Season 33: Episode 3 - Your Job is Recon
Posted on Oct 5, 2016 10:00pm


The Gen-X tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 7 after just voting out Mari. Adam and Zeke are shocked that Figgy did not get voted out as they expected. Adam congratulates Taylor and Figgy for the good game play. Figgy insists that it was not just their doing. She comments, “Adam and Zeke know they’re at the bottom at this rate, if we go back to Tribal. People that write down Figgy’s name go home!” Later, Hannah finds Adam and Zeke on the beach and tries to apologize to them for changing her vote to Mari. Zeke just wants some time to be alone and think. So, he asks Hannah if they can have this conversation tomorrow. Hannah feels so bad for betraying Zeke that she just keeps trying to explain to him what happened. She admits, “I did what I thought was best for my game and I had to and it sucks.” Zeke is really frustrated that Hannah will not leave him alone. He insists that she not talk to him right now and that she quit playing the victim. Hannah finally walks away. She comments, “Hopefully I can repair enough to the point where we can work together.” Hannah likes Zeke and Adam more than people in the majority alliance that she just voted with. Adam is so disappointed that he is not part of the majority alliance and is now at risk in the game. He comments, “I wouldn’t count me out. I think I can get back up to the top again.”


The next morning the Gen-X tribe is on the beach enjoying the beautiful sunrise. CeCe tells David that she prayed about it and she feels like they are going to be fine. David reveals, “It’s definitely me, Ken and CeCe on the bottom without question.” He feels good that he has already found an idol and doesn’t plan on giving up. Paul feels great and decides to go out with the spear and catch fish for his tribe. At home in Florida, he catches fish all the time. He boasts, “We’ll have to see if I’m as good as I think I am, because I think I’m really good.” Bret is starving and has high hopes that Paul will bring them back some food. Later, Paul returns to camp with no fish. He found the current too strong and the fish too fast. Ken does not understand how the majority alliance sees Paul as their leader, when he does not do well in challenges or provide them with food. Ken comments, “What is he currently offering the tribe?” Ken is frustrated because he does so much more for his tribe, yet he and his allies are on the bottom.


Adam brings tree mail to the Millennial camp. The tree mail consists of instructions and a bag of rocks. The tree mail tells them to randomly draw for rocks and the four people that get orange rocks will go to a summit where they can gather info from the Gen-X tribe. So, they each pick a rock from the bag and Figgy, Taylor, Jay and Will end up with orange rocks. Taylor is thrilled to have his closest allies join him on this adventure. A boat pulls up to the Millennial beach to pick up Figgy, Taylor, Jay and Will. Their tribe mates advise them to find out as much as they can from the other tribe, without giving away any information. Jay is excited to get to know people from the Gen-X tribe. He comments, “I really hope Figgy and Tails don’t start making out, because then we’re going to look like a bunch of idiots.”


Figgy, Taylor, Jay and Will from the Millennial tribe and David, Chris, CeCe and Paul from the Gen-X tribe arrive via boats to the Summit on a deserted beach. They immediately shake hands and introduce themselves to each other. Chris comments, “This is the first time that Gen-X and the Millennials are going to mix together and for my game making some connections to them is a good thing.” He plans on learning as much as he can about the Millennials and their tribe, without giving up any information. The group is so happy to find a table filled with everything they need to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They immediately sit down and enjoy the feast. David asks the Millennials who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Will tells him it was Mari. Chris asks if anyone has gotten romantically close on the Gen-X tribe. Figgy is the first one to say no. Paul tells the Millennials that he is in a rock band. He comments, “I think the Millennials dig a guy like me because I’m old and they haven’t talked to parents in a while.” Paul keeps the Millennials laughing when he tells them that David is afraid of bugs and screams when he encounters one. David hopes to make friends with the Millennials, since he is at the bottom of the Gen-X tribe. He reveals, “Once there is a swap or merge, I’m going to need their help to get rid of Paul.” While the others go swimming, Taylor and Figgy stay on the beach and talk to David and CeCe. Figgy starts grilling them with questions about their tribe. CeCe and David gladly admit that Paul is the leader of the Gen-X tribe. Figgy tells them that they refer to Ken as Ken doll. Later, David gets a chance to talk with Taylor. He tells Taylor that he would love to work with him in the future, when they end up on the same tribe. David tells Taylor he will have no problem voting out anyone from his Gen-X tribe. Taylor is glad to hear this.


