Season 33: Episode 5 - Idol Search Party
Posted on Oct 19, 2016 10:00pm


The Gen-X tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council on night 12. Lucy was just voted out, because David played his idol for Jessica. David admits, “I don’t know that playing that idol was the right move because I saved someone that nobody really wants to work with and now I don’t have an idol and I’m incredibly vulnerable.” Jessica apologizes to Ken for not trusting him when he told her that she was being targeted before Tribal Council. In an effort to win Ken’s trust back, Jessica reveals to him that she found the Legacy Advantage on the first day, which will benefit her if she is still in the game on day 36. She also tells him that if she were voted out tonight, she would have given it to him. Jessica admits, “I’m hoping that that bought me some more good will.” Ken believes Jessica and has renewed faith in her.

The next morning, everyone on the Gen-X tribe goes out to look for a hidden immunity idol. They feel a new one has likely been hidden around camp, since David played his last night at Tribal Council. Everyone is searching around trees and under rocks trying to find it. David is looking around for something with the tribe symbol on it, since that’s where he found the first idol. He comments, “The one issue with an open idol hunt is that everyone is looking for the idol and you might be seen having found it.” David is searching in the jungle near Sunday and CeCe. He turns around and sees a log on the ground with the tribe symbol on it. David waits and waits for Sunday and CeCe to move to another area, so he can check out the log. Finally Sunday and CeCe get tired of searching and head back to camp. David rushes over to pick up the log and cracks it open to find just what he was looking for … his second hidden immunity idol. He is so happy to find another idol the day after playing his first one. David reveals, “I’ve tasted no victory in my real life that compares to the victory I feel right now in Survivor.”


Jeff Probst, the host, greets the Millennial and Gen-X tribes as they arrive at the Reward Challenge. He points out that there are some things in Survivor that you have no control over that can change your game in an instant. Jeff then tells everyone to drop their buffs because things are being switched up. Everyone is shocked when Jeff tells them that they are going to be divided into three tribes instead of just two. If they pick an orange buff then they will return to the old Millennial beach and be in the Vanua tribe. If they draw a purple buff then they will go to the Gen-X beach and be in the Takali tribe. Finally, if they draw a green buff, then they will go to a new beach with the tribe name Ikabula. The Ikabula tribe will have to start from scratch. Everyone groans when they hear this. Jeff informs them that the Ikabula tribe will have one extra tribe member to help with the extra work they will need to do. Next, Jeff lets each person pick a wrapped buff. Taylor hopes they he will not be split up from Figgy. When everyone has a buff, Jeff instructs them to open them up and join their new tribe mates. Michaela opens a green buff and she is not happy about being on the tribe that has to start from scratch. The new Takali tribe is made up of 3 Millennials, who are Taylor, Figgy and Adam along with 2 Gen-Xs, who are Ken and Jessica. Taylor comments, “I’ve got the numbers and I have Fig, so it could not go any better for me.” The new Vanua tribe is made up of 3 Gen-Xers who are Chris, David and CeCe. They are joined by 2 Millennials, who are Zeke and Michelle. Zeke is worried about being in the minority, but he is hopeful that his new tribe will win challenges. The new Ikabula tribe is made up of 4 Millennials, who are Jay, Will, Hannah and Michaela. The remaining two Ikabula members are Gen-Xers Sunday and Bret. Michaela is mad at Jeff. She vents, “You’re going to send us to an empty beach, where we got to make the shelter and we don’t have any food. I just wanted to flip him off right there, but I didn’t.” Jeff gives Ikabula a map to their new beach. He then sends everyone back to their camps. Zeke admits, “This is like the disaster scenario.” He is worried about being on the one tribe where the Millennials are in the minority. In addition, Zeke is not happy about being on Vanua with fellow Millennial Michelle, whom he does not trust.


