Season 33: Episode 2 - Love Goggles
Posted on Sep 28, 2016 10:00pm


It’s day 5 and the Gen-X tribe still has not been able to start a fire. Paul and Chris both try to strike the flint to ignite some coconuts husks with no success. Paul is frustrated with the lack of fire, but he is happy about his six person alliance controlling the tribe. He reveals, “CeCe and David they don’t have a chance.” CeCe is on the outs because she was aligned with Rachel, who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. David is just seen as weak and not valuable to the tribe. David takes his turn at striking the flint and much to everyone’s surprise and delight, he starts a fire. David is so happy to prove his worth to the tribe. He admits, “It’s in line with the Generation X attitude in that you don’t ever give up.” Chris is amazed that David was the only one that could start a fire. He reveals, “He’s like our puppy dog right now. We’re trying to keep petting him until we get rid of him.” Chris feels if they make David comfortable and keep him busy with chores, then he won’t be so paranoid and search for hidden immunity idols. Next, David volunteers to collect for big rocks to put around the fire pit. While he searches for rocks, Dave also searches for a hidden immunity idol. He comments, “Looking for rocks and looking for the idol, they both make you dirty.” So, Dave now has the perfect alibi. After gathering 3 big rocks and returning them to camp, Dave searches for the idol again and this time finds it. He finds it in a coconut sitting at the base of a tree that is marked with the tribe colors and symbol. Dave runs further from camp and his tribe mates until he finds a spot to open the coconut. He is thrilled to find the hidden immunity idol and instructions inside the coconut. Dave admits, “This is exactly what I need to have the confidence to really make big strategic moves right now.”


Over at the Millennial tribe, Taylor and Figgy are laying in the shelter talking. Taylor admits, “I really like Figs. She’s super rad and easy to be around.” He finds her beautiful and feels he maybe falling in love. Figgy is also attracted to Taylor. That night, Michaela catches the two of them kissing by the fire. The next morning she calls them out on it in front of the tribe. Taylor doesn’t deny it, but he is a little worried about what the others will think. Everyone teases them, but doesn’t appear to be bothered by it. Figgy comments, “My tribe doesn’t even consider Taylor and myself being a power couple threat and maybe it’s because we’re the Millennials.” When Taylor and Figgy leave the camp to walk on the beach, the remaining tribe starts talking about them. Zeke points out to Mari and Jay that Taylor and Figgy are isolating themselves. He knows that Millennials are casual about people hooking up, but feels this is dangerous in game of SURVIVOR. Jay comments, “Figgy and Taylor are frigging stupid man! No couple ever lasts on SURVIVOR.” Jay feels that Taylor is being blinded by Figgy. He is also concerned that Taylor and Figgy’s relationship could weaken his game, since they are in his alliance. Jay tries to knock some sense into Taylor when he warns him that power couples are foolish. He also tells Taylor that he is not willing to ruin his game to protect them. Taylor assures Jay that everything will work out. Jay is sure that Taylor is not thinking straight.


Ken is out in the ocean with the fishing equipment trying to catch some food for his Gen-X tribe. He is comfortable in nature and is proud to catch an octopus with the sling. Ken also knows that his social game is important in SURVIVOR. He admits, “I’m socially shy sometimes. It’s something that plagued me my entire life.” Ken can relate to David’s social awkwardness in the game. Later, David helps Ken clean the octopus, which gives them the chance to talk strategy. They both agree that Paul is the leader of the majority alliance of which neither one of them is a member. Ken suggests to David that they make a move to break up the alliance, rather than wait to be voted out. David is amused that he and Ken are allies, because they are so physically different. He is smaller and weaker, while Ken is built like an athlete. David admits, “I like Ken a lot and in SURVIVOR you absolutely need at least one person that you can trust.” David wants to prove to his loyalty to Ken, so he shows him the hidden immunity idol that he found. Ken assures David that he will not tell anyone else about the idol. Ken comments, “Dave has an idol. I think we’ll be using that to band together and do something big.” Both Ken and David hope to vote out Paul next.


