Season 33: Episode 7 - I Will Destroy You
Posted on Nov 2, 2016 10:00pm


The Takali tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 18 where Figgy was just voted out. Adam tells Taylor that he would like to explain why he sided with the Gen-Xers and voted out Figgy. Taylor comments, “Tribal sucked, like to the max.” Figgy was the only person that Taylor trusted and besides that, he loved having her around. Adam tells Taylor, that he did what he thought was best for his game by voting out Figgy. Adam reveals, “I feel badly that I ended their island romance, but I did what I need to do.” He plans on working with Gen-Xers Ken and Jessica to get ahead in the game. Taylor feels angry and betrayed by Adam. He vents, “Now this is a total game of revenge.” Taylor decides to be patient and wait for the right time to destroy Adam’s game.


The next morning at the Vanua tribe, David is worried that he might be the next one voted out. He trusts Zeke more than Chris. So, David decides to strengthen his bond with Zeke by telling him that he has a hidden immunity idol. David comments, “It’s a very risky move or it’s a great move. You just really never know.” David tells Zeke about his idol and asks him not to tell anyone else. He also tells Zeke that he wants to go to the end of the game with him. Zeke thanks David for confiding in him and promises not tell anyone else about the idol. Zeke reveals, “He has put his life in my hands and I’m going to take very, very good care of his life, for the time being.”


Jeff Probst, the host, greets the Ikabula, Takali and Vanua tribes as they arrive at the Reward Challenge. There are big reactions from the Ikabula and Vanua tribes when they see that Figgy was the one voted out last night by the Takali tribe. Michaela smiles and says, “It’s been time for Figgy to go home for a while.” Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Each tribe is going to work together to unwind and release three balls. They will then shoot the balls into a basket and push them through a rope tunnel. Once they have all three balls, they will attempt to land them on a perch. The first two tribes to finish win reward. The first tribe to finish will have a chef come to their camp and cook chicken, garlic shrimp, salads and cheesecake. The second tribe to finish will get kabobs, which they will have to cook themselves. The third tribe to finish gets nothing. The Ikabula tribe sits out Sunday and Bret, since they have two extra members.

The challenge begins in the water. All three tribes run to retrieve their three balls from a bag sitting on an overhead spiral hook. Zeke, Jay and Adam are lifted up by their tribe mates to unhook their bags of balls. Jay is the first one to release his tribe’s bag with the help of his Ikabula tribe mates. Zeke falls down, so David takes over for Vanua. Takali gets their bag of balls free next. David struggles like Zeke did, which puts the Vanua tribe further behind. Jay is the shooter for Ikabula. His goal is to get each of the three balls through the giant hoop and down the rope tunnel one at a time. Ken is the shooter for Takali. Ken is the first one to get a ball through the hoop. Jessica and Adam then take over to get that ball through the rope tunnel. Finally, Vanua has retrieved their bags of balls. So, Chris starts shooting them towards the hoop. He gets his first ball through. Zeke and Michelle now go to work to get that ball through the rope tunnel. Meanwhile, Jay is still trying to get his first ball through the hoop for Ikabula. He finally scores one, so Will and Hannah work on moving it through the rope tunnel. Michelle and Zeke prove to be the best pair to move the balls through the tunnel, which makes up a lot of time for Vanua. Chris now shoots the second ball and scores for Vanua. Adam and Jessica finally get the ball through the tunnel for Takali. Ken shoots and scores the second ball for them. Zeke and Michelle get the second ball through for Vanua, while Will and Hannah have just now gotten the first ball through for Ikabula. Now, Chris and Ken have scored the third and final balls for Vanua and Takali. Michelle and Zeke are once again the fastest to get the ball through the rope tunnel, so now Chris starts the final phase for Vanua. He throws the ball up and tries to get it to land on a perch and not fall back down. Takali now has their third ball free, so Ken starts shooting their balls and trying to get them to land on the perch. By now, Chris has already landed two balls on the Vanua perch. Ikabula is now working on getting their third and final ball through the rope tunnel. Chris lands the third and final ball on the perch for Vanua, which wins them first place and the visit by a chef to their camp. Ken is trying to land a second ball for Takali, when Michaela starts shooting balls on the perch for Ikabula. In the end, Michaela makes a huge comeback for Ikabula and gets their three balls on the perch, before Takali. So, Ikabula wins the kabob reward. Michaela is happy to get the kabobs, but she admits, “It makes me nervous when I help the team win, because I don’t want people thinking that I’m the one to beat.”