The new six Ikabula members get to camp and introduce themselves to each other. Bret comments, “Sunday and I are in serious trouble right now, but Gen-Xers, we have the drive to get through tough times in life and not to quit.” Bret hopes to show the Millennials that he is worth keeping around. Next, everyone starts gathering material to build a shelter. Jay is frustrated when he has to tell Bret and Sunday what to do and how to do it. He thought Gen-Xers were supposed to be leaders and hard workers. Jay reveals, “Even if I’ve got to build a new shelter, I’m happy because we have the numbers.” With 4 Millennials and only 2 Gen-Xers, Jay plans on getting rid of the Gen-Xers first.


Ken and Jessica welcome Taylor, Figgy and Adam to their former Gen-X camp. Ken takes them on a tour. He likes the new energy that the Millennials bring to camp. Later, when Ken and Jessica are away from camp, Taylor gives Figgy a hug. Figgy quickly tells Taylor not to show any affection towards her in this new Takali tribe. Taylor is very disappointed. Figgy explains, “Sorry Taylor, I love you to pieces, but being with these new people that’s going to put a target on our back.” Later, while Ken is cooking dinner for the tribe, Taylor whispers to Figgy, “You are hot.” She blows him a kiss. Adam comments, “Getting swapped into a tribe with only Taylor and Figgy from my original Millennial tribe, it’s my worst nightmare.” He doesn’t trust either one of them. Later, Adam takes a walk with Ken and admits that he was at the bottom of the Millennial tribe. Ken is happy to find out the Millennials aren’t as tight as he thought they were. He likes Adam and tells him that they can work together. Adam is now feeling better about this new Takali tribe, since he is in a key position between the Millennial pair of Taylor and Figgy and the Gen-X pair of Ken and Jessica. He comments, “I’m the guy they need to come to. I’m the guy they need to work with.”


The next morning at the Vanua camp, Chris, CeCe, David, Zeke and Michelle get to know each other better. Michelle admits, “I happen to be on the only tribe with the minority Millennials, just me and Zeke and three Gen-Xers.” She worries about the Gen-Xers voting her out if they go to Tribal Council. As everyone talks about where they are from, Chris and Zeke realize they are both from Okalahoma. Zeke is impressed that Chris played on the University of Oklahoma Sooner football team. Chris admits, “I am feeling better on this new tribe, than I did at the end of the Gen-X, because here I feel I have a tad bit more control over my decisions and how I’m going to play the game.” Later Chris tells Zeke that he would like work with him to make a move. Zeke is so happy to hear this. He admits, “It’s like the heavens opened and the light shined down and finally I catch a break in this game.”


The Ikabula tribe still has not been able to start of fire. Jay takes his turn with the machete and flint, but has no success. Everyone is hungry and thirsty, but without of a fire they can’t boil water or cook food. Bret is the next one to try and start a fire. When he is unsuccessful, Michaela offers to take a turn. Bret gladly hands over the machete and flint to her. Michaela is tired too, but she is determined to succeed. So, she keeps striking the flint with the machete until sparks start flying. When one of the sparks lights the kindling, Jay takes over to help keep the fire going. Bret comments, “It really brought us all back to life and it was a great moment.” Michaela quickly leaves camp and heads into the jungle, when she starts crying. She doesn’t normally cry, but she is very moved by having started a fire when no one else could. Michaela reveals, “Sometimes when you have no other choice but to get something done, it happens. It’s just letting me know that the life I’m trying to get by winning this thing is worth it.” She hopes to win Survivor, so she can have success and help her family. Everyone cheers as she returns to camp after composing herself.


The Vanua, Takali and Ikabula tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst reveals a second Immunity idol and explains the rules of this Immunity Challenge. Two tribes will win immunity and one will not. Each tribe will have one person dive into the water and retrieve a buoy. They will then swim with the buoy to a platform and deposit in their tribe basket. Then the next person goes. Once a tribe has collected all five buoys, they have a choice. They can immediately start throwing their buoys attempting to land them in a hoop or they can take the time to try and hook their hoop and pull it closer, which makes it easier to score. The first two tribes to throw all five buoys in their hoops win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of this game. The Ikabula tribe has one extra member, so Will volunteers to sit out of the challenge.

