Season 32: Episode 8 - The Jocks VS. the Pretty People
Posted on Apr 6, 2016 08:00pm

It’s Day 19 and the Dara tribe is reacting to Neal just being pulled from the game for medical reasons due to infections on his knee and back.   Jason points out to everyone that at least they are still in the game.   Julia vows to make sure all her cuts are kept clean.  Joe admits, “Today I don’t feel very powerful at all that we lost Neal.”    Without Neal, the Brains alliance is down to only 3 people, so they no longer have the majority of votes.   Joe hopes to come up with other options.   The Brawns and Beauties meet to discuss the future, while the Brains are away from camp.   Jason suggests that they stick with the plan and work together.   He is pleased that Tai, Julia, Nick and Michele are working with Scot, Cydney and himself to get Aubry, Debbie and Joe out first.  The only concern they have is wondering if Neal gave his idol to one of the Brains.   Jason reveals, “The plan moving forward is to split the vote each time to make sure if there is an idol - that it’s played, but we’re always safe because we’re seven to three.”   Jason tells the group that the Beauties will now vote for Debbie and the Brawns will vote for Aubry at the next Tribal Council.   Aubry walks back into camp and sees the Brawns and the Beauties sitting together.   She feels like she is back in high school seeing the jocks and the pretty people hanging out.   Aubry makes her own observation that “Eventually, the misfits get revenge.”    She hopes to find a crack and change things up for herself.
The next morning, the Dara tribe sits at camp.   Debbie asks Jason about his daughters which brings him to share (with everyone) that one of his daughters has autism.  He loves his daughter and feels she is perfect as is, but admits that the therapy and medical care she requires is very expensive.   Jason reveals, “I came into this game saying I wasn’t going to use my daughters to get ahead…but if someone asks me about my kids, I just tell the truth.”  He hopes that by telling others it will spread awareness for the financial hardships that many families face when raising children with autism.   The tribe listens very intently to his story.    Jason admits, “I think it made a lot of them realize, I’m not just this deviant dominant muscle, but that I’m human too.”    Cydney sees the positive vibes that Jason is getting from the tribe for being such a good father to his daughters.  She feels the same way, but she knows that this makes Jason more of a threat to win SURVIVOR.   Cydney comments, “At this point, it’s my own game.  I’ve got to figure out who I can trust and who I need to go.” 
The Dara tribe arrives at the challenge.  Jeff Probst, the host, provides them with the rules of the challenge.   They will divide into two teams of five.  They will race out and use stepping poles to transfer one tribe member from one large platform to another.  Then they will all swim out to a very small tower.  The first team to get all five tribe members to the top of that tower with their feet on or above the top deck wins an ice cream reward.  Jeff passes around a small bowl of vanilla ice cream for them to taste and to motivate them for the challenge.   He adds that the ice cream will be delivered to their camp and they will feast until they are full.   A schoolyard pick will be used to determine the two teams.   
Team Captain Julia chose Nick, Debbie, Scot and Tai to be on her team.   Team Captain Aubry chose Cydney, Michele, Joe and Jason to be on her team.  As the challenge begins everyone dives into the water to get to the first platform, and begin the transfer of one teammate who balances and travels on the stepping poles.   Julia and Aubry (as captains) both decide to step up on their team platform to be transported by their teammates to the next platform.   As Aubry moves from the first stepping pole to the second, she falls in the water.    Julia has more success and gets to the second pole and beyond.   Aubry gives it three more tries, but cannot get past the second pole.   Meanwhile, Julia is making steady progress from one platform to the next.    Scot and Nick’s height and strength are really helping to keep the poles steady for Julia to balance on.   Michele decides to give it a try for Aubry’s team, but she falls in the water on her third step in both attempts.   By now, Julia is halfway across the course.   Cydney takes a turn for Aubry’s team hoping to have more success - she too, falls off.   Julia has now made it to the other platform, so her team swims to the small tower to try and fit everyone on top without falling.   Scott stands on the tower first and his feet take up most of the tower.   As a result, the remaining teammates climb up the tower and put their feet on Scot’s while maintaining balance by hanging on to each other.   Meanwhile, Cydney is not giving up, but repeatedly falls in the water because her tribe is having trouble keeping the stepping poles steady.   Both Michele and Aubry decide to give it another try, and fail each time.   Julia’s team is doing well balancing at the top of the small tower.   Tai is the last one to climb to the top.   They remain balanced on the top for a count of three.   So, Julia, Nick, Debbie, Scot and Tai win the ice cream reward!   Aubry apologizes to her team for the loss and later admits, “I just feel like I keep making bad decision after bad decision.”
