Season 33: Episode 6 - The Truth Works Well
Posted on Oct 26, 2016 10:00pm


It’s night 15 and the Vanua tribe returns to camp after just voting out CeCe at Tribal Council. David feels confident that getting rid of CeCe was the right thing to do. He comments, “It’s no longer Millennials versus Gen-X. It’s the people I trust versus the people you trust.” Zeke is so happy to still be in the game and be in a power position with Chris. He admits, “Those silly Gen-Xers sent home one of their own on the one tribe they had the numbers.” Zeke feels he has new life in Survivor.


The next morning the Ikabula tribe is very hungry, but Jay is not going to let his hunger take his mind off doing everything he can to win Survivor. He wants to win the game to help out his mother and sister. Jay reveals, “People say Millennials are selfish and they just want to do things their own way and they do whatever they want, you know, but it’s not true. This is for my family.” Jay and Will head out of camp to look for a hidden immunity idol. Jay is determined to find one, so he can keep himself safe in the game. After much searching, Jay spots a piece of bamboo at the base of a tree with the Ikabula tribe symbol on it. He shows it to Will and then cracks it open. He is so happy to find a hidden immunity idol. Will is excited that Jay found the idol and didn’t hide it from him. Jay says, “This hidden immunity idol means, Mom you just got one step closer to getting the house.” Just as Jay is telling Will not to tell anyone else about the idol, Michaela walks up on them and sees the idol. Jay tries to play it cool, but he is not happy that Michaela knows about it. Michaela comments, “Right now I’m not going to tell anybody that Jay has the idol, but if I get wind of something going down, I’m snitching.”


Jeff Probst, the host, greets the Ikabula, Takali and Vanua tribes as they arrive at the Reward Challenge. Figgy starts clapping when she sees that CeCe and not Michelle was the one voted off the Vanua tribe. Jeff asks her why she is so happy. Figgy responds, “I love Michelle so. I love Zeke too, but I was really, really worried.” Figgy realizes that it sounded bad to be so excited about seeing Michelle and include Zeke as an afterthought, but she was just being honest. Jeff asks Michelle if she is worried that Figgy was so honest about their bond. Michelle feels there is nothing wrong with being truthful. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. One person will be the tribe’s caller, while the rest of the tribe is blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will instruct the blindfolded tribe members to collect puzzle pieces. Once they have collected all the puzzle pieces, the caller will direct a still blindfolded tribe member to solve the puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win reward. The first tribe to finish wins apple pie, cookies, brownies, milk and tea. The second tribe to finish wins chocolate chip cookies. The Takali tribe has one extra member, so Jessica sits out of the challenge. The Ikabula tribe has two extra members, so Bret and Hannah sit out.

The challenge begins. Figgy is the caller for the Takali tribe. She guides her blindfolded tribe mates Ken, Taylor and Adam through the course to find puzzle pieces with only her voice. Jay is the caller for Ikabula. He is guiding Sunday, Bret and Will to their puzzle pieces. Michelle is the caller for Vanua. So, she is the voice for Chris, Zeke and David. Sunday gets to her first obstacle, where she needs to run around a post to unscrew a piece of wood to then release a set of puzzle pieces. She gets dizzy and falls down. Adam is the first one to retrieve puzzle pieces, which puts his Takali tribe in the lead. Michelle is having trouble with David, who keeps going off course and winds up next to another tribe’s puzzle pieces. Ken brings back a second set of puzzle pieces for Takali, which puts them further in the lead. Sunday has recovered from her fall and brings back the first set of puzzle pieces for Ikabula. Takali and Ikabula continue to successfully find their puzzle pieces and get them back to their tables, while Vanua continues to struggle. Chris helps Michelle give David directions to get him back on track. Ken and Taylor bring back the last puzzle piece for Takali. So, Figgy starts directing Ken through solving the puzzle. Michaela brings back the last pieces for Ikabula. So, now Jay works with Michaela to solve their puzzle. David and Zeke finally bring back the last two pieces for Vanua. Michelle works with Zeke to solve their puzzle. They have to hurry to catch up with Takali and Ikabula, who have been working on their puzzles for a while. Meanwhile, Hannah is starting to feel faint as she sits on the sidelines. Jeff recommends that she move to the shade. Michelle and Zeke make an incredible come back and solve the puzzle first for Vanua. Therefore, Vanua wins the apple pie reward. Jay and Michaela come in second to win the chocolate chip cookies for Ikabula. Even though they had a big lead, Figgy and Ken are not able to solve their puzzle in time. Figgy is upset about failing. Jeff checks on Hannah, who now has cramps in her arms. Dr. Joe from the medical team comes in to take a look at her. He helps her to calm down and slow her breath. Hannah feels better and the cramps have gone away. She admits that she has had panic attacks in the past.