The challenge begins. Adam jumps in the water for Takali and retrieves their first buoy and gets it on the platform and in the basket quickly. CeCe gets the first buoy for Vanua, but takes a long time to swim it to their platform. Meanwhile, Sunday is the first one in the water for Ikabula, but she is unable to untie the buoy. So, she gives up and swims to the platform. Jay then jumps in to retrieve Ikabula’s first buoy and gets it untied and to the platform quickly. Jessica now has Takali’s second buoy. CeCe has just now gotten the first buoy to the Vanua platform. Michaela makes up time for Ikabula and has their second buoy to the platform. David is the next one out for Vanua. He does a good job at untying the second buoy, but has the hardest time swimming it over to the platform and getting it into the basket. This puts Vanua farther behind. Takali retrieves their remaining three buoys before the other tribes due to good performances by Figgy, Ken and Taylor. Ken starts trying to hook their hoop to bring it closer before David has even gotten Vanua’s second buoy in the basket. Ikabula is the next to retrieve all five of their buoys, with Jay giving extra effort by retrieving two of them. Michaela starts trying to hook their hoop and bring it closer. Vanua continues to fall behind when Michelle is unable to untie her buoy, which forces Chris to retrieve two buoys. Ken has finally hooked the Takali hoop and pulls it closer, so he can start throwing their five buoys in the basket. Ken is unable to score any points though, before Michaela has gotten her hoop closer and scores her first point. Vanua is now finally retrieving their fifth and final buoy. Chris is the shooter for Vanua. In the end, Ikabula wins immunity first with the help of Michaela’s good aim. Ken finally sinks the five buoys into the Takali basket and wins them immunity also. So, Vanua loses the challenge and must go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out.


The Vanua tribe is discouraged with their performance at the Immunity Challenge. CeCe dreads going to Tribal Council again. She comments, “The one positive is that finally I’m not at the bottom.” CeCe is sure that Michelle or Zeke will go home, since the Millennials are in the minority. Chris, David and CeCe talk about Tribal Council and agree to vote Michelle out tonight. The want to keep Zeke, because they feel he does better in the challenges. Chris has other plans though. He explains, “CeCe and Dave back stabbed me and one of them has to go today.” Chris feels David has better alliances with others, which may help him in the future. So, Chris wants to vote CeCe off tonight. Chris meets with David and tells him his plan. David feels uncomfortable about voting for CeCe, since she was on their original Gen-X tribe. He comments, “Chris has on his side Zeke and Michelle, so I think I should just go along with the plan.” Chris hopes that he can trust David, since he has messed up his game in the past. Next, Chris and David tell Zeke and Michelle that they are safe tonight, since CeCe is the one being vote out. Michelle is not sure that she can trust Chris and David. She reveals, “I’m not going to sit back and let other people decide my fate.” Michelle meets with CeCe and recommends that they vote out David tonight, since he is weak in challenges. She is discouraged with CeCe does not go along with her plan. Michelle is left hoping that she can trust Chris and David. Later, when Michelle is out of camp, CeCe reveals to Chris, Zeke and David that Michelle would like to vote David out. David is now unsure whether he should keep Michelle around, if she is targeting him. He is worried that he will be the next one out at after CeCe. David admits, “It’s got me thinking whether or not I should give my idol to CeCe and then vote off Michelle.” Like a good chess player, David is trying to plan his future moves and see what is best for him.


The Vanua tribe joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Zeke admits that he and Michelle are at risk of getting voted out, since they are the only Millennials on the Vanua tribe. David confirms that the he, Chris and CeCe from the Gen-X tribe plan on sticking together. Zeke points out to the three Gen-Xers that they need him to make connections with the other Millennials, which will give them an advantage in the game. Chris agrees that they will need to work with the Millennials going forward. He admits that he and Zeke have already bonded over their common Okalahoma roots. David assures Chris that he can be trusted tonight and he will not backstab him as he has done in prior Tribal Councils. Michelle wonders why Chris would want to work with David, since he has not been loyal in the past. She recommends that David be voted out tonight. David hopes that the three Gen-Xers are truly united. Jeff then calls for the Vanua tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 4 votes. Michelle receives 1, while CeCe receives 3 votes. So, Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor, a 39-year old Insurance Adjuster from Granada Hills, CA is the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.