Season 32: Episode 11 - It’s a ‘Me’ Game, Not a ‘We’ Game
Posted on Apr 27, 2016 08:00pm

The seven remaining members of the Dara tribe walk back from Tribal Council on night 27.   Jason, Julia and Michele talk about being blindsided tonight by Tai, Aubry, Joe and Cydney who voted for Scot to leave the island.    Tai comments, “We blindsided Scot.  It’s a big move, the littlest guys took out the biggest guy this season.”   Aubry, Joe and Tai congratulate one another because their plan worked.   Tai admits that he finally feels in control of his own game.   He also feels very powerful with both the hidden immunity idol and the extra vote in his possession.   Jason congratulates Cydney for making a great play, but warns her that they will never be able to get rid of Tai now.   Jason did not expect Tai to switch alliances on him.   He comments, “I lost my partner and I lost an idol all in the same moment.  Now I’m on a scramble from here on out.”  Jason also tells Cydney that he’s still open to working with her.  Julia admits to Joe, Aubry, and Tai that she and Michele are frustrated that they were not trusted with the fact that the alliance was voting out Scot, when she has proven her loyalty to them in the past.   Julia makes the observation, “Now Michele and I have gone down a few notches after tonight’s vote.”   Aubry, Cydney and Tai take the time to celebrate the fact that they kicked Scot off the island, broke up the Scot and Jason alliance and got rid of Jason’s idol.   Tai feels confident they will be the final four with Joe.  Aubry plans on voting out Jason next.
The next morning, Tai feels guilty for betraying Jason.   He decides to talk to Jason and explain why he voted for Scott to leave.  Tai lets Jason know that he felt that he was getting too close to Scot and that they would eventually vote him out.  Jason assures Tai that he understands why he did it, but warns him that it will not guarantee him the win.   Tai greets a chicken as “Mark” as it walks up and reveals that he was worried that Jason would kill it last night as a form of revenge, Jason assures Tai that Mark the chicken is safe.  Later Jason confesses that deep down he’s hiding his fury that Tai flipped alliances, and as a result, his ally Scot is gone and he no longer has his idol.   Jason admits, “Really I just want revenge right now.”   His plan is to make sure that Tai pays the price for flipping.   Jason thinks about how he can get enough people together to make the next move.
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Dara tribe to the Reward Challenge and explains the rules of the challenge.    They will race through a series of obstacles collecting rings along the way.  Once they collect three rings, they’ll attempt to pitch them like horseshoes and land them on a swinging hook.  The first to finish wins reward.   The reward is enjoy an aerial tour by helicopter and picnic on a sand spit in the middle of the ocean where they will enjoy fried chicken, corn, apple pie, soft drinks and wine.   Adding to the difficulty of the challenge, they will be paired with and tethered to a team mate.  The pairs will be determined by a random draw, which means one person will not participate. 
The three resulting pairs are:  Joe and Tai, Julia and Aubry, Michele and Cydney.  So, Jason picked the wrong rock and will not participate.  As the challenge begins, everyone gets over the first obstacle quickly to arrive at and untie their first ring.   Michele and Cydney are in the lead after getting through the second obstacle and retrieving their second ring.    Julia and Aubry are not far behind though.   The third obstacle requires them all to climb a ladder and use a pole to hook their third and final ring.  Aubry and Julia take the lead, as they are the first to retrieve their third ring.   Tai and Joe catch up to the rest and get their third ring down next, followed by Michele and Cydney.    All three pairs run to the mats where they attempt to throw the rings like horseshoes and land their rings on a swinging hook.    Cydney lands a ring on her first throw.   After Tai has no success, Joe throws a ring and lands it.   Cydney then lands a second ring.   Joe answers that success, by hooking a second ring for his own team.   Now, both teams (Cydney & Michele and Joe & Tai) only need one more ring.   Aubry and Julia are having no luck at hooking their rings.   Cydney lands the third ring and wins the reward for her and Michele.   Jeff gives them the choice of picking one person to join them on reward.   Cydney and Michele pick Aubry, because she has not been on a food reward since the merge.   The helicopter then flies in and picks up Cydney, Michele and Aubry.   Michele comments, “This is a really good opportunity to make sure that I am in with them and they trust me and that they want to move forward with me.”   Walking away from the challenge, Jason is discouraged, but vows not to give up.
