Season 33: Episode 8 - I’m the Kingpin
Posted on Nov 9, 2016 11:00pm


It’s night 20 and the Ikabula tribe is back at camp after voting out Michaela at Tribal Council. They are all talking about how mad Michaela was at Tribal Council for being blindsided. Jay wanted Michaela to go, since she was a strategic and challenge threat. He admits, “I’m pretty proud of myself right now.” Bret and Sunday thank the rest of the tribe for keeping them in the game. Hannah is bothered that she was not told that the rest of them were voting for Michaela. She assures Jay that she would have voted with them. Jay promises to make sure she is in the loop next time. Hannah feels like she is at the bottom of the alliance. She comments, “I’m just plotting on how to get back at them for not including me in their game play.”


The next morning, the Ikabula tribe is sitting on the beach, when they notice a boat coming towards them. The boat pulls into the beach and a man hands them a piece of paper. Jay reads the paper to the rest of the tribe. It tells them that they have 5 minutes to gather their things and get on the boat, because they are going to merge with the other tribes. Jay, Bret, Sunday, Will and Hannah are so happy to make it to this important point in the game. They scramble to get all their belongings packed up. Bret admits, “I went from terrified that I was going home to now I’m at the merge within 24 hours. I can’t tell you how awesome that feels.” Bret is happy to have made alliances with Jay and Will and at the same time, he is anxious to get back with Chris. He is just happy to have options.

Meanwhile, a boat and the merge note have arrived at the Takali camp. So, Ken, Jessica, Adam, and Taylor pack up their things. Adam is thrilled to have made the merge. He admits, “This is the part of the game where alliances and loyalties are really tested and the really great players get separated from the mediocre players and I hope that I’m in the former group.”


The two boats with the Ikabula and Takali tribes are approaching the Vanua beach. The Vanua tribes hears them coming and realizes that this must be the merge. Zeke comments, “I’m so stoked. You know I was down on the bottom for so many days, like I didn’t know that I was going to make the merge. “ Zeke, David, Chris and Michelle run down to the water to greet everyone. Michelle is glad to be back with her original Millennial alliance that she trusts. She reveals, “Jay and Taylor, those are the relationships that I could take to the end. So, I’m back in the game.” The guys carry two heavy boxes from the boats to the beach. They open them up and cheer when they see they are filled with new buffs, food and wine for a merge feast. A note on one of the boxes congratulates them for making the merge. Jay is happy to be back together with Michelle and Taylor and to have a hidden immunity idol. He also feels like he has a good relationship with Hannah, Will, Bret and Sunday. Jay comments, “So, I’m the kingpin, but no one knows and I want to keep it that way.” As they enjoy the abundant food, they introduce themselves to each other. Bret is happy that he and Sunday are back with Chris. He hoped to have Jay on his side, but he notices how chummy the Millennials are now that they are all back together. Chris was happy at Vanua working with Dave and Zeke and he hopes that things will go as well for him in this newly merged tribe of 13 people. He reveals, “I want to regroup with Bret and Sunday and figure out what the next move is.” Zeke takes a walk with Adam and Hannah to catch up on things, since they were on three separate tribes after the swap. He admits, “I am delighted to see my old nerdy pals Hannah and Adam.” Hannah tells Adam and Zeke about Jay leading the vote out of Michaela. Zeke is worried about how much power and charm Jay has especially with the majority of the guys and with Michelle.

Everyone is impressed with how much food they were given for the feast, since they are getting full and still a lot of food remains. Adam decides to step away from the feast to look for an idol. It is more important to him to find an idol, then to eat. As he searches around tree mail, he sees a piece of paper rolled up and tied to the bamboo above the tree mail basket. He opens the note and is delighted to see that he has won a new advantage in the game. The advantage allows him to steal a reward after someone else has won it. Adam admits, “It’s exciting to be a part of Survivor history, to have a new power that nobody has ever had in this game before.”