The Vanua tribe is thrilled when they return to camp and are greeted by a chef that has a meal all prepared for them. David comments, “Jeff completely undersold it. This is food that like I would talk about in a restaurant in LA.” Back at home, Zeke is used to being on a diet, but here he is determined to eat as much as he can. He admits, “The more calories I can eat now, the longer it’s going to benefit me.” David has to take a break because he is eating so much so quickly. Chris is following Zeke’s lead and eating as much as he can with his bare hands. He comments, “The three guys have turned into a bunch of animals and we’re just scraping food off the plate and Michelle is eating with a knife and fork, like a human.” After eating so much, the guys start burping and passing gas. Michelle is bothered by this, but says nothing. She comments, “I am a little nervous, because me being the only girl, I could be an easy vote, but I’m not going to change who I am for the game.”


Over at the Takali tribe, Ken talks about his views on politics in front of Taylor and Jessica. Taylor thinks his generation will change things that are obsolete. Jessica admits, “Taylor is so classic Millennial. He’s so honest with answers.” She appreciates Taylor’s honesty and finds it refreshing. Jessica asks Taylor if Adam promised him and Figgy that he would be loyal to them, before he voted for Figgy. Taylor says Adam did pledge his loyalty to them and then broke it. Taylor tells Jessica and Ken that he has no more Millennial allies and promises with a handshake to never write their name down in a vote. Jessica finds Adam more strategic than Taylor, but she is not sure that Adam is as trustworthy. She reveals, “Ken and I are just taking in the information that we’re being provided. If we don’t win, it’s going to be a huge decision and we need to make the right one.”


The next morning, the Ikabula tribe is celebrating the fact that they all made it to day 20, which puts them over the halfway mark in the game. Michaela knows that she can be intense, but she feels that’s what makes her successful. She comments, “If you can’t handle it, can’t handle my heat, get out of the kitchen.” While the tribe is eating breakfast, Hannah asks Sunday and Bret about their lives back home. Bret tells Hannah that he is a funeral director. Hannah asks him for details on his job. Hannah reveals, “I want to cast double about Bret, because I think he’s like lying about his funeral directing.” Bret does his best to answer her questions. He admits, “I hated to lie to her, but I know the history of Survivor. Police officers don’t generally do well, so I’m going to stick to my guns.” After Bret and Sunday leave camp, Hannah tells her fellow Millennials that she thinks Bret is a cop and not a funeral director. Hannah grew up in Boston and thinks that Bret fits the mold of a Boston police office. She reveals, “It’s about making the other three Millennials be sketched out by these two really sweet Gen-Xers, because I want the four of us to stay tight.” Jay thinks that Bret may be a cop too, since he is too funny and lively to be a funeral director. He encourages Hannah to keep asking Bret questions about his career. Jay comments, “It matters if he’s a cop, because he’s already lying to my face.”


All three tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this Immunity Challenge. They will race to throw coconuts into a net. Once their tribe’s net is heavy enough, a flag will drop revealing numbers. Those numbers entered correctly in a combination lock will release a key. That key will unlock a slingshot. Each tribe will then fire sandbags with the slingshots attempting to knock down targets. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the seventh person voted out of the game. The Ikabula tribe sits out Hannah and Will, since that have two more people than the other tribes.