As the Dara tribe arrives back at camp, the teams are greeted by the ringing bell of the ice cream man waiting to reward the winners with ice cream.  Scot, Nick, Debbie, Julia and Tai happily head over to the ice cream man.  Meanwhile, fifteen feet away, Aubry, Michele, Joe, Jason and Cydney somberly eat their dinner at the camp fire.   The winners quietly choose the ice cream flavors and toppings they want for the various sundaes, floats and cones they’ll enjoy and eat toppings while they wait.   Debbie admits, “It was fantastic to have a moment of being full.”   As they go back for more ice cream, Tai mentions that he wishes they could share with the losers, but Debbie reveals that she doesn’t feel sorry for them.  Scot, Nick, Debbie, Julia and Tai are careful not to flaunt their reward and celebrate too much, since the losers are close by.   Jason notices this and encourages them to be rowdy and enjoy themselves.  As a result, Michelle comments that Jason is too bossy.   She adds, “Honestly, I really respected the way they handled it.”  The winners don’t discuss strategy, as they eat their ice cream; instead they get to know each other better.   When Nick asks Scot about his family, Scot shares how important his family is to him.  Scot also mentions that he helps support his mother (who lives in assisted care) and his brothers who are in the Mormon ministry.   Scot hopes to win SURVIVOR to help his family more.    Julia admires Scot’s dedication to his family.   She reveals, “I think that Scot and I could definitely work well together.”
The next morning, Debbie decides to exercise while Julia, Michele, Cydney and Tai go out in the boat to fish.   Over by the campfire, Scot and Jason bring up to Nick the question of whether the girls are trying to form an all-girls’ alliance.   Just in case they are, the three of them decide to vote out a girl next to reduce their numbers.  Julia, Michele, Cydney and Tai return from their fishing trip with only a few minnows.  Nick comments, “After the girls get back, I want to just be updated with Julia and get on the same page with Julia strategy wise.”    So, Nick invites Julia to take a walk and before long Nick asks Julia if there is an all-girl alliance and she assures him there is not.    After Cydney notices Nick talking to Julia, she makes the observation, “One thing about Nick, he is the most indiscreet person on this island.”    Nick returns to camp to inform Scot and Jason that everything’s ok.  Cydney overhears the conversation and fumes that Scot and Jason (her allies) are checking up on her via Nick and Julia.   In front of everyone, Cydney confronts Scot and Jason on their suspicious behavior instead of asking her directly if anything is going on.  Scot and Jason assure Cydney that they are not questioning her and to further diffuse the situation, Jason invites Cydney to get water with him.   Jason comments, “Paranoia is going to kick in at a certain point with everybody and I think she hit it sooner than we anticipated.”     When they get to the water well, Jason tells Cydney that Nick was the one worried about an all-girl alliance and decided alone to question Julia.  He added that they (Jason & Scot) had decided to check with Cydney first.   Cydney warns Jason not to mess with her  and admits, “It’s like the boys can talk to whomever and then when I talk to somebody, ‘Uh-oh!...Is there a girl’s alliance?!’”.   Cydney also realizes that the current plan is to split the vote between Aubry and Debbie, but concludes, “…if the guys have to go, the guys got to go.”
The Dara tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge.  Jeff Probst introduces them to a difficult crucifix-like challenge where they must balance their feet on a very narrow perch attached to a pole, while grasping two handles located behind them and above their head.  If at any point they let go of the handles or a foot comes off the perch, then they are out of the challenge.  The last person left standing wins immunity.   One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council after 22 tough days in this game. 