It’s now nighttime and everyone has gone to bed and fallen asleep. Taylor wakes up and decides to raid the remaining food supply. He takes a huge mason jar and fills it with the variety of different things. He comments, “I’m going to try and eat as much of that as I possibly can. That’s my stash.” Bret wakes up when he hears the clanking of the mason jars. He is upset when he sees Taylor eating food that is meant for all of them to share. Bret comments, “I don’t want to be the one to say anything, so I go back to bed.” Adam is also woken up by the commotion that Taylor is making with the food. He decides to follow him out of camp and talk. Taylor asks Adam not to tell anyone about the food he has stolen. Adam promises not to reveals his secret. He knows that Taylor is upset with him for voting out his girlfriend Figgy. Adam reveals, “If I can convince him to vote my way, then I’ve got control of this game.” Adam warns Taylor that Jay is closer to Will now than he is to Taylor. He proposes that they vote out Will, so that Jay will once again see Taylor as his closest ally. Taylor can’t believe that Adam is saying all this to him. He admits, “I don’t want to work with Adam. He wrote my woman’s name down, but Adam thinks that we are very buddy buddy and I want to keep it that way.” Adam goes on to tell Taylor that he found the advantage that allows him to steal someone’s reward. He tells Taylor that he is sharing all this with him, because he wants to earn his trust and run the game with him. Taylor is glad to have all this information, but he still plans on voting Adam out to get revenge for Figgy.


The next morning Chris, Ken, Bret and Sunday are down on the beach watching the sunrise. Sunday proposes that they have a watermelon for breakfast. Bret hopes that there is still one left after Taylor’s midnight raid. Ken is upset about how much food is now gone. Chris comments, “I think we’ve underestimated the Millennial’s hold on each other and their actual bond.” He plans on voting one of them out next. Chris feels that it is possible, if all the Gen-Xers vote together and Zeke joins them. Since, the Gen-Xers are mad at Taylor for stealing food, Chris feels he is a good target for the next vote. Later, David talks to Ken, Jessica and Zeke about voting out Taylor. They all feel that it is a good idea to break up the Millennials and get rid of a dangerous player like Taylor. David hopes that he can trust everyone. He comments, “Everyone is trying to carve out a path to final Tribal. So there is going to be a ton of scrambling and people are going to start to get unsure and that is when the game gets crazy.”


Taylor and Jay get together for a strategy talk. Jay feels that the Gen-Xers are going to target one of them in the next vote. He really wants a Gen-Xer to be voted out instead. Taylor tells Jay that Adam wants Will out next. Jay is shocked to hear this and knows that Adam will likely come after him next. Taylor proposes that they get Adam out. Zeke overhears this without Taylor and Jay knowing. Zeke reveals, “I was hoping to get this kind of nerd alliance together, but if Adam gets voted out, it will throw a wrench into my beautifully laid plan.” Next, Taylor breaks the news to Will that Adam is out for him. Will comments, “Adam is a rat and we need to get him out.” He plans on doing his best to win the next Immunity Challenge to make sure he is safe.


Jeff Probst, the host, greets the newly merged Vinaka tribe and welcomes them to their first individual Immunity Challenge. He takes back the tribe immunity idols and reveals the individual immunity necklace. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each balance on a narrow perch, while their hands are tethered to a bucket above them. When their arms drop and the bucket of water falls they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where one of them will be the eighth person voted out of this game.

The castaways take their spots and the challenge begins. Jeff points out that this is a classic Survivor challenge that has been made more difficult. Now, instead of one arm above their heads, they have both. This gives them very little wiggle room to avoid triggering the bucket of water to fall. Sunday makes a slight movement, which dumps her bucket of water. She is the first one out of the challenge. Chris and Bret are the next ones out of the challenge. After 10 minutes, Jay, Ken and Hannah are struggling the most to stay in position. Jay does not win the battle though, since he moves and drops his bucket. Zeke then falls off his perch and is out next. Eight people now remain in the challenge. Hannah admits that she feels pain everywhere. Ken can’t stay steady any longer, so he is out next. Hannah can’t take it anymore either and her bucket drops. So, Taylor, David, Adam, Jessica, Michelle and Will are the only ones left in the challenge. After 20 minutes have elapsed, Michelle, Taylor, David and Adam drop out. Now, only Will and Jessica remain. After an hour, Jeff asks Jessica what her kids would say about her. She replies, “My kids are going to be damn proud of their mom.” Thirty minutes more goes by and Will and Jessica are still standing there. Both of them are hurting and trying to make small movements with their hands and legs to keep the blood circulating. In the end, Jessica drops and Will wins individual immunity. Adam admits, “My plan totally just blew up in my face.”


