Season 32: Episode 12 - Now’s the Time to Start Scheming
Posted on May 4, 2016 08:00pm

It’s night 29 and the final six on the Dara tribe return from Tribal Council where Julia was just voted out.  Tai tells Jason that he considered playing his idol tonight, because Jason scared him with his persuasive talking at Tribal Council.   Jason admits, “I know how to talk.   I do it everyday in my job.  I make mothers rat their sons out.”    Upon returning to camp, Jason warns Michele and Cydney that Tai and Aubry are going to be hard to beat in this game.  He points out that they have a better chance of winning if they take him to the end.  Michele comments, “I do think it would be smart to go to the end with him, but I don’t want to put doubt at all in my alliance.   So, that’s why I voted Julia.”     Tai reveals to Joe and Aubry that his advantage is an extra vote at Tribal Council.   He tells them his plan to use his extra vote at the next Tribal Council and his idol at the one after that.    That way if the three of them stick together, they will be safe to the final four.   Aubry admits, “It’s a little scary.   Tai has so many different levels of control and I got to keep on Tai’s side.”     Tai would like himself, Aubry and Joe to be the final three.   Cydney is the fourth in their alliance.    So, he wants to get out Jason or Michele next with the help of his extra vote.   He comments, “Michele’s a little more rounded player.”
The next morning, Tai finds a grub and he gives it to Mark the chicken.    Much to Tai’s surprise, Mark picks up the grub and runs with it.   He then swallows it whole.    Aubry, Joe and Cydney are entertained by Mark.    Meanwhile, Jason sits by himself in the shelter feeling very frustrated.  He admits, “I’m not really allowed to play the game, because no one will strategize with me.  They are set in their ways.”     Joe checks in on Jason and gets an earful of how upset Jason is that no one will make a big move with him.   Joe comments, “I don’t think Jason has much respect for anything that doesn’t go his way.”   Jason tells Joe that he will not help around camp, if no one will work with him.    He admits, “At this point, I have one card to play, the lazy card.”    Jason sees no advantage in helping the people that want to vote him out of the game.   He hopes that the tribe may decide to keep him around, since they will not see him getting any votes at the end. 
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the six remaining members of the Dara tribe to the Reward Challenge.  He then explains the rules of the challenge.   They will be divided into two teams of three.  One at a time they will race through a series of obstacles out to a floating maze.  Once all three players are at the maze, they will work together to maneuver three balls through the maze.  The first team to finish wins reward.   The reward is a powerful one.   The winners will be taken to the Wildlife Alliance, which is a Cambodian organization that rescues animals from poachers and illegal traders and then brings them to the sanctuary to lead a better life.  They will visit the facility and interact with the animals, while enjoying a picnic.  Everyone is excited to win the reward.   Jeff has them draw to see which team they will be on.
Joe, Aubry and Cydney are on the yellow team.  Tai, Michele and Jason are on the blue team.  The challenge begins.   Jason and Joe are the first ones from their teams to jump in the water and go through the obstacles to get to their team’s maze.   Jason is much faster than Joe.     He gets through his three obstacles and onto the maze before Joe gets done with his second obstacle.    Michele is the second one to go through the obstacles for the blue team.     She gets to her team’s maze before Joe gets to his.   So the blue team has a big lead as Tai heads over to the maze.   Joe finally makes it on his mat on the maze and Cydney heads out for yellow.  Cydney makes up some time for her yellow team, but they are still far behind.   Tai unties the first ball for his blue team and brings it to the maze.   Aubry is now on the course for her yellow team.  The blue team puts their first ball into play and under Jason’s direction they move around the maze to get the ball going the right way.    The blue team has their ball halfway through the maze as the yellow team starts on theirs.    Joe directs the yellow team.   The blue team lands their first ball in the inner maze and starts on their second ball.   The yellow team is making no progress.   Jason, Michele and Tai are working together really well.  They land their second ball and start working on their third and final ball.   Finally, the yellow team lands their first ball.    In the end, Jason, Michele and Tai easily land their third ball and win the challenge and reward.  As they head out to the reward, Tai comments, “I just worry too much, while I’m gone the team is going to fall apart back at camp.” 
Joe, Cydney and Aubry arrive back at the Dara camp, while the others enjoy the reward.   Joe immediately wants to build up the fire, while Aubry and Cydney eat mangos and coconuts to rebuild their strength.   Joe tells them to get wood as soon as they are done.   He admits, “I performed like a six month old, so I’m embarrassed by it.”     As Joe carries palm fronds into camp, he tells Cydney to go get wood now, even though she is not done eating her coconut.   Cydney is not happy that Joe is being so pushy.  Cydney tells Aubry she will not tolerate Joe’s behavior for much longer.   Cydney admits, “I don’t do orders well.   It’s been proven this whole entire game.”  She doesn’t understand why Joe wants a large fire burning constantly when it is so hot outside.   Aubry asks Joe how she can help.   He asks her to do something and then gets very annoyed when she doesn’t do it exactly how he thinks it should be done.   Aubry vents, “I don’t know what Joe’s problem is.  He wants to burn the damn place down.”   She knows that Cydney is also losing her patience with Joe and she hopes that Cydney does not do something to break up their alliance. 
Michele, Tai and Jason arrive at the Wildlife Alliance Sanctuary and are thrilled to see a picnic blanket full of food waiting for them.   As they are enjoying their feast, Nick, the director of Wildlife Alliance walks up with Lucky the elephant.   Jason, Michele and Tai greet them and find out that Lucky was rescued when she was a baby after she was found in the jungle alone.   Nick explains that all the animals at the sanctuary were rescued from illegal wildlife trade.  Jason knows that his daughter will love seeing that he got to visit the animals.   He explains, “My daughter with her having autism, for whatever reason animals have always been a big part of her life.”  Next they visit monkeys.   They sit in a big cage and play with and feed the monkeys.   Tai sees how gentle Jason is with the animals.   He comments, “I’m definitely warming up to him a lot more.”    Tai feels that Michele has more friends on the jury than Jason, so he would like to vote her out next.   Michele likes seeing the softer side of Jason too, but she can’t forget how he acted when he and Scot stole the machete and ax.   She reveals, “Best case scenario for me would be to get Jason out next.” 
