Season 32: Episode 10 - I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends
Posted on Apr 20, 2016 07:00pm

The Dara tribe returns to camp on night 24 after a very lively Tribal Council where Debbie was voted out and Jason and Tai didn’t have to play their idols.     Scot, Jason and Tai are so happy that their power play and threat to use the super idol at Tribal Council resulted in Debbie and not one of them being voted out.   Tai gives Jason his idol back.   Jason boasts, “The psychological operation worked and all we had to do is hide a machete and an axe and put a fire out and they couldn’t handle it.”    They wish that Cydney would have gone home instead of Debbie, but they are still happy with the results of Tribal Council.    The next morning Tai asks Scot if they can now have peace within the tribe.   Scot tells Tai he would like to, but he needs to talk to Aubry first.   He admits, “I came into this game not wanting to be the Russell Hantz kicking over the rice and pouring water on the fire like I did.  I didn’t want to be that guy, but I had to make a point that we were the providers and they weren’t going to eat and succeed without us.”    Scot meets with Aubry and tells her that Jason, Tai and he enjoy being the camp providers, but they are mad at Cydney for betraying them.   He assures Aubry that everything will go back to normal if she will consider getting her alliance to vote out Cydney next.  Aubry reveals, “There’s not a shot in hell I’m going to work with them, but I’m willing to let them think I’ll play along with it.”
The Dara tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge.   Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the Reward Challenge.    They will each place one foot at the end of a balancing beam.   At the other end of the beam are two ceramic pots.  When their pots drop they are out of the challenge.  The last person left standing wins reward.   They will each choose which reward they are playing for.   They can choose to play for food in the form of a bacon cheeseburger with French fries, cold beer and chocolate chip cookies.   They can also choose to play for love in the form of letters from home.  Their final choice of reward is for an advantage in the game, whose details will be disclosed to them once they win it.    Jeff then tells them of the twist in the game.   They are all competing in the same challenge, but they are only competing against the people who choose the same reward.   So they have to decide between what they need, what they want and what everyone else is going to choose. 
Tai, Aubry and Cydney decide to compete for the advantage in the game.  Scot, Jason and Michele are competing for food.   The final match up is Julia and Joe competing for love.  They each only have to beat the others in their same reward category.   With three different rewards, there will be three different winners.   The challenge begins as they each place one of their feet on the balancing beam.  Within the first minute, Joe drops his pots and is out of the challenge.   So, Julia wins the letters from home, since he was her only competition in that category.  Scot is the next one out.   So, Jason and Michele are left competing for the food reward.  As the wind kicks up, Jason loses control of his balance beam and drops his pots.   So, Michele is the second winner and gets the food reward.   She immediately starts enjoying the huge cheeseburger and all the side dishes.   So, Tai, Aubry and Cydney are the three left in the challenge and they are competing for the advantage.  Cydney is the first one to drop from this group.   So, Tai and Aubry are the last two standing.   Aubry says, “This is about proving to myself that this is a hard ass game and I can do it.”   The next gust of wind proves to be too much for Aubry though and her pots drop.   So, Tai wins the third reward, which is an advantage in the game.   Jeff tells him to open back at camp when he is by himself.   Scot is happy that his ally Tai won the advantage.   He admits, “Most importantly, Cydney didn’t win advantage.   Cydney didn’t eat and Cydney goes home.”
The Dara tribe returns to camp from the Reward Challenge.   Michele reveals, “It felt so good to beat Scot and Jason because I know that they wanted that burger more than anything.”   Tai heads out of camp to read the advantage he won in privacy.    Tai is happy that he won the advantage and no one knows what power it will give him, since now it is no longer a secret that he has a hidden immunity idol.   He admits, “Just like anything, the more people know, the less power it has.”   The note that Tai received with the advantage tells him to go to tree mail.   There he finds a box with a blank voting card and the good news that he won an extra vote at Tribal Council.   It can only be used up until five people are left.   Tai is thrilled with the power this gives him and he hopes he will know the right time to use the extra vote and his idol.   He comments, “I have to trust myself, otherwise I might go home with both of them in my pocket.”    Julia finds a quiet spot to read the letters from her loved ones.  With all the ups and downs that she has experience in the game, she is happy to get the support from her family and friends that these letters provide.   As she reads the letters, tears start flowing.   She admits, “It was kind of a moment for me to like step back and realize that I’m here to play and the goal is to win and to do that I’ve got to make big moves.”