Chris, CeCe, David and Paul return to the Gen-X camp after the Summit. They update the rest of their tribe on the details of the Summit. David reveals, “The thing about talking to Taylor is that I felt like I had a ray of hope.” CeCe tells Ken that they call him Ken doll. This does not amuse Ken, since that is what the kids called him in school. He does not like the fact that the Millennials view him as just a pretty boy. Ken is hungry and decides to go out and catch some fish. He admits, “The Gen-X tribe I think would be hurting if they got rid of me, as far as the challenges go and my work ethic.” Ken returns with fish and cooks them on the fire. He is frustrated that Peter is considered the leader of the tribe by the majority alliance, yet Paul does not benefit the tribe like he does. Later, Ken takes a walk to the well with Jessica to refill their water bottles. He tells her that Peter talks a big game, but has yet to catch any fish and is only out for himself. Jessica assures Ken that she understands why he feels left out of things. She admits, “I’ve committed myself to Chris, Paul, Bret, Sunday and Lucy, who are my best bet moving forward to day 36.” Jessica wants to get to day 36, so she can use her Legacy advantage that she found at the start of the game.


Over at the Millennial camp, Will, Michelle, Figgy and Taylor are laying on the beach getting some sun. Taylor and Figgy are lying next to each other holding hands. Taylor boasts, “My girl’s here. She’s happy and this couldn’t be a better position to be in really.” Michelle and Figgy agree that Zeke should be the next one voted out. Adam is back at camp and he is not happy about not being in control of the game. He would like to get Figgy out next. He comments, “If Figgy goes home, there would be a shift and that’s what I need to happen in order to have some semblance of power here.” So, Adam talks to Michaela and Hannah about why it is dangerous to let Taylor and Figgy stay together as a power couple in the game with their tight allies of Jay and Michelle. Michaela listens to Adam. She admits, “Adam gives me different things to think about even though I’m in the majority.” Michaela plans on keeping an eye on things and doing whatever her gut tells her is best to do.


The Millennial and GenX tribes arrive at the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of this challenge. Each tribe will carry heavy bags over and under obstacles and then across a balance beam. Next, they will empty the bags and separate the sandbags from the coconuts. They will then use the sandbags to knock down large puzzle pieces. Once all the puzzle pieces are on the ground, they will then race to reassemble the puzzle. The first to get it right wins immunity and is safe from the vote. In addition, they are playing for a comfort reward, which includes chairs, pillows, blankets, candles and a hammock. The losers will go to Tribal Council where someone will be the third person voted out of the game.

The challenge begins and five people from each tribe pick up their heavy bags and starts racing through the course. The first obstacles require them to crawl under and jump over various wooden poles while dragging 40-pound bags with them. The Millennials have a slight lead as Taylor, Figgy, Adam, Will and Michaela get through this portion of the course faster than Paul, Bret, Lucy, CeCe and Chris from Gen-X. Gen-X then loses a lot of ground on the balance beam. Chris and Bret get over it quickly while carrying their bags, but CeCe, Paul and Lucy do not. CeCe is especially slow. Lucy and Paul at least drop their bags and let Chris maneuver the balance beam with them instead. While Gen-X is struggling, the Millennial tribe gets over the balance beam much faster and more efficiently. Adam and Will let Taylor, who is fast and good at balance take their bags, so they can concentrate on just getting themselves over the balance beam. The Millennials have a big lead as they go into the last part of the challenge, which is to knock down the puzzle blocks and then rebuild the puzzle. Jay has a strong arm, which helps as he throws the sandbags at his tribe’s puzzle blocks to knock them down. He gets two-thirds of his puzzle down, before Ken starts throwing sandbags at the Gen-X puzzle. Jay keeps his Millennial tribe in the lead as he quickly finishes the job and turns the puzzle over to Zeke and Michelle to put back together. Ken has good aim and a strong arm too, so he makes fast work of knocking down the Gen-X puzzle with the sandbags. Zeke and Michelle have completed the base of the Millennial puzzle, by the time David and Sunday start solving the puzzle for Gen-X. Although, they make good progress, David and Sunday cannot catch up to Zeke and Michelle. So, the Millennials win the challenge which gives them immunity and reward. Jay asks Jeff if they can swap the comfort reward for fishing gear. Jeff tells him that the Gen-X tribe would have to agree to it. The Gen-X tribe denies the request. So, the Millennials head back to camp with the comfort reward. The Millennials must go to Tribal Council tonight. Chris feels that CeCe lost them the challenge, by selfishly taking so much time to get across the balance beam without accepting help from her tribe mates. He comments, “I’m not sure how CeCe doesn’t go home tonight.”