The Vinaka tribe congratulates Will as they return to camp from the challenge. Will admits, “I can’t believe that I, the youngest person to ever play this game won the first Immunity Challenge.” Will now wants Adam to be the one voted out, since Adam was targeting him. Jay meets with Michelle, Hannah and Will to discuss the vote. He insists that Adam be voted out, since Adam was targeting Will. Michelle points out that Adam doesn’t have the numbers to make it happen, so why target him. Jay knows that they did not want a Millennial to go next, but he wants to honor Will’s wish to get rid of Adam. Michelle comments, “It seems like more of a personal move, than a strategic move and I’m really worried we’re making a huge mistake.” Over at the water well, Zeke informs Adam that Taylor told Jay about him wanting to vote out Will. Adam now understands why Will was so intent on winning the Immunity Challenge. Zeke goes on to tell Adam that Jay is now targeting him, but he feels they can get out Taylor instead. Adam feels he has been playing too hard. He admits, “At this point, I’m willing to work with anybody on this tribe, if it will keep me in this game.” Zeke and Adam talk to David, Chris and Ken about voting out Taylor tonight. David is worried that Taylor or Jay has an idol that they will use to keep them safe. David comments, “What needs to be broken up is the upper echelon of the Millennials and that’s Jay, Michelle and Taylor.” He proposes that they vote out Michelle, since she does not have an idol and will not be expecting to be targeted. Ken prefers that they stick with Taylor. Adam is getting frustrated that the Gen-Xers cannot decide. He reveals, “If they can’t get it together, then I need my Plan B, which is to see if I can get Taylor to target somebody else.” So, Adam meets with Taylor next. He asks Taylor what he can do to fix things between them. Adam is willing to vote for whomever they tell him to. Taylor feels it is too late for Adam. He comments, “Tonight is a 100% about revenge. Adam is responsible for Figgy going home.” David and Hannah notice Adam talking to Taylor. David hopes that Adam is not going to flip on them. Hannah talks to Adam and tells him to stop scrambling or he will ruin everything. Next, she talks to Zeke about Adam. They both feel that Adam is proving not to be a reliable alliance member and should go soon. Adam knows he can use his hidden immunity idol tonight to stay safe. At the same time, he does not want to use it, if he doesn’t have to. He admits, “I don’t know what to do.”


Jeff welcomes the merged Vinaka tribe to Tribal Council. He asks David what differences he has noticed between the Millennials and the Gen-Xers. David has noticed that the Millennials eat a lot more food, especially the merge feast food. Bret pins the blame on Taylor for that. Taylor admits that he took food, but only to calm his upset stomach. Zeke points out that self-control is important in a game for a million dollars. The subject changes to the fact that the Millennials have the majority tonight. Adam feels that bonds were built between Millennials and Gen-Xers as a result of the tribe switch. David puts more weight on those he trusts versus if they are a Millennial or Gen-Xer. Chris is sure that lines will be drawn in the sand tonight as a result of the vote. Michelle agrees and feels that she will know whom to trust after tonight. Taylor isn’t worried about tonight, because he feels things cannot be changed at this point. Adam admits he is terrified and does not want to be the first one voted out after the merge. Jeff then calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 11 votes. Adam receives 4 votes, while Michelle receives 7 votes. So, Michelle Schubert, a 28-year old Missionary Recruiter from Yakima, WA is the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the first member of the jury.