The Immunity Challenge begins. In the first phase everyone from each tribe throws coconuts attempting to land them in their tribe’s net. Each tribe needs to get enough coconuts in the net to make it heavy enough to drop the flag. It takes a little while for everyone to get the feel of throwing the coconuts. Chris gets the first one in for his Vanua tribe. Michaela lands one for Ikabula, while Taylor lands one for Takali. Each person takes their turn. Takali is the first tribe to fill up their net enough to drop the flag and reveals three numbers. Adam runs up to the combination box to enter the three numbers in the order needed to release the key. It takes Adam a couple tries to get the numbers in the correct order to release the key, but he does it. So, now the Takali tribe can unlock their slingshot and Taylor attempts to knock down the wooden targets out in a field. Ikabula loads up their net next to drop their flag with numbers. Michaela uses these to unlock their combination box and get their key. Bret tries his hand at the slingshot. Vanua has finally gotten their numbers revealed, but Michelle takes a long time to get them in the right order to unlock their combination box. This puts them even further behind. Ken is now shooting for Takali and he knocks down their first target. Michaela is not having any luck for Ikabula. Ken knocks down the second target for Takali. Michelle finally unlocks the Vanua combination box, so Chris starts firing sandbags at the targets from their slingshot. Meanwhile, Taylor scores another target for Takali. Jay has taken over the slingshot for Ikabula, who has not scored any points yet. Chris scores a target for Vanua, putting them back in the challenge. Jay answers that by scoring the first target for Ikabula. Ken scores the two last targets for Takali, which wins them immunity. Now, it is a race between Vanua and Ikabula. Both only have one target knocked down with four more to go. Chris and Zeke get the job done first, so Vanua also wins immunity. So, Ikabula has their first challenge loss and must go to Tribal Council. Jay plans on staying loyal to his Millennials and voting out either Sunday or Bret. He comments, “Considering Bret keeps lying, I’m sorry Bret, but you’re going to have to go home.”


The Ikabula tribe is devastated at having to go to Tribal Council. Back at camp, they sit in silence for a while. Since they like each other, they are reluctant to talk about whom to vote out. Sunday and Bret know that it will be one of them going home tonight, since they are two Gen-Xers against the four Millennials. Sunday admits, “I’m not used to being in a position where other people are deciding my fate, but that’s Survivor.” Finally the tribe breaks up into groups and starts talking strategy. Bret tells Sunday that they have to vote for each other, even though that’s the last thing they want to do. Otherwise, whoever doesn’t get voted out, will be the target at the next vote. Bret comments, “There’s going to be times when you’re at the whim of everyone that you’re on the island with, but it is Survivor and you never know what’s going to happen.” Back at camp, Michaela is using rocks and shells to represent people left in the game and explain to Jay, Will and Hannah how they can be the final four people in the game. Michaela explains, “It doesn’t matter really who stays and who goes, if we play these numbers right.” As a group, they decide to split the votes between Sunday and Bret in case one of them has an idol. If no idol is played, then they will re-vote and get out. Jay listens to Michaela during all this strategy talk. He concludes, “She’s a huge threat, because she’s good at competitions and she’s a smart chick. So, I have this epiphany that Michaela should go home before the merge.” So, Jay talks to Will about voting out Michaela instead of Bret or Sunday. Although Will really likes Michaela, he agrees that she is too dangerous and should go next. Jay recommends that they not tell Hannah about changing their vote to Michaela. They can use Bret and Sunday to vote with them. Jay admits, “This decision tonight could honestly mold the rest of my game either for a win or for a loss.”


The Ikabula tribe makes their first appearance at Tribal Council. Jeff points out that Vanua and Takali have both had the majority in each tribe vote out one of their own. Michaela is confident that her fellow Millennials will not follow that trend, since they are loyal and trustworthy. Sunday points out that they all sat on a log in silence when they got back to camp after the Immunity Challenge, because they didn’t want to vote somebody out. Michaela agrees that they all genuinely like each other. Sunday confirms that she and Bret know they are the most likely to get voted out tonight, since they are in the minority. Will feels that it is smarter to stay with those that you trust than form different voting blocks for each Tribal Council. Jay feels it is important to follow your gut in this game. Michaela thinks it’s best to stay loyal to those people who you can get to the end with. Jay, Will and Michaela are confident the tribe will be stronger after tonight’s vote. Michaela hopes that the one Gen-Xer that remains after tonight does not feel like they are at the bottom of the tribe. Jeff then calls for the Vanua tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals all the votes. Bret receives 2, while Michaela receives 4 votes. So, Michaela Bradshaw, a 25-year old Vacation Club Salesperson from Forth Worth, TX is the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X. Michaela is shocked and disappointed that Jay betrayed her.