Season 32: Episode 13 - With Me Or Not With Me
Posted on May 11, 2016 08:50pm

The five remaining Dara tribe members return from Tribal Council on night 32 after just voting out Jason.   Tai is in shock, because he thought Michele was going home tonight and voted for her twice with his extra vote.   Joe tells Tai that the majority wanted Jason out instead.   Tai vents, “All four of them vote for Jason.  So, my extra vote was just wasted tonight.”  He is upset that no one in his alliance told him they were voting for Jason.  Michele accuses Tai of once again flipping on his alliance, since he only wanted to vote for her and she is part of his alliance.   Tai admits that he never understood how Michele became part of the alliance and doesn’t consider her to be part of his final four.  Michele reveals, “I don’t know where I stand and I could get voted out next.”    Tai admits, “My feeling is hurt, especially Aubry.  She’s the only one I truly trust and I feel like she pull a fast one on me.”   Tai asks Aubry what happened, since she had agreed with him before the vote that Michele is the one to get out.  Aubry tells Tai that the rest of the alliance did not feel that Tai would listen to their desire to vote out Jason tonight.  She explains, “I left Tai out of the loop on the vote, because Tai has had so much control in this game and I needed to reclaim it.”    Now that Tai feels betrayed by Aubry, she is not sure if they can work together in the future.   Tai hoped to go to the end with Aubry and Joe, but now he is not sure whom to trust anymore.   He comments, “I put all my egg in that basket and I don’t know where to move from here.”
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the five remaining members of the Dara tribe to the Reward Challenge.  He then explains the rules of the challenge.   They will each race into the jungle to a large wooden ladder.   They will climb up the ladder and retrieve bags of sandbags.   Next, they will race back to the beach and attempt to launch those sandbags into a series of targets.   First person to get one sandbag in each of their five targets wins reward.  The reward is a trip to a SURVIVOR Spa where they will enjoy a bath, a massage and a feast of chicken, beef and cheesecake.  In addition, they will spend the night in the comfort of a bed.   This reward should give them everything they need to get them through the last few days. 
The challenge begins.   All five castaways start running towards the jungle to retrieve their first bag of puzzle pieces.   Cydney quickly takes the lead and is the first to her ladder.     She gets back to the beach with her first bag, before Joe even gets to the ladder.   Aubry, Tai and Michele are now heading back to the beach with their first bags.    Cydney, Aubry, Tai and Michele empty their bags and start launching sandbags at their five targets.   Cydney is the first to land a sandbag in her target.   Aubry lands one in her target next.    Cydney, Aubry, Michele and Tai run back to the jungle to get their second bags of sandbags as Joe brings his first bag back.   He retrieves five sandbags from his bag and starts throwing them.   Unfortunately, none of them land in a target.   So he heads back to the jungle to get another bag, as the others are arriving back with their second bags.  In this round, Aubry scores two points as she lands two more bags in her targets, while Cydney and Michele score only one more point.   So, Aubry is in the lead with 3 bags.  Cydney has two.   Michele has one.  Tai and Joe have none so far.    They all retrieve their next bags.   Aubry scores another one.   So, she only needs one more to win.    She throws the rest of her sandbags and scores no more points.   Now, she is out of bags.   She has to wait for everyone to finish throwing their third round of sandbags, before she can replenish.   Cydney scores none in this round and now is also out of bags.   Joe is finally back with his second bags of sandbags.  He hits 3 of his 5 targets in this round and heads back to the jungle for his third and final bag.   Meanwhile, Michele and Tai have thrown all their sandbags and scored no more points.    So, now they are all waiting for Joe to complete his third round, so they can replenish their sandbags.   Joe takes his time and catches his breath as he retrieves his final bag.   He now has five sandbags to try and hit his last two targets.   In the end, Joe gets it done and lands sandbags in his final targets at 71 years of age.   He wins the SURVIVOR Spa reward.  His tribe mates congratulate him for the win.   Jeff asks him to pick one person to go with him on the reward.   Joe picks Aubry.   Jeff then tells him to pick one more person.  Aubry suggests he pick Cydney.   Joe lets her make the call.   So, Joe, Aubry and Cydney head out to the SURVIVOR Spa reward.  Michele comments, “Cydney, Aubry and Joe that’s maybe final three.   So, I definitely have to take a risk and try to find a way and change the pecking order.”
Joe, Cydney and Aubry arrive at the SURVIVOR Spa and immediately start eating a delicious feast of beef skewers, chicken wraps and cheesecake.   Joe enjoys the beef skewers and the protein they provide, even though he usually doesn’t eat meat back home.   He comments, “With six days to go for me to be refortified like this was just beyond my wishes.  The whole reward couldn’t have been better.”    Cydney worries about the amount of beef that Joe is eating after not having much to eat after the last 33 days.    Joe suggests that the three of them go to the end together.    Cydney and Aubry like the idea.   Joe asks if they will vote Tai off next.   Aubry reminds Joe that they can’t because Tai has a hidden immunity idol.  Joe tells Aubry that Tai is her biggest competition and he and Cydney are no threat to her.  Cydney reveals, “At this point, I’m nodding, smiling just going along for the ride and I’ll be happy to win a million dollars as soon as I get there.”    Aubry feels that Cydney is a threat though, since she has orchestrated blindsides, won challenges and is likable.  Aubry admits, “So, maybe I don’t want to go to the final three with Cydney.  Tai might be a better option for me.”
