one hits Joe in the head. Joe insists he is okay, even though blood is running down his face. Chan Loh now has a chance. Debbie is successfully building their stack while perched on top of Nick’s shoulders. Gondol changes their strategy as Tai stands on Scot’s shoulders to rebuild their tower. In the end, it is a very close race, but Chan Loh wins.


The Gondol tribe is disappointed that they did not win the Immunity Challenge. Peter admits that he did not know the blocks went that high when he suggested doing the small stack first. Aubry reveals, “Even though I don’t trust him, I feel like it’s not the right thing right now to get rid of Peter.” She is worried that Tai, Scot and Julia will work together to get out her and Joe next, if they vote Peter out tonight. Aubry tells Joe to reconcile with Peter, so they he will vote with them tonight to get out Julia. Joe comments, “I’m sick of Peter, but Aubry does make sense, because if we vote him out we’re going to be down one.” So, Joe finds Peter and tells him that he wants to keep the team together. Peter is happy to do that and gives his word that he will vote for Julia tonight. He admits, “At this point, I feel it’s better to go with the Brains and take out Julia and not stir up the waters.” Later, Scot asks Peter who he is voting for tonight. Peter tells him that he is sticking with Aubry and Joe to vote out Julia. Scot is disappointed that Peter no longer wants to go after Aubry and Joe. He admits, “That doesn’t give the rest of us a lot of options.” Scot relays the news to Julia and Tai. Julia knows that she will be voted out if she doesn’t do something. She confirms with Tai and Scot that they will target voting out Peter tonight. Knowing that Joe is loyal and will not likely vote for one of his prior tribe mates, Julia realizes they need to talk to Aubry. So, she and Tai have a chat with Aubry and alert her to the fact that Peter had encouraged them to vote for her and Joe in the past. Aubry is not surprised to hear this, since she does not trust Peter. She comments, “I was going with the mantra that it’s better to stay with the devil you know, but at this point Peter is just such a wild card.” Tai and Julia tell Aubry they will vote for Peter tonight. Aubry thanks them for the information, but does not tell them what she is going to do. Tai tells Scot that they should vote for Julia tonight, since the Brains don’t seem to be budging. He wants to avoid a three to three tie at Tribal Council. Scot tells Tai he will do whatever Tai thinks is best. Meanwhile, Aubry tells Joe about her conversation with Julia and Tai. Joe feels it is too late to change their plans and vote for Peter now. He is worried that they will regret changing their minds and making a rushed decision. So, Joe is set on voting for Julia. Aubry is not sure which way to go, she does not want to betray Joe, but she is worried about Peter. She comments, “I have to make a decision and I feel like no matter what I do, it’s going to blow back and bite me in the ass.”


The Gondol tribe once again joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Since this is the first time Julia has been to Tribal Council, Jeff instructs her to light her torches. He tells Julia that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents her life. When her fire is gone, so is she. Julia feels the tribe is split, so she is interested in what happens tonight. Aubry admits that it is complicated tonight because of the original tribe relationships versus the new ones they have made in this tribe. Peter admits that it was his idea to stack their blocks they way they did and they lost the challenge. Aubry points out that Peter is also being questioned about his behavior around camp. Julia confirms that Peter was the first one to try to make an alliance with her when she joined this new tribe, but she now is not sure whom to trust. Aubry reveals that she tries to make a logical decision, but sometimes her gut tells her to do something different. While she is talking, Scot and Tai whisper and agree to vote for Peter tonight. Joe is now confused on which way the vote will go tonight, based on what people have said at Tribal Council. While he is talking, Aubry finds out from Scot and Tai that they are voting for Peter. Peter senses that people are discussing the vote and is worried. Scot tells Julia to go with the original plan. Aubry checks in with Joe and he wants to stick with voting Julia. Jeff calls for the vote. The Gondol tribe members cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals all 6 votes. Julia receives 2 votes. Peter receives 4 votes. So, Peter Baggenstos, a 34- year old ER Doctor from Minneapolis, MN is the seventh person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.