Season 33: Episode 4 - Who's the Sucker at the Table?
Posted on Oct 12, 2016 10:00pm


It’s night 10 and the Gen-X tribe has just returned from Tribal Council where Paul was voted out. Jessica knows that Chris and Bret are upset about losing their ally Paul and tries to explain things to them. Chris is mad and refuses to talk to her tonight. He admits, “I was about to just take the rice and throw it in the ocean and make my own tribe of one.” Jessica, Sunday and Lucy try to explain that Paul told Jessica that he would abandon them for an all guy alliance. Bret and Chris insist that they had never talked about an all guy alliance. Jessica comments, “I am very nervous now. I’m hoping that this wasn’t a bad idea.”

The next morning, Sunday and Lucy are still worried about Chris and Bret feeling betrayed by them voting out Paul. Lucy reveals, “It’s almost like you feel you cheated on somebody and then now the relationship has to mend itself.” Chris and Bret feel they can’t Jessica. Lucy is not sure she can trust Jessica anymore either. Lucy admits, “I feel like I need to do something about it.” So, Lucy meets with Chris and Bret and assures them that she is on their side. She tells them that Jessica wanted to take the power away from Paul, so she talked them into voting him out. Lucy points out to Chris and Bret that she has the trust of Ken and David and can get them to vote with them if needed. Chris reveals, “If I can help chop Jess that’s what I’m going to do now.” Bret agrees to work with Chris to vote out Jessica.


Over at the Millennial tribe, everyone is hungry. Jay suggests they go hunting for wild animals. Zeke points out that he saw what looks like pig footprints on the beach. Jay comments, “The definition of millennial would be a young person with a lot of dreams ready to go out and conquer the world.” He feels this accurately describes him. Figgy grabs the machete and invites everyone to go on a pig hunt. Just then they hear a noise on the hill and spot a goat. Jay, Adam, Taylor, Figgy and Zeke head up the hill to catch it. Meanwhile, Adam takes this opportunity to go search for a hidden immunity idol. He admits, “After Mari was voted out, my head is definitely on the chopping block and if I can somehow get my hands on an idol, I can save myself.” After much searching, Adam spots a rolled up piece of paper near the base of a palm tree. He is so excited to have found something. Adam unrolls the paper, which shows him a map and provides him a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. He admits, “For a Survivor super duper fan like me, like this is what dreams are made of.” Adam is worried the others are missing him, so he heads back to camp with the intention of searching for the idol later.


The Gen-X and Millennial tribes arrive at the Reward Challenge. The Millennials are shocked to see that Paul was the one voted out by the Gen-X tribe at the last Tribal Council. Jeff Probst, the host, gives them the instructions for this Reward Challenge. They will race out in the water to retrieve a ring. They will then race back with the ring to their tribe flagpole, while the other tribe attempts to stop them any way they can. The first tribe member to put one hand on their flagpole with their other hand on the ring scores a point for their tribe. The first tribe to three points wins reward. Jeff reveals the reward to be steak, sausages, vegetables and spices. The Millennials have one extra person on their tribe, so Michelle sits out of the challenge.

In the first round, Chris and David from the Gen-X tribe go against Jay and Adam from the Millennial tribe. Jay keeps Chris busy, which allows Adam to freely swim to the ring. Adam grabs the ring and heads towards the Millennial pole. Chris grabs the ring from Adam and throws it over to David. Meanwhile, Chris ties up both Jay and Adam, which allows David to easily swim the ring over to the Gen-X pole and score the first point. The next round has Sunday and CeCe up against Figgy and Michaela. Sunday and CeCe let Michaela and Figgy get the ring, while they stay back by the poles to play defense. Michaela grabs the ring and tosses it to Figgy. So, Sunday and CeCe go after Figgy. Michaela then fights off Sunday and CeCe and helps Figgy with the ring. Michaela has such strength and determination that she pulls the ring with Figgy, Sunday and CeCe attached all the way to the Millennial pole to scores a point and tie up the game at one each. The third round has Bret and Ken against Taylor and Will. This is a close round, but Bret and Ken win the point for their Gen-X tribe. So, the score is Gen-X two and Millennials one. The fourth round pits Jessica and Lucy against Michaela and Hannah. Jessica gets to the ring first, while Lucy ties up Michaela and Hannah. Michaela does not want Jessica to score, so she takes off her bathing suit top that Lucy is holding onto. Now all four ladies are fighting for the ring and trying to get it to their respective tribe poles. Once again, Michaela over powers the Gen-X tribe and scores the point for her Millennial tribe. The game is now tied at two each. The last round is a showdown for the win between and Jay and Zeke and Chris and David. Although Jay and Zeke fight hard, once again Chris proves to be a challenge beast and overpowers them to score the winning point for his Gen-X tribe. So, the Gen-X tribe wins the challenge and the food reward.