The Gen-X tribe returns to camp disappointed after losing the challenge. Paul comments, “In my opinion, CeCe cost us the challenge. There’s no question of who is going home after that.” Chris and Bret meet at the well with Sunday and talk her into voting for CeCe tonight, so they can keep the tribe strong. Later, CeCe asks Sunday and Jessica what the plan is for tonight. She is tired of not being included in the strategy talks. CeCe admits, “I’m worried about tonight, because I had three votes last time.” David suggests to Ken and CeCe that they vote for Paul tonight. Both Ken and CeCe like that idea. David reveals, “As soon as Paul goes away, then some other connections and bonds can start forming.” Paul checks in with Sunday and Jessica to make sure they are voting for David tonight. They assure him that they are. Jessica tells Paul that they are with him as long as he is not thinking about taking only the guys to the end. Paul replies, “I would say ladies, you’re on your own.” Jessica does not feel comforted by those words. She hoped that Paul would stick with her and Sunday versus dropping them to go with the guys. Jessica immediately finds Lucy and tells her what Paul said. She warns Sunday and Lucy that they are on the bottom of the six alliance, since the guys look like they are sticking together. Lucy suggests they vote out Paul tonight instead of CeCe. Jessica comments, “I’m sure CeCe, Ken and Dave will vote off Paul. So, tonight we have a very big decision to make.” She worries about betraying her allies Chris and Bret, but she also worries about keeping Paul in the game.


The Gen-X tribe joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Jeff asks David about the Summit. David admits that it helped him see the Millennials as people and peers versus just enemies from the opposing tribe. David also points out that he is now feeling less nervous in the game. CeCe definitely feels nervous tonight, since last Tribal Council people voted for her and she still feels at the bottom with David and Ken. Chris is not worried that his alliance of Bret, Paul, Sunday, Lucy and Jessica will break up anytime soon. He feels it is too early for any of them to worry or question about where their place is in the alliance of six. CeCe is proud of getting across the balance beam in today’s challenge, even though it took her a while. Jeff points out that the Millennials were much more efficient in the teamwork they used to cross the beam. Sunday admits that her kids that are millennials are more open to trying new and different ways of doing things. Jeff asks the Gen-X tribe if they spell the word Y-O-U or use the letter U when they text. The majority said they use the whole word YOU. Jeff comments that the millennials are changing the language in favor of efficiency. Ken is worried about losing the poetic language for the sake of abbreviations and efficiency. Paul feels the alliance of six should not be worried about the vote tonight. Ken admits that he is worried, but hopes that his tribe appreciates all the work he does for them. CeCe is 90% sure that she is the one that will be voted out tonight. Jessica hopes the vote helps the tribe move forward in the game. Jeff then calls for the Gen-X tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first eight votes. CeCe receives 3 votes, while Paul receives 5 votes. So, Paul Wachter, the 52-year old Boat Mechanic from Sugarloaf Key, FL is the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENIALS VS GENX.