Everyone at the Vanua tribe is enjoying the apple pie, cupcakes, cookies and brownies back at camp. Zeke compliments Michelle for directing them so well in the challenge. Michelle thinks it’s funny that Figgy was so honest about being glad that she was not voted out. Zeke was not greeted so enthusiastically by Figgy. He comments, “I’m obviously at the bottom of the Millennials right now and so my gut tells me that getting rid of Michelle isn’t bad for me, because Michelle was plotting against me before and has connections to Taylor and Figgy.” Zeke is amazed that he is thinking about siding with the Gen-Xers against his old Millennial tribe.


Over at the Ikabula tribe, Hannah is in the shelter talking to Sunday about her panic attack. She is sure that some people will make fun of her for it. Hannah reveals, “I can’t seem this weak in front of my tribe.” Sunday tries to encourage Hannah, by reminding her that she has accomplished so many things already in Survivor. Hannah realizes that Survivor does not allow you to relax and take a break from the game play. She admits, “Perception is reality and I have to keep saying ‘I’m good.’ So that people know that I’m good. So, that it doesn’t become a hindrance to my game.”


Taylor and Figgy are finding it harder and harder to hide their romance in front of Jessica and Ken. Taylor tells Figgy that he is confident they are in a power position, because they have the support of Adam, which gives them a three to two majority in the tribe. He pleads with Figgy to break the news of their relationship to Jessica and Ken, so they can be more open about it around camp. Figgy admits, “I don’t know what type of reaction it’s going to be.” She finally gets up enough nerve and breaks the news of her relationship with Taylor to Jessica and Ken. Both of them assure Figgy that they knew the two of them were close, even when they were trying to hide it. Figgy is both surprised and relieved to hear this. Ken reveals, “That little couple of Taylor and Figgy aren’t as cool as they think they are and I’m not going to sit on my ass and hope and pray that everything is okay. I’m going to make moves to make sure I’m okay.”


All three tribes arrive on their mats at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this Immunity Challenge. They will race across a series of balance beams to collect bags of coconuts and bring them back to the beach. Once their tribe has all six bags, they will open them to find three balls amongst the coconuts. Two players will then maneuver those balls through a table maze. The first two tribes to get all three balls to the end win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the sixth person voted out of this game. To even up the numbers on the tribes, Adam sits out of the challenge for Takali, while Will and Sunday sit out for Ikabula.

Ken, David and Jay are the first ones in the water and onto the balance beams for their respective tribes. Ken flies across the balance beams, but ends up falling off before he gets to the end. So, this puts Jay and David in the lead. Jay gets across his balance beam and unties his three bags and gets them back to the beach before David. David is not doing bad though as he gets his first bag back to the beach before Ken. Ken makes up time by being able to carry all three of his bags to the beach at once. Bret, Taylor and Chris are the next people in the water for their tribes. Taylor puts Takali in the lead, by getting the remaining three bags back to the beach first. Now, Figgy and Jessica dump their six bags to find the three balls. Now they can begin guiding these balls through the table maze. Ikabula is in second with Michaela and Hannah now emptying their bags and searching for the balls. Vanua is in a close third with Michelle and Zeke in charge of the balls and the table maze. Just to make things more difficult, each of the two people maneuvering the table maze has to balance their feet on a very small peg. Figgy and Jessica have a big lead in working their maze, which gives them time to get the feel for it. So far, they have not gotten a ball to the end though. Michaela yells at Hannah as they move their table maze. She wants Hannah to let her totally control the maze. Zeke and Michelle are working together to try and get their first ball to the end. All three tribes take a while to get the hang of it. Michaela and Hannah are the first pair to get their ball to the end, which puts Ikabula in the lead. They quickly get their second ball to the end. Jessica and Figgy finally score a point for Takali. Michaela continues to bark orders at Hannah, but it works as they score their third and final point for Ikabula, which ensures immunity for their tribe. Now, Zeke and Michelle are battling for second place with Figgy and Jessica. Michaela starts giving Zeke and Michelle advice to on how best to control the maze. This helps them finally score their first point for Vanua. Jessica and Figgy land the second ball for Takali. It is a close challenge, as Zeke and Michelle score their second point. Each tribe only needs one more. In the end, Zeke and Michelle win immunity for Vanua. So, Takali will go to Tribal Council and vote someone out tonight. Before leaving the challenge, Michaela admits that she was helping Zeke and Michelle, even though they are on an opposing tribe, because she did not want a Millennial to be voted out tonight. She figured that Takali did not need any help, since the Millennials are in the majority on that tribe. Figgy says, “If the Millennials are smart, we will stick together and take out the Gen-Xers.”