The Millennial tribe returns to camp and congratulates each other for a good effort, even though they didn’t win. Zeke talks to Taylor about how big and powerful Chris from the Gen-X tribe was in the challenge. Everyone praises Michaela for doing such a great job in the challenge against the Gen-X women. Michaela wanted to win so badly. She comments, “You can either lose or let your bathing suit get ripped off and win. So, I was like, ‘They’re about to see some tah tahs today.’” Adam is anxious to find the hidden immunity idol, so he begins searching. He comments, “I need to make sure I find it before we either go back to Tribal Council or we swap.” Adam reads the clue he found again and determines that he needs to look for a shell with the tribe symbol on it in the area shown on the map. He searches and searches for shells with the tribe symbol and gets frustrated when he can’t find any. Finally, Adam sees a giant clamshell with the tribe symbol painted on it half buried in the sand. He pries open the shell and find the idol inside. Hannah yells to him from a distance and wishes him well on his idol search. Adam is worried that Hannah might have seen him find the idol, but he is so excited that he has found the idol. Adam dedicates the idol to his mother who is also a fan of Survivor. He admits, “My Mom was diagnosed about seven months ago with stage 4 lung cancer.” Adam cries as he thinks about what his mother is going through. His goal is to give his mother something to look forward to and feels having her see that he found a hidden immunity idol would help do this.


The next morning the Gen-X tribe is still enjoying the food they won at yesterday’s Reward Challenge by having sausage and vegetables for breakfast. Lucy heads off to the water well with David and Ken. She tells them to not worry about being voted out at the next Tribal Council. David reveals, “I think the smartest thing for me right now is to go along with wherever the majority is leaning.” Lucy tells David and Ken that Jessica is going next. She warns them not to talk to anyone else about this. Lucy reminds them that they will not be trusted anymore, if they leak this information to Jessica. Ken is not happy being treated like a child by being told what to do. He vents, “We went from one dictator to another and it doesn’t fly with me.”


The Millennial and GenX tribes arrive at the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. One person from each tribe will race through a series of obstacles to a chair. The tribe will lift the chair allowing the person to retrieve 10 numbered bags from a wooden structure, then the next person goes. Once the tribe has retrieved all 30 bags, they will use the letters inside to solve a word puzzle. The first tribe to get it right wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out of this game. The Millennials have one extra person, so Adam volunteers to sit out.

The challenge begins. Chris is the first one through the obstacles and into the chair for the Gen-X tribe. Figgy is the first one out for the Millennials. Chris gets to his chair first. Bret, Sunday, Jessica, CeCe and Lucy use ropes attached to the chair to pull Chris up, so he can retrieve the first 10 bags in an elevated wooden structure. Figgy arrives at her chair and has Will, Jay, Taylor, Zeke and Hannah maneuver her chair around. Chris maintains the lead for his Gen-X tribe as he collects his 10 bags before Figgy. Ken is the next one on the course and in the chair for Gen-X. Michelle is the next person out for the Millennials. Ken keeps Gen-X in the lead by gathering bags 11-20 before Michelle. David heads out next for Gen-X to get bags 21-30. Michaela goes out for her Millennial tribe to do the same. Michaela makes up some time for her tribe, but David still collects all his bags first. So, Chris, Ken and David start on their word puzzle. They open the 30 bags they collected and pull out the letters contained inside. Michaela, Figgy and Michelle now begin work on the Millennial puzzle. The two tribes have a different approach to solving the puzzle. The Gen-X tribe moves the 30 letters around attempting for form words, while the Millennial tribe thinks about what words will fit the puzzle before moving the letters around. Both tribes work on their puzzle for over 45 minutes, until Zeke realizes that one of the words they are struggling with must be SOMEBODY. This helps the Millennial tribe solve the word puzzle with the phrase SOMEBODY LOSES THEIR FLAME TONIGHT. So, the Millennials win immunity forcing the Gen-X tribe to once again go to Tribal Council and vote someone out of their tribe.