Julia takes a walk with Michele and Aubry.    She tells them that Jason and Tai were foolish for showing everyone their idols at the last Tribal Council.   Michele does not like the fact that Tai now has an advantage too.  Julia reveals, “Tai is definitely a threat at this point.   So, what I want to do is flush out these idols, but also stay loyal to my alliance with Jason and Scot.”   She proposes to Aubry and Michele that they vote for Tai next with the hopes that he does not play an idol.   If he does play an idol, then Cydney will be gone, since Scot, Jason and Tai are voting for Cydney.   Michele and Aubry agree with the plan.  Michele admits, “We got to flush out the idols or get rid of the guys, one or the other.”  Julia stresses that Tai cannot win immunity at the next challenge.   Aubry comments, “Julia is duplicitous, but at the same time, she’s playing a good game.”    Aubry still does not trust Julia though and will keep an eye out to make sure she does not turn on her girl alliance.
The next morning, Aubry and Tai are at the water well, while the others are still sleeping.  Aubry admits to Tai that she has doubted whether she is the kind of person that can effectively play this game.   Tai feels the same way and often wonders whether the game is too big for him sometimes.   Tai reveals, “Out here, I really struggle with people taking advantage of other people or the lying and the cheating.  “Aubry points out that her heart and her brain often want two different things in the game and she has to figure out which one to trust.  Tai finds a kindred spirit in Aubry.   Aubry reveals to Tai that certain girls want to try and flush idols out at the next vote.   She tells him that she would like to work with him.   Aubry admits, “I went out on a limb talking to Tai.”    She hopes that he will see that she is an alternative to the way Scot, Jason and Julia are playing the game.   Tai is happy that Aubry wants to work with him and hopes that Scot and Jason will feel the same.
Later, Tai tells Scot and Jason that Aubry warned him that the girls want to get rid of their idols and that she is willing to work with them.  Scot suggests that they take Aubry out next.  Tai is disappointed to hear this.  He comments, “Seems like I have no say in our alliance.”   Scot feels if they vote out Aubry, it will give them all the power.  He still wants to get rid of Cydney, but feels it will be easier to get rid of Aubry first, since no one is expecting that.  Jason thinks it’s a great idea.  Scot feels confident that this plan will get the three of them closer to the final three.   He comments, “We need to make sure Aubry doesn’t win immunity.” 
The Dara tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge.   Jeff explains the rules of the challenge.    They will stretch their arms out and use their fingertips to press against two wooden disks.  Attached to each disk is a hanging ceramic pot.  If the pots drop, then they are out of the challenge.   The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in seven shot at winning this game.  One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council after 27 days in the game and become the fourth member of the jury. 
The challenge begins.   Joe is the first person to lose hold on the disks, so they drop and break the ceramic pots.   He is the first one out of the challenge.   After 25 minutes, everyone’s fingers are going numb and their arms and shoulders are burning, but they are hanging in there.  Scot then drops and is out of the challenge.   So, six remain.   Julia, Tai and Michele go out next.   Only Aubry, Cydney and Jason remain.   After 45 minutes, Cydney drops out.  This leaves Aubry and Jason competing for immunity.   Jason tells Aubry that he is not backing down.   Aubry isn’t either.   One hour and 15 minutes has now passed and both Aubry and Jason are struggling.  In the end, Jason outlasts Aubry and wins immunity.  Jason is so happy that Aubry did not win immunity.   He comments, “Scot, Tai and I, no matter what happens, us three are safe and from here on out we’re unstoppable.”