Michele, Cydney and Aubry laugh and scream as they enjoy their helicopter ride.  Cydney comments, “It’s an experience you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.”   The helicopter lands on the sand spit in the middle of the ocean.   The three girls get out and head straight towards the food.   Aubry admits, “This is just a nice pick-me-up to refuel and reset for the next eleven days.”   They quickly fill their plates and glasses and start enjoying the chicken, Beef Wellington, coleslaw, corn and wine.   Aubry thanks Cydney and Michele for picking her to go along on the reward with them.   Michele hopes that she can use her social skills to get her further in the game.   While she is close with Julia, she knows that she has to be fully accepted by the majority alliance.    Michele admits, “To get back into the groove, I’m going to have to get them to trust me.”  Aubry assures Michele that she does trust her, especially since she has always voted with them when they’ve asked her to.  After filling up on the delicious food, Michele, Cydney and Aubry relax in hammocks.   When Cydney and Aubry are alone, they talk about their next move.  They both agree that they can work with Michele and things are looking pretty good for them.   Neither wants to let their guard down though and be too confident.  Cydney feels Tai is too dangerous to take to the end with them.   She recommends that they take Joe or Michele to the end with them instead.   Aubry points out that they need to keep Tai with them for as long as possible because his immunity idol and advantage will help to get Julia and Jason out.    Cydney comments, “When to make the big move, that’s the big question.” 
Jason, Julia, Joe and Tai are back at the Dara camp.  Jason and Julia know they are likely targets at the next Tribal Council.   They hope to win the next immunity challenge and find a way to work with some of the others to stay in the game.   Jason comments, “There’s always a way to squeeze in somewhere…do you find it in time?”  Jason feels that Michele, Julia and he should vote for Tai next with one other person.    If Tai doesn’t play his idol, he’ll be out.   Julia agrees that Tai is too big a threat to take to the end.   She admits, “It’s stupid not to use Jason, Michele and I as numbers right now to get rid of Tai.”    They feel that Joe is too loyal to Aubry to work with them, so they decide to talk to Cydney about voting for Tai.  When Michele, Aubry and Cydney return to camp from reward, Jason and Julia waste no time presenting their plan to Cydney.    Jason tells Cydney that he, Julia and Michele are voting Tai at the next Tribal Council.    If Tai plays an idol, then he or Julia will go home, since he knows that Aubry, Tai and Joe will be voting for one of them.   If Tai doesn’t play his idol, then Tai is gone along with all the idols and advantages and Cydney, Aubry and Joe are still in the game.   Cydney admits that it sounds like a good plan.   She likes having options.   Cydney reveals, “At this point in the game it’s all about what’s best for me.   It’s a me game, not a we game.”    Julia is not afraid of shaking things up.   She tells Jason that they will kill and eat Mark the chicken as soon as Tai is out of the game.
The Dara tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge.    They will race out to a platform in the water where they will have to memorize symbols and their corresponding numbers.  They will then race back to the beach, to see a group of symbols and use the numbers that correspond to those symbols (from memory) to solve a combination that will release a key.   If they get the combination right, the key will open a box containing puzzle pieces.  The first person to solve their word puzzle wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at winning this game.   One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council after 29 days and become the fifth member of the jury. 
The challenge begins and all seven of them race down the beach and into the water to get to the platform.   Along the way, they have to go over a bamboo obstacle.   Jason takes the early lead and arrives at the platform first.   He intently studies the twelve symbols and the numbers next to them trying to quickly memorize as many as he can.  Aubry, Michele and the rest of the tribe join him shortly at the platform and start their memorization process.   Cydney is the first one to head back to the beach.   Everyone else quickly jumps off the platform into the water and follows her back.   Cydney, Jason, Michele, Aubry and Julia are the first ones back to the beach and the combination board.   They each have five symbols in front of them.   They apply the numbers they just memorized which correspond to those symbols to spin their wheel the right numbers of slots, and if they remembered correctly they’ll pick the right key to unlock their box.   Jason and Julia start spinning their wheel, while Michele pours sand on her symbols and traces the corresponding numbers for each symbol in the sand.   Tai notices this and does the same thing.   Aubry, Cydney and Tai head back to the platform to memorize more numbers.   As they do, Joe finally arrives back on the beach.    Jason is the first one to land on a key and give it a try.   It does not open his lock though, so he got his combination wrong.    He head back to the platform to double check his numbers.   Julia now tries a key.   She got her combination right and now opens her box to start work on her puzzle.   She pulls out ten letters that she needs to arrange to spell a word.   Michele now has selected her key and it successfully opens her box.   Joe tells Jeff that he is going to sit out the rest of the challenge.   He lets the host know, “I’ve run out of gas Jeff.”     Julia and Michele are now racing to solve their word puzzle.   Everyone else is back at the platform studying the twelve symbols and numbers.   Very quickly Michele solves the word puzzle to spell the word BLINDSIDED and wins immunity.   Jason is disappointed not to have the immunity necklace and be safe tonight.   He comments, “We just have to make sure Cydney and Michele are on board with this plan to get rid of Tai or I’m screwed.”