The Gen-X tribe is so disappointed to be going to Tribal Council once again. Chris hopes that he and Bret are safe tonight, since they got blindsided with Paul being voted out at the last Tribal Council. He comments, “We have a plan to blindside Jess and I’m counting on Lucy to make that happen.” Chris checks in with Lucy. Lucy assures Chris that Ken and David will vote with the two of them and Bret tonight against Jessica. Lucy admits, “I’m like a tiger mom, because the scenario that I love is me being in control.” Meanwhile, Ken talks to David and points out that the two of them and CeCe are at the bottom. He suggests that they take control by joining with CeCe and Jessica to vote Lucy out tonight. Jessica is close to Sunday, so she should be able to talk Sunday into joining them and giving them enough votes to send Lucy home. David comments, “Out here you have to be careful not to say the wrong thing or rub people the wrong way, because you can really piss some people off.” David likes the idea of voting Lucy out, since it would help his game. So, David talks CeCe into voting for Lucy tonight, while Ken tells Jessica the plan for tonight. Jessica is shocked to hear that Chris, Bret and Lucy want to vote her out. She admits, “It seems a little suspicious.” Next, Jessica talks to Lucy. Lucy tells Jessica that the plan is to vote out CeCe tonight. Jessica tells Lucy that Ken said that she was telling people to vote for her. So, Ken encouraged her to vote for Lucy. Lucy is upset to hear that Ken did not follow her orders and is coming after her. David is in camp when Lucy tells Chris that Ken revealed their plan. David comments, “Right now, things are blowing up in a big way.” Later, David tells Ken that Jessica revealed their plan to Lucy. Ken is upset to hear this, since he felt that he could really trust Jessica. Lucy finds Ken and asks him why he betrayed her. He explains that he did not like her controlling things and telling him not to talk to others. Lucy realizes that Ken is a more emotional person. She comments, “Why start having emotions about voting people off right now?” Lucy feels that Ken should just be happy that he is not the one going home tonight. David tells Chris, Bret, and Lucy that he will vote for Jessica. David admits, “Another option I have is I could play my immunity idol for Jessica and save her.” He worries though that Lucy did not believe him when he said he was voting for Jessica and not her tonight.


The Gen-X tribe once again joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. David feels the last Tribal Council did not help to unite the tribe. Chris admits that he and Bret were blindsided by Paul being voted out. He hopes his Gen-X tribe will work together more in the future. Jessica hopes that the remaining five people in the original six person alliance will vote together tonight. Lucy admits that everyone feels insecure and unsure of who will be voted out tonight. She is worried that Ken may have talked enough people into voting her out tonight. Ken explains to Jeff how Lucy told and not asked him what to do for this vote. Lucy feels Ken should just appreciate knowing that he was not the one on the chopping block. Ken reveals that he has wondered how he should vote tonight because Jessica did not believe him when he told her they were coming after her. Ken once again tells Jessica that she should trust him. David is amazed at how what is said at Tribal Council can make you rethink your voted. Jessica feels the same way. Chris tells everyone that he is not changing his vote. Jeff then calls for the Gen-X tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. David surprises everyone by playing his idol for Jessica. Jeff reveals all the votes. Jessica receives 5 votes, which do not count. CeCe receives 1 vote, while Lucy receives 2 votes. So, Lucy Huang, a 42-year old Dietician from Diamond Bar, CA is the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.