Season 32: Episode 9 - It's Psychological Warfare
Posted on Apr 14, 2016 08:00pm

It’s night 22 and the Dara tribe returns to camp immediately after the girls and Joe voted Nick out at Tribal Council.   In an attempt to clarify what happened, Tai and Scot congratulate the girls for blindsiding them.   Scot comments, “Clearly the status of the Brawn alliance is done.  It’s now Jason and I and Tai.”   Tai regrets revealing the presence of a super idol at Tribal Council to everyone.    Tai, Scot and Jason meet to discuss their future plans.  Tai admits that he lied to Jason, telling him that he voted for Debbie, to avoid telling him the truth that he voted Jason out.   Tai comments, “There’s only three of us, but we have two idols and conform together, it can be a super idol.”     This gives them immense power at the next Tribal Council; if one of them needs to be saved they can play a super idol to protect someone from elimination after the votes are revealed.   Scot proposes that they no longer provide Joe and the girls with food and that they hide the machete and ax.    Jason admits, “It’s psychological warfare.   I did it in the military.   I do it in bounty hunting.”    The three of them hope to weaken the tribe and make the lives of those not in their alliance miserable.  Tai admits, “The way Jason and Scot go at things is so extreme.”   He feels uncomfortable going along with their plan to make the others suffer, but for now they are his allies.
The next morning, as Scot and Jason wake up before the sun rises, Joe is already up to tend the fire.    Scot comments, “The main reason for sabotage is to weaken them, because it could cause somebody to crack and I’m hoping that it switches things up.”     Scot and Jason discreetly pick up the machete and axe and head out of camp with them to hide them in the middle of the jungle, where no one is likely to find them.   Scot admits, “Certainly, I’m not going to just lay down and say “Hey!  Good Game!” y’know?  The only thing we can do right now is fight.”    Later that morning, when everyone is awake, Debbie comments, “Tribal Council was an absolutely beautiful thing.   The people who thought they were completely in control found out it was all an illusion.”   She also senses the tension in camp this morning as Scot and Jason give everyone the cold shoulder.    When Debbie asks if they have seen the axe or machete Scot smiles and they realize that Jason and Scot have hid them.    Joe vents, “That’s ridiculous, you don’t go back and hide tools essential for whole tribe.”    Michele is upset by the guy’s childish behavior too and is determined to get things done without the tools.   She starts by putting the coconuts on the fire to soften them up as a way to crack them open without a machete.   Cydney finds the saw and opens up one of the coconuts that Michele roasted.   Michele comments, “We don’t need these big burly men to do it for us.   We can figure it out.”     Scot gets mad at the girls for bragging that they can do things without him,  so, he let’s his temper get the best of him and dumps five gallons of water on the fire and extinguishes it in front of everyone, to everyone’s shock and dismay.   When Joe asks “Why would you sabotage us?”, Scot replies (referring to the vote), “Why would you sabotage us?”  Joe argues that voting against Nick last night was just part of the game, but pouring water on the fire is a cheap shot.   Undaunted, Michele attempts to restart the fire and does so fairly quickly with the flint and a small knife.   When Scot sees that they have done this, he tells Jason and Tai that they will just put it out again.  Tai admits to Scot and Jason that it’s hard for him to participate in sabotage, but he realizes that he needs to focus on getting farther in the game.   Scot recommends they come up with more ideas to make camp life miserable for the others.
After the Dara tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst asks Aubry if the blindside at the last Tribal Council has affected camp life at all.   She responds, “I feel like there are missiles going back and forth.”  Debbie then confesses to Jeff that tools are missing and that Scot poured water on their fire.    Scot argues that he was trying to remind everyone how much food and water he has gotten for them in the past.   Jeff then explains that for this Reward Challenge, the tribe will be divided into two teams of four, each team member will be attached to one long rope and the teams will work together to unbraid the rope.   Once the rope is completely unspooled, they will then unclip from the rope and race to the next part of the challenge which involves using sandbags to knock a series of blocks off a ledge.    The first team to get all their blocks completely off the ledge will win the reward of a Chinese takeout dinner delivered to camp.    Jeff reveals that they were going to pick teams by schoolyard pick, but gives them the option of just picking their own teams instead and that one person will be left out of a team, since there are nine tribe members.   The person left out gets to pick which team they think will win and will celebrate with the winning team if they chose correctly.  Joe immediately volunteers to sit out of the challenge and watches as the teams are chosen.  Jason then asks if one of the girls would like to be on his team with Scot and Tai.  After a long pause, Julia agrees to be part of the guy’s team.   Julia reveals, “At this point in the game, I know that pulling in Scot and pulling in Jason could be really super beneficial to me.”  So, the second team will consist of Michele, Cydney, Aubry and Debbie.   Joe picks the girl’s team to win over Scot, Jason, Tai and Julia.  