At the Millennial camp, Hannah works hard to open a coconut. Mari admits, “We didn’t realize playing this game would be so hard.” SURVIVOR seemed so much easier when she watched it on television. The Millennial tribe is all gathered around the fire. Michaela watches Figgy once again flirt with Taylor. She comments, “This girl is dumb, like you’re supposed to kind of blend in a little at the beginning.” Jay warns Michaela to be careful with the machete as she uses it to cut a piece of sugar cane right behind him. Michaela responds, “Don’t worry. It wouldn’t be aimed at you.” Figgy realizes that Michaela is joking about aiming it at her, so she asks Michaela what the problem is. Michaela tells her to be quiet and just whisper to Taylor some more. The rest of the Millennial tribe is amused by the verbal insults going back and forth between Michaela and Figgy. Figgy vents, “This girl is crazy. I want her as far away from me as possible.” She wants Michaela out next. Taylor tries to diffuse the situation and invites Figgy to take a walk with him. Adam comments, “Clearly Figgy’s put herself in the cross hairs.” He feels she has broken the basic rules of SURVIVOR, which are to start slow, don’t fight with your tribe mates and don’t have a romance with a tribe mate.


Back at the Gen-X tribe, Paul tells everyone to gather firewood. He admits, “When it comes to taking control of the game, I 100% want to be in control.” While gathering firewood, Ken asks CeCe if she would like to join forces with him and David to take out Paul next. CeCe likes that plan and says she will vote with them. Back at camp, Paul starts to feel dizzy and his hands begin to shake. Bret seems him struggle and offers him water. Paul declines, but lies down on the ground because he is feeling so weak. When his hands go numb and he has trouble breathing, the doctor is called to examine him. The Millennial tribe gathers around Paul and tries to keep him calm. Sunday comments, “Seeing him go down makes you think, okay if that can happen to him, it can happen to anybody.” She is worried about Paul and hopes that he will stay in the game. Dr. Joe thoroughly examines Paul. Jeff Probst, the host, also comes to the Gen-X camp and tells everyone that a helicopter is on the way in case they need to evacuate Paul. Dr. Joe verifies that Paul’s heart is healthy, but finds that he is suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Paul and his tribe are relieved to hear that he will be okay and can stay in the game. David is happy that Paul is out of danger, but he admits, “When he went down, I thought this might be a good thing for me because he’s the one I want to vote out.”


The Millennial and GenX tribes arrive at the immunity challenge. The Millennials see that Rachel was voted out of the Gen-X tribe at the last Tribal Council. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. One person from each tribe will dive into the water, race up a cargo net, leap off a platform and retrieve a key. Then the next person goes. Once a tribe has retrieved all five keys, they will use them to unlock a chest, which contains a mask. The mask will be used by a person to dive down and retrieve five rings. One person from each tribe will then toss those rings and attempt to land them on a series of targets. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. In addition, they are playing for the reward of a tarp. The Millennial tribe has one extra person, so Hannah sits out of the challenge.

The challenge begins and Chris and Michelle jump in the water for their tribes and swim to the platform with the cargo net. Chris gets there first and races up the cargo net and jumps off the platform to retrieve his tribe’s first key. By the time they each swim to put their keys on the finish stand, Michelle has caught up with Chris. The next two in the water are Paul and Will. Paul gets through the course and gets his key to the finish stand just before Will. The Gen-X tribe maintains their slight lead, when Sunday brings in the third key just before Michaela. They lose their lead though, when David struggles through the course. This gives Zeke the chance to take the lead for his Millennial tribe. Adam goes next for the Millennials and is able to retrieve the fifth and final key before David even gets the fourth key back for his Gen-X tribe. So, the Millennials now have all the keys to open their crate and get their mask. Meanwhile, Jessica jumps in to retrieve the last key for her Gen-X tribe. She gets it back to the finish stand as Figgy puts on the mask and jumps in the water to get the first ring for the Millennials. Bret unlocks the Gen-X crate. CeCe puts the swim mask on and attempts to get the first ring. She fails to get a ring though, which puts her Gen-X tribe further behind. Jay returns with the Millennials second ring. Lucy then gets the first ring for the Gen-X tribe. Bret makes up some time by quickly getting the second ring for Gen-X. Mari brings up the third ring for the Millennials. Ken quickly gets the third ring for Gen-X, so now the tribes are tied with three rings each. Taylor, Ken, Jay and Bret bring in the fourth and fifth rings for their respective tribes. Now the process of tossing the five rings on to five different targets floating in the water begins. Jay starts tossing the rings for the Millennial tribe, while CeCe tosses for Gen-X. CeCe lands the first ring for Gen-X. Jay then lands a ring for the Millennials. CeCe scores a second ring and then Ken takes over. Jay ties up the score at two when he lands a second ring. Ken scores two more for Gen-X, so now they only need one more. Jay lands a third ring for the Millennials. In the end, the Gen-X tribe wins immunity and the tarp reward. So, the Millennials must go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. Paul proudly swims over to pick up the Immunity Idol from Jeff. As he does. he says, “Dr. Joe brought this old pirate back from the dead, baby!” Mari reveals, “Tonight we want Figgy to be really comfortable, and we want to blindside her without her even knowing.”