The Dara tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge.   Jeff explains the rules of the challenge.    They will each hold onto a rope that balances a wobbly table.   They will then race out and collect wooden blocks with letters on them.   They will bring them back to the wobbly table one at a time and stack them one on top of another.    Once the stack is complete, it will spell the word Immunity.  If at any point, the table wobbles and the stack of blocks fall, then they will have to start over.  The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning this game.   One of the losers, after 32 days will be voted out and become the sixth member of the jury. 
The challenge begins and all six people run out to their wobbly table with their first block.   They grab the rope attached to their table and do their best to use the rope to keep the table upright and steady so their first block does not fall.     All the while, they are walking backwards to another table to retrieve their second block.   Joe takes the early lead and is the first to bring back his second block to his wobbly table.   Michele, Aubry, Jason and Tai are close behind him.   Cydney is moving very slowly and carefully, which is putting her far behind the others.  Joe is the first one back with his fourth block and he is still in the lead as he is halfway done with his puzzle.   Michele and Tai are in second place.   Cydney only has two blocks placed and is still in last place.    Joe’s stack drops with five blocks on it.  Now he has to pick them all up and start again.  Michele and Aubry drop next and have to start over.    So, now Tai, Jason and Cydney are in first, second and third place.   Tai then drops, which puts Jason in the lead.   Joe starts to build his stack again, but loses time when he has to replace blocks, because he has brought them in the wrong order to spell Immunity correctly.   Jason is the next one to lose his stack, which puts slow but steady Cydney in the lead with four blocks placed on her table.   The challenge continues with Michele, Tai and Aubry dropping their letters again as they try to catch up to Cydney.   Joe is still struggling to get his blocks in the correct order.   So, now the battle is between Jason and Cydney.   Cydney is two blocks away from winning it.  Jason is three blocks away.  Jason picks up the pace and takes the lead as they are both heading back from placing their final blocks on their stacks.    Jason’s stack falls.    Cydney continues her slow and careful pace, which gets her back to the start and wins her the coveted immunity necklace. 
The Dara tribe is now back at camp having a meal before Tribal Council.   Tai is still convinced that Michele is a bigger threat than Jason.   So he meets with Joe, Aubry and Cydney and proposes they vote out Michele tonight.   Joe prefers to vote out Jason, but says he will do whatever the group wants.   Michele then joins them, before the group decides on whom to vote out.  Tai reveals, “Michele thinks Jason’s the next one to go, but for tonight’s vote I’m going to use my extra vote and put that for Michele.”    After everyone else leaves and Tai and Aubry are alone, Aubry agrees with Tai that Michele is a bigger threat than Jason.  Later, Tai tells Jason to join them in voting out Michele tonight.   Jason comments, “I can’t trust Tai, he’s already turned on me once.”   He would like Joe to go tonight.   Next, Cydney checks in with Joe and they agree that Jason should be the one voted out.   Cydney admits, “Tai is trying to dictate what goes on.”   She doesn’t like that and hopes to change things up.   Cydney talks to Michele and tells her that Tai is targeting her tonight.   Michele is shocked to hear this.  Cydney assures Michele that she is on her side and will try to influence the others.   Michele comments, “Tonight for me at Tribal, I’m going to do some damage control and hope that Jason can go and I can last another day in this game.”    Before they head out to Tribal Council, Cydney warns Aubry that Tai is trying to dictate the vote and she wants no part of that.   Aubry is in a tough spot, because she agrees with Tai that Michele should go tonight and she also agrees with Cydney that Tai is not considering other’s opinions.   As Aubry tries to figure out whom to vote for tonight, she gets emotional and reveals, “I just feel mentally exhausted today.   This is a rough one.”   She decides to wait and make her final choice at Tribal Council tonight.
Jeff welcomes the Dara tribe and the jury to Tribal Council.   Jason compares the game of SURVIVOR with today’s Immunity Challenge.   He feels they are similar because just as you think you are in control of things, everything falls apart.  Cydney and Michele call out Tai for being too controlling.   Tai feels that everyone in his alliance has a voice.  Cydney responds, “It is Tai’s way or the highway at this point.”    Tai admits that he did not have a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with Cydney before coming to Tribal Council.  Aubry and Michele wonder why Tai wanted to have a conversation with Cydney away from the alliance.  Tai admits that there is the big alliance and a smaller group within the alliance.   Michele feels like Tai is telling her that there is a pecking order in the alliance and she must be at the bottom.    Tai confirms that Michele is at the bottom and understands why this would make her upset. Michele points out that Tai has turned on every alliance that he has been a part of in the past, while she has been loyal.   Tai admits to Michele that he does not even know how she became part of this alliance.   Aubry feels that Michele and Cydney do not trust Tai and that he is playing the game differently than she would.   Jason is happy that people are not talking about him.  Jeff calls for the vote.  The Dara tribe members cast their votes.   Before Jeff goes to tally the votes, Tai requests to use his advantage and vote a second time.   Tai then casts a second vote for Michele.  Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol.   No idol is played.  Jeff reveals all 7 votes.  Joe receives 1 vote.   Michele receives 2 votes and Jason receives 4 votes.  So, Kyle Jason, a 31-year old Bounty Hunter from Detroit, MI is the thirteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG and the sixth member of the jury.