The Takali tribe returns to camp very disappointed at losing the Immunity challenge. Adam reveals, “Losing puts me in a real bind, because this whole time that I’ve been out here, I’ve been playing double agent.” He could easily vote with Jessica and Ken or Figgy and Taylor. The problem is that he makes enemies out of the people he votes against. Adam takes a walk with Figgy, who assures him that she and Taylor want to work with him. They discuss voting out Ken tonight, since they see him as a bigger threat than Jessica. Taylor joins the two of them and agrees to vote out Ken. Taylor comments, “Who knows maybe Adam’s double crossing us and he’s way smarter than we think he is … unlikely, but maybe.” Figgy and Taylor hope that Adam will be true to his word and vote for Ken tonight. Next, Jessica talks to Adam about working with her and Ken to vote out either Taylor or Figgy. Adam tells her that Figgy and Taylor are targeting Ken tonight. Jessica admits, “This can’t happen, because I need Ken to move forward.” Without Ken, Jessica feels she would get voted out next. Jessica meets with Ken and encourages him to talk to Adam and assure him that he can trust the two of them. Ken reveals, “I could be going home, but I have never gone down without a fight.” Ken takes Jessica’s advice and talks to Adam. He promises Adam that he and Jessica will be loyal to him right to the end. Ken asks Adam to join them in voting out Figgy tonight. Adam admits, “The question is which side is going to better for my future in this game.”


The Takali tribe joins Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. Ken feels that since the three Millennials out number Jessica and him, things don’t look good for them. Taylor points out that it is smart for the Millennials to stick together and keep the power in the tribe. Figgy assures Adam that she forgives him for voting for her at the first Tribal Council. Jeff asks Adam if he feels that Figgy is as close to him as she is to Taylor. Adam quickly admits that Figgy and Taylor have a romantic relationship. Since, Jeff is an ordained minister, he offers to perform a wedding ceremony right then and there for them. Figgy seems up for it, which shocks Taylor. The whole tribe erupts in laughter. Figgy assures the rest of her tribe that her relationship with Taylor should not bother the rest of them, since they are just a simple two person alliance, just like Jessica and Ken are. Adam doesn’t feel that Figgy and Taylor’s partnership is the same as Jessica and Ken. Figgy once again states that she and Taylor are serious about playing the game and their love relationship is just a bonus that they were not expecting. Adam admits that he is stuck in the middle of the two couples. Taylor points out that Adam would be foolish to flip to Ken and Jessica’s side, since the Millennials have the majority in the game and will come after him at the merge. Adam hopes that the four Takali members that go back to camp tonight will work together in the game. Jessica reminds Adam that not all the Millennials got along before the switch, so they will not likely get along after the merge. Adam admits that tonight’s vote is difficult for him, because the person he is voting for is someone he genuinely likes. In addition, that person’s closest ally will not be happy with him. Jeff then calls for the Takali tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the all the votes. Ken receives 2, while Figgy receives 3 votes. So, Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, a 23-year old Bartender from Nashville, TN is the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X. Figgy wishes Taylor good luck and cries as she leaves the game.