Zeke is actually looking forward to going to Tribal Council. He explains, “I came to vote people out and I came to win a million dollars.” Zeke feels Figgy should go home, since he can’t trust her and they need to break up her and Taylor. He tells Mari and Hannah why they should join him in voting for Figgy. None of them feel that Figgy will suspect that she is getting voted out tonight. Later, Adam, Michaela and Hannah meet and agree to also vote out Figgy tonight. Michaela is happy to break up the power couple of Taylor and Figgy. She comments, “That couple is about to go back down to one really quick.” Zeke and Adam then meet with Jay and encourage him to vote out Figgy. Jay admits, “Unless something happens and things go crazy, which they usually do, my alliance is gone.” Jay then breaks the bad news to Michelle about one of their alliance members being voted out tonight. Michelle tells Jay they cannot let that happen or they will no longer be in the majority alliance. She proposes that they encourage everyone to vote Mari out instead. Jay likes that plan. Michelle explains, “Mari is really dangerous because she’s smart, but tonight’s Tribal Council is about keeping people that I know will stick with me.” Michelle and Jay know they have to get Michaela to reconcile with Figgy and join them in their vote against Mari. So, Jay has a meeting with Figgy and Michaela and tells them that Zeke wants to vote Figgy out first and then Michaela. Figgy is shocked to hear this. She admits, “Michaela and I have definitely had our differences, but she has to stick with us.” Figgy tells Michaela that she would like to work with her and has no hard feelings about the past. Michaela was ready to happily cast her vote for Figgy. She comments, “If Jay’s telling the truth, I could definitely be in trouble.” At this point, Michaela is not sure whom to vote for. Next, Michelle encourages Will to join their alliance and vote out Mari tonight. Will does not trust Figgy, but he sees that Mari is also a dangerous player. He feels uncomfortable about changing his vote right before Tribal Council. Michelle comments, “This first Tribal Council is going to draw the line.” She hopes that Figgy is safe tonight.


As the Millennial tribe enters Tribal Council, Jeff Probst instructs them to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Adam is so excited to be at Tribal Council and see how amazing it looks in person. Mari is used to a two dimensional world when she is playing video games. She admits that it is tougher to be face to face with your competitors like you are on Survivor, because you get to know them and care about them. Zeke says, “I feel like I’m my best version of myself out here.” He is amazed that he was able to start fire without flint and finds the whole experience to be incredible. Michaela points out that sometimes people’s worst side comes out in this game. Hannah comments that some people are closer than others as she reveals how close Taylor and Figgy are. Taylor and Figgy admit to Jeff that they feel it is early enough in the game for their relationship not to be a problem, Michelle whispers to Hannah to vote for Mari tonight. Hannah is surprised to hear this. Zeke admits that it bothers him that Figgy and Taylor are more loyal to each other than to him. Michaela feels that Figgy and Taylor must feel they are dumb if they don’t think others will mind how close they are to each other. Hannah continues to whisper with Michelle and Jay about the vote tonight. Mari is not worried about Hannah’s side conversation, because she is used to her being paranoid. Jeff then calls for the Millennial tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first nine votes. Figgy receives 3 votes, while Mari receives 6 votes. So, Mari Takahashi, a 31-year old Gamer from Los Angeles, CA is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENIALS VS GENX.