The challenge begins with everyone in position on their perch with their hands behind their heads.  Tai is the first one to struggle because of the pain he is feeling.   The hot day makes the challenge more difficult.   After five minutes have passed, Jeff offers those who feel safe in the game an option of volunteering to quit in return for food, but warns them to not step down before he returns.   As soon as Jeff leaves, Julia falls off her perch failing the challenge and left with no food.   Jeff then brings out the food spread of pizza, drumsticks, hot dogs, brownies and cold drinks to tempt them down from their perch.   He informs them that they only have 10 seconds to decide to take the food and drop out, or continue with the challenge.  Immediately, Jason, Scot, Joe and Michele step off their perches and opt for the food instead of immunity.    This leaves Nick, Tai, Debbie, Aubry and Cydney standing on their perch. When questioned, Tai tells Jeff that he wants to see how far he can push his body and doesn’t want a member of the Brains to win immunity.   Nick adds, “It’s obvious at this point that the Brains are out numbered and that it’s one of those three: Joe, Aubry and Debbie, who are on the chopping block.”    Debbie can’t last any longer and steps off her perch.   So, now only four are left in the challenge.  Scot, Jason, Joe and Michele enjoy their food while watching the others struggle.    Aubry tries to hang on but can’t, so she is out of the challenge.   As soon as she is out, Nick also steps off his perch in defeat.  When Jeff questions Nick about why he stepped down, he reveals that he’s confident that Cydney would out last him and was satisfied when all the Brains were out.   About his decision he adds, “You just hope it’s not bittersweet.”  So, now only Tai and Cydney are the left competing for immunity.   After 30 minutes elapse, Tai continues to struggle, while Cydney remains calm and still.  Tai starts a Buddha chant to help him focus.   After 40 minutes, Cydney starts to struggle and in an instant she falls down from her perch.  Tai wins the Immunity Challenge.  He comments, “I earned that.  That was one hell of a challenge.”
The Dara tribe congratulates both Tai and Cydney for their amazing performances in the Immunity challenge when they all get back to camp.  Nick reveals, “…the plan for tonight is that we’re splitting the votes between Debbie and Aubry and so if there’s an idol being played, we’ll get that out of the way.”    Nick takes Aubry aside and tells her that they are splitting the vote.   He encourages her to vote for Debbie tonight.   Nick comments, “If no one is going to take advantage of Aubry, I will.”    Cydney, bothered by Nick’s arrogance, talks to Debbie and Aubry about voting out one of the men while there is still an equal number of men and women.   The three women agree to vote for Nick tonight.   Later Cydney admits, “It makes more sense for me to be in the game with all women.  If it backfires, oh well, I’ll be the first person to make a move in this game.”  Next, Cydney talks to Michele and Julia about voting for Nick tonight because he is too close to Scot and Jason.  Michele considers Nick to be a key member of her alliance and is not sure whether voting him out would be the best move for her.  Julia is also worried about Jason targeting her and Michele next, if they go against his alliance.   Michele comments, “I want to be able to make a move that does solidify my title as someone who earned it and it’s all figuring out timing.” 
The Dara tribe arrives at Tribal Council.   Since this is the first time Nick and Michele have been to Tribal Council, Jeff Probst instructs them to light their torches.  He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life.  When their fire is gone, so are they.  Jeff calls in Neal as the first member of the jury and everyone is glad to see that he is okay.  Michele points out that not having been to Tribal Council for 22 days has not allowed anyone to see her real game play yet.  Since the merge, Debbie feels that the Brawns and the Beauties are working together.  Nick confirms that they are splitting the vote tonight and one of the Brains will be out.  Aubry agrees that the Brawns and the Beauties are aligned and not budging despite her attempts.  Jason feels it is smart for the seven to stay together and has been encouraging all of them to do that.  Scot admits that other ideas have been floating around, since it has been six days since the last Tribal Council, but he feels everyone is back on track now.  When asked about the idol, Tai says that he has heard about the idol and a super idol made up of two idols that can be used after the vote.  Jason and Scot are pained to hear Tai divulge this information to everyone.   Many others are surprised to hear of a super idol.  Aubry and Debbie point out that not everyone is being kept in the loop in the alliance of seven.  Tai tries to back track and says he wonders if the person who told him about a super idol was just playing him.  Aubry admits that she expects people to vote for her tonight.   Scot hopes that things will go as predicted.  Jeff calls for the vote.  The Dara tribe members cast their votes.  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.  No idol is played.  Jeff reveals all the first 9 votes.  Jason and Debbie receive 1 vote each.   Aubry receives 2 votes and Nick receives 5 votes.   So, Nick Maiorano, a 30-year old Personal Trainer from Redondo Beach, CA is the ninth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.