The challenge begins and both teams start working together to unbraid their ropes.   The girl’s team is fastest off the start, but Scot’s team quickly figures it out and passes them.   Scot’s team gets untangled first and Jason starts throwing sandbags at the blocks, knocking them off the ledge.   Meanwhile, the girl’s team is still working on their knots.   When Jason has half his team’s blocks knocked off the ledge, the girls manage to break free and Cydney from the girl’s team starts throwing sandbags to win the challenge.  Noticing this, Scot takes over for Jason and starts throwing for his team.   After a few throws, Debbie takes over for Cydney desperate to catch up with the guys.   Debbie does a good job at knocking the blocks off the ledge and, by now, the match is even.   Jason takes over for Scot and resumes throwing for his team.   As Jason is down to the last block, Debbie is works on her last five.   In the end, Scot, Jason, Tai and Julia win the Chinese food reward.  Since Joe picked the girls to win, he also misses out on the reward.  Aubry observes, “I see right through Julia.   I can’t trust her as far as I can throw her.”
The Dara tribe arrives back at camp and Tai, Scot, Jason and Julia immediately head to the table filled with delicious Chinese food.   Jason is happy to have won reward and comments, “We’re back on the upswing right now.   We’re not at the top of that mountain, but Julia’s got us trucking back up it.”   Jason asks Julia what her game plan is and she tells them exactly what they were hoping for, that she would rather work with them, than be at the bottom of the Cydney, Joe and Aubry alliance.    Julia admits, “At this point in the game, you really have to be thinking long term.”   She also feels better going to the end with Jason and Scot, since no one on the jury would vote for them after the chaos they have caused around camp.     Meanwhile, Debbie, Cydney, Michele, Joe and Aubry are enjoying their own meal.  Joe feels sure that Julia is now working with the guys.   Debbie comments, “I don’t have on iota of concern over Julia flipping on us.”  She talks to Julia later to see if the guys tried to get her to join them.   Julia admits that they tried, but insists she would never do it.    Debbie then tells Julia that they will vote out Scot next.   Cydney listens in as Julia tries to get more information from Debbie on the next vote and she does not trust Julia at all.   Later, Cydney talks to Aubry and convinces her to vote Julia out next.    Aubry agrees to the vote, then notes (about Julia), “She’s playing both sides, but sometimes the guy in the middle of the road gets run over.”
That night, before he goes to bed, Joe puts extra wood on the fire to keep it going through the night. Tai decides to put aside his compassion and support his allies Scot and Jason in their pursuit to make camp life miserable and waits until everyone is asleep to pour five gallons of water on the fire and put it out, just like Scot had done.  Tai comments, “Right now, it’s them and us.  The evil-side of me rarely come out, but it does.”  The next morning, Joe is surprised to find the fire completely out with no embers and suspects that more water was poured on it.    Tai gets up and pretends that the fire being out is news to him.  Aubry comments, “There’s a part of the sabotage that was certainly childish, but Scot and Jason were being deliberate today.”    She suspects that Scot and Jason were trying to steer votes their way, since they have idols to protect themselves.   Aubry wants Julia out now, more than ever.    Later, Debbie talks to Aubry to suggest that they vote out Scot next, since he’s hampering their ability to cook food by killing the fire.   Aubry in turn, shares her plan with Debbie of voting for Julia, so they can flush all the idols in the game.    Debbie refuses to vote for Julia and insists one of the guys go next.  It frustrates Aubrey that Debbie is apparently letting anger for Scot and Jason make a difference in her judgement. 
The Dara tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge.    They will each stack a series of blocks in sequence on a beam, while attempting to avoid a grid-like obstacle along the way.   If they hit the obstacle, their blocks will fall and they will have to restack.  The goal is to stack their blocks in sequence so they fall like dominos and hit a gong at the end of the stack.  The first person to hit their gong wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council!  This means they’ll have a one in eight shot at winning this game.  One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the third member of the jury.