When the Dara tribe returns to camp, they congratulate Jason and Aubry for being in the challenge for so long.   Jason, Scot and Tai celebrate the fact that one of them won immunity and they can vote Aubry out tonight.   Jason assures Tai that he and Scot will be safe tonight because they have a super idol.  Jason comments, “Aubry’s going home and there’s nothing she can do.”   Next, Jason and Scot ask Julia what the girls and Joe are planning on doing tonight.   Julia reveals that they plan on voting for Tai tonight to flush out his idol.   Jason and Scot like the fact that Julia is acting as a double agent and providing them with information.   Scot admits, “What they don’t know is we’re going after Aubry.   It’s the best strategic move because she’s very smart, she’s very savvy plus she’s tough.”    Jason and Scot encourage Julia to vote with them.   They assure her that they plan on voting out Tai soon and bringing her to the final three with them.    Julia is happy to hear this.   She admits, “That would be awesome, because they’ve ruined relationships with every single person out here and that’s the kind of people you want to sit with at the end of this game.”    Aubry suggests to Cydney that they split up Scot and Jason, because they have too much power.   Cydney agrees.   She comments, “I think we should try to blindside Scot, just because he’s just so confident, it’s ridiculous.”    Aubry hopes that she can get Tai to vote with them against Scot.  She admits, “I think Tai is someone who wants to be true to himself and Tai’s natural state isn’t with Jason and Scot.”    So, Aubry finds Tai and lays out the plan to vote out Scot tonight.    Tai reveals, “I’m very torn about this vote.   The big thing is where it’s going to put me at the end.”    Tai likes Aubry, but he feels he has a good chance of beating Scot and Jason if he is with them at the end of the game.   Aubry assures Tai that Cydney and Joe will vote with them tonight.   She comments, “This is a huge vote and Tai holds all of the keys in this game.”   Tai tells Aubry he will need some time to think about which way he will vote tonight.    Since Jason has the immunity necklace, he gives Scot his hidden immunity idol to play tonight if needed.   He reminds Tai to use the two idols tonight as a super idol, if either he or Scot needs it to keep them safe.    Tai reveals, “I just have to figure out what’s best for me.”
The Dara tribe arrives at Tribal Council.   Michele finds it nerve wracking that Jason and Tai have idols and she doesn’t know whom they might give them to tonight.   Scot tells everyone that like last Tribal Council they don’t plan on going anywhere tonight.   Jason loves playing the psychological warfare that causes the other alliance to cut one of their own, because they can’t touch him, Scot or Tai.   Scot reminds Aubry that they could cooperate with them, because he told her what their plan is tonight.   Cydney admits that she is nervous, since she knows that Jason and Scot are upset that she left their alliance.   She reminds people that she has not won any challenges and asks them to consider who is the biggest challenge threat.   Jason reminds everyone that he and Tai are not going home tonight and they have won the past two challenges.   Tai admits to feeling uncomfortable with the way Scot and Jason boast, but still supports them.  Scot applauds Aubry for her good performance in the Immunity Challenge today.   Jason says, “There’s as much brawn in her as there is in me.”  Aubry feels that the Brains, Brawn and Beauty categories that they were put into, do not tell the whole story of who they are.   Jason encourages everyone to work with his alliance or they will have no control over what happens to them.   Jeff calls for the vote.  The Dara tribe members cast their votes.  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.   No idol is played.  Jeff reveals all 8 votes.  Tai receives 2 votes.   Aubry receives 2 votes and Scot receives 4 votes.   Scot asks Tai for his hidden immunity idol, so he can join it with Jason’s idol to make the super idol and be safe from the vote.   Much to Scot’s surprise, Tai will not give him his idol.  So, Scot Pollard, a 40-year old former NBA champion from Carmel, ID
Is the eleventh person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG and the fourth member of the jury.