The Dara tribe congratulates Michele for winning that difficult immunity challenge.   Aubry comments, “Jason seems like a super easy vote, but not sure if that’s the best move right now.” Joe, Aubry, Cydney, Joe and Michele meet at the water well to discuss the vote tonight.   Cydney recommends they vote out Jason, since he is capable of winning future immunity challenges.  Aubry points out the Julia did well in the challenge today and is also a threat.  She sees Jason as a polarizing person that will not likely be able to win in the final Tribal Council.  Aubry reveals, “Julia needs to go.”    She sees Julia as dangerous, because she is too likeable and strategic.  All five of them agree to vote for Julia tonight.  Michele is not happy that they want to vote for Julia.   She admits, “I don’t want to write down the name of my biggest ally.”    Michele asks the group whom she should tell Julia that they are voting for tonight.  Cydney tells her to tell Julia and Jason that they are going to vote for Tai.    Tai is upset to hear his name.   He admits, “Tonight, I’m bringing my idol and my advantage.  I’m not going to go home with an idol in my pocket.”    Later, Michele meets with Julia.  Julia encourages her to vote with Jason, Cydney and her for Tai tonight.   Michele wonders if Cydney is really going to vote for Tai tonight, since she would love to have Tai go home instead of her ally Julia.    Meanwhile, Cydney is meeting with Jason.  He confirms that he and Julia are going forward with their plan to vote out Tai and eliminate his idol.   Cydney admits, “Tonight Michele and I have two options.”    Cydney meets with Michele next to discuss their plans.   They like having the option of voting for Tai or Julia.   Jason and Julia hope that Cydney and Michele will vote with them.   Michele knows this is an important vote for her.   She comments, “I’m struggling to decide what action needs to be taken.  It can really affect your game mentally and emotionally.” 
Jeff welcomes the Dara tribe and the jury to Tribal Council.   Julia feels they are at a crucial point in the game where every action and word they make can help or hurt their game.   Jason points out that someone in that alliance of five is at the bottom.  Julia feels that Michele and Cydney are the ones on the bottom of the alliance of five comprised of Aubry, Joe, Tai, Michele and Cydney.  She feels that Aubry and Joe are tight and that Tai could win the game.   Julia recommends they shake up that alliance tonight.  Tai does not like hearing his name brought up and doesn’t think it is a smart idea to jump to a sinking alliance.   Aubry feels it’s important to trust the people you have built relationships with.   Jason reminds her that Tai has flipped on two of his alliances in the past and should not be trusted.   Tai explains that he needed to break up Jason and Scot.   Jason reminds him that Aubry and Joe are close too.  Michele is weighing all this and feels it is important to make big moves in order for people to respect your game in the end.  Cydney feels that the jury will not respect people who constantly backstab others and throw them under the bus.   Jason points out that he and Julia are the perfect people for one of the five to use to make a big move tonight.  Michele plans on following her gut and intuition.  Tai admits that he is very uncomfortable.  Jeff calls for the vote.  The Dara tribe members cast their votes.  Tai ask Aubry if he should play his idol tonight.   Aubry responds, “I think you’re fine, but it’s your gut.”  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.   No idol is played.  Jeff reveals the first 6 votes.  Tai receives 2 votes.   Julia receives 4 votes.  So, Julia Sokolwski, a 19-year old College Student from Boston, MA is the twelfth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG and the fifth member of the jury.  Michele cries as Julia’s torch is snuffed.