The challenge begins and everyone grabs their first block and races to place it on their beam.   They have tread carefully though, as every step threatens to shake the obstacle, which will move their beam and cause their blocks to fall.   The faster they go, the more risk they take of shaking the obstacle and knocking their blocks down.   Part of the challenge is to also space the blocks an equal and accurate distance apart, so they’ll fall like dominos hitting one after the other and tipping the last block to hit the gong at the end.   Tai is the first one to accidentally knock some of his blocks off his beam, so he goes back to the start and resets them one by one.   Michele, Jason and Aubry are now in the lead while Scot is trying to catch up.   Joe and Cydney appear to fall behind.    Julia is slow, but steady.   Both Jason and Scot hit their obstacles and knock over all of their blocks, so they have to start over completely.  Michele now has a clear lead.   When Tai tries hurries to catch her, he also knocks all his blocks off the beam.   Michele, Debbie and Aubry are all getting close to the end.   Julia is still in it, but still slower than the rest.    Both Debbie and Aubry pick up their speed, but in their haste they topple their blocks.   That leaves Michele and Julia battling it out for immunity.   Michele places her last block, then attempts her domino fall, but falls short as her blocks stop tipping just before the gong.  Michelle begins to restack the majority of her blocks from the beginning.    Meanwhile, Debbie has done a good job of resetting her blocks, so Debbie and Julia are now racing to the end.   Julia accidentally knocks over part of her stack as she turns around to get another block.   This gives Debbie the chance to finish her stack and test it out.   Just like Michele’s stack, it does not fall down like dominos to the very end.  Jason and Scot continue to rebuild their stacks and it looks as though Scot, Jason and Julia now have the best chance of winning.   Scot topples his blocks before he finishes his stack.    After resetting all of his blocks, Jason gives his dominos a try, but they do not fall all they way to the end.    Debbie tries to domino her stack again and fails.   Finally, Julia has her blocks in a row and tips the first one in the hopes that they fall like dominos all the way to the gong.   The gong is struck and Julia wins individual immunity!   Aubry is disappointed that Julia won and cannot be voted out tonight.   She wonders, “What do I do now?”
As soon as the Dara tribe returns to camp, Debbie meets with Michele, Aubry, Cydney, Joe and Julia to discuss the vote tonight.   She proposes that the six of them split the vote between Tai and Scot (since Jason will expect them to vote for him to flush his idol).   If the vote is tied 3-3-3, then they will revote and take out Scot.  Aubry is upset that Debbie is discussing the plan in front of Julia, since she suspects that Julia will reveal their plan to Scot, Jason and Tai.    Aubry admits, “If one person goes awry, the whole thing blows up and someone you didn’t want to go home is totally gone.”     Just as Aubry feared, Julia reveals the plan to Scot.   Scot tells her to vote for Cydney instead and hopes that Julia will follow his order, which would cause Cydney to get four votes and be the one going home.   Just in case, Julia votes with the girls and Scot, Jason and Tai plan on using the idols to save them.   Scot comments, “We’re pulling out everything we can think of to make sure we stick around.  We don’t have an option.”   Cydney and Aubry are both upset that Debbie is not listening to them about not trusting Julia.   Aubry comments, “This far into SURVIVOR, I need someone who is logical and I know is not going to change course.”   She proposes to Cydney that they vote out Debbie tonight.    Cydney is not against the idea.    Aubry really doesn’t want Debbie to go, but she can no longer trust her and tells Cydney that she will get Joe to vote out Debbie too.   Cydney is sure that Michele will vote with them also.   Cydney admits, “Debbie will take us all down before Jason or Tai will, so we can get them later.”  Michele agrees to vote for Debbie, but Joe refuses to do so.    Aubry and Cydney realize they need to get Julia to vote with them to have the numbers, since Joe will not.   Aubry can’t believe that she now has to count on the person she doesn’t trust to get Debbie out.  Cydney and Michele tell Julia the plan to vote out Debbie.   Julia shakes their hands and promises to vote for Debbie tonight.   Julia comments, “I definitely feel like having my hands in different alliances has given me a lot of power.”    She can either send Debbie or Cydney home tonight.  
The Dara tribe arrives at Tribal Council.   Debbie feels it is a first that two groups have been so far apart in this game.   She insists without fire and the proper tools their lives are on the line.   Julia claims that the alliance that voted out Nick was fine with her joining Scot, Jason and Tai’s team at the Reward Challenge.   Debbie agrees and is happy that Julia got to enjoy the Chinese food reward.   Michele feels tonight is Julia’s chance to show which group she supports.    When Jeff asks Tai about idols, Scot decides to tell everyone what is going to happen tonight.   With much drama, Tai and Jason both reveal their idols to the group.   Tai says he plans on playing his idol tonight.   Jason tells everyone that he and Scot will use Rochambeau (rock, paper, scissors) to determine who will play his idol and whoever loses will likely be voted out tonight.  Jeff and the rest of the Dara tribe are amazed to hear all this and it seems everyone is whispering to each other.   Michele points out that the six of them have to vote wisely tonight.   Julia is so relieved to have the immunity necklace and be safe tonight.   Jeff calls for the vote.  The Dara tribe members cast their votes.  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.  As promised, Jason and Scot do Rochambeau to determine who will use Jason’s idol.   Scot wins, but Jason gives his idol to Tai instead.   Everyone is now confused again.  So, no idol is played.  Jeff reveals all 9 votes.  Scot receives 2 votes.   Cydney receives 3 votes and Debbie receives 4 votes.   So, Debbie Wanner, a 49-year old Chemist from Reading, PA is the tenth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG and the third member of the jury.