Tai and Michele are back at the Dara camp.  They both feel like they are at the bottom, since Joe, Aubry and Cydney seem to be closer to each other than to the two of them.   Tai admits, “I’m genuinely hurt with Aubry, because I don’t know where Aubry’s heart is.”   He tells Michele that he would like to talk to her to air things out, since they fought at last night’s Tribal Council.     Tai tells Michele that he has never felt close to her and he does not know why.  Michele comments, “I think when it comes down to it, Tai and I are two very different people and we have different perceptions on this game.”     She tells Tai that she understands and she never meant to hurt him.    Michele suggests that they just enjoy the day and have their own spa day.  Tai hopes to get to know Michele better during this time.  He gives Michele a massage and they eat mangos together.   Michele admits, “Who would have ever thought that Michele and Tai would have a bonding massage and a dinner date?”     Tai suggests that they work together in the game.   Michele is wary of working with Tai, but she realizes that no one would suspect it.  Tai recommends that they talk to Cydney about joining the two of them against Joe and Aubry.   Tai reveals, “I’m open to working with Michele.   Aubry would never see that coming.”
The next morning, Tai is sitting on the beach watching the sunrise.   He admits, “SURVIVOR has to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”   He enjoys the physical part, but struggles with emotional part and not knowing whom he can trust.  Joe, Aubry and Cydney return to camp very refreshed after their Spa Reward.   Tai welcomes them back.   Aubry reveals, “After the reward coming back to camp, I know that Cydney’s a threat and my ideal final three is Tai and Joe.”    She worries that Tai may no longer trust her, since she did not vote with him at the last Tribal Council.    So, Aubry takes a walk with Tai, so they can talk things out.   She assures Tai that she would like to go to the end with him and Joe.   Aubry comments, “If I have Joe and Tai, that’s three against two.   That gives me the little bit of hopefully power I need to get through the next vote.”    Tai is so happy to hear that Aubry is committed to him that he starts to cry.    Aubry and Tai hug one another.   Tai reveals, “So far, I’ve played the game with my heart.  So, it feels right that Aubry’s on my side and I have a tender spot for her from the beginning.”    Meanwhile, Joe and Cydney are back at camp telling Michele all about the highlights of their Spa Reward.   Cydney sees Aubry and Tai coming back to camp together.  She feels uneasy seeing them talking together.    Cydney comments, “It’s a little too comfortable of a conversation, it’s like a conversation you would have with an ally.”    Later, Cydney and Michele check in with each other away from the others.   Cydney feels she can trust Michele and considers her an ally.   Michele suggests that they work together to choose whom to vote out next and suggests they make a big move.   She comments, “It’s like we can kind of pick and choose who we want out Joe or Aubry and that would be a crazy twist in this game.” 
Joe’s stomach is hurting.   He suspects that he may have eaten too much meat at the reward.  Joe reveals, “I’m bloated and I’m not passing any urine.”    He tells Aubry that he is worried that his prostrate may be giving him problems and he is in pain.    Aubry is concerned.   She admits, “Joe is the anchor to my entire game.”   Tai, Cydney and Michele can see that Joe is struggling, so everyone is worried about him.   The medical team comes to the Dara camp to give Joe a checkup.  Michele is conflicted, because she doesn’t want Joe to be pulled from the game, yet she sees that it could be beneficial to her game.   The doctor gives Joe some medicine to help with his constipation and hopes that will help him to empty his bladder.    If Joe continues to have problems urinating, then that could be dangerous to his kidneys.  Tai comments, “If Joe go home, it would screw up everything we planned for the final three.”
After taking the medication that the doctor gave him, Joe was able to pass a little more urine.   He reveals, “I’m in pain all the time and it’s significant to the point where I feel like I’m nauseous.”  The tribe is really worried about Joe now, because they can see how much he is struggling.    Tai starts crying because he feels so badly for Joe.   Cydney and Aubry cry too.  Tai admits, “You know he’s a dear, dear someone in our lives.”  Everyone gives Joe hugs and kisses.   Joe reminds Cydney of her grandfather back home, especially when he tells them all not to cry for him.   As the whole Dara tribe sits in camp and enjoys the sunset, Joe realizes he needs to see the doctor again.   He doesn’t want to injure his kidneys.
Dr. Joe arrives at camp with Jeff Probst.   Joe pulls up his shirt and shows them how bloated his stomach is and admits that he is in a lot of pain.  Dr. Joe explains that with age comes an enlarged prostrate in men, which can block the outflow of urine from the bladder.   If the urine can’ t get out, then it can back up to the kidneys and damage them.   Also complicating things is the fact that Joe ate so much beef at the reward, which caused him to be constipated.    This causes further pressure and pain in his system.   Joe admits that he needs something to relieve the pain, because it is too much for him to handle.   Dr. Joe explains that this is not something that Joe can live with, because it can cause long-term problems in his system if not treated.   At that point, Dr. Joe pulls Joe from the game.  Joe is disappointed, but not surprised.   He knows that it is the right thing to do, because he has more adventures to tackle in his future and he wants to be healthy for them.  Jeff tells Joe, “I think you are going to be a massive inspiration to people.”  Joe thanks Jeff for letting him play SURVIVOR.    Tai, Michele, Cydney and Aubry say a tearful goodbye to Joe.   Aubry admits, “Joe leaving the game is like watching a family member being sick.   Like your worst nightmare, but you’re also relieved because you know Joe is going to get what he needs to feel better.”   Joe tells his tribe mates, “Be well all of you.  Play good.  Have fun.”  Jeff tells the tribe that this is the most evacuations in any season of SURVIVOR.   He says, “Now, more than ever you will have to outwit and outplay if you are to outlast.”   Aubry feels lost as she sees Joe, her biggest ally, leave on a boat.